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Chapter 8: Revelations.

Jessica stared at the unopened envelope in her hands; she traced the handwriting with her thumb. She couldn't believe it, after all these year she still knew whose it was, Bella, Bella Swan – no Bella Cullen. She remembered those High School days, o how she hated to love Bella. Bella was everything she wanted to be, and Bella got everything she had wanted. She had been so jealous and her jealousy had taken over her mind. She had been a bad friend, even though Bella didn't deserve that. Jessica just couldn't stand the way Mike had looked at Bella, following her around like a lost little puppy. It was years later that Jessica had realised she had been an enormous bitch to Bella, for something she couldn't even have helped. Jessica had thought of Bella leaving as a blessing, Mike had finally shown an interest in her. The person who she was, not the jealous bitch. They went to the same college, and after that they got married. They were on top of the world and they thought the world owed them, how wrong they had been. Jessica's hand began to tremble when the memories of that night threatened to overcome her. She took a deep breath, in and out, in and out. She had been 8.5 months pregnant and they had just finished the nursery. Mike had painted little ducks all over the wallpaper when he got paged. There was a row going on at the borders of the town and he was to go over there and break it up. An easy job, not dangerous. They just forgot to tell Mike, that the guys were armed. Mike walked right over to them telling them to cut it out, because people felt unsafe by their behaviour – how she still wished he didn't. He was shot. The doctors said he died on the spot, not feeling any pain. Jessica sure did. Still after all these years she still couldn't believe that it had happened, her Mike gone. It had changed her view of the world, she still liked to gossip, but she didn't come up with the vicious rumours herself anymore. She tried to teach her daughter that everything was special and that she should enjoy every moment of it. Of course she never listened to her. They didn't look alike, but on the inside Jane was a copy of how her mother had been when she was a teen. Jessica sighed again tearing herself away from the painful memories. She debated whether she should open the letter or not. She couldn't stand old wounds to be ripped open again, but she couldn't stand not knowing either. She put the letter down on the table and went to put the kettle on. Ten minutes later she sat herself down at the table with a cup of steaming tea in her hands; she could do this. Hell, she needed to do this. So she tore opened the envelope and unfolded the letter quickly.

Dear Jessica,

You must wonder why I would write to you after all this time. The truth is you were one of my first real friends I've ever had, and I can't begin to express the regret I feel for throwing everyone, especially you, out of my life. At the time it seemed like the right thing to do, leave with Edward and his family to Alaska to start my education there. I wanted to build a new life and thought it best to burn the ships I left behind.

However, at a certain age you've come to realise the mistakes you made. I learned the hard way when Edward left me for Alice. I know what you must think aren't they brother and sister? No they aren't, unfortunately for me. I should've listened to you that day you said Edward and the rest of the Cullens were no good. But let me first explain the complicated family tree of the Cullens. Both Edward and Alice lost their parents and were adopted by Carlisle and Esme Cullen. Edward and Alice happened to be born on the same day and thought it would be cool to act like twins, and so their inside joke became popular believe in Forks back in the day.

I often wished Edward would've left me sooner, so Jasper and I wouldn't have gone trough all this pain, however, if he had done that I wouldn't have had my beautiful daughter Renesmee, and my precious grand daughter Bella.

I hope you can forgive me for throwing you out of my life, I'm sorry.

Furthermore I hope you're very happy. May life bring you its best?

Your friend,

Bella Swan

Jessica re-read the letter again and again tracing every letter. She couldn't believe it – the golden couple was no more. She understood how horrible Bella must've felt; not only did Edward cheat on her, he cheated on her with her best friend. It was hard for Jessica to wrap her mind around it. She slowly sipper her tea, when the thuds on the staircase indicated that Jane was up and about. "Morning, honey" she said as her daughter entered the room. "Morning mum, what's that?" she asked pointing to the letter in Jessica's hand.

Jessica smiled a sad smile "It's a letter from an old friend."

Jane nodded in response and let the subject rest. "You'll never guess what happened and Bronson's party last night!" Jane exclaimed.

Jessica arched her eyebrow "please tell."

"There are these two new kids, Bella Cullen and Jasper Whitlock, you've heard of them right?" Jessica nodded her head in agreement and Jane continues "well they're like cousins and they kissed! And not an innocent peck on the lips either. A full on the mouths kiss, kiss. The one you read about in romance novels, it was like primal." Jane shuddered in disgust "Incest is so gross."

"Well it's not exactly incest" Jessica muttered to herself a bit shocked at such behaviour.

"What's that mum?"

"Well, it's just that they're not related. Well not by blood anyways." Jessica told her daughter.

"What does that mean?" Jane looked at her mum dumbfounded.

"It means that their grandparents weren't twins, they were both adopted and happened to be born on the same day. So you know Forks, everyone thought they were related."

"So they're not related, but still it's gross."

Jessica nodded her head in agreement. That it is.


Monday rolled by quickly and Bella was fidgeting. "Jazz, what if Jessica didn't spread the story, what if everyone still thinks we're blood relatives?" she cried out. I had to suppress a smile, throughout the weekend Bella had reassured me that gossipers don't change their ways and that she was certain that by Monday the whole school would still deem it improper, but at least they wouldn't think we were related. "Bella, it is going to be okay.' I quietly reassured her. "In the worst case scenario they still think we're cousins, well it wouldn't be the first time cousins got married."

"We do not live in the 1800s anymore Jazz! People don't marry their cousins anymore!"

I sighed and ran my hand through my hair. "Bells come on. If we can't deal we just pack up and leave. Nothing ties us here." Bella took a deep breath and smiled at me. "Thanks Jazz, you're the best." She gave me a peck on the cheek; I touched the spot and decided not to take any showers anytime soon. "Last one to the car is a loser" She called out and raced downstairs. I followed closely "You're going down Swan!"