Disclaimer: Although this is an original story, these are not my characters…I only wish to use my imagination in expressing my love for these said characters, their actors and their creator. For you English enthusiast, I am fully aware that "whose" is possessive, yadda, yadda, yadda… just read it; hopefully you will come to understand.

"Whose Your Daddy?"

David ringing Maddie's door bell, early morning…echos of birds chirping…collected dew caressing each flower in Maddie's garden…the fragrance of anticipation in David's nostrils. He's thrilled yet shook…it's Maddie's first doctor's appointment in LA. The sun beams heavily on David's fur thinning noggin…it's a beautiful day…a beautiful new beginning.

"DingDong" – David presses the white button, mounted so elegantly on the oak wood door frame. He looks through the clear parts of the doors' frosted paisley design into Maddie's foyer. He adjusts his collar, smoothes out his suit, checks his hair in the windows reflection. "DingDong"… David presses again, this time harder, more anxiously.

A plethoric display of worries streak across his mind like shooting stars in orbit, unlike most women, Maddie is always prompt…always ready to meet any timeline thrown at her. The connotation of David's negative vibes began to over take his inner voice.

David: "Oh my God…What if something's wrong...What if she's fallen and can't get up...What if she's…"

This last thought is interrupted by the clanging of the loosed door chain and the parting of door from frame.

Maddie: "David" she says yawning, surprised at his presence as she steps back opening the door wider

David: "Maddie, why aren't you awake?" he says while crossing the thresh hold, then looking at his watch…"We're gonna be late!"

Maddie: "Well…I'm awake now…" she closes the door behind him

Maddie turns towards David and smiles…a silly smile…a devious smile

Maddie: "Aren't you a breath of fresh air, your hair looks nice. It covers just the right amount of bald spot preventing that blinding glare thing"

David: "Talk!"

Maddie: "Don't get mad"

Her head tilted slightly from direct sight of David's eyes, more embarrassed than ashamed.

David spews a begrudging tone, giving in to preparation for the next episode of hormonal drama; for the current control freak method that Maddie has perfected.

David: "Out with it"

Maddie: "My appointment isn't until 12 o'clock" she mumbles

David: "WhaT?"

David's tone is a low one for such a high pitch feeling, his emphasis more on the latter consonant.

Through sighs Maddie reverberates while repeating her former sentence.

Maddie: "My doctor's appointment… isn't…until…noon"

Maddie is hopeful the time slipped past David as it had during his drunken stupors over these last three and a half years.

David: "WHAAAT!" he says in a screeching high pitch

Maddie jumps and holds her belly, which jumps too.

Maddie: "David, you're scaring the baby"

David: "I apologize"

He lowers his voice while acknowledging Maddie's belly.

David: "You told me it was at 9"

David's fingers seemed to fit magically within Maddie's arm as he gently ushers her forward, leading her away from the foyer, as if the baby was gestating there.

Maddie: "I know, I know…I just wanted to give you time to…I don't know…get yourself together from the night before."

David effortlessly multitasks as he stands, glares and twitches, incredibly, all in silence balancing his last juggled act … not showing his anger at Maddie for her ploy.

Maddie: "You're mad"

David: "Dogs get mad, Maddie…lie down with dogs…you'll wake up with flees"

Maddie: "I rest my case"

Her cynicism trailing as the flowing night gown which adorns her body as she walks through the living room into the kitchen: David quickly pursues

David: "Maddie, if this is going to work…you gotta stop playing games"

Maddie opens a cabinet and starts to reach above her head for a jar…David steps up, grabbing it for her; opening it, then placing the jar in her hand.

Maddie: "Thank you" she says while walking to the opposing counter

"I'm not playing games David…I'm just ensuring you were on time for our first appointment…that's all"

David: "On time is an understatement"

Maddie's chuckle does not ease David's tension.

Maddie: "How was I supposed to know… you'd show up here at 5:45 in the morning?"

Digging her hands into the jar of fresh sliced peaches, maybe she felt it would have taken too long to pull the proper utensil from its stand inside the drawer nearest to David.

David's glare flashes an unmasked disposition, disconcerted for Maddie's display; he is about as amused as a kid on his hundredth trip to the nursing home to visit his nana.

Maddie: "Don't be mad"

Her seductive approach shift David's slender hips, as Maddie takes him head on, while licking peach juice from her fingers.

Maddie: "I don't want you to start the day…this day…mad at me"

The closeness of her face to David's sends chills up both their spines, her belly touching his, Maddie's finger still slightly in her mouth.

David: "Maddie, I'm not … mad … just a little disturbed"

Maddie: "Now that's an understatement!"

Her turn met by a rebuttal in action, David's action, as he spins her back towards him. Maddie's giddiness is hardly contained.

David: "I'm serious Maddie… see this"

His chin squarely supports the partial pout, his forefinger emphasizing the place where her eyes should be.

"This is my serious face…you ask… Why so serious? I'll tell you why…this is serious business."

Alexander Hayes would have been proud of the demeanor change that his daughter performs as she realizes her beau means business. Still smirking, yet her attention now fully drawn to the anatomization of David's cheek muscles from the jaw bones in which they rest.

David: "I know my place here; okay…I've been down this road with Terry"

And suddenly, her motivation to command her smile dissipate is gained. Maddie loathes the thought of Terry and David's "agreement". How she rued the day in which David explained the significance of he and Terry's new found friendship, relationship, partnership, … as he had described to her in as few words as possible.

That day in Maddie and David's reconciled history for which she found out that her Man was a surrogate for some other woman, a woman she'd hope that she never has the pleasure of meeting again; lest the greatest catfight in television history ensue since that of Dynasty.

His explanation seemed feasible enough: He did it for them, preparing for her eminence return; the return of the Queen and forthcoming prince, to David's hope, of Blue Moon. The totality of her selfishness in leaving still gave him no right to replace her, no right to be close, so close as a Lamaze partner gets to the woman in question; these thoughts were deafening.

Maddie added listening to the words that were coming out of the mouth she watched speak them.

David: "Believe me when I tell you…this" David looks down at Maddie's bulge… "is serious…I'm serious, are you?"

Maddie's face and voice soften; she looks away, then back at David.

Maddie: "I'm serious"

David: "Ok then, it's settled" he says exhaling tenderly "we are officially…serious"

Maddie responds bashfully, her posture and movements has "all shucks" exuding from them, like David had just given her his class ring and letterman jacket to wear to the sock hop.

David: "Now, since we got soooooo much time on our hands… how's about we get yawl dressed and get yawl fed?"

Maddie: "Okay"

Maddie~ the sweet and bashful: Her title through deed, marking downward sparingly only to place the lid on the jar; while placing it gingerly into David's hands.

The two look intently into each others eyes, only able to disengage by Maddie's slow turn in an effort to leave the kitchen.

David: "I hate to see you leave but I love to see you waddle away"

David's smirks that smirk, his trademark, patented by Maddie's heart.

Maddie's tight lipped smile with accompaniment of her shaking finger tells of the naughty thoughts she has projected his mind to be thinking.

The drive from the restaurant is a refuge for David and Maddie, their place of utter alone time. The tranquility of being next to her, plasters a pleasant gaze on David as he is driving. Maddie reaches into a doggy bag, her tongue visibly awaiting the arrival of what's inside.

David: "Heeeey, that's mine!"

Maddie: "So" she says unfazed

David: "Sooo, what if I get hungry later?"

Maddie: "You'll be fine" she says as she looks at David while grabbing a sausage, then taking a hearty bite of the beef sausage link.

David: "Ouch!" he winces and squirms in his seat

Maddie laughs and chews simultaneously.

David: "You sure do eat a lot… although there's nothing wrong with that… you are eating for two…"

Maddie's blinking almost resembled that of windshield wipers though it wasn't stormy, not yet any way; their rhythm awaited his words to connect.

David: "seeing two women going through their pregnancy… I mean… it's funny"

David looks over at Maddie, uncomfortable with her expression… gingerly treading, yet steadily treading these choppy waters.

Maddie: "What's funny…that I eat a lot?"

David senses the need to recant his previous statement, he tries…

David: "Well, I guess you're right…nothing really."

Maddie: "You guess nothing really my eye! What is so hilarious?"

David is kicking himself mentally…it's a set up…he knows it yet he jumps anyhow.

David: "You're not hilarious… I mean, you're not funny its funny … I mean you are funny but you're not funny cuz your eating… a lot…it's just that seeing women…going through the same thing just…"

Maddie: "Spit it out will ya, for the love of Mike!"

David gulps, hating that he ever brought it up but decides to walk the mine field he's entered.

David: "Well…Terry didn't eat this much in her seventh month of pregnancy… you're in your fifth and…"

Maddie interrupts saying…

Maddie: "I'mmm… not Terry" her eyes speaking loudly though her mouth speaks maniacally quiet, head bobbing side to side rhythmically

David: "I knooww… you are not Terry but…"

Maddie: "And what's THAT supposed to mean?"

Maddie is now at a higher point of piss-tivity but not completely to the fullest possible; her interruption shifts David into mental and physical discomfort.

David falls back, imaginary white hankie in his voice

David: "Nothing, it meant…it means nothing"

The leather steering wheel cover cries out as David briskly clutches it, flexing and adjusting his fingers around it; attempting to relieve his tension.

He ceases to speak, ceases to breath, he simply adheres his eyes forward. There's a long pause in conversation as Maddie peers through her window while David's eyes are fixed on the road; they're both uncomfortable, agitated. Both have made noticeable concessions to be more understanding, less argumentative but old habits die hard. It was each one's way of being open to the possibilities of having not a relationship but a loving relationship. Yield has been more David's approach while redirect seemed to work best for Maddie; their diplomacy with one another not yet perfected, though, it is a start.

Maddie turns from her window to David; she takes a deep breath which tells David he can finally breathe as well.

Maddie: "So… are you excited?"

David: "Excited?"

Maddie: "Yes, excited…we're taking pictures today!"

David: "Pictures! Wow…you gotta comb and some grease? I want my waves to sparkle in the flash"

Taking his right hand from the wheel and rubbing that same side of his mane, his debonair voice enunciating the latter sentence. The one David has practiced since seeing Billie Dee Williams in "Lady Sings the Blues" on 12th grade international cut class day; probably more of a local thing knowing now that international goes far beyond 125th street.

Maddie: "Not…we", looking at David…"we", her eyes gesturing lower

David: "Ohhhh, right, its ultrasound time"

Maddie: "I'm excited…I wonder if you can see the baby's eye lashes…you know, see if they're short or long."

David: "Well, if you don't mind me saying this" he looks at Maddie "when I saw Terry's 5th month sonogram picture… I coulda sworn I saw Walter's eye lashes, his little booty, even his hair waving hello's in the fluid" David giggles, "it was so cute"

Maddie looks at him, uncomfortable with his sappy recollection; yet gathers herself for a cordial response.

Maddie: "That's nice", she says with an untrue smirk

David looks at her then back at the road.

The doctor's waiting room smelled of baby powder and lavender. The pictures taped neatly to the wall behind the reception desk displaying the many deliveries performed, sent a precious sound of cooing newborns ringing in Maddie's ears. Swatches and splash designs of pastel pinks, blues, greens and yellows helped to distract Maddie from her anxieties a bit, as she felt like she had arisen from bed directly to the reception area.

David is reading a magazine, quietly, calmly; his slouch exudes the devil-may-care attitude that Maddie loves and loathes about him. Her foot tapping and leg rocking choreographed a perfect rendition of the opening chords from Cabaret.

David: "Are you alright?"

Maddie: "Fine" she replies fidgety

David: "You coulda fooled me"

Maddie: "A gnat with a lobotomy could fool you"

David: "Now where have I heard that before?"

A sudden glance, an even more sudden smile subtracts from Maddie's annoyance, trying to avoid bursting out laughing in their quiet surrounding; she looks away as if unfazed by his retort.

David continues to read his magazine…calm, cool, collected. His demeanor is total opposite to Maddie, who is outwardly nervous; his steadiness annoys her.

Maddie: "How can you be so calm?"

David: "I dunno" he shrugs

Maddie: "I dunno" she mockingly repeats David in a whine, becoming this life size bobble head that David continually shakes without lifting a finger.

David: "Its okay Maddie, everything's okay" his attempt to soothe her anxiety only rattles her cage.

Maddie: "I know everything's okay…OK!"

David: "Ok"

Now both of Maddie's legs are bouncing…David reaches over and firmly places his arm across them…halting her tremors, still holding his periodical in the other hand, reading.

Maddie glares at him telepathically voicing "Get your damn arm off me!" David never looks up, then…

Nurse: "Madolyn Hayes" the nurse calls

David quickly discards his reading and leaps to his feet. Maddie is taken aback at his enthusiasm.

David: "Madame", extending his hand to help Maddie from her seat

The force of her hand pushing his away rushes a breeze past David's unmentionables; he simply tilts his head at the harshness and near miss of his genitalia.

Maddie: "I don't need your help!"

Her tone spiteful, with one eye squinted and her top lip curled.

Maddie squirms to the left, then to the right in her seat….attempting to find the best angle of approach to her challenge of rising from it. After a few seconds, she looks up at David hatefully. David smirks and extends his hand again.

Maddie resentfully grabs it and they both pull against each others weight. Maddie wobbles a bit, while David stabilizes her movement, guarding her body with his arms on both sides.

Maddie knocks them away, storming through the open door, bypassing the nurse.

As David follows, he places his hands in his pockets, whistling in victory as he approaches the nurse; pay back is a bitch; & Maddie was one mad dog.

David: "Hi"

The nurse greets him with a nod while he pauses so she can lead the way.

Nurse: "Rough day" she expresses lowly as she hangs back enough for her and David to walk shoulder to shoulder.

David: "And I gotta feelin' it's gonna get rougher"

The nurse raises an eyebrow and tilts her head in agreement while passing David and catching up with Maddie; who now realizes she doesn't know which way to go.

The nurse escorts Maddie to an open door, placing the chart in the basket affixed to it.

Nurse: "Mrs. Hayes"

Maddie: "Mizzz Hayes" she looks at David, telepathically sending "you wuss"

Nurse: "Mizz Hayes…I'm Nurse Weather, Dr. Caron's assistant"

Maddie's pleasant hand shake gives Nurse Weather hope that maybe a smoother road is ahead after all.

Maddie: "This is David Addison"

David: "Your first name wouldn't happen to be Stormy would it?"

Nurse Weather: "As a matter of fact… it is" charmed by David's adequate "guess"timation

David: "Stop it!" he leans in and says…

"Then you know exactly what I'm dealing with here."

David and Nurse Weather both giggle at their inside joke. Maddie sees nothing funny about their comradely behavior; shooting them both a chilling, killer look.

Nurse Weather: "Well, Miss Hayes, let me get your weight, blood pressure and some background information before the doctor arrives."

Maddie: "That's fine"

Nurse Weather: "Mr. Addison, you can have a seat" pointing to the chair positioned next to the examining table.

"Miss Hayes, please step onto the scale."

Maddie does as asked while unceasingly boring in David's direction, as if she could set him aflame with sheer will power.

Nurse Weather slides the larger weight adjuster to 150 lbs…Maddie scoffs as she proudly states…

Maddie: "Starting the measurement there won't be necessary. I weighed myself last week and I'm at a sound 142 lbs" turning in David's direction during her monologue.

The nurse looks at Maddie, her eyebrow raised.

Nurse Weather: "Um-kaaay"

Nurse Weather slides the adjuster back to 100 lbs… the adjuster scale tips hard, sending a resounding echo of metal ringing through the room. Maddie gulps. The nurse pushes the smaller pound adjuster all the way to the end with no results.

Nurse Weather looks at Maddie and cautiously moves the large adjuster to 150 lbs, then gently slides the smaller adjuster; still cautiously looking at Maddie…it evens out at...

Maddie: "162 lbs!" she exclaims, balled fisted, freaked, shocked…

"That can't be right!"

The nurse steps away from Maddie, fearing for her own personal safety.

David: "Told ya not to eat my sausage"

Maddie steps from the scale, exhausted from her expanded energy, shoulders hung, pouting; walking towards the examining table: Her posture wails "pregnant woman walking"

Nurse Weather: "Let's get your pressure"

David and Nurse Weather attempt to help Maddie get onto the table. Maddie shirks them; both draw back like abused children.

Maddie struggles but successfully pulls herself backward into a seated position. She smiles, reveling in her some what gestational independence.

Nurse Weather pulls a machine forward with what seems like a million buttons, gadgets and hoses. Maddie is looking around, her legs dangling to and fro, like a child on a swing. David is taking it all in, smiling at Maddie's innocence, her child like behavior in this new environment.

Nurse Weather: "Good, pressure is normal…now…"

Nurse Stormy reaches behind her and grabs a clear sealed plastic cup with a green lid…

"fill this for me."

Maddie looks at the nurse, the cup and back at the nurse

Maddie: "I wish you would have told me that before I climbed the Sears Tower"

Nurse Weather helps Maddie from the 110th floor, hands her an open back gown and points to a nicely varnished door in the office.

Nurse Weather: "The facilities are right there; also, place the cup in the revolving compartment near the commode when you're done"

As Maddie reaches for the lever, David intercepts her movement, snatching the heavy door which sways Maddie backward as it opens.

Maddie looks back, almost kissing David due to his close proximity.

Maddie: "What, pray tell, are you doing?" Icily protesting his assistance

David: "Helping" he smiles brightly

Maddie: "With what?"

David: "I can hold the cup while you squat!"

Maddie: "How sweet"… "Did you do that for Terry too?" her tender voice sliding the knife in just the right place between his forth and fifth rib.

David pulls back, perching his lips together at the hit, he says nothing in that moment, just looks at her. Maddie rolls her eyes and enters the restroom.

David releases the door behind her, his thrust acknowledges the struck nerve…and then a faint…

David: "Touché pussycat"

As Maddie washes her hands, she hears laughter, now with another male voice added. Maddie grabs a paper towel from the dispenser, dries her hands quickly then retrieves another to open the door. When she exits, there's David, Nurse Weather and a plump, jolly man; wearing glasses. Maddie's eyes light up as if she's seeing Santa on Christmas.

Dr. Caron: "Well, here she is" he extends his hand…"I'm Dr. Caron"

Maddie: "Madolyn…Maddie" she's feeling no need for formalities

Dr. Caron: "Wooo Maddie, you're carrying a whopper!" at viewing Maddie's bulging belly.

Maddie smiles shyly at his observation.

Dr. Caron: "Let's get this show on the road...I'm excited to see our little bun in your oven"

David and Maddie exchange strange glances. Dr. Caron laughs a jolly laugh and escorts Maddie to the table.

Nurse Weather: "We can finish up the rest of the information for your chart when you're done Miss Hayes", she exits.

Dr. Caron: "Alright Maddie…get comfortable"

Maddie rolls her head in the doctors' direction, lips twisted.

Dr. Caron: "Well as comfortable as possible"

Dr. Caron strolls to the end of the table, placing latex gloves on his hands, popping them at the end of each application.

David: "Ah, the familiar sound that got us here in the first place"

Dr. Caron: "Place your feet here" pointing to the metal stirrups

Maddie draws her legs back then individually place her feet in the stirrups. David focuses on her lower anatomic motions.

David: "Ree-bok…this will make a great portrait Maddie"

Maddie: "Whaaaat? Leaving my shoes on doesn't have any bearing on what is going on in there"

Dr. Caron: "Now scoochy down, bringing your gluteus to the edge of the table."

Maddie obliges.

Dr. Caron: "This may be cold and a little uncomfortable"

Maddie: "Don't worry, I deal with that daily", looking at David who responds with a coy smirk and bat of his eyelashes.

Dr. Caron inserts the instrument, much to his surprise, Maddie is not fazed.

Dr. Caron: "Good Maddie, that went smoothly"

David: "Yeah Doc, she's a real champ!" shifting his body, smiling like he's taking his kindergarten photo.

Maddie reaches over and slaps David on top of his head.

David: "Hey…watch the hair" smoothing his lick back into its original direction.

Dr. Caron: "Hummm, this little bugger's a trickster"

Maddie: "No, he's just a jack ass"

A hardy laugh erupts from the physician much to David's dismay, although he did find it pretty entertaining the way Dr. Caron's belly rolled from the vibration of his thunderous outburst.

Dr. Caron: "Oh no not him Maddie, the baby. See, your baby is positioned in a ball; he or she's blocking view of their private parts. Maybe we can rotate this a bit"

Maddie: "Wait, where are we looking?"

David places his hands on each side of Maddie's face and maneuvers her head towards the opposite direction to face the large screen.

Maddie: "I knew that" she meets David in the corner of her eye

David: "Sure ya did" he connects

Both linger for a second in their eye contact; Maddie's wincing refocuses them on the deed at hand.

Dr. Caron: "Sorry about that, just trying to view from another angle. I see we're going to have to switch to external from now on, there's no room for scope mobility in there."

Dr. Caron rises from his seat, removing his gloves then reapplying another set, again popping each.

David: "There's that sound again"

Maddie: "David" she whispers quickly

David: "hum hummm" his internal Pillsbury Dough Boy emerges.

Dr. Caron: "Maddie, I'm going to have you lift your gown just beneath your breast…here's a sheet to cover right below your belly."

Dr. Caron turns away, giving Maddie time to cover herself. David rises in his seat to get a better view.

Maddie: "Stop that David!" whispering forcefully

David: "Well it's not like I haven't seen it before"

Maddie: "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

David: "What's wrong… you hungry again?"

Maddie mouths obscenities at David with her faced disfigured…Dr. Caron turns around ...Maddie snaps her head forward, adjusting her facial expression with a plastered smile.

Dr. Caron: "I'm going to coat your abdomen with this topical gel used for ultrasounds… this may give you a cold, slimy sensation.

Maddie: "I'm use to that" David: "She's use to that"

Dr. Caron: "You two are quite a pair…I bet you guys have a lot of fun together"

David: "Yeah…fun" his tone acerbic

Maddie: "Tons" her tone is just as David's

Dr. Caron: "I have to say…I've been doing this for some time now but have never seen a more stubborn baby, so reluctant to have its picture taken…I guess Baby gets that from you huh Dad?"

Doctor Caron is looking at David with a smile; David never looks away from the monitor.

Dr. Caron: "Dad?"

Maddie: "Earth to David"

David sits still, silent, seemingly oblivious to his cue.

Maddie: "DAVID!"

David: "Huh…oh…um…what was the question?"

Maddie throws her hands a top her belly.

Dr. Caron: "Whoa…calm down Mother" his hand guiding the instrument jumps while he speaks

Maddie: "I'm calm" totally contradicting her visible demeanor

Dr. Caron: "Well, Baby's not…he or she just high kicked the scope…that's okay, I've got about as much of a visual as I can from Baby's positioning today."

Dr. Caron pushes a button that rolls out the images he's captured and hands them to David. David looks upon them quaintly …he's quiet…wetness looms in his eyes. Maddie smiles gently, yet in focusing longer; reads a little something more, a far away look that seemingly resembles… sadness.

Dr. Caron: "You're going to have to wait to see the sex of Baby…everything else seems to be fine…we'll call you with the lab results. That's it for today kiddies."

Dr. Caron rises from his chair as that of so many of his patients who have similar loads to carry up front.

"Maddie…you can get dressed and Nurse Weather will come back to finish up your paperwork. Nice to meet you both…see you in 4 weeks"

The ride back is quiet but not at all tranquil like before. David's glazed over expression reads "cruise control" as he is on automatic, driving the Bimmer deep in thought while Maddie sit, admiring the sonogram photos.

Maddie: "I'm pretty happy with the visit, even though we couldn't see the baby's sex organs"

David says nothing, never even acknowledging Maddie's words.

Maddie: "Dr. Caron seems very nice; I'm really comfortable with him"

David gives no response, his silence speaks volumes.

Maddie: "Da-vid, where are you?"

David: "Huh, oh…in bed"

Maddie: "Well WAKE UP…you're driving"

David repositions himself; his restlessness communicates what he doesn't to Maddie.

Maddie: "David… is everything ok?"

David: "Yeah, fine, Dr. Caron says every thing's fine"

Maddie: "I mean, are you okay..." she looks down at her hands, fiddling with her nails… "With the baby?"

David: "The baby, sure…we're good friends…we go way back like "it" and pacifiers"

Maddie: "What…whatever…I mean….David" she sighs deeply, dreading to speak these next words. "Are you okay with this baby not being your baby?"

David's gaze assails Maddie, chilling her to the core, even more than the chills she gave herself at the thought of asking him such a difficult question. Further more than the disparage she felt when she told David initially that the baby was not his.

That day she departed from her cocoon of a train ride from Chicago; the morning after arriving in Vegas where she would make one of many, if not the worst mistake Maddie has ever made: The day after she committed her love before an all you can eat lobster buffet, a receipt book and the Marlboro Man to Walter Bishop.

David sighs heavily and gathers himself to respond.

David: "Maddie, we really don't know that yet"

Maddie: "Judging from my examinations in Chicago, we do" she speaks more sure of herself

David: "NO, we don't…maybe in 2009 medicine will have the ability to decipher when a child is conceived within a day or so of each other but here…in 1987…unless you went out and got a DeLorian …and I don't remember us having that budgeted in the expense account…we don't know that."

Maddie: "Ok David, so what if that is that?"

David: "If what is that?"

Maddie: "If that is that…that the baby, this baby is not yours?"

David resents her questioning, there's a long pause…Maddie never takes her eyes off David yet he never faces her.

Maddie: "DAVID!"

David: "WHAT MADDIE...Jeees…why do we have to discuss this right now?"

Maddie: "Because it's important, that's why" she yells back, then calmly finishes "if we're going to be together and do this as one…I need to know you don't resent the baby because it's not yours…if we are a family, then we're a family"

David: "How low down do you really think I am Maddie?"

Maddie tilts her head dramatically in David's direction, her eyes resting in the tops of their lids.

David: "Look, why would I resent an innocent child… I love that baby…besides, it's not Baby's fault Mother slept around"

Maddie's eyes bulge, a wealth of obscenities spew from her very being (lets leave this to imagination, picking up here)

Maddie: "You asshole!"

David: "Watch your mouth in front of the baby"

Maddie: "I didn't sleep around!"

David: "Ok, you slept round about"

Maddie: "Don't give me crap because you…you…were too cowardly to love me, to tell me you loved me…to…to…to…make a move…I can't believe you David." Her lividity clumsily trips up her words.

David: "Coward! I've been many things in this relationship Maddie…a fool…a waiter…even a louse, but never a coward."

Maddie: "NOTHING says coward like letting go of someone you love" she propels her words as daggers launching from her mouth

David: "YOU WOULD KNOW!" he snaps back

Maddie: "YES, YES!" she turns wholly to the passenger window…"yes…I would" she says regrettably, faintly, two finger tips covering her lips.

Both breathe deeply, calming themselves, there's a long pause in verbiage; their body language reflect the need to resolve this quickly.

David: "Maddie, honey, look …I don't want to fight"

Maddie: "I don't want to fight either David, we've already spent so much time…fighting. I just desire for us to come to some sort of resolution, to work this out before we bring a child into the midst of our dysfunction"

David: "Speak for yourself, I function fine, I put the "funk" in function, that's your uptight side of life Sweetheart"

Maddie: "Be that as it may, although I hardly agree but for the sake of going along to get along, I'll concede…for now"

David: "But for the record, I did come for you"

Maddie: "David, you never came to Chicago and I know that was because I asked you not to" …she turning slightly again, not completely facing him but headed in the right direction.

David: "No Maddie, not to Chicago…I came…went…to your house…in the rain, flowers in hand…rang your bell"… he pauses and gulps, then continues…"Sam answered the door… the night of your "bad" admission"

Maddie looks at David then lowers her head.

Maddie: "I didn't know that" her voice small, shameful

David: "Humph" he scoffs... "There's a lot you don't know Maddie, so stop making assumptions. Stop assuming I'm gonna party the night before an appointment, stop assuming I'm gonna resent this child…stop assuming…I never came for you 'cause your assuming only makes asses out of you and me!"

The BMW's brakes squeak as it draws to a complete stop in front of Maddie's house. A pause becomes a moment, a thick palpable hew of fast thoughts but slow words. Softly, Maddie cuts through the energy that is solidifying into a familiar retrograde of communication.

Maddie: "I'm sorry David"

David: "Yeah right, for the moment"

His cynicism recants and replaces itself with a sigh as he looks over at Maddie, whose face is drenched in sorrow.

David: "I'm going home…I need a nap"

Maddie: "You can nap with me and Baby" she says hoping, sweetly, dearly

David: "That would be nice but… I think I'd better go home…I've got some things to do there…make some calls, touch base with Agnes and Bert. You know, check up on the business"

Maddie turns away in disappointment attempting to give the understanding he's constantly given her. David reaches over gently with his right had, sliding it under her plump chin and cheeks, turning her face to his…

David: "I'll be by later to check up on you"

He leans in and kisses her on the mouth, she responds, prolonging their good bye for a few more moments. Their lips part slowly, adhering at the gape for as long as possible.

Maddie: "You promise"

Maddie's words accompanied the pressing of a sonogram photo into the palm of David's hand.

Her subtle tone underscores the tinge of wetness that her Caribbean blue eyes wave between each corner.

David: "Now, don't go assuming the worst Mother"

The deepness of Maddie's pools always makes it hard for David to depart from her, like a twin separated at birth, he could feel her.

David: "Now, now puppy, I won't turn you over to the pound just yet."And then…

"I promise… get some rest"

He kisses her again, lightly, quickly, lovingly.

David walks into his bedroom; throwing his keys on the night stand. He notices the light flashing almost violently on his answering machine as if he was running a four way traffic roadway through his home. Like any kid with an itchy finger for flashy things, he bites.

Bert: *beep* "Mr. Addison…I've got a new lead on the Anselmo case…I think we may have him in a corner… his former regular lady of the evening is bitter about his new one…I'll fill you in later on the details…Do vidjenja"*beep*


Terry: *beep* "Da-vid, are you there?...Of course you're not…anyway…I've called several times but this is the first message…I didn't know if Maddie was with you…we wouldn't want her to go into premature labor at the sound of my voice" Even her snickers were smooth as silk.

David: "Nooooo, we wouldn't want that"

Terry: "sooo call me when you can…I know doctor days can be a little hectic. I was thinking maybe me, you, Maddie and Walter could have dinner some time next week"

David: "Oh that would be a treat"

Terry: "I know you're thinking, "Oh what a treat", right?

They both laugh as if in the same room.

Terry: "Well…anyway…talk at you later…bye"…*beep*

David: "Bye" a warm smile emerges, as he feels the warmth of Terry's tender good bye.

He got a kick out of the Dating game that became of Maddie's ex-husband and David's at –one-time-possibly future wife: A kick out of Walter- and- Terry sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Who have now, since the birth of little Walter Hayes Addison Knowles, began to keep constant company. Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive, ourselves that is.

David began to connect the dots that could have eliminated all of this confusion, if he had of simply acted sooner: If he had only told Sam that Maddie was already spoken for; informing Maddie of the same by taking charge, grabbing Scarlett by the wrists a tad sooner: Yep, it was all about timing, David's wit had perfected this but in matters of the heart, he lacked it surely.

Technically, this IS his fault, all of it … right? A domino affect of insecurities, his insecurities, now jumping up and biting David in his proverbial behind: Although he'd never, ever admit that to anyone but his God.

That thought being neither here nor there but the past has now become a present fixture, in more ways than one. Maddie's decisions, his decisions and the consequences therein are now one big happy family, like it or not. He was glad Terry had someone, not Wally so much but Terry and little Walter had someone to watch over them; as David now has those whom he has been entrusted to watch over.

A temporary fix is now a permanent staple, an attachment through the adhering of two souls in search of something more than life had to offer them at that time. Terry, a beautiful woman, a successful woman, an unmarried woman who longed for a child of her own; her artificial insemination package did not come equip with a Lamaze partner.

David didn't know how he was going to concoct lemonade out of kiwi but he was willing to give it a try. Come what may, David has no intention of letting go of his friend, though his assignment was over: Well not really over but reassigned, from Lamaze Coach to True Friend. Not since Maddie, had David developed a relationship so incredibly endearing to him, he and Terry had bonded on another level; admittedly, it was not the same as he and Maddie.

A level free from drama and obligation, free from hot or cold emotions, they were happy to have each other's company; not better than he and Maddie by no means: Yet worth respecting the grand design of the man upstairs, who could not have orchestrated a better friend for him at such an impactful time in David's life.

Terry had been his solace, though she feels it is vice versa, he knows the truth: A simple truth … without Terry, David may right now be underneath a bridge talking to pigeons until required to BBQ them over an open trash heap for survival.

David's attention is diverted by the continued flashing from his answering machine; his thoughts begin to cross fade into reality.


Agnes: *beep* "Hey Mr. Addison…

I made this call, I left this voice note

To let you know everything here's still afloat

Don't worry 'bout calls, don't worry 'bout cases

Don't worry 'bout the Wobblies drawing war marks on their faces

I left you this message to show you we care

And we honestly wish we all could be there

To see our new baby, the new addition to our Fam

To assist you and Miss Hayes as parents

Even if the baby is Sams'…

Oh, I probably shouldn't have said that….sorry" (dial tone) *beep*

At that very moment, the answering machine annoyed him almost as much as Agnes.

David: "Good ole Agnes" … "neva misses a beat" … "thanks"

David yawns and stretches, coming round full circle to reach a back pocket, removing his wallet and pulling out the sonogram photo Maddie had given him. He tosses his wallet on the night stand then plops down on the bed, his eyes never removed from the picture.

David: "Who do you belong to? Who's your Daddy Baby?"

David reaches around and props the photo in the corner of his head board, lies back feeling his early rise begin to coincide with his late night and drifts off to sleep.

David's eyes suddenly re-open as he hears voices in his room…familiar voices; he sees the customary view of his ceiling yet as he lifts, David finds himself transported to a gray area…literally…all the walls are gray. There are 3 chairs directly in front of him and a glass incubator in front of the chairs.

David walks closer to the 3 chairs, for which 2 are filled…one with Walter and the other with Sam who are encased in conversation, so much so that neither man notices David amidst them. David studies the scenery and its other occupants in confusion while approaching curiously, he over hears Walter and Sam talking.

Before David addresses the two men, he notices the card on the incubator which reads "Baby Hayes" while simultaneously tuning into the echoing chatter.

Sam: "…then she takes her finger at just the right time and shakes it ever so slightly, it's great"

Walter: "Yeah, she's a real champ"

David: "HEY! Not in front of the child"

Both Walter and Sam are startled by David's reaction.

Sam: "Oh, hey David…didn't see you there" visibly awkward at his previous declaration

Walter rises to his feet.

Walter: "David, so nice to see you again…how's everything? You look great, nice hair do you're sporting there"

David: "Fine thanks, everything's….fine" he looks at Walter, confused by his kindness and pleasant gestures.

David looks from Walter to Sam, who is still seated then says…

David: "What are you two doing here?"

Sam: "Baby Hayes called a meeting"

David: "A meeting? There's no need to guess which side that comes from"

Walter: "Ha, ha, good one David…great reference to Maddie's bossiness and trait of being in control"

David: "Walter, a joke works best when not explained"

Walter: "Right David, you're right" his goofiness never disappointing, as he sits like an obedient pooch.

David: "Right" a sneering retort

Suddenly, a loud yawn catches the men's attention. David turns around to see a baby sitting up right in the incubator with 2 heads…one male and one female…one side of the sleeper is blue, the other pink.

Baby Hayes Boy: "Glad to see everyone could make it. See, I told you they'd all be here by the time we got up from our nap"

Baby Hayes Girl nods slightly in agreement, still yawning.

David: "What - the -hell?"

Baby Hayes Girl: "My, what a potty mouth we have?"

David: "My, what a fully functional mouth we have? You talk pretty good for a fetus"

Baby Hayes Boy: "Yeah, it's a gift" his sarcasm is accompanied by batting eyelashes

David double takes; feeling as if he's experiencing déjà vu.

Baby Hayes Girl: "Let's get down to business, shall we?"

Baby Hayes Boy: "Business down to get, we shall"

Baby Hayes Girl: "Shut up stupid"

David double takes again…their lingo sounds way too familiar.

David: "Wait, wait, what business? And what's with the two heads?"

Sam: "Well David"

David turns from Baby Hayes to view Sam as he speaks…

Sam: "if you were a good observer you would notice, based on the projected calendar due date of June 2nd; Baby Hayes will be born under the star alignment of Gemini.

David snarls at Sam's geeky grandiloquence, he looks to see Baby Hayes' reaction.

Baby Hayes Boy: "That's right Buck ole boy…good job! That's one point for Mr. Sam" … "Write that down…" looking at his other half

Baby Hayes Girl pulls a note pad and pen from her side and begins to write.

David: "You can write?"

Baby Hayes Girl: "Look who's talking"

Baby Boy and Girl Hayes erupt in laughter and high five.

Baby Hayes Boy: "That's a good one, write that down too…we may be able to do something with that later" still chuckling a bit

Baby Hayes Boy: "Now let's get back to why we are all here. This meeting has been called to determine which one of you is the best candidate to serve in the position as our father."

David: "I hate to break this to ya"…he pauses…"kidbut wasn't that determined at conception?"

Baby Hayes Boy: "Oh Daddy Dave, I thought your faith was greater…take a point from his score"

David: "Hey… I don't even have any points yet!"

Baby Hayes Girl: "Exactly the point…if that was determined, then what would be the point of this meeting? The most points possessed, does not a good daddy make"

Baby Hayes Boy: "Right… whatever that means…soooo without any further ado"

Baby Hayes raise their arms and suddenly the back wall spins around and 3 podiums with names above each, appear…a fluorescent sign drops that reads "Whose Your Daddy?"

Maddie materializes… slim and trim in a slinky, white, sequined evening gown; standing beside the podiums, waving her arms presenting the game show stage.

Sam and Walter quickly place themselves at their podiums, beneath the sign bearing their names. David approaches slowly and stands beneath his. Baby Hayes is now sitting atop of the host podium, dressed with a half tux, half gown; yet the gown is on Baby Boy's side and vice versa.

Baby Hayes Boy: "That'll be the last time I let you order outfits" eyeballing Baby Girl hard.

Baby Hayes Girl: "Give me a break will ya… I ordered these during one of Moms' nausea attacks" her eyeballing reciprocates his.

Music begins to play…any old game show music from the 70's will do. A voice reigns from everywhere…haughty, robust, and rhapsodic

Voice: "Welcome to today's edition of Whoooose Yooour Daddyyyy?"

Applause signs begin to flash and an audience emerges, applauding as prompted.

Voice: "Our first contestant is a home maker with no bones about switching roles with the little lady…he's gentle, he's sweet, he's afraid to fly 'cause he's a wuss…let's welcome…Walter Bishop everybody"

Audience applauds while Walter smiles and waves gawkily.

Voice: "Our next contestant…is a scholarly pretty boy who travels the universe yet gets lost in his local supermarket…he's hunky…he's accomplished…he's a bad speller…let's give it up for Sam Whatshisname"

Audience applause…

Voice: "Last and certainly the least"

David looks up and around angrily, searching for the exact location of the voice

Voice: "A betting man…who'd bet his car on the big fight…spend his last dime on a drink and spent the last moments before he got here insulting a pregnant woman…show some love for David Addison"

The audiences boo's and jeers David…this leaves David with a sour expression and a need to defend himself.

David: "I was not insulting her…it was the truth" he says leaned into the microphone

Voice: "Truth, smuth"

David: "Yeah, yeah, yeah" lifting his hand to wave off the voice and audience, his facial expression sour still.

Baby Boy pulling a set of index cards from his side, speaks in compelling game show host voice with the smile to match…

Baby Hayes Boy: "The first round is our lightening elimination round; only the first two correct responders will go on to our final. The question…On what street, in Chicago, did Maddie grow up? You have 15 seconds and please contestants don't shout out"

Walter: "Wood Street"

Baby Hayes Boy: "…your answers" his voice wavering off

Baby Hayes Boy and Girl look at each other, shaking their heads.

Baby Hayes Girl: "Poor guy"

Baby Hayes Boy: "Walter, I'm sorry but that is incorrect…Mr. Sam and Daddy Dave…if you both get this correct...you're on to the next round…if not"

Baby Hayes Girl: "Then we're back to the drawing board" she says under her breath, eyes widening.

Sam quickly writes his answer and stands confidently while David writes, scratches out, rewrites, erases then thinks…

David: "Dave you know this, don't panic…this is not Mrs. Petricks 4th grade quiz"

David breathes deeply then writes his answer.

Baby Hayes Boy: "Times up…the question. On what street, in Chicago, did Maddie grow up? Mr. Sam…let's see your answer"

Sam's board is revealed displaying the word "Oak" to the audience and Baby Hayes; David can't see it from his stand point.

Baby Hayes Boy: "That is correct!"

The audience applauds loudly, Sam smiles confidently then looks over at David. David looks back at Sam with distain for his correct response.

Baby Hayes Boy: "Now your turn Daddy Dave…if you've answered incorrectly, Mr. Sam will be our dad…please reveal Daddy Dave's answer"

There's a long dramatic pause, drums rolling, breath stopping, David gulping… then the word "Oak" pops on the board, followed by a "ding, ding, ding, ding"

Baby Hayes Boy: "That is correct! Daddy Dave and Mr. Sam move on to our next round. I'm sorry Walter"

Baby Hayes Girl: "You are the weakest link….Good Bye" her voice imitating a British accent

Walter waves at David and Sam, walking into darkness

Walter: "I don't know why I was here in the first place, she was already knocked up when I met her" voice drifting with his figure into darkness

Baby Hayes laughs looking to the audience while saying…

Baby Hayes Boy: "Yes folks, this is true, we just had him on for spits and giggles"

Baby Hayes Girl: "He's so adorably dorky"

Baby Hayes Boy: "Um hum…okay fella's this is our last and final question"

Baby Hayes Girl: "You're being redundant" facing Baby Boy's direction

Baby Hayes Boy: "Shuuuut up" in Moe voice and expression facing Baby Girl then briskly snapping his face back to the audience, game show host smile and voice resurfacing.

"This one is sort of an essay question thought up by my lesser half here…the question reads…Why should YOU be our Daddy?...You have 30 seconds"

The ticking sound of a clock rings in David's ears…tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock

Sam writes frantically…

David pauses, his face reflects him searching for answers in his head…he starts to perspire

Baby Hayes Girl: "15 seconds left"

Sam's still writing, aptly presumptuous, speedily

David is standing there, petrified, the ticking giving him a twitch, the only movement he makes

Baby Hayes Girl: "10 seconds left"

Sam's writing continues

David is full out sweating, marker in hand, twitching

Baby Hayes Girl: "5 seconds left"

David closes his eyes, breathes, then jots something down; his words, like anything compared to Sam's, diminutive

Baby Hayes Girl: "Times up"

Baby Hayes Boy: "Alright contestants…the moment we've all been waiting for…please reveal Mr. Sam's answer"

A long list emerges on Sam's board.

Baby Hayes Boy: "Mr. Sam, your response is as followed.

I'm a great provider

I'm dependable

I'm charming

I'm handsome

I'm educated

I'm the only logical choice

I'm a good role model…yadda, yadda, yadda"

Baby Boy finishes while rolling his eyes, repulsed by Sam's verbose retort

Baby Hayes Boy: "One thing you're not Mr. Sam…is humble…Now to Daddy Dave the same question. Why should YOU be our Daddy? This is the point of no return folks…please…show us Daddy Dave's answer"

A lengthy pause emanates , seemingly never ending to David, the audience leans forth in their seats…Sam turns to David…David keeps his eyes on Baby Hayes…hands in his pockets…then David's answer flashes on the board

Because…I Love You!

Audience: "Awwwwwweeeeee"

Maddie smiles, nodding in approval…Baby Hayes Boy and Girl look at each other, then at David and points to him…both saying

Baby Hayes: "I choose you David… DavidDavid" their voices fading off into the distance

David awakens… looking around for Maddie, for the game show set, for Sam…for the two headed baby of his dreams. He leaps to his feet, grabs his wallet, his keys and leaves the room. David reappears, snatching the sonogram photo from his head board and runs out the door.

David pulls to a screeching halt in front of Maddie's house…barely putting the car in park before jumping from behind the wheel…car still running, R&B music still playing…he's running, tripping up the path he's traveled so many times as if uncharted territory. David pounds on Maddie's door intensely, hurriedly ringing her bell while shouting…


Maddie: "DAVID! For Christ sake, what's wrong?" she calls from her bedroom window

David: "Nothing, as a matter of fact, everything's right" he shouts…backing up to see her filling figure in the window.

Maddie: "Then why are you beating down my door, blasting The Mack Soundtrack… my neighbors are going to think you're crazy" she shouts, barely over the music

David: "Maybe I am crazy…crazy for not seeing this sooner…can you please come open the door?" he shouts just a loud and more excitedly

Maddie: "No David, not until you give me some answers for your behavior!" she shouts again

David: "Maddie…look honey…I was…having a hard time with…you know…with the not knowing thing…the not possibly being my baby deal but now I realize…it doesn't matter who the biological father is… I Love them", his arms as animated as his voice inflection

Maddie: "THEM!" her face contorted, her shout the same

David: "I mean… him…her…the Gemini…I'll explain later…the bottom line is it doesn't matter…I Love him or her …and I Love You, that's MY baby you're carrying…I'm the father!"

Maddie smiles joyfully and clutches her belly, quickly leaving the window. Blaring from the car radio is "I Choose You" by Willie Hutch. After a short while, Maddie emerges in the opened doorway. As David steps to her and her to him…as they passionately embrace…as tears stream down Maddie's face they hear these words…

Girl no longer do I
Have to shop around anymore no- no- no- no
I've found that once in a lifetime
Girl that I've been searching for
My baby you're alright
How can I convince you girl that you're truly out of sight
You're the kind of woman that any man would be proud to know
Kind of woman that'll have a man bragging anywhere he goes

Oh, I-, I-, I-, I-, I choose you Girl…

Oh, I-, I-, I-, I-, I choose you Girl…

David loosens his hold on Maddie, subtly pulling back…holding Maddie by her arms…his hands placed lovingly yet firmly on each arm…lowering his head to make eye contact with her eyes, the eyes he longs to forever gaze into. Maddie loosens her grip but never let's go of his waist.

David: "I choose you…all of you" looking at Maddie's belly then back into her eyes "I choose to be a family…we ARE a family Maddie… we ARE one"

David again swallows Maddie up in his arms. Maddie reaches upward, clutching David's shoulders, pulling him as close to her as physically possible.


I Choose You, Willie Hutch-The Mack Soundtrack (1973)

Lady Sings the Blues-Movie (1972)