Hey to any remaining readers, sorry that it has actually been close to forever since I updated. Life happens and things come up, but my love for Riddick has lived on through the years. I'm not promising an ending but at least you will find out a bit more what happens. Blah blah blah I don't own Riddick or Pitch Black or anything like that.

Ch. 8

Jack continued to check on Riddick every couple hours as the night wore on. Riddick slept on through the night without another fevered outburst. Jack tried to best to keep him cool with the washcloth but she knew it only helped so much. She had to wake him each time she checked on him to give him fever reducers. He was incoherent and dazed when she woke him. It was nearly impossible to get him to swallow the pills and a few small sips of water before he fell back into a dead sleep. She was just grateful he was so damn tired and weak so she didn't have to wrestle him again. She really didn't want to take him out again, even if she had to.

When the sun finally broke the horizon line Jack decided to try and get a few more hours of sleep before heading over to Riddick's work to chat with his boss. She slowly got up off Riddick's bed, checked his washcloth, and tucked his blanket around his sleeping form. Riddick didn't even move as she adjusted the blanket. Again Jack wanted to test her luck so she leaned down, rested her hand against his fevered cheek, and kissed him lightly again on his forehead. Satisfied with herself, Jack left his room, closed the door and leaned against for a brief moment.

"Poor poor Riddick, feel bad for the guy but I gotta admit, I'm kind of liking taking care of him." She laughed softly thinking about her little secret as she walked to her room. Flopping down onto her bed, she reached for her alarm clock to set it.

"Oh God, its already 6:30, how did such a long night end so damn quickly." Sighing she set the alarm for 11:00 and placed it back on her nightstand. She pulled off her street clothes, grabbed a tank top and a pair of Riddick's boxers she had stolen from his room.

"Its not much sleep, but I can't waste the whole day. Plus I have to get over to Riddick's work to talk with Jer and I know I'm gonna a fight on my hands dealing with Riddick tomorrow. Once his fever breaks he is gonna be a bitch to deal with. Wonder if I should put a lock on his door, like he did to me when I turned 16." That got her laughing a bit at the thought of Riddick trying to break down his own bedroom door. Well in a few hours Jack would know what the day would bring. Right now she was just exhausted from, well… just Riddick. Arguing with Riddick, getting Riddick to the doctor, then fighting with Riddick in his room. No one should ever have to deal with that much Riddick in one day.

"Is this selfish" she wondered, "Should I be in there with him still? He should be fine. He is sick but he is still Riddick. A few viruses cant take him down." Jack rolled over and drifted into sleep running these thoughts through her head.

A few, what seemed like, short hours later Jack was woken by her blaring alarm. Out of habit she hit the snooze for her extra 30 minutes of sleep. Snuggling deep under her covers, she started to slip back into blissful sleep.

"Oh shit" she sat straight up "I almost forgot about Riddick". She sat and listened, waiting for any sounds from Riddick's room. Hearing nothing she climbed out of bed and walked over to the far wall, the one shared by hers and Riddick's rooms. Pressing her ear up against the wall, held her breath and listened hard.

"What the hell, there is no way he is still sleeping in there. I figured give him one night of sleep along with the meds, and he would kick this and be fighting to get to work." She didn't hear any coughing, snoring, anything at all coming from his room.

"That bastard," she thought "I bet he woke up, saw I wasn't in here with him, hauled his ass outta bed and right back to work." Jack was fuming now.

" That is so like him, sneaking around, being all quiet and shit" She was racing around her room now, throwing on her clothes, and pacing like panther, ready to sink its talons into her now targeted prey.

As she continued to rant to herself, she realized that she still had Riddick's boxers.

"ah damn it, I cant exactly walk around wearing his boxers…..fuck it not like he's gonna see me without my pants on or anything like that. Plus he is never in my room so, fuck it the boxers are not my biggest issue right now." Jack finished dressing and stormed out of her room to get shit figured out. Stopping at his door she still didn't hear anything coming from within. Jack was so pissed by now that she almost forgot that she was gonna call his boss today.

"After everything I did for his yesterday, and him even admitting that he was sick. Bet it was an act to get my guard down, oh damn him! Well I'm gonna catch him with his pants down." She said with a smirk, walking into the kitchen she grabbed her phone and the note from the doctor.

"Riddick, Riddick, Riddick, oh sometimes you are a slick shit killer, but I have got you on this one". She dialed his bosses number and waited to let loose.