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The door to the Discipline Unit opened and a figure entered the room. Uchiha Sasuke was currently wiping his glasses, but he heard rather than saw the newcomer.

"Erm..President Uchiha-san?" Hinata called, trying to get the Uchiha's attention. "I've made paper copies for today's meeting."

In stepped Hinata, dressed rather or shall we say, totally different than she usually does. Hair out of braids and fashioned into an unruly, more modern and hip style. Her usual nerdish glasses gone. Her usually neatly tucked in shirt, were hanging loose as well as her necktie and not to mention her skirt. No longer were her granny skirts that flared like an umbrella and went down to her knees like Mary Poppins. Instead, right in front of the Head of the Disciplinary Division, Hinata had sported a very short skirt that was obviously against Konoha Academy's rules. In other words, Hinata was rebelling against the discipline rules at that very moment. All I have to do is to stop being the straight-laced girl! Oh,yeah! You're da' girl, Hina!

The Uchiha lifted his head from the task at hand to regard the girl's arrival. He merely stared at her without his usual glasses on, lending him a rather boyish and slightly 'un-nerdish' look. Not like he ever did appear nerd-like.

Stepping towards the committee leader with a fake and overly cheerful smile plastered on her face, Hinata looked as if she had just downed a bottle of perky pills that morning. If I behave 'normal', maybe I won't be elected as a committee member anymore. They will definitely have to denounce me for setting a negative image upon the holier- than- thou committee …kukuku…you are such a genius, Hina. A genius, I tell you!

Unfortunately for her, despite her splendid acting and cheerfulness, Sasuke still blankly looked at her, his face void of absolutely any expression, which was not really uncommon. This was Uchiha Sasuke we're talking about. The Ice Prince of Konoha Academy.

However, Hinata steeled herself mentally, and took it upon her initiative to keep grinning like an idiot (grinning unnecessarily always registered as lame in her personal book) and slowly inched towards the young and rather handsome committee president. Seeing the Uchiha remaining as silent as ever, Hinata mentally cursed him and herself. Note, 'mentally'. For let's face it, cursing at the Uchiha outwardly? Total suicide.

Darn it! Common Sasuke! Scold me…call me names…no wait! Don't call me names…j- just…give me a response… anything! C'mon…what are you waiting for? Hurry up and kick me out of this drabby stupid committee! Announce it to the whole school…let the whole world know I got booted from this committee I don't care! J-just let me outta here already, Uchiha!

Hinata was slowly going crazy with desperation to escape and bring to an end her career as a designated member of Konoha Academy's Disciplinary Division.

A sudden dark shadow casted upon her, momentarily halting her mental soliloquy. Huh! W-w-wait…. w-w-what?!

Sasuke had gotten up from his chair to stand directly before her, merely inches away from her. Hinata suddenly felt so small compared to the Uchiha. Both physically and spiritually.

Doki doki… Hinata's heart suddenly picked up pace and ran a marathon, nearly robbing her of her own consciousness and breathe. Sa-Sa-Sasuke san…h-he's too c- close…

And as if Kami was pitying the pathetic girl, the magical or perhaps terrifying moment was interrupted by the blissful sound of scattered paper that fell out of the Hyuuga girl's hands.

"Hnn…are you Hyuuga?" Sasuke asked as he slipped on his glasses "Sorry about that, I've got a slight far-sightedness." Stooping down onto the floor while Hinata remained standing in the very same spot with her palms over her wildly beating heart, Sasuke helped to pick up the scattered papers. "Hn... No glasses today?" he asked Hinata, eyes remaining on the pile of papers in his hands.

Still slightly stunned and flabbergasted by the very close proximity experienced just a minute ago, Hinata's cheeks were dusted by a faint blush. "Ermmm…a-ano…it w-was fake." Drat! Why do I have to stutter right now of all times! Arghhh!

Seeing the now spectacled Uchiha staring blankly at her while still down on the floor, looking up at her, Hinata's nerves went on a rollercoaster ride. Robbing her off any ounce of intelligence she possessed.

"D- Did you know that by wearing glasses, you will look more serious, right? Usually I'm like this….I think short skirts and minis are cute and…I-I am never late to school because I sleep in class…" Hinata continued to ramble out whatever excuse that her brain managed to process after all the very awkward moments. Why...oh, why!!! Why me, Kami?! Why did he suddenly have to get so near…Kami, this guy is gonna be the death of me… "Besides, I'm not really that diligent when it comes to studying. So…erm…I don't think I qualify to be part of this highly regarded committee. I mean not that I'm not grateful about it…n-no…in fact I'm extremely honoured that you selected me yourself b-but…"

Sasuke halted her rambling by reaching out towards Hinata's shirt collar, "Excuse me, but….let me rearrange that for you."

And thus, Hinata blushed more violently.

"However…" Sasuke helped neaten her necktie, "… with this hairstyle and glasses…"

Meanwhile, Hinata could only glance down at his hands which were directly on her body, indirectly touching her. Thank god the girls were unable to see this, or her name will forever be etched on a stone placed in the cemetery lot with her buried six feet under. Hinata mentally shivered. That was definitely one predicament that Hinata wanted to stay away from. Ever.

Sasuke suddenly lifted his eyes from her then neat necktie and rather uncharacteristically and ever unheard of, genuinely smiled at Hinata, "…I have to say…you are rather cuter this way."

It was at that very moment that Hinata felt as if her heart was about to burst at the rare small compliment (coming from Uchiha Sasuke made it even more rare). It was also at that very moment that Hinata thought that maybe dying did not seem like such a bad idea after all. She felt her legs turn to mush while her brain became overloaded with bursts of flowers and glitters and not anyone, absolutely anyone, could stop her from claiming to the whole world that she had experience the wonders of an Uchiha's true smile.

Only one thought managed to restore her sanity.

I- I … I .will not be deceived by looks!



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