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Mello considered himself to be alright at soccer. Screw that, he considered himself to be kickass at it. He could beat all of the kids at Wammy's, anyway. He loved it because he could finally be first at something. Near wouldn't even dare go outside!

When he had invited Matt to play in the place of Johnny, a member of the opposite team, he hadn't expected him to be so good.


''Fuck! Ronnie, PASS ME THE GODDAMN BALL!'' Mello growled. His team was so useless against Matt's quick footing.

''You know, Mels, you're supposed to work as a team,'' the redhead smirked and ran past him, dribbling the soccer ball.

A pissed off Mello is never a good thing. Anyone could of sworn the blond was going to explode. He darted up the field, following Matt with a devious smile on his face.

''Oh hi agai—OUCH, WHAT THE FUCK?'' the gamer tripped over Mello's foot, which the older boy had 'conveniently' stuck in front of the other.

''Oops, silly me. Sorry about that,'' he took the ball from Matt, grinning, ''bye.''

''Argh, Mello, you fucker…'' the redhead lay on the ground clinging to his ankle which hurt like a mother fuckin' beedrill's sting. (A/N: Beedrill – Pokémon.)

He watched the other boy score goals, and waited for someone to help him up. As 15 minutes passed by, his scowl deepened more and more.


''Mello, you were awesome!''

''I know I was.''

''Be on our team next time!''


''Teach me?''

''Fuck off.''

The boy in black pushed his way out of the crowd and stood in front of Matt, who looked up at him, eyes hidden behind goggles. There was cold sweat down his face, indicating pain.


''Go away.''


''Didn't you hear me? I said GO AWAY. You've done enough fucking damage.''

''It looks broken.''

''And whose fault is that?''

''Sorry,'' Mello sighed and held out his hand.

The redhead paused for a minute, but took it, heaving himself up.

''Ugh, damn, this hurts.''

''Uhh, maybe you should see the nurse.''

''No shit, Sherlock.''


''Well, you're a lucky one, Matt. It's not broken, just sprained. Either way, you should rest for a while. No going outside for at least a few days, okay, sweetie?'' the nurse smiled at him.

''Sure, sure,'' the geekish boy left the room and headed for his own, hobbling all the way. He glanced at Mello and Roger, who were arguing like usual. Only this time, it was over him.

''Mello, that was a completely irrational thing to do. Now look, but Matt is going to be deprived of the outdoors for days, just because you wanted to win a childish game! I am very dissa—blah, blah, blah, blah…''

The blond, who got this daily, could easily turn himself off during lectures. He turned on again when he heard the word 'punishment.'

''No chocolate for a week. Don't even think about stealing any from Linda.''


''I understand perfectly, Mello. Now go and apologise to Matt for injuring him, and be on your best behaviour.''

The redhead hurried quickly the shared room. Hopefully, if he got there in time, he could fake sleep so he didn't get yelled at by the 2nd.


''Matt, I know you're awake, dumbass,'' the blond pulled the blankets off of the other boy.

''Do whatever you want to me, I don't care.''

''Who said I was gonna hurt you?''


''Well I'm not, ok? Calm it,'' Mello smirked.

''But your chocolate…''

''Oh, that doesn't matter.''

''It doesn't?'' Matt's face looked blank.

''Nope. Cos you're gonna steal me some.''

(A/N: Could steal from Linda, or Roger, or L, or Near. I dunno. Poor Matt. I'm so mean to him. Meh, next chapter soon.~)