Resting Chance

By: Sokai

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Chapter Two

"Ugh, yes, Mom, I've made it onto campus safely! . . . . No, I didn't take any 'unnecessary detours. . . .' Wait . . . w-what?? M-Mom!! Of course I'm not going to go around having unprotected sex!! What do you take me for, an idiot??"

Eighteen-year-old Wilhelmina "Will" Vandom groaned profusely into the receiving end of her frog decorated cell phone, slightly raising her voice in annoyance towards her occasionally, a bit too overprotective and overbearing mother, Susan Collins.

A fierce rouge began to effortlessly flush her otherwise naturally tawny hued cheeks just then, as she gazed around her current surroundings in the front entrance to her new school, Chani University of California. Several fellow students, new and old alike, let out slightly unmasked giggles and granted the redhead glances of perplexity as they passed, making the new freshman wish that she could simply vanish into a deep, unyielding hole at that very moment.

Great. Not even here for no more than ten minutes, and already I've managed to humiliate myself, Will thought in misery, forcing as smooth a smile as she could then muster towards the passing onlookers and waved, before clearing her throat to complete her phone conversation with her awaiting mother.

"Mom, listen. Since I'm here now, I'd better get going before I miss the start of orientation. . . . Yes, Dean just left to head back to the hotel . . . okay . . . okay. Right, then. . . . Yes, I know you wanted to come with us, but didn't have anyone to watch baby William -- It's okay, it's okay. . . . All right, I will. I love you guys, too; 'bye!" she said, at last able to end her phone conversation which had lasted for nearly fifteen minutes.

Will's mother meant well, of course, and so did her new stepfather. However, the both of them would simply have to get used to the fact that she was no longer a little child, living under their roof. She was an official college student now, and while being away from home for the first time did admittedly make her feel a bit nervous and insecure, she was excited all the same.

Well, mostly excited, anyhow.

The erstwhile Guardian of the Veil wouldn't have the security and familiar comfort which her friends and boyfriend, Matthew Olsen, provided for her, anymore, which made her insides grow more and more uneasy, as she put her cell phone into her jean shorts' pocket and picked up her belongings from off of the ground.

Will really wished, more than anything else, that Matt could have gone to the same college as she. He certainly had the grades for it. However, as he had repeatedly informed her throughout the entire last year the two had been dating, his heart was with music, and wanted to see where pursuing an active music career with his newly formed band, Resting Chance, would take him. . . .

"But, couldn't you still continue go to college and play with your band on the side? You could maybe even transfer and go to Chani with me, and then could also tour later!" Will had told the handsome brunet during their last night together, before having to part ways for the next several months. She remembered feeling her heart repeatedly aching behind her breastplate as she lay comfortably against his strong, warm chest on the front porch of his house. She'd squeezed him tightly around his waist, almost fearing that he would disappear if she hadn't.

Matt merely smiled warmly at his girlfriend's unwavering affection, and had kissed the top of her fiery red head before responding.

"Babe, you know it'd be too late to do any of that. I've already signed the contract with Heartbreak Records; if I don't do this now, then I doubt me and the guys will ever get another opportunity like this again. You know how much and how long I've waited for this," he'd explained for what felt like the umpteenth time, stroking the unappeased teenager's back in consoling comfort.

The twenty-year-old college sophomore had been fully aware of how much his leaving for the full year was tearing his girlfriend apart, and it truly did pain him to have been a part of that affliction. However, while decidedly temporarily dropping out of their hometown college, Cobalt University, and leaving his family and friends behind had been a difficult move to make, Matt had always known that he would have always said yes, no matter how many times presented with such an otherwise once in a lifetime opportunity and with the same costs.

He was finally going to have his dreams of becoming a famous musical artist a reality.

Will, on the other hand, secretly couldn't have cared less. Well, she had cared, of course, but hadn't wished to lose her boyfriend in the process. . . .

". . . . This is going to be one very long year," she'd murmured with a lamenting sigh, sitting up to look into Matt's eyes with a pained sadness, trying her very best not to shed a tear for his sake.

Matt had given an exhale of his own, before wrapping his tanned arms around the heartbroken girl, and gave her a tender kiss, one of the last the two would share for quite a while.

"I know, Will . . . but, look at it this way: At least you won't be completely alone, right? Until I try to make it back home in time for Christmas, you'll have both Irma and Cornelia over at Chani with you. So, try to cheer up, for me, all right?"

Easier said than done, especially since I greatly wish that she wouldn't be here, anymore, Will solemnly thought to herself, snapping out of her reverie of the past, as she unfortunately began to refocus upon the present, most unpleasant obstacle:

Dealing with Cornelia Hale.

Will hadn't seen nor heard from the blonde Earth Guardian in nearly two weeks time now, and she hadn't exactly been quite eager to by chance bump into her during the course of orientation that week, either. The dynamics of their friendship had changed immensely that summer, and the redhead was left feeling as though she simply did not know Cornelia any longer.

She honestly wondered if she ever really had.

Not after what she . . . what had happened that horrible night, Will thought in pained reflection, proceeding to carry her luggage up the stone staircase housed in front of the entrance, while continually getting lost within her deplorable ruminations.

She had done her very best to block out the events of that fateful evening, and for the entire month since it had occurred, she was rather successful. She had even begun to feel a bit more comfortable within her own skin and more relaxed around Matt again, although the guilt of her actions, involuntary or no, still managed to plague her on and off.

It was a bit ironic to Will that her mother would have slightly inferred that her daughter might choose to engage within pre-marital sex while in attendance at her new school. If only Mrs. Collins were to truly know the half of it . . . that her eldest child had already been active, however simply not with the girl's consent, with the right person nor gender. . . .

What a deplorable way to have lost her virginity, her formerly untainted virtue. While she never possessed any formal plans not to wait until marriage before she experienced a man for the very first time, Will hadn't ever entirely ruled out making Matt the one she would choose to share it with before then, either.

But, now look at her.

Faced with broken memories of what she'd essentially associated with having been raped . . . and by one who was supposed to be one of her greatest friends. . . .

Although Will didn't honestly recall very much of that evening after having attended one of their fellow classmates' "Senior Summer Bash" party, she vividly remembered the morning after. How mortified and taken aback she had been to find herself waking up, lying effortlessly unclothed next to the tall and slender blonde.

How had it happened? Why had it happened? And who had initialized it? And, most importantly, why had it have to have happened to her?

Each of those questions continued to plague Will's mind every day since that night, until eventually she'd forcibly grown numb to the entire event . . . or, at least so she had hoped. Why had she been so foolish as to allow herself to drink any sort of alcohol, when she never had before, with the exception of the typical New Year's champagne shared with family??

She supposed it was most likely due to the fact that she simply wanted to fit in, be like everyone else and just to go with the flow and enjoy one of the last times she would have been with the majority of her high school senior class.

Even her two friends and fellow Guardians, the redhead could vaguely recollect, Taranee Cook and Hay Lin had partaken within the festivities, to the point of delirious intoxication, despite profound detestation against alcohol consumption.

So why not she, as well?


After having been an active savior to the world, a Guardian of the Veil, for nearly four years before apparently having fulfilled her obligatory duties of said position despite having still retained her magical abilities, Will should have known better than to ignore the blatant feelings of reservations she had been experiencing prior to ingesting her first cup of liquor.

Because now, she had paid the ultimate price. . . .

And despite the hasty excuses Cornelia had feverously force fed to the shorter girl, citing their shared drunken stupor and a fleeting moment of insanity as the potential culprit, it had done nothing to quell Will's guilty conscience.

I've betrayed Matt's trust and love with what I've done . . . what Cornelia had done to me. . . . the brown eyed tomboy thought to herself in increased bouts of self loathing, unshed tears beginning to cloud her vision as she continued her weary trek up the vast, earthy staircase.

Of all the emotional as well as physical consequences to have occurred as a result of hers and Cornelia's unscheduled, duly unwanted tryst with one another, Will's continued misleading of her boyfriend was by far the most horrendous.

She had never once lied to nor held anything from the brunet throughout the course of their relationship, even having eventually alerted the rock singer to Will's and the other girls' shared destiny as Guardians of the Veil. And after being reassured that he hadn't thought any less nor differently of her to now be aware of that fact, Will truly felt within her heart that there was absolutely nothing she could never be honest with Matt about.

Except, perhaps, for this. . . .

How would she be able to explain it, if, by some miracle, she suddenly gathered up enough courage to finally do so? Will had cheated on her boyfriend, regardless of the circumstances, and the fact that she had been completely intoxicated with minimal recollection of its happening did not help her cause to garner sympathy in any fashion.


However much it continually destroyed her inside to hold her tongue, Will would nonetheless do so for as long as it would take, having managed to convince herself that it was truly for the best in the long run.

All there was left to do now was to continue moving on with her life, focus upon her newfound college career, and put both the past as well as anything having to do with Cornelia Hale behind her. . . .

"Hey, newbie! Here's a thought: Why not use the freaking walkway next time, eh?? Geez, man, I tell ya -- Freshman. . . ." Will could suddenly hear an unfamiliar, shrewd male voice penetrate straight through her thoughts, causing her to blush profusely as she saw him pointing at her in the distance directly before her.

Both he and the apparent comrade he was with, another tall, muscular and short haired blonde much like himself, proceeded to guffaw quite boisterously at the redhead's expense while within the thickness of fellow students walking to and fro about them, before shaking their heads in dismissal and continued on within their previous walk.

While trying her absolute best to shrug off the mounting embarrassment and block out the slight jeers wafting within the atmosphere from anonymous passersby, Will, having at last reached the top of the stony staircase with all of her belongings through a tired effort, chanced a subtle look about her immediate surroundings in order to understand what it was the discourteous, older student had been on about.

Directly before her and within the nearby distance was what looked to be one of the main buildings of the university, as she stood within a vast, plush courtyard. And surrounding that were other unfamiliar establishments she would undoubtedly grow more familiar with at a later date.

Other than that, Will could not understand what the crude upperclassman had been referring to . . . oh. There it was. The red haired Keeper gave an abashed, frustrated sigh as she then spotted the blatant, helpful walkway in plain sight, to her left and lightly shaded by surrounding trees.

". . . . Of course I'd miss that and make a fool of myself. Why wouldn't I miss that and make a fool of myself?? God, I knew I shouldn't have skipped going on that college tour when I'd first gotten accepted here," she muttered underneath her breath, running a clammy, upset hand through her now slightly shoulder length hair. "Boy, you're just really on a roll today, aren't you, Will? So much for making good first impressions. . . ."

"I wouldn't worry about it too much, hon -- After all, at one point or another, we were all 'lonely and lost little freshman' like yourself," a sudden, new voice, although far more inviting, as well as female and perhaps even French accented unexpectedly awarded the taken aback teenager with a response from behind.

Whirling around in surprise, Will's molasses colored eyes met with a foreign pair of brilliant, striking green, belonging to an equally stunning mocha skinned girl. The young woman appeared to be perhaps within her early twenties, tall and slender and with a flattering, raven hued pixie cut which donned creative and bold blue and pink streaks at the end of the side bangs resting upon her unmarred forehead.

She gave a friendly, warm smile towards Will who, with a greater blush then flooding her tawny visage once more at having been unexpectedly eavesdropped upon, quickly picked up her luggage to get out of the girl's way.

"S-Sorry . . . I'll just --"

"-- No need to rush off like that; I'm in no immediate hurry to be anywhere pressing at the moment, anyway. Although, you look like you could use a little help with those . . . and how to get to the residential buildings, am I right?" she lightheartedly remarked, already bending over to help herself to one of Will's unattended travel bags.

Will only stared at the taller young woman for a few moments without response and slight unease, unsure of whether or not the other girl truly was on the up and up, before she finally cleared her throat.

". . . . Um . . . y-yeah, actually, I do. But, you don't have to help -- I'll find it myself . . . eventually, anyway," the redhead spoke softly, lightly rubbing her free arm unconsciously in nervousness. She hated meeting new people, and always felt initially uncomfortable for it, as she was never quite sure whether or not they could be trustworthy, an unfortunate and lingering peculiarity left within her from former years of having been let down by her so called comrades of the past.

And now Cornelia's one of them. . . . Will suddenly and silently reflected with mixed remorse and resentment, frowning lightly to herself as she shook her head as though to jostle away the returned and unwanted thoughts upon her former friend.

She could then hear the older girl continually standing before her chuckle softly, perhaps at what the redhead had previously spoken, and lightly scratched the back of her dark colored head while keeping a firm hold upon the handle of Will's blue tinted travel bag.

"Is that right? Well, while I have no doubt that you probably would find your way just fine inevitably, unfortunately 'eventually' isn't exactly something you have at the moment," the unknown, seemingly helpful woman said lightly, blinking a couple of times in surprise as she watched the crimson haired teenager before her give a perplexed look. "W-Well, you do know that today is the start of 'Frosh week,' don't you? If you want to partake in the start of the activities and introductions starting soon and led by your house and general orientation leaders, you'd better hurry and find it, first. That being said, which is your residential hall, anyhow?"

"Oh! U-Uh. . . ." Will trailed off in response, her cheeks growing flush all over again at being put on the spot, as she struggled to recall the name of the establishment she would be living within for the next several months and had made a point to memorize before she'd arrived, for this very reason.

After a few more moments of silence had passed between the two females, Will gave a faint smile to the other girl, as her brain at last decided to restart itself and provide her with the answer she sought.

"Sorry about that . . . just kind have had a long day, already, I guess," the tomboy softly offered in civility, the simper upon her face broadening in further encouragement as she began to finally relax. "A-Anyway, I'm staying in 'Prudence Hall. . . .'"

At this, the girl's unique green colored eyes lit up, another brilliant smile flashing upon her chocolaty countenance.

"No, kidding! I just so happen to be its prestigious RA! Well, maybe not 'prestigious,' but people seem to like me all the same. And it looks as though I've just met one of my first new students for this semester," she revealed with a smirk, promptly extending out her free hand towards Will to shake. "I'm Avelyn Beauchamp, although most of my students call me 'Addy,' in reflection to and short for 'advisor.' I know, peculiar, but it grows on you over time, I suppose. Anyway, I'm very pleased to meet you -- And yes, I am French, before you ask, as many do when first meeting me."

Slowly taking the outstretched, slim hand of the outgoing girl known as Avelyn, Will offered another smile, smaller and more shy this time, in return.

"Hi, Avelyn. It's nice to meet you, too. My name's Will. Will Vandom. Well, it's actually Wilhelmina, but I can't stand it, so I go by 'Will' instead. Although, it's sort of confusing sometimes now, since my new baby brother is also named Will, well, William, and --"

"-- I take it you're still overwrought with first day jitters there, huh?" Avelyn lightly teased, taking note of the redhead's unexpected and unnecessary rambling, before the older young woman began to lead the way to Will's preferred destination.

The college freshman gave a soft chuckle and blushed gently at this, beginning to walk alongside her newly discovered resident advisor.

"Yeah, I guess I am, aren't I? It is the first time I've lived away from home, after all, and away from my boyfriend and friends . . . well, most of them, anyway," Will divulged hollowly, exhaling deeply as she once again tried her best not to reflect upon her adverse torment which was Cornelia.

Avelyn merely gave a slight nod in partial understanding, seemingly unaware of the younger girl's intended meaning.

"I can understand that completely. When I'd first moved to the United States with my family eight years ago, I was only thirteen-years-old and without a single soul I could call a friend. My English definitely wasn't all that great at the time, either, so trying to actively make new friends was a lot more difficult than I'd cared for it to be," the raven haired woman revealed softly, a light, reminiscent smile playing about her lips as both she and Will continued on within their trek. "Most of the kids thought I was a bit . . . what's the word . . . odd, I suppose? Yes, odd, because I was the 'foreign girl who couldn't speak proper English' and such, which made me feel painfully reserved. But, over time, I'd learned to just ignore their animosity and stand on my own -- Which, of course, is greatly ironic, given that once I had and accumulated more self confidence, that was when I began to garner more companions which were true. Funny how life works out sometimes, huh, Will?"

"Yeah . . . funny. . . ." Will trailed off in response, brown eyes glazed over at the lingering effects of Avelyn's choice in words.

"Mmhm! So, if someone as superbly shy as I'd used to be can inevitably blossom to eventually become your RA, then anything's possible," Avelyn lightly jested, winking knowingly at the redhead next to her, sensing her own reticence, as the duo then rounded a corner. "So! Will! Seeing as you'll be my student and essential responsibility for the next several semesters, mind if I ask where you originally hail from? You know, to further break the ice, being that that is part of my job."

Will smiled lightly at this, feeling more and more at ease with her premiere resident consultant as the minutes continually passed, silently thankful that perhaps it would not be as awkward to go to her for future questions, as she'd originally surmised when thinking about college on the whole earlier that summer.

"Oh . . . right. Well, I used to live and grew up in Fadden Hills, Vermont, until I moved with my mom to Maine when I was fourteen," she began with slight hesitance, before taking a deep breath and continuing on. "Yeah . . . and I guess, you can say that, like you, I kind of had a hard time making friends and trusting them. . . . Kind of had a bad mishap back in Fadden Hills that's sort of left me feeling leery of those I choose to open up to. . . . But, somehow, in spite of all of that, I'd managed to meet and make four. . . well, three of the best friends I've ever had . . . including finding the greatest boyfriend. . . ."

Avelyn smiled warmly at this.

"Clear across the country, huh? Must be a bit overwhelming, indeed. But it seems like you've finally had some good fortune then, Will, to have met those great friends of yours. You seem like a pretty interesting individual, so I can't honestly say that I'm surprised by this. It will also be interesting to see how you'll progress throughout the year," she said with a broadening simper, running her free hand through her short, dark locks once more. "I'm curious, though. You'd said before that you'd be away from your boyfriend and 'most of your friends' while you're in attendance here. Does that mean you have a few friends who have also enrolled here, as well?"

Will immediately tensed up upon hearing this, silently praying that the green eyed young woman hadn't taken notice. She hadn't seemed to, at least, as she merely continued to stare kindly at the redhead, patiently waiting for a response.

Clearing her throat after having climbed a much shorter flight of stairs, Will felt her breath catch within her esophagus, and stopped short once her brown eyes ironically lay upon the individual Avelyn had unknowingly been inquiring about.

Surrounded by the familiar faces of her family and others left unknown in the distance, while a grand backdrop of multiple buildings cascaded over a platoon of trees and shrubbery, was Cornelia Hale. . . .

Will felt her eyes narrow and blood run cold as she looked at her in silence, her insides becoming greatly uneasy the moment Cornelia, apparently having felt someone watching her, suddenly looked up and met her gaze.

Oh, God . . . I knew that I would inevitably see her, today especially, but I didn't think that it would be this hard, the cardinal haired Keeper of the Heart of Candracar thought in silent affliction, her body growing prickly with tingles of affliction, as she continued to watch Cornelia looking back at her with a simultaneous mixture of slight hope and hollowness shining forth from within her normally luminous blue eyes. I don't think I'll be able to handle this all on my own. . . .

"Will? Is . . . is everything all right? You look as though you've seen a ghost," Avelyn's accented voice broke through Will's unanticipated daze, resting a gentle hand upon her shoulder.

"H-Huh? Oh, y-yeah . . . yes, I'm fine, Avelyn, thanks. I just . . . hadn't realized how big this campus really is," the redhead heard herself promptly lie, at last tearing her eyes away from the former Earth Guardian in the far distance and promptly turned her back to her. "About my friends . . . well, one is in New York City for art school alongside her boyfriend, while another is about five hours away or so in Arizona. . . . Then there are two who are also here, in California and at this school, as well. . . ."

Avelyn's unique emerald eyes lit up at this and grinned, waving in recognition behind Will at random passersby she obviously knew and whom the younger girl clearly did not.

"Oh, yeah? That's great! So you aren't so alone, after all! But, I just counted four friends, and you'd said three earlier. Or maybe you had said four -- It's already been quite the long day for me, as well, so you'll have to excuse me," the milk chocolate hued, native Frenchwoman said with a soft titter, while the two continued to stand at the foot of the stairs they had previously ascended.

Will pursed her pink tinted lips together lightly before responding, keeping her back to where she presumed Cornelia still stood with her family, refusing to turn back around.

". . . . Well . . . yes, it was four. Two of them really are here, as well, which had been really great to realize in the beginning, but . . . well, I'd had sort of a recent falling out with one of them, so I don't honestly count them as among my list of friends any longer. . . ." she revealed carefully as she averted her eyes away from her resident advisor, not wishing to divulge anything further than that and hoping that the older girl would respect that.

"Oh . . . well, then I'm very sorry to hear that, Will. Losing friends is never easy. . . . But, perhaps while the both of you are here and by chance run into one another through shared classes and such, maybe you two will be able to somehow reconcile," Avelyn delivered with a delicate hopefulness and sympathetic smile, before suddenly handing over Will's travel bag to her. "Now . . . I wish that I could stay to talk more about this and personally help you get settled into your dorm, but I'm actually now starting to run a little bit late in going to help set up the various activity and information stands for our house with my fellow orientation leaders and staff. But as your designated RA, that's what I'm always here for in the future, if ever you want to continue to discuss this or anything else which might be on your mind, all right? Don't be afraid to, either! As for your dormitory, Prudence Hall is, if you follow the path straight down there to your left, the second, gray colored building on your right. Can't miss it!"

Will, with a breath of relief that the upperclassman had to then depart, despite having been quite helpful as well as welcoming, gave a nod of understanding and faint smile in appreciation as she tried to forget her returning woes.

"All right, thanks, Avelyn. I'm sure I'll see you around then," she said with another, more notable simper this time, before seizing her blue tinted luggage once more. As she began to walk away from the French young woman, giving a brief, quick wave in goodbye, Avelyn called out to her before going her own way within the other direction.

"I hope to see you in a little while at orientation instead, hon! Oh! And by the way? I happen to think that 'Wilhelmina' is a very nice name -- Très jolie," she complimented with a friendly wink and wave of her own, before turning on her heel and continued to walk away from the now blushing redhead.

Will stared after the taller girl for a few moments thereafter, feeling her formerly relaxed mood returning as she playfully mumbled underneath her breath, "Yeah. It's only 'très jolie' to you because it isn't your name, Avelyn . . . but thanks. . . ."

In spite of the rocky, initial start to her early day, Will was beginning to feel as though her first year at Chani University might not become as overwhelming as she continually thought, thanks to the great support her new resident advisor was swiftly bestowing onto her, with whom Will was quickly beginning to feel a mentor, or big sister-like respect for already.

She could easily see why Avelyn had been chosen for the position to begin with, despite her apparently shaky beginnings as a withdrawn youth from her past.

As Will began to turn back around and resume her walking, nearly having forgotten all about her previous, slight run-in with the blonde Earth Maiden, she suddenly heard someone, female, eagerly calling out to her from behind in the distance.

Having befriended her for the last three and a half years, Will immediately recognized that that voice belonged to Cornelia's mother, Elizabeth, who obviously had sighted the redhead alongside her eldest daughter. However, the Keeper hadn't any intention of stopping to say hello in return, no matter how rude or disrespectful it might have come off as to the older woman and the rest of her family.

Sorry, Ms. Landon, but I don't want to have anything to do with your daughter or your family, anymore. . . . the brown eyed teenager thought with morose and slight sympathy to the elder woman, who continued to call after her several more times while presumably watching Will briskly walk away, before at last stopping within her efforts.

Angry, embittered and hurtful tears welled up within Will's eyes at that moment, and she did nothing to stop them this time as she felt them slowly begin to cascade down her naturally tanned cheeks.

She then immediately realized that she was quite wrong within her earlier presumption:

This year wasn't going to be so easy to deal with . . . not in the slightest. . . .

-- End of Chapter Two

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