Coruscant 19 BBY . . .

Charly carefully piloted her speeder towards the Chancellor's office.

Almost there.

Then a ghost appeared from a nearby speeder.

She gasped at the sight of Lorth Needa, a much younger Lorth Needa.

"Charly, don't do it." He said.

Charly hesitated.

What's he doing here?

Charly's heart pounded in her chest.

She watched as Needa piloted his speeder closer.

She was so focused on him that she didn't see him pull out a syringe until it was too late.

Charly Deacon opened her eyes and frowned.

She was in her speeder headed for a restricted air zone.

How did I get here? She wondered.

Vague memories flickered in her mind's eyes but none of them made sense and they were fading.

She shook her head and headed back to her apartment.

Lorth Needa watched as she drove away before he emptied the remains of the serum into his veins.

Ahsoka awoke on the world of Myrkr.

Carefully she got to her feet and brushed herself off.

I think I had a dream but I can't remember what it was about.

Captain Rex paused for a moment and glanced around,

I could have sworn that I was somewhere else for a moment. He thought.

Daine Jir blinked for a moment.

"Daine, when do you think this war is going to end?" His bunk mate Harrison Fjord asked.

Daine shook his head.

"I don't know, soon hopefully." He answered.

4 ABY en route to Endor . . .

Ahsoka Sci-Fi sat in the pilot's chair of the Rekindled Dream.

I'm coming Master! She thought.

"Mom, where are we going?" Asha asked.

Ahsoka was about to check the nav computer when to her horror her Master's presence winked out.

"NO!" She screamed.

She fell sobbing to the floor.

"Mom?" Asha asked softly.

"He's dead. My Master is dead." Ahsoka wailed.

Abruptly Ahsoka felt something loosen in her mind.

She saw her ship barren of her children, her Master in poor health, a hole in Coruscant's cityscape, a man claiming that a woman changed the past and a portal.

Master blocked my memories of that life because I remembered parts of my old life. I had to live a normal as possible life.

I have to contact Charly Jerrison.

Charly Jerrison rocked back and forth in her chair.

Mik's gone. She thought.

The comm station chirped.

"Dayvyd, could you answer it." she asked her son.

She watched as Dayvyd made his way across the room to the comm station and answered the call.

"Jerrison residence." He said in a clear voice.

"You must be Dayvyd." A woman's voice said.

Maybe I could travel back in time and-

"Mom, there's a lady that wants to speak to you!" Dayvyd called.

Charly rose from her chair and made her way across the room to the comm station. Her heart pounded in her throat.

"Yes?" she asked as she slid into the seat in front of comm station.

She stared curiously at the unfamiliar togruta woman and four young togruta.

"Charly, you can't go through with it." The woman said.

Charly frowned.

"How do I know my name?" She asked.

"You traveled to the past and stopped an event from taking place and it changed everything. My Instructor is going to go from healthy to nearly dead in a year's time.

"My children . . ." the woman swallowed. "My children were never born."

Charly looked at her son then her two daughters.

"Please let me and countless other people keep their children." The woman pleaded.

Charly felt her resolve crumble.

Can I deny her her children? No I cannot.

Ahsoka felt the the Force shift and she felt her memories of the other time line fade.

"Thank you!" She whispered before cutting the connection.


Thank you for reading.

At a future date I might chose to rewrite it, vamp it up you know.