Murderers Don't Get Sick

I don't own Riddick or Jack or any one the movie, but if I did the second one would have been better and ended better. This takes place after Pitch black and the other two didn't happen. Riddick took Jack with him and Krya never came to be. Jack is now about 21, 22 ish. Please RR.

It was mid afternoon and Jack was just returning home from her classes. She was lost in her thoughts as she approached the stairs leading up to the door. Her daydreaming was cut short though as she noticed a trail of muddy footprints going up the cement stairs. Her and Riddick hadn't been pursued by mercs in years, but the threat never completely died. They had gotten pretty lazy about looking over their shoulders though. Jack quickly ducked behind a corner into a hallway. Crouching low her fingers dropped to her boot fingered her shiv, just in case. All those hours of stupid training Riddick pounded into her were resurfacing. Taking a deep slow breath in Jack peeked around the corner. Taking a closer look at the prints her brow scrunched up in puzzlement. Those were Riddicks boot prints. She quickly looked at her watch not at all sure what the time would be. The face said 1:45 p.m. and her bewilderement grew.

"What the hell" she whispered to herself. Riddick's day usually started at 11 and didn't end till midnight. He had still been asleep when Jack had left at 8, which she thought was weird but brushed it off. The past few days Riddick had been sleeping in more. Stepping back out of the shadows Jack went to look closer at the boot prints. She knelt down next to them and pulled to mind all of Riddick's training. They looked forced and dragged a little, like he was carrying a huge weight on his back. She looked over the handrail and the rest of the stairs to check for any blood. Breathing a sigh of relief when she found now she thought

"Well at least he isn't hurt and hopefully didn't kill anyone". The last part of the thought brought a smirk to her face. Riddick had become decently tame throughout the past few years. Well tame by his standards. The lack of activity and threats gave them both a chance to relax. He had become less focused on mercs and even found a job at a quarry and construction. He enjoyed the chance to stretch his muscles without his life being at stake. Jack didn't mind his job choice either. His body never lost its ripples and taut tension. Jack's mind started to wander into a lustful daydream, but she pulled herself back.

"Damnit, I got to stay focused something still could be going on". Gathereing up her pack jack climbed the steps up to their apartment. She reached for the knob, but saw that the door wasn't even closed all the way. Her heart started pumping and she pulled out her shiv. Something was up, their door was never left unlocked, let alone left open. Espically by Riddick! Placing her hand on the door she slowly pushed it open. With the stealth of a venoumous snake she stepped into the apartment.

Jack gasped. Everything was in its place, exactly where she had left everything this morning. She had expected the place to be trashed, bodies on the ground.

"Sad" she thought "that, that's what I have grown used to expecting". Her thoughts were interrupted by a muffled sound coming from Riddick's bedroom. One quick glance around the place and at least she knew that there was no one else in this location, but that didn't mean that there couldn't be someone else in the bedroom other then Riddick. Her worry and caution was slowly becoming angry and irritation. She remembered a few years back Riddick had brought home a call girl and jack and caught him red handed. She didn't speak or look at him for weeks after that.

"I bet that's all he's doing now" Jack thought bitterely " I swear I'm outta here if he is up to what I think he is." Trying hard to keep her cool she paused short at the door. Expecting to hear sounds of ill taste coming from inside she caught her breath at what she did hear.

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