This is the story of Cason and Embry after Emily and Sam's wedding. Hope you all enjoy.


Embry's POV

I left Cason out in the hallway as I lit the candles in our new bedroom. No, we weren't married yet but, I couldn't wait to take her in my arms and take her for my own.

I brought her in and grabbed the remote for the stereo that her aunt bought for us. She also burnt some CD's for our night alone after months of torture.

I began to dance with her and then I pulled her leg up to my hip running my hand up her soft thigh when I froze.

"What's this?" I breathed into her ear.

"Jackie said I had a panty line before we left." She growled.

"I'll have to thank her for that."

"Embry Call." She whispered as I pulled her closer to me. I unzipped the back of her dress after I let her leg fall slowly down my thigh.

"Cason." I whispered into her lips. "I've been without you for too long." I gently pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders, kissing her collar bone. The dress ended up on the floor around her feet. All that she was wearing now was a very sexy strapless bra.

She started unbuttoning my shirt slowly. "I know. Three months is too long."

"Are you happy?" I asked as my lips were still grazing her shoulder.

"Right now, I'm beyond happy." She whispered. "Are you happy?"

I couldn't take it anymore. I picked her up as she wrapped her legs around me and I carried her to the bed.

"Yes. Now that I know I will never lose you again." I whispered as I laid her on her back. I positioned myself on top of her, not putting much of my weight on her. "I'm not stopping tonight."

"I'm not going to stop you either." She gasped as I grazed my hand over her breast that was still being held prisoner in her bra.

Cason arched her back as I slid my hand under her to unfasten her bra. Then there she was in all her glory.

I felt my pants getting tighter as I took in her naked form. God, did she ever have me horny.

"There's a problem here." Cason whispered into my lips. "You're clothes are still on. And I think we both need to be naked for what we both want."

Cason's hands slid down to my pants. I tore my shirt off and threw it on the floor. She was unbuckling my belt, then unbuttoned my pants and she started pulling them apart. Her hands went over my boxers and pushed down my pants as far as she could. I helped push them off the rest of the way. I grazed her with my manhood and she gasped. I guess she liked what she was feeling. At least I hoped so.

"Take them off." She growled demandingly.

"You." I teased. I heard her growl as she pushed them off me. But before she did, her hand rubbed against my hardness. We both let out gasps.

"You're huge." She whispered. My hand plunged over her delicate spot and felt her moistness.

"God baby. You're so fucking wet." I groaned as I rubbed my middle finger over her sensitive spot. She gasped and started shaking. I was pleasing her and loving every minute of it.

"It's only for you, Embry." She moaned. "I need you so bad right now."

"I need you too, Cason." I whispered as my lips connected with hers. My middle finger ended up inside her, then I realized that she wasn't a virgin. I froze. "Who took you first?"

"Huh?" She said coming back from her sexual fantasy. "Nobody baby. It's just…I've been to the doctors. To make sure I could have your children if you ever took me back."

A growl escaped my lips and I plunged my finger into her sweet wetness.

"I want you now Embry." She groaned. "Take me now, before I scream."

My wish was her command. I pulled my finger out and inserted my hard cock between her legs. God, she felt better than what I ever would have imagined. My Cason moaned my name and I let out a satisfied growl as I entered her hot wet pussy. I slowly pumped her until I felt her cum all over my hardness.

"Embry." She moaned. "YES!"

"God damn, Cason. You've got my dick rock hard." I groaned.

"Don't stop, please." She panted. "You promised."

"I won't be able to for a long time. I just hope you can handle me."

She was all mine now. No one could touch her. As I made love to her, I wished that I would have made love to her months ago.

Cason's POV

When my Embry laid me on my bed, I knew what he wanted. He didn't know that I had gone to the doctors by Jackie's request. She was the one that wasn't sure if I would be able to have children or not. I wasn't. I knew deep down that if I wouldn't be able to get pregnant, Embry would have never imprinted on me.

As he lay on top of me with his pants off, I felt his hardness. He had me so wet already without him even knowing it. He was so huge! But I still wanted to make love to him for the rest of my life.

He entered me after I begged him and he made me feel so good. My body shook uncontrollably as I came all over his hard manhood. I never in my life would have thought that one man could make me feel this good. Well, good isn't the right term…more like unbelievably orgasmic!

"You are mine forever." Embry moaned softly in my ear as he slowly pumped his manhood in and out of me.

"And you are mine." I growled into his lips.

Embry picked up the pace just a little. Thrusting his manhood deeper and harder inside me.

His hand started massaging my breast as he slowed down to a slow 'love making' pace. I kept moaning his name, making myself wetter every time. We were perfect for each other and I'm glad to know that he was what he was. Or I would have never known that he was such a loving, passionate lover.

He flipped me so I was on top. His hands lingered down to my hips and moved me up and down on his hard shaft. We both groaned as I came yet again. This felt like a title wave of pleasure as I drenched his hard cock. His hands rubbed at my breasts. I leaned in to him as he took them in his mouth. God did he feel good. He started thrusting himself inside me as he played with my nipples with his teeth and tongue. He made me shiver from that feeling which drove me completely insane!

He pulled himself out of me and threw me on my stomach without a word from his lips. He picked my ass up and rammed his hardness deep between my legs as I let out a moan. I pulled myself up as he still pumped me full of his manhood then leaned over me

He growled into my neck, "This is how we're supposed to mate, bitch."

"Then fuck me, mutt." I groaned.

His pace picked up as he thrust himself hard inside me. I was almost there. I felt he was close too.

"Come with me Embry." I panted hard.

My orgasm was harder and stronger than the one prior to, as Embry pumped his love juices deep within the depth of my being.

After he came, I collapsed on the bed. Embry lay lightly on top of me, kissing every exposed part of my body that he could.

"I love you Cason." He whispered as he pulled out of me.

"I love you too Embry. Forever." I said as I started to fall into a deep slumber as Embry wrapped his gentle warm arms around me.