Resting Chance

By: Sokai

Disclaimer: I, Sokai, do not claim ownership to the workings of W.I.T.C.H. -- I leave that honor up to Elisabetta Gnone. However, I can and DO claim to own this story and its inspired ideas FROM said series.

Note: Wow. Um . . . I don't really know where, or why, rather, this little story idea came to me, but it suddenly had, regardless, earlier this morning when I couldn't sleep. I don't even know if I'll continue it (especially with all my other, far more important stories to continue on), but I thought I'd post up the little prologue that kept dancing about within my head all morning until I finally sat down and wrote it a couple minutes ago.

A couple things to note, though: 1. If you are adverse to same sex couples, I highly recommend you do not press on to read beyond this point. 2. I, myself, am not adverse to same sex couples and have quite a few friends who are, in fact, gay, themselves, so if you do happen to read on, just to flame, it will greatly piss me off. And 3. Don't bother asking me why this came about to me, this idea, because beyond briefly thinking of the conversation my friend and I had, with her dreaming about these two particular characters being a couple, I seriously don't know. LoL

In any event, it gets a bit steamy from this point on, so please, exercise personal, appropriate caution (especially if you're by chance sixteen and younger or something LoL). I'd have put this as "M," this fic, but it's honestly NOT. Just this scene . . . kinda. LoL


This story/prologue was created/written in March 2009.

Suddenly, the thought of not continuing to have that flawless, breathtaking young woman by her side, the way she had always wanted, the way she had always needed, so greatly overwhelmed her in that moment. And so, before she could even realize what she was doing, much less even begin to stop it (although she was not entirely sure she would want to, given the honest choice), in one fluid motion did she whirl around to seize the smaller girl's slender, soft arm and planted a warm, tender kiss of longing upon her delicious lips.

A platoon of butterflies began to flutter within each girls' stomachs, as a serene, almost eerie familiarity settled upon them at the same time their lips continued to touch, each taking simultaneous note of how both mouths tasted like the strawberry flavored vodka that had caused their blatant inebriation in the first place.

And because both women were far too intoxicated, they were also unable to seize a firm grasp upon reality and recognize that what they were doing, or perhaps what they were about to do, was wrong . . . especially given the fact that not both of them had the luxury of being single at that current point in time.

However, none of that seemed to matter right then.

Not even the painfully obviously fact that the two were both female and, up until mere moments ago, were nothing more than friends.

Good friends, although perhaps not in the manner one of them had always secretly yearned for.

Regardless, it would seem that her dreams were finally coming to full fruition in that moment, letting out a soft moan of mixed surprise and pleasure, as she felt the brown eyed goddess before her gently pull at her long, fair colored hair within an almost possessive sort of manner nearly uncharacteristic of the girl.

This caused the taller teenager to smile lightly against her newfound lover's lips in the process. Never one to being partial to yielding control for just about every facet of her life (and especially not to this particular girl initially, when the two had first become Guardians of the Veil together), she promptly took her comrade's sudden aggressiveness as a direct challenge.

Wrapping a strong, sleek arm around the other girl's slim waist and pulling her closer towards her own body, the blue eyed beauty slyly snaked her tongue from out of her lips and gently brushed it against her partner's own, eagerly seeking entrance. Although hesitant at first, body lightly quaking and tensing up, perhaps from the overcharged excitement (or so her companion secretly hoped), the molasses eyed young gentlewoman eventually obliged, a sharp rouge flooding her otherwise naturally tawny cheeks, as she allowed entry into her warm, and welcoming mouth.

Although her mind continued to remain just as clouded as that of her companion, it apparently preferring to remain within the here and now, the darker haired girl nonetheless began to experience distinct feelings of guilt, in addition to honest queasiness nagging away at her.

Despite this, however, the wonderfully erotic sensations that simultaneously coursed throughout her now profusely tingling body was simply too powerful to ignore, nor resist.

And so, she merely let herself give in, shutting down her mind as best she could and allowed her body take over.

Her blue eyed counterpart, however, was constantly being aware of both her body's desires and her mind's self warnings, even through her hazed drunkenness. She didn't want to take advantage of the situation nor her friend, the one she loved so dearly.

But she also was painfully aware that another opportunity such as this would never come again.

And even though she knew it was only due to her elevated intoxication and lowered inhibitions that the other girl had yet to object to her advances, she would press on.

She may not love her within the same manner, but the softer skinned young woman could at least pretend that she did, if only for one night.

And besides, being so drunk, who's to say they'd even remember any of this, anyhow?

Deciding it best to simply block out her hammered mind completely ,the former Guardian began to let her hands do all the thinking for her just then, as she slowly reached up to cup the tanned girl's perked breast with one of them, while at the same time pressing her toned body against hers in yearning.

A soft moan escaped from the lips of the woman with the chocolate colored eyes, vibrating against the taller female's own, as she felt her gently stroke her erect nipple through her silk blouse, while their tongues continued to duel in fervent abandon.

She could feel herself becoming immensely aroused and knew that her fair haired friend could smell it, however did not feel at all embarrassed by that fact, as both of their bodies shivered with the undeniable desire to have their sensual thirst to be quenched.

Positioning her right foot in between the other girl's legs to gently kick them apart for better access, the cerulean eyed temptress, with her free hand, began to rub her lover's bare thigh with an agonizing, purposeful slowness, and smirked in satisfaction as she felt a series of goose bumps rising on the girl's flawless skin to meet her trailing fingertips.

Only pausing for just a moment, reluctantly breaking their sweltering kiss that had seemed to last for ages, both girls immediately gasped in mounting ecstasy the moment the taller gentlewoman moved her hand further up, until it vanished from underneath the smaller girl's short skirt, and began to play with her with tantalizing strokes.

The brown eyed teenager's knees promptly buckled as a result, heated, short exhales escaping past her lips and tickling her partner's ear as she felt her moist, inviting lips softly beginning to nibble at her neck while continuing to pleasure her nether region.

If there was ever any hope of either women somehow miraculously coming to their senses as a way to swiftly sober the pair, it was long gone by now, as unbridled moans and groans of palpitating need began to increase in volume, until it echoed throughout the otherwise and thankfully empty house.

Seeking to push the beautiful object of her secret (or formerly secret, by this juncture, rather) affections further over the edge, the ice blue eyed woman sought to take her overall boldness to new heights at that moment, as she suddenly stopped everything that she had been continually doing to satisfy her lover.

Peering up at her with half lidded, lust filled eyes, with just a pinch of perplexity as to why the other woman ceased in her physical attentions, the shorter girl watched in unexpected surprise and slightly returned abashment as the supermodel-like beauty raised a few glistening fingers to her lips and then proceeded to taste her essence.

Simultaneous groans of passionate delirium emitted from both of their lips right then, the taller teenager seductively licking hers and grinning a bit mischievously at the other female standing weakly within her arms.

Sensing her returned confusion by her newfound facial expression, she did not give the dark eyed girl a chance to recover, before she immediately felt her body being penetrated once more by the nearly expert-like fingers of her fair haired counterpart.

It was with this renewed act that every last bit of caution or restriction was effortlessly and wholeheartedly overrun by both women's overpowering desire. And so, before any sort of objection could have been made from either party (although highly doubtful), all time and rationality was lost within the swelling passion generated between them, collapsing onto the floor within a swirled heap of fiery red and golden blonde. . . .

-- End of Prologue

(A.N. Holy SPIT. I ACTUALLY managed to pull off a decent "love scene." Granted, a bit "mysterious" as to who was participating in such an act, but I think it's obvious by now who it is, even without the blatant character listing up top of it saying "Cornelia H. and Will V." LoL I didn't honestly want to outright WRITE their names because it, to me, would take away from the actual moment and act of their coupling, which was what I was mainly focusing upon and hope you had, as well. LoL Methinks I should write sex scenes more often, now that I know I'm actually good at it. LoL Nah, I still stand firmly with my desire not to personally write or have scenes like this be featured amongst character crowds who are still underage, regardless of sexual orientation, blah blah, because it's primarily those within the same age group who come here and read all the fics housed on here. And again, I'm not bashing those who make an active "living," so to speak, writing precisely that, either. To each their own, after all – This particular view/standpoint just happens to be mine…except for right this moment, for this particular fic. LoL But I had to do it, and to make it kinda "juicy," because it's a crucial piece/part of the overall story, damn it!! Bleh. LoL Should I continue? Lemme know! LoL)