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Normal font- Hinata's talking/ thinking.

Italics font- background sound and voices.


Today is Monday.

DINGGGG….DINGGGGG…(school bell rings)

"Can I borrow your mascara?"

"Where is my lip gloss?!....Biyooooootch!!!!! Hand it back!!!!!"

"Any minute now. They'll be here any minute. Gotta rush…rush…rush…."

"GAHHHH!!!! Someone help her. Rinko's hyperventilating!!!…call 911"

As any god forsaken Monday goes, the girls of Konoha Academy go all rabies- infested- like. Some blame it on the cafeteria ladies suffering Monday morning blues, thus resulting in partially poisoned cafeteria food, while the other's prefer to think it as caffeine withdrawal. But all these are the opinions of the academy's boys of course.

The main reason why the girls are behaving such are….

"Good morning everybody," in walks four heaven sent specimen.

…and here comes the deafening shrill….



…Heh, told you, it was deafening. Anyway, this is what's causing the girls to act like a pack of banshees….

"We'll be conducting a disciplinary check, today."

That is the voice of the one and only Student Council President and Head of the Disciplinary Council, son to the mighty conglomerate Uchiha Fugaku and beautiful actress, Uchiha Mikoto. He is no other than Uchiha Sasuke, Konoha Academy's resident heartthrob, ranking no. 1 in Tokyo Boys magazine's Hot Stuff 2008. Sasuke san is well known among the girls, often resulting in a trail of passed out girls the moment he walks past. With eyes as deep and dark as the thick midnight, Sasuke is by no means the most unwelcoming person. Often preferring to ignore the attention he gets, Sasuke san prefers to remain silent and maintain as little contact with other people as possible. This demaeanour of his had earned him the name, the Dark Prince.

"Yeah, believe it! So, ya gals better stay put at your places as we go around."

This loud blonde on the other hand is a best friend of Uchiha Sasuke, or so the blonde claims to be. Son to Konoha's current mayor, Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina, Uzumaki Naruto is a sunny person who does not know of the word 'bedroom- voice'. His volume is mainly high, higher and highest. Usually, known to be slightly out of it when it comes to academic matters, Uzumaki Naruto does have his moments of enlightenment where he comes up with surprisingly bright exclamations. Fondly dubbed as 'dobe' by Uchiha san. Sasuke that is, not the father.

"That and the usual drill, bags on ya table, where we can see them."

Next up, is a childhood friend of mine but our friendship grew apart the moment we started elementary school, the infamous Inuzuka Kiba. Son to Konoha's famous vet, Inuzuka Tsume, Kiba is sometimes brash and slightly unrefined compared to Uchiha san but from past experiences, I know that behind that rough and loud exterior is a caring boy. Yeah, I should know because I once witnessed the loud boy cry non-stop in kindergarten when his puppy, Akamaru, if I'm not mistaken, be taken from him by the teacher. Inuzuka Kiba is a dog lover who like typical dogs, love to chase skirts. And I meant that literally and figuratively.

And this last one is probably the most sufferable one of the whole lot. Konoha Academy's genius with an IQ of over 200, Nara Shikamaru is son to well-known Professor Nara Shikaku and Nara Yoshino . One would think with such an IQ, Shikamaru san would be extremely studious, spending most of his time behind towers of dusty books at the very end of library…but nooo….this boy is simply one heck of a lazybones who only wants to waste time lying on the grass watching clouds pass by. And his trademark statement would be…

"(yawn) Mendokuse (translation: Troublesome)…"

…that would be it. He says that all the time, even amidst the screaming and shrieking such as now.

Well anyway, that's the who's who of Konoha Academy's Student Disciplinary Council members or as girls dub the 'DDGSC', short for 'Drop Dead Gorgeous Guys Student Council'.

Back to the present situation at hand.

An inspection will be carried out by Konoha Academy's Student Council every once a week…

"Skirt is 20 cm above the knee. Your make up is also overbearing." the young Uchiha drawled out after Naruto loudly gave Sasuke the measurements of the girl's skirt. Sasuke didn't even bother to spare the googly- eyed girl a glance.

"H-hai….S-S-Sasuke kun…kyaa~~~~~"and the girl fainted with pink hearts around her head. Freaky…

…it has become a normal routine for the girls to doll up for this particular event ever since the Academy principal, busty and occasionally drunk, Lady Tsunade, elected some of the best looking boys as the student council delegates.

"I have a present for you, Shikamaru samaaaaa……."

"Mendokuse…that's against the rules. You get an 'X'." Shikamaru scrawled a lazy and crooked looking 'X' on the said girl's disciplinary record card.


"Next…"the loud Uzumaki called out.


"Yes." I believe that it is now my turn to be inspected.

Dorky glasses. ..check.

Hair in two braids…check.

Perfectly nerdy uniform. Long skirt…check.

Text book in arms…check.

Why do you wonder that I make sure everything is in place.

Because there is no such thing as the perfect guy. All good looking males are type of people…

(Random- imaginary-guy- in- a- leopard- elvis- suit- p.o.v.)

"There is no such thing as a perfectly gentleman. Once I'm done with you, I'll chuck you away like dirt. there is no such thing as chivalry."

Yep, that's what I believe all handsome boys are like…

"Hyuga Hinata.." a deep voice drawled out, waking me up from my brief reverie, "…you have no flaws. Therefore your disciplinary record is once again clean." Uchiha Sasuke said as he marked my disciplinary record card after having briefly glanced up at me.

…I totally despise and reject fake males like you four guys.

I think Sasuke is still talking, but no matter. It's not like anything different or drastic was likely to happen anyway.

"Hmm. Never late, no disciplinary cases, perfect attendance…therefore, starting today you are part of the Konoha Academy's Student Disciplinary Council."

I feel my eyes pop out…at least… I imagine them to be….



A little something I wrote since I enjoyed the story so much. This is taken from a substory in the manga Angora Kids- The Underground Kids by Shiba Nana. So drop me a comment on whether I should continue or not. Sorry about the confusing fonts though.