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Warnings: This features m/m slash and yaoi, which means that two men are portrayed in a romantic, physical relationship. If that bothers you, skip this story and read something you are comfortable with. This story contains erotic scenes and is rated M.

Pairings: Jin/Hwoarang

Fractions of Eternity

by Salysha

Chapter 1
The Clubbing Scene

The music was addictive. The artist and the lyrics were inconsequential; it was the compelling beat that drove the clubbers to oblivion and lured them to the dance floor, packed already and still accepting newcomers.

One couple stood out from the rest. They were dressed to the occasion: both had dark pants and button-up shirts, which were uncuffed and open just enough to spell "casual elegance" in capital letters. Both had the looks; neither had a hair out of place despite the heat that climbed up in the sultry club. Both were positively radiant.

And both were men.

"I didn't know they were that open," Julia said. The beat, though less piercing on the elevated landing where their table was, forced her to shout over the volume, and raising her voice made her uncomfortable. Still, she gave Jin and Hwoarang another look before returning to her drink.

"They look good," Xiaoyu observed. She shared none of Julia's unease, but seemed at home, enjoying her drink happily. Yet, not even she could look away from the couple that shone through the crowd.

Julia fidgeted in her seat until she focused on the tall glass in Xiaoyu's hands. "Are you even old enough to drink?"

"Talk to the band."

"It's 'hand'...," Julia tried, but Xiao's attentions were back on the dance floor. Julia sighed. She knew Xiao didn't do it on purpose, but could she even try to be as down as Julia was amid all these people who were drinking and partying and having a happy time...?

"Hey, we should go dancing. I bet you're a great dancer! Your fighting style is so pretty..."

Somehow, Xiao managed to speak complicated sentences and convey thoughts intelligibly, when Julia barely managed a few words over the music. Even then, Xiaoyu asked her to repeat most of the time. The offhand compliment made her smile, though. How did someone manage to say nice things like that and lift the spirits of others so effortlessly? Shouldn't it take concentration and be harder?

Christie was the one with the pretty fighting style. Hers was a mutt. Julia wanted to pick the drink and enjoy another gulp of processed ethanol—sweet, pungent ethanol, the name of which she didn't know, since Xiao had ordered in her stead, and she couldn't recognize the drink off the tip of her tongue. She chuckled at herself wanly. Nice pun, Julia. Keep it up. She couldn't be as positive as Xiaoyu; she didn't have a boyfriend to go home to. She should make linguistics her next hobby, since she wasn't cut for fighting. She gulped. She'd lost, and that meant... She blinked back the tears. She wouldn't think what it meant, not for one night.

On the dance floor, the couple du jour were oblivious to the interest of their fellow fighters. Hip to hip, mouth to mouth, Jin and Hwoarang kept dancing the dance that hadn't changed in tune with the songs.

"Mmm...," a throaty murmur of appreciation escaped from Hwoarang when their mouths disconnected momentarily. Though sober, he felt intoxicated. Jin pulled back at arm's length—the precise measure Hwoarang's arms, holding him by the waist, allowed. Jin's eyes shone in the darkness as he gazed in Hwoarang's eyes wordlessly, an enigmatic smile playing on his lips. Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome was illuminant tonight, even as he leaned back in and met the pair of lips that had missed the contact already. No one cared about the noise they made, sharing one kiss after another. No one else existed in their world.

Little by little, they made their way over to a wall, weaving their way through the dancing couples, whose bumps and ensuing apologies they barely noticed. They reached the wall side eventually, to find the point of no backing down. Jin pressed Hwoarang against the wall. Hwoarang drank in Jin's strength, a match to his own, and the attention those luscious lips gave as they traced down his neck and onto his collarbone. There, they abruptly broke the contact, only to return to his lips.

Hwoarang leaned on the wall, and his hands traced down Jin's back until they reached his ass. He pulled Jin against him, and their crotches ground against one another almost painfully. He could feel Jin through his slacks. Judging by the faint gasp Jin gave before diving onto him again, his hips now purposely rubbing against his, he knew Jin felt him, too.

Back at the table, Julia played with the colorful umbrella she had received with her latest drink. She suspected Xiaoyu had something to do with its appearance, unless the Japanese had their beer with cocktail umbrellas. How Xiaoyu had gotten in and how she was the one getting all their drinks over at the counter where age checks should have applied, she didn't know. That girl was as resourceful as they came.

Her gaze drifted to the dance floor, seeking for the familiar pair, though she knew she was only rubbing salt in the wounds.

They had changed positions now. Hwoarang was resting against Jin, his head flung backward, his backside glued to Jin's front. Jin's hands lay firmly on his upper thighs, his fingers pointing to the inner thigh. Though chaste, the hands would have drifted down easily, had they been in private. Jin was leaning forward, nuzzling Hwoarang's neck, his visage hidden beneath the dark bangs.

"You shouldn't feel bad about them."

Julia was about to reproach herself mentally, but then she realized it wasn't Xiaoyu's voice admonishing her in a waking dream; it was Xiaoyu herself who had fetched a curiously bubbly, green—green?—drink for herself from the bar and now perched across from her.

Julia shook herself, even as her gaze darted over to the dance floor. Where had they gone? Xiaoyu stared at her intently, and Julia forced herself to pay attention, even if she wanted to mope and feel sorry for herself, despite the earlier resolve.

"No, that's not it. I mean..." Julia drifted off. Xiaoyu's fixed stare was making her uncomfortable. Was she just being petty? No happiness for her, none for others? A little closed-minded, maybe? Julia tugged at her braid miserably. Two of the most delectable men at the tournament had found each other, of all people... Julia looked over at the dance floor and made out two heads of hair zigzagging through the crowd, a blazing red in tow with the shining black.

"You shouldn't feel bad," Xiaoyu repeated. "It's their last night."


"Didn't you know? They're fighting each other in the morning."

To Be Continued...

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