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Mello, 2nd, blond-haired, aggressive, charged through the hallways like a herd of roaming wildebeest. Why? It was simple. Beaten again! That morning, he'd woken up in a lovely mood, face glowing with cheer. His window was wide open, and he'd paused for a moment to listen to the birds sing.

''SHUT THE FUCK UP!'' Mello yelled, slamming his window shut. Then he had gotten dressed, and made his way downstairs to check the scoreboards of the latest test. His frown deepened at the sight of Near being first again.

So now, he was on a rampage through Wammy's. Everyone stepped aside as not to get injured, or killed. You never knew with Mello. He had no off switch. Well, even if he did, it'd be quite impossible to locate it.


Observers gasped as he almost knocked a scrawny kid off his feet. A PSP fell from his hands and landed to the ground. The victim of Mello's rage simply stared at the console. If he was angry, he was sure doing a good job at hiding it.

Mello turned around to look at his challenger. The kid had bright red hair, and strange goggles covering his eyes.

''What the fuck do you think you're doing?'' the blond growled, grabbing the other boy by the collar of his shirt.

''Oops, didn't see you there,'' he stared right at Mello, not intimidated at all, with those shielded eyes.

''I'm pretty hard to miss, fag.''

''Aheh, got sorta absorbed in my game,'' he pointed to the PSP.

2nd let go of the other boy's shirt and went over to it.

''This,'' he grinned, picking it up, ''is what I think about your little toy.''

The geeky looking boy clenched his fists slightly as he watched Mello throw the console into a wall, smashing it into pieces instantly. He was used to this sort of crap. He'd gotten it all the time at his old home.

''That wasn't a toy. If you wonna see toys go see that haphephobic albino.'' (A/N: Haphephobia or Haptephobia- Fear of being touched.)

Mello raised an eyebrow. This kid had something against Near? Interesting.

''What's your name?'' the blond asked, curious.

''Matt. New here. Nice to meetcha, uhh…?''


''Mello? That's the name of my roommate. Guess I'm roomin' with you, huh?'' Matt tilted his head slightly, fumbling around in his pocket. He finally found a cigarette and a lighter.


''My thoughts exactly.''


When Mello walked, nibbling on a leftover bit of a Hershey's bar, into his now shared room, Matt was already there, a laptop balanced on his knee, a gameboy in one hand, soda in the other.

He flopped onto his bed, waiting for the redhead to look up and greet him or something.

Nope, he was ignored.

Blondie almost snarled. He got up and waved a hand in front of Matt's face.

''Oh shit! Mario! Nooo! Don't die on me!'' the gamer started screaming, as his last life on the game was lost.

He looked so serious and utterly sad that Mello burst out laughing.

''That your lover?'' he asked.

''Nah, I don't date,'' the redhead said, as his fingers moved as fast as lightning along the console buttons.

''Jeeeeeez! Ohhhkaaaaay, .''

''Bad expriences with dating. Gimme a break,'' the geekier boy sighed.

An awkward silence followed. It'd been less than a minute, but it felt like a few hours for Mello. Matt didn't notice. He was too engrossed in Mario.

''Right, well, I'm gonna go do some homework. Gonna beat Near this time, just watch, bitches!''

''Bye Mels.''

The blond scowled at the new nickname, but left it alone.

He didn't feel like arguing with Matt.

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