This is the second installment of David and Maddie's journey to reconcile and heal their relationship after Maddie returns from Chicago. Included in this chapter are references to Nobel Prize-winning author John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men" 1937. Also a "square*" is slang for cigarette.

Happy belated Birthday Bruce~this is my way of making up for being a day late and a dollar short... love & Blessings to you!

Disclaimer-Again, this is an original story but not my characters...I do it for the fun, not the money (not yet anyway).

"Take a Shot Gun & Blow Out the Candles"

A wake up call disguised as sun rays beaming through the sheerness of blowing silk curtains adorning Maddie's window, slowly caress her eyes open. Tempered light emit summery sensations at her anterior. The smell of her man is the next sensory perception; which brings about a joyous smile.

David's body spooned so perfectly behind her; sandwiched in warmth…she relishes just being there…together. Even after adjusting her head to face him, Maddie's golden tresses remain his shade; preventing sprites of sunshine from disturbing his slumber.

Maddie's eyes lay upon his features…his commanding forehead, his keen nose…and those incredibly kissable lips. Even the scruffy shadow that encompasses them is attractive.

The long strand of saliva that lingers suspended from his satisfactory smirk towards forever is amusing to see. Maddie's giggle eases David from his peaceful forty winks.

His eyes open to an angelic display of light illuminating glowing waves of blowing blond wheat, her eyes radiating as the bluest Caribbean waters…the plump cheeks he's come to adore and that breathtaking smile he dreams of waking up to for the rest of his days.

Maddie: "Hey"

The tickle still carried in her voice from the animated fluid heave-hoeing between David's mouth and shoulder.

David: "Hey…what's with the slumber stalking?"

Even his first words of the day are full of cynicism.

Maddie: "How'd you sleep?"

David: "Aight"

He smiles after this Huggy Bear lyric, knowing his lie is in vain.

Maddie: "Aight"huh…well tell that to this comfortable piece of drool parasailing from your face." she points out with her index finger.

David rises from his good shoulder…spreading his hand, fingers extended across his wispy half mask, making sure to cover any web like strands his snores may have woven.

David: "How's that?"

Maddie: "You missed a spot."

Leaning forward, Maddie kisses the corner of his mouth mildly. As David begins to respond, Maddie pulls away.

Maddie: "Un, un…not until you brush"

David: "I'm trying to…"

Maddie: "You're disgusting!"

David: "Come on Mad…you've kissed me with my breath…amongst other things, smelling a lot worse.

Maddie: "Be that as it may…I find as I progress in months I'm losing the taste for cigars, Sauza and salsa."

David: "You weren't saying that last night"

Maddie disconnects from David and swings her legs gingerly over the beds edge. Her usual perky morning responses have slowed to more subtle, feasible functions. David watches, always cautious for her, always ready to catch her if she topples.

Maddie: "You can sleep a bit longer David, it's barely 5."

David stretches long then wide, using the entire bed as his pallet of relaxation.

David: "I'd rather spend the morning day dreaming about you."

A cunning line, although appreciated, yet unproductive for inciting a morning dip.

Maddie: "Oh hush you and go make coffee"

David: "Suuurree, caffeine's good for the baby…howz about a square* to top off Baby's dysfunction"

Maddie: "I picked up some decaf yesterday…jeez…what a slave driver"

David: "Just call me pharaoh"

David shuffles over to join Maddie at the bathroom sink, she hands him a blue Cookie Monster toothbrush, already pasted and ready for use. David begins brushing.

Maddie: "When Baby arrives you'll certainly have to get a new toothbrush"

David stops, frothy as a mad dog, eyes bottomward… addressing Maddie's belly.

David: "Nooooo my Baby, you're gonna have to get your own"

Maddie arches her back as if unveiling the fetus's ear to hear Daddy's voice. David caresses her elongated abdomen, brushing aside her silk gown…flattening the fabric to get as close to his newest Blessing as possible while he continues to converse.

David: "How 'bout we give you Mommy's Oscar the grouch toothbrush… she hardly ever uses it"

Maddie: "I hardly never use it. Why couldn't you get me something cute like Miss Piggy?"

David looks at her stone faced, sideways… his visible eye full of skepticism as he swishes water around his mouth then spits.

David: "Why… so you can stab me with it?"

Maddie: "Well…I know I'm a bit sensitive about my"… while her arms rise, her neck bends forward to view her body's current state… "avoirdupois"

David: "A bit?" ", wiping his mouth with the peach hand towel Maddie has lifted to his eye level.

Maddie: "Ok, a bit more sensitive"

David: "I think grouches are cute, especially chunky ones" he pulls her close by the arch in her lower back, his fingers interwoven, locking their bodies in place.

There's something about when David and Maddie meet eye to eye that always sets time back a few moments…they seem to become lost in glazed honesty. Maddie is the first to regain the time staggered.

Maddie: "Funny how the closer our bodies get, the further apart our faces become."

David: "Let's see how we can remedy that"

David crouches forward, his spine picking up the weight of Maddie's symmetrical challenges. He lays on her a kiss reminiscent of the greatest love scenes in every great love story… but this is better …it's theirs to tell.

Maddie sits at her desk fiddling around with papers and the clip which adhere them. With pens and the clicking sounds they are known to make when someone maneuvers thumb atop.

Her work ethic is on autopilot, to passers through, Maddie appears to work feverishly: Though Maddie's mind is not on the contract in hand but on her wonderful, pleasant morning with David.

She liked the trivial conversation…the loving gestures…the quaint yet powerful kisses beginning her day. Maddie couldn't remember feeling this good waking up next to David before.

Of course, they have off days…days when David is not so nice… the days when he doesn't answer her pages as promptly. The nights when she finds him at his apartment drinking, looking for a moment without her presence…a moment she refuses to allow him lest he fall into that mood full time.

So she just moves him over and holds him, letting David know she's not going anywhere …drunk-belligerent-surly or happy-go-lucky; she is in it for the long haul.

Those are the days she hates for they are reminders of how her insecurities hurt him…changed him. Over all, they have mostly good days and so far…today is the best.

Maddie's internal dissertation is interrupted by a burst of her door, a burst of David.

David: "What's cookin' carrot top?"

He slams his body into the chair, careening his legs abreast papers, clips, pens and coordinated stencil.

Maddie: "Carrot top? I'm not a red head"

David: "That's not what I heard…although, I do know the truth. Just trying something different…you know…keep the spark in the ole marriage."

Maddie: "Well stick to the program buster" her tone conceding that he indeed knows.

David: "I got this idea…ok…it's a movie…loosely based on my life of course…"

Maddie: "Of course", her sarcasm hard to contain

David: "It's called Drunken Knights… with a "K"this story engulfs the audience with climatic adverse imagery of a dynamic young entrepreneur's sharply diverse days versus his night life… sort of a

Maddie: "Jekyll & Hyde"

David: "I was thinking more like a Bruce Wayne vs. Batman scenario, but we'll get into logistics later…anyway, the primary focus would center around the incredible night life of this extremely successful business man who is not at all as he appears by day…he has these companions…these…homies…these

Maddie: "fools…"

David: "…who accompany him on his nightly journeys for excitement, escaping his mundane corporate persona…they drink…they dance…they"

Maddie: "philander"

David: "You get it…I can hear the trailer…Derek Anderson…a young, wealthy, debonair, successful, good looking…

Maddie: "Good grief"

David: "Too much?"

Maddie: "To say the least"

David: "Yeah… young may be pushing it a bit" reverting to announcer …"owner of the world's largest porn conglomerate by day but by night he and his buddies search for a deeper meaning to their existence… they find it at the bottom of a bottle…DRUNKEN KNIGHTS…coming to a theater near you"

Maddie: "What an inspiration? …You gathered more material last night"

David: "We'll get that Bruno guy, you know, that has his own band, to play me…we'll get that blond chick that everybody loves to look at but nobody wants to hear, to play you. Although… I personally love her tenacity and resilience"

Maddie: "Naaa, she's way too outspoken for my tastes"

David: "Whaddaya think?"

Maddie: "I think you're crazy"

David: "Crazy! They called Einstein crazy when he envisioned the first pliable hair ointment… which inevitably made him the envy of the scientific community"

Maddie: "Yeah, inventing hair gel was his greatest achievement"

David: "What about that Peter B. guy…they thought he was crazy for making a movie about a dying hick town in Texas, centered around this young tramp in training…"

Maddie: "Watch it!"

David: "It was a huge success… I saw that one and let me tell you I rooted her dive into promiscuity on whole heartedly"

Maddie: "I bet you did"

David: "So"

Maddie: "So?"

Maddie: "So how'z about you becoming a financier for this highly lucrative investment?"

Maddie's neck wavers as a flag in low to mid level winds.

David: "…we can do it together…like Desilu, we'll call it Dave & You better yet… D & M. That's it…Drunken Knights…a D & M production."

Maddie: "Lord knows the lives of David and Maddie have produced its share"

David: "And how" he pauses, pulling himself from the memories that grow faint but still sting heavily. "So?"

Maddie: "So whaaat David?"

David: "So what chew think?

David's bad English makes Maddie squirm, it never amuses her.

Maddie: "I don't think the 80's are quite ready for you David, let's revisit this again…say 2009 or so?"

Humoring him always keeps the good times flowing, besides, she's enthralled by his creativity, his foresight…his playfulness.

David: "It's a date! You know I have a relatively long memory?"

Maddie: "That's what I'm afraid of", her words spoken so low, she didn't hear them

David: "Pardon me?"

Maddie: "If I were governor you'd be screwed…good title though"

David: "Governor"

Maddie: "Drunken Knights"

David: "Yeah…would make a great neon sign too"

Maddie's coming approach makes David blush. His legs still sprawled aerial to her desk, the pressure of his Florshiem's brand crescent moon symbols into the mauve leather desk pad.

Maddie: "Get your feet off the furniture Bub"

She slides his legs from the comfort of their divot then pounces on his lap.

David: "Whoa nelly…you can't just throw that thing around like that…additionally, it's Be kind to furniture month"

Maddie: "Shhhut up you"

Nobody playfully hisses like Maddie, David loved it and he wasn't afraid of her bite…he knew she was a snake before he took her in … or was it vice versa?

How he loved to slide his fingers over the edge of her face, clearing a path, enabling their eyes to meet. It was the only real privacy they had at the office.

Initial door taps go unanswered; a gradual building of wood banging becomes a distracting annoyance.

Maddie & David: "COME IN!"

Agnes sticks her head in, cautious to the sound of their "do not disturb" tones: Her eyes size up the picture of Maddie on David's lap, she giggles.

Agnes: "There's a client here to see you"

Maddie: "Thanks Agnes, can you give us a moment before sending them in?"

David: "Maybe two, it's no easy feat adjusting heavy machinery"

Maddie: "Jerk" as she reaches and grabs the edge of the desk, using it as leverage to stand while David pushes from behind.

David: "HEAVE"

Upon firm placement afoot, Maddie glares just over her left shoulder, her inflection quixotic.

Maddie: "Ho"

David: "Now, now…we wouldn't want the youngin' to know my pet name so early in life and in any case…loving you has made me a changed man"

Maddie: "Yeah.. sure… right" her voice falling off before the period could attach itself.

Something about the latter part of his phrasing tapped Maddie's guilt, he didn't know it though…to him it was just fun and games, banter…but to her it was a slap in the face.

Agnes reappears with a tall handsome young man, about 25 or so. Maddie takes note of his dress… sea mist green pastel two piece suit with a peach ribbed tee shirt, penny loafers…no socks, his well manicured hand, soft to the touch like he'd never done a hard days work in his life.

Maddie: "I'm Madolyn Hayes, this is David Addison"

At this point David is on his feet and after Maddie, greets the man with an overly hearty hand shake; macho even.

Client: "Michael Sandelman"

Maddie: "Have a seat. How can we help you Mr. Sandelman?"

Sandelman: "Please, call me Michael. Well…I'm a young, wealthy, debonair, successful, good looking…"

David and Maddie look at each other, and then reconnect with the clients words.

Sandelman: "…owner of the world's largest fitness conglomerate…"

David wipes his forehead, mouthing "phew" to Maddie.

Sandelman: "I patented my first at home fitness system on my twenty-first birthday…in 3 days I'll be twenty-six…my company is among Forbes top 100 grossing companies. I have a beautiful fiancé, all the money I can circulate…a great family …but the one… real member of my family…is missing."

Michael's emotion evident by the sway of the fabric from his jacket: The sunlight reflected damn near blinded David. That was a good thing though, there was no guarantee David would have stayed awake much longer.

Drifting in and out during potential client soliloquies had become a daily occurrence with David. After almost four years, all the cases were one in the same. The Big M's: Murder… Mayhem… Missing persons or all of the above. All in a days work…the good stuff.

David's focus again attempts to tune in. He always manages to catch the plot points.

Sandelman: I'm actually a twin; fraternal… unfortunately, my sister and I were adopted by two different families. I've attempted to find her for over 2 years…I've hired private detectives before but they all eventually hit a… dead end.

David: "What exactly do you know about your adoptions?"

Sandelman:Her adopted family is exuberantly wealthy… I on the other hand enjoyed a middle class up bringing, suburban living…boy next door made multi-millionaire, I'm a dream come true."

David: "You're something alright" he smiles sprightly… jokingly, but not really.

Maddie: "What is it you think we could do differently than the other detectives you've contracted?

David: "I'm sure a man of your means could afford top notch henchmen"

Sandelman: "It's not about the money, it's about discovering the truth…no offense…but PI's are not always the most forth right people to deal with.

David: "Not us, we're as forth right as they come"

Maddie: "Can you excuse us for a moment Mr. Sandelman? Please, make yourself comfortable."

Sandelman: "Sure, take your time."

Maddie and David report to the outer office, taking their usual places on the other side of the office door.

Maddie: "Maybe it's my hormones, but I kind of feel for this guy…I think we should help him"

David: "Well, he was honest about having prior investigators work for him but I don't know…"

Maddie: "What's to know, he's honest…there's no law against that!"

David: "Maddie, you know clients are never honest! When was the last time we had an honest client…maybe little lucky leprechaun…and although she was honest, her father wasn't."

Maddie: "The only way we're going to find out if he's being honest is if we take this case David"

David: "Well… I am intrigued…and he is paying plus I love watching perfect people fall flat on their fairy dust…not you of course, those other perfect people"

Maddie's eyes roll with her body through her office door. David follows with sinister enthusiasm; he just loves to catch her off guard.

Maddie: "Mr. Sandelman… we've agreed to take on your case"

Sandelman: "That's wonderful… I have a few documents from previous investigators which may assist you.

The client passes Maddie a manila envelope…Maddie passes it to David for review of the contents.

Sandelman: "A copy of my original birth certificate is included; you may be able to compare them with other records which may have been neglected prior. There's also a cashiers check for $50,000 in there. Find who I'm looking for by the 19th and I'll double that as your final payment"

David: "March 19th is your birthday?"

Sandelman: "Yes, three days from today…I hope you can help me to have the happiest one ever"

David: "For 150 G's I'll be your sister buddy!"

Maddie cuts in before David can proceed with his monetary brown nosing.

Maddie: "We will do our best"

Sandelman: "Thank you, please give me a call if you require anything further…I'll do all I can to assist you"

David: "Will do"

Blue Moon's newest client exits Maddie's office. Maddie starts towards her desk but David catches her under arm.

David: "Where were we?"

Maddie: "We were beginning to work on our new case"

David: "Before that"

Maddie: "Oh….ho"

David: "That's more like it", he gives her a soft peck on the lips.

Maddie: "You're certainly affectionate today…not that I mind, just an observation"

David: "And you're certainly receiving of my certain affection today…why fight the feeling?"

Maddie: "David"

David: "Yeeees" his impression just as bad as the black and white B movie he borrowed it from.

Maddie: "It's lunch time, can you get me a couple of steak sandwiches from Home of the Hoagie with sweet peppers and hot on the side, four extra slices of cheese each? …And don't forget to request sauce on the french fries"

David: "I thought we were going to work on the case? We can go together" his inner boozer emerges. "Oooh that place takes forever, I can have a beer next door"

Maddie: "You know it takes an hour to get food there. I can't sit in the car all that time and there's no place to sit inside, only standing room"

David: "Well I don't wanna sit in the car by myself either" he continues to conspire within "hopefully my whining will get her to spring for it"

Maddie: "Please… my treat"

David: "It better be your treat, sending me into the trenches of that lunch time war zone…you owe me big time prego!"

Maddie: "As always, I'll deliver"

David: "Not too soon, we got some more growing to do"

Maddie: "Thank you"

Acting grudgingly, David yells while strolling away.

David: "You're NOT welcome"

Maddie: "And a slushy… by the way…tell the bartender hello will ya?"

Her rebuttal given with hands cupped at the side of her mouth, watching his backside disappear around Agnes' desk.

David drives slow, happy in his own pace…glad to have a few moments to think. He ponders the events of the past couple of months but more than anything…today's events.

Not only are he and Maddie getting along royally but with all they've undertaken, he'd forgotten about his birthday, his own birthday. Michael Sandelman's visit today reminded him…they actually shared the same birth date, March 19th, separated by less than a decade.

The stop light on Monteray and 111th seemed shorter, reverberating honks followed by vicious cursing jerk David from his coasting ride. Flicking off road companions never bothered David, even when he was the receiver. He took a twisted joy in seeing the reactions of everyday people; he often called it a twitch but the cadence reminded David of Telly Savalas.

"That old broad seems nice enough… she's probably just late for bingo."

Throughout his life, David's mind concocted a way of balancing negativity with sarcasm; something that came in handy while Maddie was away. Though increasingly, Twitch had become curmudgeonly…not as light hearted and comical as before.

Slumping while he drove was a luxury for David, usually Maddie was to his right badgering him to straighten his back or frightening him with the notion of slowly developing a hump.

It was weird but he had come to love the things he hated about Maddie…after all, they were actually the things that inspired David to love her. How different they were…their tumultuous responses towards one another; they had experienced life at such different levels yet came together perfectly.

He was finally coming to accept that this relationship…David and Maddie… really is …kismet: And they had much to teach one another.

Parking was never easy in front of Home of the Hoagie, located on a narrow two way street; this popular dive is a franchise of Maddie's favorite grease pot in Chicago. The only place in town where you could grab a hoagie, steak fries… covered in some sweet concoction, home made ice cream and a slushy, all in one swoop. This place is an expectant mother's paradise and an expectant father's savior.

"MOM, get it!"

A child's cry met David just outside the restaurant door. A rustling wind had stolen his balloon. David rescues it from the ill fate of blowing endlessly into the atmosphere or more horridly, into some prickly tree.

David: "Here you go lil guy" as he hands the balloon to a happy young man, dressed in a gold foil crown with the words "Birthday Boy" in blue across the front.

Lil Guy: "Thanks mister"

David: "Today's your birthday?"

Lil Guy: "Um hum…what you gonna give me?"

Those large demanding eyes made David wonder if this was what he had to look forward to in father hood; first Maddie, now some little crumb snatcher to yield to as well.

Lil Guy's Mom: "Young man, you get over here this instant!" His Mom now inside… her anger short changed by embarrassment.

Lil Guy's Mom: "I'm sorry…kids, what can you do?"

David: "Yeah, you can't control them and you can't leave them on the steps of a church…wait, you can."

Lil Guy moves closer to his mother who obliges and further ushers him even closer.

David: "Sorry…got one of my own coming…" his mouth staging a reluctant smile "kids are great, every one should have them"

"Next", David's cue to step up is welcomed, his awkwardness only intensified by on lookers burning eyes.

David places Maddie's order, with a few add-ons for the cravings after HoH's business hours. Her hankering for the same thing usually ranged from 24 to 48 hours, especially familiar ones. He takes his ticket and steps outside to feel the sun on his face…it took him back to this morning with Maddie. How he'd awaken in pure warmth, Maddie giggling about his frothy mouth: He simply simmered in that moment, savoring the feeling of being loved… unconditionally.

Greetings fly towards David from the crowd of ladies perched in front of the Tavern next door. David smiles and waves to the bunch of ladies or what Maddie would call "floosies" then starts their way. It was the beer that called to him, not the women. David's attention is diverted by the sound of the Lil Guy belting out salutations.

Lil Guy: "Bye Mister", his balloon in one hand and a waffled cone in the other.

David turns while reaching into his left front pants pocket, pulling out a wad of bills and flipping through them so fast the faces began to animate.

David: "Here you go fella, have a happy birthday"

Lil Guy: "WOW, thanks Mister…Mom, Mom, the crazy mister gave me twenty dollars for my birthday" the little boy runs to catch up with his mother… money and balloon, though tightly gripped, blowing briskly in the wind.

So what David was flashing the office's petty cash as his own? Maddie just made some eight year old very happy and she had ole Dave to thank for that.

Entering the threshold of the Woodlawn Tap was literally like stepping from day into night. Dim lights and mirrors are the primary decorum…classy enough, clean…not a bad element but who truly knows…it's so dark a pink elephant could be in the corner and a guy would miss it.

David: "Sup man… I'll have a brew"

Bartender: "Foreign or domestic?"

David: "Bubbly"

David views the surrounding inhabitants using his spinning bar stool to its full capacity, creaking about… checking the corners for dirt. He'd been in enough bars to always look for the dirt in corners and foremost, to keep his head on a swivel.

Bartender: "You wanna run a tab?" he places the dark bottle in front of David freshly opened.

David: "Yeah but cut me off at four" he takes a few gulps, as many as he could before the necessity to breath; he hadn't figured out how to do both yet.

It was too early in the day to really knock em back…he enjoyed a cold one but any beer drinker knows…you only rent beer, you don't buy it. David thought of the little boy who wore the crown. He begins to think about his upcoming solar return and how Maddie would address it.

"You want a crown too wimpy boy?"

There it is… that twitch…David's own personal hell…his thoughts. Twitch was a constant while Maddie was in Chicago. Four and a half months of conversations with himself had become a sort of companion; the mind reels and produces what's necessary for its survival.

David: "I wear a crown daily…I am king"

Twitch: "Of what? Beers"

David: "I'm having a great day…everything's right with the world…lets just leave it at that"

Bartender: "Did you say something?"

David: "huh, oh, no…no"

The bartender turns back to his duties, tending to a patron on the other end.

Twitch: "You think she's gonna remember huh?"

David: "Sure she'll remember, she signs my checks, she pays into my social security…of course she'll remember"

Twitch: "Sure, yeah… she looks at that stuff…ha, ha, you're screwed buddy"

David: "No, I'm not…she knows, she just hasn't mentioned anything because she wants to surprise me"

Twitch: "Surprise my ass…the only surprise you're gonna get is when she makes you work overtime that day"

David: "We'll probably have a nice dinner, we'll go to her house, and everybody from the office will be there…she'll remember"

Bartender: "Excuse me…I could've sworn you said something."

David looks at the bartender as if confused to the course of his conversation.

David: "No, I would have remembered if I'd said something" he drinks the last bit of his beer then sets the bottle down hard on the counter

"I'll have another" he belches at the bartender.

The bartender obliges as he set David's second helping in the formers place, all the while sizing him up: Then again, turning back to his duties.

Twitch: "When is the last time she did anything for you?"

David: "She does stuff for me all the time"

Twitch: "Like what?"

David: "Like…like…like putting toothpaste on my toothbrush"

Twitch: "Gimme a break. I guess if she takes your clothes to the drycleaner you're gonna marry her"

David: "I'm gonna do that anyway…as soon as it's completely right between us"

Twitch: "HA, yeah…that'll be the day…and I'm gonna have my own talk show"

David: "Maddie's good for me, she's good to me…she's a good woman"

Twitch: "Sure she is…so good she dumps on you for sport, so good she leads you around by your nose hairs and you go wagging your tail, looking pretty"

David: "Would you stop that? Sure she's demanding, maybe a tad spoiled but I like that…I love that…she needs me and I need her!"

Twitch: "Listen to yourself, she needs me…I need her…whatta wuss"

David: "I AM NOT…a wuss, ok…I am a man …a real man …a man not afraid to love someone, to love her"

Twitch: "Alright, alright, calm down Van Gogh…I'm just trying to save an ear…you only get two."

David: "It's fine… everything's fine, we're getting along, we're working…she's going to remember my birthday… give me some spectacular present and we're gonna dance until I blow out the candles.

Twitch: "All you're gonna get from her is a shotgun to blow out the candles"

David: "Maybe then I'll get some peace"

Twitch: "You saying you want me to leave …I've been kicked out of better places by better people"

David: "Then consider yourself kicked"

Twitch: "Who loves ya… nut case?"

David: "I AM NOT NUTS!"

Bartender: "I beg to differ with you bro, check it, your beers are on me…why don't you pick up your food…I put in a good word for you" he hands David his ticket from the bars counter, numbers partially faded from the beer bottle's perspiration.

David: "Thanks man…I'm sorry about the outburst…I'm just…*sigh*…nuts"

In spite of his gesture, David pays the bartender and tips him well…somehow David felt he'd served two parties and he should be paid for his work.

David's drive back to the office wasn't as leisurely as the drive to HoH. This nagging twitch had come unexpectedly…it hadn't stopped although Maddie had come home. And it happens at the most inopportune times, mostly sober… which for David, is as inopportune as it gets.

Maddie has been very supportive of David during these times…she never asks questions or rarely responds to the crotchety demeanor he exhibits. He thought about how she'd just lay beside him, nestled under his armpit. David knew that probably wasn't an easy task for a lady in her condition; being so sensitive to smells and all.

David: "Maybe I need to see somebody, I mean, this can't be normal…well, I've never considered myself normal anyway…but this is …paranormal. What if I have a demon?"

A burst of laughter emits from the BMW's open car windows…

David: "A demon…huh…woooo…that's rich"

David's eye veers to his left finding a van full of nuns with a priest as the driver looking back at him.

David: "I'm definitely nuts"

It's almost three o'clock when David finally reaches the office. A half hour drive there and back plus a forty-five minute wait and a nervous break down had taken up most of his afternoon. He walks into Maddie's office, bags double fisted. At first no sighting, he looks behind the door to his right.

David: "Yar she blows"

Maddie: "It's about time…what took you so long?' she gathers together and sets aside the countless pieces of paper that lay cross her lap, the cushions and head rest of the sofa.

David: "It was madness…I had to fight off balloons, birthday boys and bartenders to get me lady her lunch" he kneels in presentation of the smallest bag.

Maddie: "My hero" she leans forward offering a thank you peck, her lips are left hanging…

David was back on his feet and walking towards the door.

Maddie: "David…where are you going? Aren't you going to have lunch with me?"

David: "Sure, I just have to go to the little boy's room" he dashes out of her office into his.

Maddie: "David, there's a bathroom…in…here" realizing he was already distant, not just physically but in energy.

Since they parted, he seemed to lack the luster he'd had all day. Maddie prepared herself for capricious David; she knew when he started to avoid her it was one of those days.

"Damn, you really jacked that boy up good and I liked him too"

Maddie was a lot more comfortable with her inner voice, she relied on it constantly…sometimes she refers to it as intuition…other's as ego…this time…it was wisdom.

Maddie: "I did too…I mean I do too; he's fine…it will work itself out…he has a lot of dust to settle. Our reconciliation is on going…it just takes time. I asked him to give me time and he did, so now I'm returning the favor…it's automatic, right?"

Wisdom: "Absolutely"

Maddie: "Absolutely" she takes the foil from her sandwich, juices running down the side of her hand, she bites then continues…"I mean, its only been a couple of months and I see lots of progress, in both of us…it's good, right?"

Wisdom: "Absolutely, it's good"

That was two, two absolutelies! "Is absolutelies a word" she wonders.

Most times when Maddie said absolutely she wasn't really sure; not purposefully, usually she was misinformed. She gave the best answer working on the information she had at the time, not at all consciously lending to misgivings.

Maddie: "Experience has served me well enough to know I'm missing something…I have to figure out what it is for the sake of my David and my sinuses."

Wisdom: "Good girl"

Maddie has finished most of her first sandwich when David returns. She sees through his feeble attempts to recapture the previous hours of tranquility and innocence they had shared. His kisses to her cheek and forehead reek of pretension; he was on automatic. He'd never been that way at the office before, so she'd thought…maybe those were the days while doing surveillance he didn't call her right back when she beeped him.

David: "What's all this?"

Maddie: "I had Bert pull the records from the social security board, the parole board and tap into the hall of records for birth, marriage and death certificates."

David: "That about sums it up…you come screaming into the world, get married and try kicking and screaming to get out"

Maddie never says a word; she just looks at him for a moment, a pitiful expression…on her but not for her. It was all she could do not to grab him and hold him like she'd done all those other days. Today she would try something different, she would ask.

Maddie: "Is there something the matter David?"

David: "No, just making an observation about life, love and death…continue"

Maddie: "I called a friend of mine, well a friend of a friend who agreed to provide me with records from the agency Michael and his sister were adopted through. It closed about 10 years ago; I'm hoping we can get some good info there."

David: "Hopefully"

Maddie: "I don't know if we can wade through all this and have a solid lead, let alone find his sister before their birthday. I really want to make it special for them"

David: "And I really wanna cash that check"

Twitch: "See, she's all sissied up about some pretty boy's birthday and hasn't made one mention that it's your special day too"

David couldn't deny his twitch; it seemed to be on the money. How could she make a fuss about the clients birthday and didn't mention she knew it was David's birthday too. Maybe she didn't remember, maybe his twitch was right.

Maddie: "I know I'm not big on birthdays but this is different, it's symbolic"

David: "How?"

Maddie: "Symbolic of their birth, of reuniting…it's sweet and I think our service to Sandelman should be fitting of their reunion"

David: "Right…I got a couple of errands to run…page me when you're ready to go"

Maddie: "Ok…I guess I'll keep working through this mess until you come back"

David: "I always do…page me… later"

Maddie: "Ok"

The overextended sigh that followed made Maddie realize she hadn't taken a breath for a few moments. No longer able to focus, she simply lay back and close her eyes…her energy drained…she would nap and think about it later.

Maddie didn't like waking up alone, especially not after waking up the day before in such bliss. David had come to pick her up from the office, dropped her off at home and left in a flash.

This time, he wasn't home…she didn't know where he had gone…hopefully some all night bar. There were plenty of after hour places he could have crawled out of this morning; she would be worried if he hadn't called her ever so often to check in.

During those calls Maddie tried to listen to his surroundings, some places were easier than others…but his 4 am call was rather quite and he wasn't at home. She knew because she had been there all night, waiting…he knew that was the first place she'd look for him, that's why he called…that's why he never came home.

Taking a cab to the office always peeved Maddie off…she didn't mind David having the car; since her belly had expanded, it was much easier. It was just something about having to waste money on a cab that never sat right with her.

Maybe he had stopped by to pick her up from his house but she had left to go home and dress for work. Maybe they just missed each other…or maybe he never came for her at all. That's what she had asked of him during their separation; maybe he was still keeping up his end of the pact…a pact Maddie never should have requested be made.

The elevator ride seemed shorter today; Maddie almost missed her exit on the twentieth floor.

Agnes: "Good morning Miss Hayes"

Maddie: "Morning Agnes"

Maddie did all she could to muster up the same enthusiasm she had in her greeting on the day prior."

Agnes: "Long night"

Maddie: "I hardly got any sleep" Maddie never stops, Agnes catches up to her before the door closes completely"

Agnes: "Miss Hayes are you feeling okay?"

Maddie: "Fine"

Agnes: "Are you sure? Can I get you something? Have you eaten? Ferguson brought those croissants you like from China town filled with eggs, spinach and guacamole…just the way you like them…hot off the wok"

Maddie: "That sounds good, maybe I'll have one in bit…I just want to lie down a moment before I start the day."

Agnes: "Sure thing…I'll make some chamomile tea to help you relax"

Maddie: "That would be nice…thanks Agnes"

Agnes smiles as she pulls the door closed. Maddie lays her briefcase on the coffee table, removes her Reebok mules and stretches out on the sofa. The next sounds she hears is a beat box groove and a raspy tune…a tune sang by her very own drunken knight.

As Maddie poses in her office doorway, she catches David in mid- note doing his rendition of *Otis Redding's "Chain Gang".

Maddie: "Mr. Addison, can I see you in my office for a moment please?"

David: "If you must?"

Maddie: "I must"

David: "Okey Dokey"

Maddie sits at her desk for the first time today…it was almost 2 o'clock and she…they hadn't done any field work on the Sandelman case. Staunched faced, she cuts her eyes at her approaching nemesis…the David she loved was not her enemy…it was the David that didn't love her that brought about conflict."

David: "Hey…how you feelin'?"

Maddie: "Do you really care?"

David: "I called several times to make sure you were ok"

Maddie: "Is that suppose to reverse my anger for your lack of consideration"

David: "What's that suppose to mean?"

Maddie: "It means, you pick me up, take me home then whisk off to some hell awful place with God knows who…leave me with no vehicle therefore no way to get to the office"

David: "Obviously you had a way, you're here"

Maddie: "That's not the point David. I don't mind you taking the car for your gallivanting escapades but when it affects my bottom line…I have a problem"

David: "Your bottom line looks fine to me" His head leaning over slightly

Maddie: "Focus David! It was inconsiderate of you to just leave me hanging like that this morning."

Before she knew it, she'd said it…the nerve, the balls…the unadulterated gall. How could she let that come out of her mouth? She'd left that boy hanging on a string for a big part of last year…how could she even go there?

David: "Don't go there Maddie…you really don't want to go there"

Maddie: "Maybe not …but I do want to know what the hell is going on with you David?"

David: "There's nothing wrong Maddie, I'm just…overwhelmed right now, that's all"

Maddie: "By what, alcohol poisoning?"

David: "Oh, is that what it's called? I thought it was called living my life!"

Maddie: "I don't have a problem with you living your life David, but…"

David rolls his eyes, preparing for incoming…he knows that anything before "but" is canceled out.

Maddie: "… remember your life…at this time anyway…includes me and I'm merely asking that you have some consideration for me, my feelings and my business. We have a case that has a time frame, a time frame that can be the difference between a $50, 000 payout or a $150,000 payout. It's that simple…what ever it is you go through, you're going through …takes back seat to the business and its success. You got that?"

David: "Yeah, yeah…I got it"

Maddie: "Good, now go get yourself together so we can try to salvage some daylight and get this field surveillance done. I have some leads we need to investigate…you remember that word right David…in-ves-ti-gate"

David: "No, why don't you spell it out for me Maddie"

Maddie: "GET YOUR ASS OUTTA HERE AND GET IT IN GEAR…you want the definition?"

David: "Naaaa, I pass on that word", lifting himself from the arm of the couch then heading out the door…he never looks back.

Maddie's outer tantrum contradicted her inner feelings, she hated to be that way with David but watching him sulk hadn't worked well either. Eventually they decide to divide the leads and tackle them individually over the next two days.

It made sense, logically they could cover more ground, and David had access to Bert's car during working hours…this made things easier. Yes, it was logical indeed but mentally necessary; a cop out to cope…what ever it takes to get the job done.

They would have to deal with their own drama later…at this time they were getting paid to deal with other people's drama and the clock was ticking… so was the D & M time bomb.

The neighbors' wind chimes mingled with Maddie's telephone ringing. Even the baby was annoyed with waking up after an exhausting few days on the Sandelman case; Baby's kicks let Maddie know that.

She tried to hold onto the dream and ignore the ringing phone and chimes…she could feel the warmth of the sun on her anterior and the comfort of David behind her…the answering machine never picked up, so she would have to. Maddie finally slips out of her lucid memory to a half empty bed.


Pounding the pillow that lay next to her with David's impression visible in her mind's eye; she hoped to have punched hard enough for him to feel it…where ever he lay. Maddie snatches the receiver from its base.

Maddie: "HELLO!"

David: "Well good morning to you too sunshine!"

Maddie: "David…it's 4:30 in the morning and I'm tired…what do you want?"

David: "It's the 19th sweetie, crunch time…a hundred and fifty thousand crunches…so drop and give me twenty… by the time you finish, I'll be there."

The dial tone was the only indication that he had disconnected; no goodbye or see you in a little while, just a tone.

Maddie: "Now he decides to do as I ask" she flops backward onto her pillow attempting to recapture her dream state…her life 3 days ago…maybe it was a dream.

David didn't come inside; he was dressed to the nines, fresh hair cut and shaven, smelling of that Halston cologne she has a fondness for on him. Maddie's reaction earlier to waking up without him caused her to relent… for the past couple of days she'd worked much to keep her yearning for him sub rosa.

Yeah, they bumped into each other at the office on a few occasions but they both ran for cover at contact. Today was better, she missed him …and his smile as he opened the passenger door said the same…he missed her too.

Maddie: "So what cha got?"

David: "My papers are clean…"

Maddie: "Regarding the case David"

David: "What…no good morning smooch?"

Maddie: "Did you brush?"

David: "Even though you weren't there to watch over me, I think I did a pretty good job"

Maddie: "I'll be the judge of that"

David meets Maddie half way…between the gear shift and the radio…their contact at first is light and sweet…then full on passionate.

Being apart is hard for them but is it harder than being together? In this moment…the only option was the first.

David: "Hi ya Maddie"

Maddie: "Hello David"

The David she loved was back…the one that requited her sentiments. Not the obstreperous fiend who wrestles away his personality and replaces it with bad hygiene, bad habits and bad days.

David: "You eat yet?"

Maddie: "Did I ever stop?"

They chuckle at the truth of her statement. Maybe the key to good days is waking up extra early. That can't be true or else the 16th would've ended on a much lighter note.

Maddie: "Where are we headed?"

David: "To check out a place. Over the last couple of days each lead always came back to a man by the name of Miguel Gerald, he owns several businesses but this place is listed as a business address and a residential."

Maddie: "Gerald…I've seen that name during my documents research."

David: "Apparently, Marley Strom…Sandelman's alleged twin… decided to marry this cat in Mexico and conveniently, a few months later, decided to become a mermaid. Society pages called it a yachting accident. It happened while she and hubby were sailing off the coast of Bermuda.

Although a body was never recovered … there are several newspaper articles reporting her untimely death; she was barely twenty. At first, Marley's adopted parents had a damned hard time with it, but Gerald's no longer under suspicion… apparently, time does heal all wounds."

David pulls the car to the curb opposite the address, indirectly, leaving Maddie and David in a great position to watch developments from outside. MG Galleria reads across the red brick building with black lacquered windows.

David: "There it is"

Maddie: "I've heard of this place, I actually came here about three years ago…this is an art gallery." She ponders "David, wait… why couldn't the previous investigators find this guy within a two year period and we found him in three days?"

David: "I'm beginning to suspect our boy Sandelman knows more than his feminine side cared to share."

Maddie: "Huh"

David: "You gotta admit, he's has a crazy sense of style. I wonder which one is his tailor…Crocket or Tubbs?"

Maddie: "I like his style, it's very…chic"

David: "That's because it yours…no real man would dress like that"

David opens the door and exits the car; Maddie opens her door in time for David to assist her exit.

Maddie: "And what would a real man dress like?"

David steps back a few paces, arms out in casual embrace fashion as he begins to turn slowly, giving Maddie a 360 degree live mannequin display.

Maddie: "Real men don't spin David."

David: "They do when they know they're real…you know I'm real"

Maddie: "Oh yeah…real annoying, real lazy, real sarcastic"

David: "Why do you have to say things like that to me Maddie…we're off to a great start and you can't wait five minutes before you start with the nagging?"

Maddie: "Nagging?! I've only said nice things to you for the last couple of days…the last couple of months, regardless to your treatment of me"

David: "What about the other day…you chewed me a new asshole then yelled at me to get my ass in gear…like I was some child", his voice impactful

Maddie: "That's because you were acting like a child David…and what about you? What about your behavior the day before…huh? So affectionate then poof, nothing"

David: "Doesn't feel good on the receiving end?" he calms

Maddie: "Are you telling me your abhorrent behavior at times is some twisted method you've developed to make me suffer?"

David: "I never said that"

Maddie: "You didn't have to say it David… you're showing me…at least once a week"

David: "I apologize if my mood swings cause you some strife but don't turn up your voice at me like you've been the perfect scout…this relationship is finally give and take Baby…and it's my time to take"

Maddie: "So that's how you feel about me…about us…this relationship just takes from you?"

David: "Look, the other day's episode was unfortunate…I wish it had of gone differently, much like most of the last year with the exception of a few months. We can't re-hatch a chicken Maddie, the egg has been laid and the seed has come forth…let's just let it grow."

Maddie: "I agree, I guess…the letting it grow part anyway but how can we grow if we don't deal with it…if you don't deal with it? Me coming back was just the beginning, it's going to take far more effort to do this David …and I want to do this but you have to tell me what's really bothering you."

I'm sick of trying to guess what section of my bad decisions and your hurt I need to uncover in order to heal it. I can't do it alone…you have to be an active participant…an active communicator."

David stands while Maddie is leaned against the side of the car. It's a little after 8 am and the traffic has begun to flow, people leaving their residences for work and workers arriving at their places of business.

David: "We're drawing attention to ourselves; let's just calm it down and get this done…then we can add cash disbursements to the list of things we fight about"

Maddie: "David, is that Sandelman?"

A tall handsome young man dressed in a three piece slate-gray pimped stripe suit, leaves the gallery. Dark sunglasses reflect the emerging sunlight, as does his finely polished Stacy Adams.

David: "Now… he's dressed like a real man! Sandelman would wither up and die in dark colors…I think it may be that Gerald guy. I got a few clippings of him from some of the papers at a memorial service for his dead wife at sea."

David reaches in the passenger side window and retrieves the clippings.

David: "Looks like him…this picture is five or so years old but I'd bet the farm it was him"

Maddie: "Where's he going?"

David: "If I could tell you that, we wouldn't be here…we'd be there"

Maddie: "See, that's what I mean…you're mean for no apparent reason"

David: "Not now Blondie…there is plenty of time left in the day for our bickering after we get Sandelman's check. Come on"

Gerald walks to get a paper at the corner stand, then to the coffee shop and bakery…little places in the neighborhood; more about the morning constitutional than the items he retrieves. Maddie and David follow on foot, it made for a great front: This lovely expecting couple on a forenoon stroll; a front indeed.

Maddie made the most of Gerald's ritualistic leisure time. A dozen éclairs, minus two, will make a terrific snack this afternoon. Each stop made, Maddie and David observe Gerald's movements, his behavior…very devil-may-care, his cellular phone stuck to his face like a tongue to a frosty pole.

David: "This guy's walking in circles"

Maddie: "He's not the only one"

David: "Not now Maddie"

Maddie continues, impervious to David's unction for peace…she was ready to have it out, right here, right now.

Maddie: "Yes, now David…we can't continue to put this off, this is our life"

David: "You didn't seem to mind putting things off when everything was convenient for you…as long as I move on your time table, its cool: Any way, it was you who said "what ever it is you're going through takes back seat to the business", he animates in his "bitchy female" impersonation

Maddie: "If that's your definition of convenience, I would love to hear your explanation of misery"

David: "Being in this never ending conversation"

Distracted by he and Maddie's spat, David looks up to find Gerald has disappeared, he goes ahead without her. David scrambles around the corner in search of their mystery man. Instead of Gerald, David is informally met with opposition, damn near 300 lbs of it. David's head rolls back in an attempt to measure the towing bulk acting as barricade.

David: "Pardon me… I didn't know they built skyscrapers in the middle of pedestrian walk ways".

David's ice breaker warranted no response from this colossal figure.

David: "You must be lost, the carnivals that way"

Goliath steps closer to David, whose face wears the expression of impact before the punch. Maddie turns the corner, rapidly, in her own mind at least.

Maddie: "Did we lose him?" her voice dropping off as she completely clears the building to discover her boyfriend levitating two feet off the ground; held there by his wrinkled collar in the hands of an escaped carnie folk.

Maddie: "David…what are you doing up there?"

David: "Getting light headed"

Another man approaches the trio. Jack Nicolson would swear he bared no resemblance to him but you couldn't tell this guy that.

"Put him down Vinnie"

Vinnie: "But Jimmy he made fun of me"

Jimmy motions his forefinger downward, Andre the Giant aka Vinnie does as instructed.

David: "Dr. Frankenstein I presume"

The carnies' trainer walks towards Maddie placing his hand slightly under her arm.

Jimmy: "I bet if we take this young lady for a ride, you'd be a lot nicer"

David: "There are only three things in this world I truly care about, two are right there…if you think she's going anywhere without me, you'd better kill me now because there is not a place in hell you would be able to hide."

The two fellows laugh out loud looking towards one another.

Jimmy: "Awww, how cute…a tough guy"

Vinnie: "Yeah Jimmy, he's real tough" still chuckling at David's threat

Jimmy: "What are you two doing? Haven't seen you around before"

David: "A little early for the neighborhood watch patrol"

Jimmy: "Neighborhood watch is a twenty-four hour job, answer or I'll have my friend Vinnie here rearrange your attitude with his foot in your ass and I don't think your girl will like the new adjustment to such a…pretty package"

Vinnie: "And he smells good too"

Jimmy looks at Vinnie with confusion and great distain; Vinnie lowers his head.

Jimmy: "Why don't we take a ride folks?"

Vinnie ushers David and Maddie to a black conversion van parked a few feet away. David wrestles with the plight of getting Maddie in the van; Vinnie joins in the fun then proceeds to the drivers' seat. It's notably the longest attempted kidnapping in history.

David: "This is the longest attempted kidnapping in history…couldn't resist" he says looking out into nowhere."

Jimmy: "Now tell me why you are following Mr. Gerald?"

Maddie: "Who's Mr. Gerald?"

Jimmy: "The man you've followed around a four block radius for the last two hours"

Maddie: "Oh…him"

David: "We're tourists, see we have this system; seek out random interesting looking people and follow them around, get the feel of this place and I've gotta tell ya, this guy has interesting tastes."

Maddie: "Yeah, we've seen really great sights and the bakery is fantastic"

David: "Yes sir-ee bob, works like a charm every time huh honey?"

Maddie: "Every time" nodding in goofy agreement

David: "Just taking the wife here out before the bambino comes and takes over"

Vinnie: "When me and the missus had Vinnie Jr."

Jimmy: "SHUT UP Vinnie"

David: "I don't mean to intrude but can we go"

Maddie: "This seems strange…I'm sure you understand this is a simple misunderstanding"

David: "Yeah, simple… you don't have to stop, just slow down a bit…I'm tough and this one currently comes with her own set of Michelins"

Maddie socks David in the arm.

David: "Whaaaaat…I was gonna let you go first?"

Jimmy: "Not so fast, I'm not satisfied"

Vinnie: "You're never satisfied"

Jimmy: "Zip it carnie"

Vinnie whimpers and looks back towards the road ahead.

Jimmy: "So where you tourist from?"

Maddie: "Philadelphia" David: "Chicago"

David: "Philadelphia by way of Chicago"

Maddie: "Born and raised" nervously smirking, her hands display a fidgety clasp.

Jimmy: "That's quite a ways to come for a lady in your condition…how'd you travel?"

Maddie: "Train" David: "Plane"

Maddie: "Well, we flew in buuut… today I hit my sixth month soooo we are taking the train back. I forgot, must be those darn pregnancy hormones"

David: "Yeah, they're really putting a damper on her memory…"

Twitch: "And my birthday sex"

Maddie looks at David, his tone rang very honest and true…he was out of character with his delivery…more of a David shot than the charming yuppie bag he's portraying. More like the tone when threatening the henchmen. Maddie can't help herself.

Maddie: "What about my memory?"

David: "See folks, she's already forgotten. I hope this corrects itself after little Richie is born."

Maddie: "We are not naming this baby after your goofy ass brother. I desire our baby to have a more respectable title."

David: "And I suppose Thaddeus is a much cooler name?"… "Not", he buzzes

Maddie: "It not about being cool, it's about status and dignity"

David: "Trust me, if we name that child Thaddeus, he'll have no dignity…the local school bully will take it every day."

Maddie: You under educated pompous idiot David: You anal retentive social butterfly

Maddie: "All you ever think about is looking cool and having fun"

David: "And all you ever think about is if people look at you as much as you look at yourself…its all about you"

Maddie: "IT IS NOT!"

David: "You're a damn liar! There isn't room enough for anyone else's agenda in your world…and it's your world sister, I'm just a squirrel tryin' to get a nut"

Maddie starts to tear up…

Maddie: "Why are you cursing at me…I just want our baby to have a good name, a good life", the rest of her statement becoming muffled through her uncontrollable sobbing

The kidnappers look at each other, then at David with utter repugnance. David looks at Maddie and attempts to console her.

David: "Don't cry honey, I'm sorry…if its Thaddeus you want, then Thaddeus it is…we'll sign him up for kickboxing at three."

David reaches around and hugs Maddie who is speaking quickly and inaudibly through tears on David's shoulder.

Jimmy: "Pull over Vinnie"

The van pulls to the curb and Jimmy steps out; they again go through great angst to get Maddie out of the van.

Vinnie: "Don't cry honey, your body will go back to normal within a year of birth"

Jimmy: "Would you SHUT UP Vinnie?"

Vinnie: "Well that's what Dr. Spock says"

Jimmy: "You folks have a good vacation and mister….take it easy on the lady…she's in a delicate condition."

David: "You're right, you're right…I'm an animal… alright Vin, tell the missus and little Vin we said hello", lifting one hand from Maddie's bucking back to wave.

The van pulls off and Maddie is still sobbing. David watches as they drive away, still holding her tightly in his embrace.

David: "Maddie, are you alright…I'm sorry"

Maddie: "Rat bastard!" Her tears stop in an instant and she stomps away.

David stands for a second watching her, questionable to Maddie's performance. If it was a performance… it was Oscar worthy.

Maddie storms into Blue Moon then continuing into her office.

Agnes: "Morning…Miss Hayes", as she uses her hands as paper weights

David stops at the desk

Agnes: "I guess your surveillance took an unexpected turn"

David: "Three cheers for pregnancy hormones", he calls out to the office staff who responds…

Staff: "Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray"

David taps the desk and walks into Maddie's office. Maddie is sitting pretending to sort through the mail. David stands for a second, Maddie never looks up. David coughs slightly, then loudly, this time provoking attention.

Maddie: *sigh* …"Yes", she looks up annoyed

David: "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings"

Maddie: "I don't have the foggiest idea of what you're babbling about?"

Maddie rises from her ergonomic chair and walks over to the couch; she lies back very casual, mockingly.

David: "Well I'm just saying that if I may have somehow hurt your feelings, I'm sorry"

His voice begins to fall tenderly

"…I don't like to see you cry"

Maddie: "HA…you couldn't", she shifts forward with the face of a woman under her twenty-third hour of Chinese water torture.

"Don't you know fine acting when you see it?"

David: "An act?"

Maddie: "Yes an act…did I ever tell you before I went into modeling, I considered a career on the big screen?"

David: "You mean to tell me that was all an act? You really want me to believe…"

Maddie: "Yes David, an act for the sake of George and Lennie"

David: "Jimmy and Vinnie"

Maddie: "Whatever, I simply followed your lead"

David: "My lead?"

Maddie: "It worked didn't it? Thanks to me, we're not sleeping with the fishes"

David: "Me too", he took his chance to concede and hoped she accepted it…his words were horrid and he felt bad for saying them.

Momentary silence extends itself, the air lay thick with stillness…moving slowly enough to see atoms split and multiply. David walks over to the couch, lifts Maddie's legs, sets them on his lap and begins to rub her feet.

Maddie: "I'm fine David… really…it was for…"

David: "I know, I know the mice and the men"

Maddie: "Right"

David's hunch is revealed in Maddie's eyes…he'd hurt her, it was happening more and more these days. David masterfully rubs; she then truly relaxes…relieved… both are then…

"Knock, Knock"

Maddie: "Come in"

Agnes emerges with a package in hand and another set of giggles for the outward affections of Maddie and David.

Agnes: "This just came for you by messenger", handing it to Maddie

Maddie: "Oh great! These must be the records from that now defunct adoption agency, thanks Agnes"

David: "Isn't that confidential? Who did you do to get those?"

Maddie: "I told you, a friend of a friend…I still got some tricks up my sleeves"

David: "And that's where they'd better stay until I pull them out"

Maddie smiles, she likes to taunt David with her mystery.

David: "Aggie, before you go…did you contact the lawyer for Widow Anthony?"

Agnes: "Oh, he asked me to have you call him about signing the contract release upon final payment…and don't call me Aggie"

David jumps up… "Be right back" turning to Maddie on his way out the door.

David's call leads to several others, Agnes must be hyped up on Sugar Babies again; she's patched through every Tom, Dick and janitor to his office. A slight tap at the door is greeted with...

David: "Open Sayz Me"

Bert enters closing the door tightly to his body,

Bert: "Hey Mr. Addison. Can you come out here and check out this report; I think you should take a look at it."

David: I've got an idea; bring it in here where it's safe and warm"

Bert: "Well I think you should come out here because it's over one thousand pages and I would be completely distraught if they are not in chronological order. I mean my obsessive compulsion could over load, exploding in a hideous confetti of psychological dysfunction that could shut me down for days…weeks…why even"

David: "Alright, alright already…I'm comin'…"

Bert steps back allowing David to precede him towards the outer office walking into…


Agnes, Bert and the staff all shout gleefully together. David smiles and looks around…decorations, food, music, Wobblies; hugging the females and shaking the guys hands…then he notices.

David: "Where's Maddie?"

Agnes: "I'll get her, she must be napping"

Agnes scurries and steps into Maddie's office, she returns to David.

Agnes: "She's out"

David: "Well wake her, it's a joyous occasion"

Agnes: "No, she's still out"

David: "You mean like a light?"

Agnes: "No, like… out of the office…"

"She said she was stepping out for a moment, I just assumed she'd be back by three for the surprise."

Bert steps up with a pair of beer bottles and hands one to David.

David: "Why would she leave knowing the office was throwing me a surprise party?"

Bert: "Well I don't know Mr. Addison. Agnes, you told Miss Hayes the correct time right?"

Agnes: "I thought you told her about it"

Bert: "Of course not, my job was to distract and delude…your job was to plan, execute and alert Miss Hayes to the festivities."

David: "Hey now, hey…don't worry about it…I understand… it was a simple misunderstanding… I can't expect you guys to do nothing all day and remember stuff"

Agnes: "Thanks, Mr. Addison"

Bert: "I am graced by your clarity Mr. Addison"

David: "Well, it is my duty as MC to make sure all are happy…now lets get this party started and finished before Broom Hilda makes her return"

The office uproars in cheer, bottles and cups are passed through the air like a singer at a rock concert. Usually, there's no greater day for the Blue Moon staff than payday…but this was payday with a party on top. Bert turns up the beat box full blast, spewing the words of *Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me"…the entire office singing along.

Listen! red light, yellow light, green-a-light go!
Crazy little woman in a one man show
Mirror queen, mannequin, rhythm of love
Sweet dream, saccharine, loosen up

You gotta squeeze a little, squeeze a little
Tease a little more
Easy operator come a knockin' on my door
Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet
Little miss innocent sugar me, yeah

Take a bottle, shake it up
Break the bubble, break it up

Pour some sugar on me
Ooh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me
C'mon fire me up
Pour your sugar on me
Oh, I can't get enough

I'm hot, sticky sweet
From my head to my feet yeah

A couple of hours into the frenzy that has become Blue Moon, Agnes motions for David to come over, telephone receiver in her hand.

Agnes: "MR. ADDISON…MISS HAYES", she shouts in a feeble attempt to out croon Sam Cook





David lowers the dial on the radio, much to the dismay of the partying office workers.

David: "What did you say?"

Maddie: "I said…I'm at the Galleria, I've discovered something you have to see"

David: "Well I'm kind of busy right now Mad, can't it wait until tomorrow?"

Maddie: "Excuse me for intruding on you and your cronies limbo time but solving this case ensures you nothings have some place to limbo…we're working overtime today"

David looks up to the heavens as if a cursed man pleading for mercy… "Damn Twitch"

David: "I'll take a cab right over"

Twitch: "Use hollow tips…it'll go faster"

David hangs up the phone then heralds…

David: "Well Kiddies, gotta go, the fair Guinevere's fun detector has struck again…"

The office gives a disappointed "awwww"

David: "I know, an MC's work is never done…but be not dismayed… carry on the memory, relive my years of freedom currently being snatched away every moment this fine place we call earth spins on it peg leg."

David pulls Agnes and Bert to the side.

David: "We're probably not going to be back…so… til Monday morning", he walks toward the door and turns… "Thanks"

David exits the cab down the street from Galleria, he spots Maddie sitting in the Bimmer on the passenger side. David creeps up, popping his head into the driver's side window, startling Maddie.

David: "You forget what country you're in?"

Maddie: "Hardy, har, har… very funny Mr. Pryor"

David: "Why thank you! That is the nicest thing you've said to me all week"

David jumps in his seat of honor enthusiastically.

Maddie: "Ewww …you smell like a roadie for Parliament Funkadelic"

David: "Wow, two compliments in a row…what's got you in such a good mood?"

Maddie: "You remember that package I received today from my friend"

David: "Who knew imaginary playmates could do that?"

Maddie: "One of the addresses matches the Galleria's. These records are twenty-six years old. What are the odds of them containing this same address?

David: "Let me guess, slim to one?'

Maddie: "I made some calls before I left the office, this place use to be a diner up until about seven years ago…a couple of years after that, the owner, Sarah Hedly died and left it to a Marlene Hedly, and then about three years ago it changed ownership again…this time to Miguel Gerald."

David: "The guy we followed this morning"

Maddie: "Right, so I figured we'd mosey in and try to get an appointment…you know to buy some art"

David: "Why couldn't you do that it's my…"

Maddie: "It's what David?"

David: "Nothing"

Maddie: "It's not nothing, it's something, what is it?"

David: "It's nothing really…to you…it would be nothing"

Maddie: "If you say so"

David looks out into nowhere then back at Maddie.

David: "Surely you jest…or maybe not"

Twitch: "Oh yeah, she just oozes goodness"

Suddenly George and Lennie spring into opposing windows of the BMW.

Jimmy: "So look who we have here, the vacationing couple by way of Chicago…say hello Vinnie"

Vinnie: "Hello pretty lady"

Maddie: "Hello", her voice meek and uncomfortable like a child sneaking into the cookie jar

Jimmy reaches into the car revealing and pressing a gun into David's side.

Jimmy: "How about we all go take in some art"

David: "Oh well, I don't think we can, the missus needs to be fed; she requires her vitamins and minerals"


David: "Well maybe for a moment, we've been in the running for a new pugs playing poker painting to put in the baby's room."

Maddie: "The other is in the den, adjacent to the moose head mounting"

Jimmy: "You people are sick! Vinnie, get the broad…I'll take care of pretty-kins here"

Fine art lay layered hap hazard, sculptures and crates align the walls of the large space in which Maddie and David are taken captive.

David doesn't know which makes him the most uncomfortable: The heavy density of this room's concrete gray walls, Jimmy's latter words or the fact that he seemed to be sniffing slightly in David's direction.

Jimmy: "You had a bout with Jim Beam and got your ass kicked"

David: "I went to a party"

Jimmy: "A little early don't you think? Shaking his head slightly, "Mam…" he turns to Maddie…"I'll be praying for that kid"

Maddie's anger arose. Whether it was righteous indignation or simply... nobody abuses David but her... truly meaning that in the nicest possible way: He's a great guy, a great soon-to-be-Dad.

Maddie: "Look Lenny and Squiggy"

David: "George and Lennie"

Kidnappers: "Jimmy and Vinnie"

"Dumb and Dumber" a voice calls from behind a large landscape painting, into the light emerges Miguel Gerald.

Miguel Gerald: "What do you want and no more tales of travel?" his voice moderately deep, Maddie found it peculiar that it also lacked the Spanish accent.

Maddie: "Mr. Gerald, aren't you originally from Mexico?"

Miguel Gerald: "I'm running this game show sweetie and I would like to know about you", pointing in exaggerated fashion towards Maddie and David's direction.

Maddie: "You're right, we're not a married couple on vacation, we're married…in business…he's my partner…my business partner….that doesn't matter. I'm Madolyn Hayes and this is David Addison and we're detectives attempting to locate information about this buildings past occupants. We were hoping you could help us"

David: "We'd really appreciate it"

Vinnie: "Wait, so you're not married?"

Jimmy: "I'd never know it"

David: "You're telling me"

Maddie: "Mr. Gerald, if you have any information on the previous residents, maybe some belongings left behind…something to help us narrow our search."

Miguel Gerald: "Who sent you?"

David: "I'm afraid we can't tell you that or we'd have to kill you", he looks towards the men with guns "just kidding"

Miguel Gerald: "Let's see…his name is Michael Sandelman and he's looking for his sister, who he seems to think was my wife"

Maddie: "How did you know?"

Miguel Gerald: "You're not the first private dicks he's sent sniffing this way …just the only ones stupid enough to come back after bumping into my …brilliant security detail"

David: "hum, hum", he snickers

Miguel Gerald: "Miss Hayes, what if I told you I may be able to give you what you've come for?"

Maddie: "We will return any items you lend to us promptly"

Miguel Gerald: "That won't be necessary … I'm the one you seek"

Maddie turns her head sideways, almost like an obedient pooch and pretty one at that.

Maddie: "Mr. Gerald, that's impossible…we're looking for…"

Miguel: "Marley Strom…I am… aka Miguel Gerald aka …Marlene Hedly, Michael Sandelman's twin"

David: "Boy, I did not see that one coming"

Maddie: "Come again?"

Miguel Gerald: "I'm what doctors call a pre-op Trans-sexual; I've lived this way for five years…it is a long process."

David: "I bet that's an understatement to the creator"

Maddie leans into David through the smallest hole her mouth could provide for speaking.

Maddie: "You can do that?"

David: "Apparently so", he whispers

Maddie: "I don't understand Mr., Miss"

David: "They, them"

Maddie: "Why would you fake your death?"

Miguel Gerald: "My adoptive parents are media moguls with great lineages…their families have been on a personal level with money for many generations."

They were always loving and I always felt wanted…yet there were times when Mother fastidiously reminded me that I was adopted…those times when she noticed I was different mostly…not in relation but in action. A lady is gentle and dainty…and... I aint no lady.

As I got older…having money and parents away often, afforded me the luxury of this identity which also came with a secret life in Mexico. One day, I decided it wasn't going to be a secret anymore."

David: "Well the cats certainly outta the bag…in more ways than one"

Maddie nudges David hard in the ribs with her elbow, catching him between the fourth and fifth one.

Miguel Gerald: I'd been raised in the society pages and I knew the game well enough, even as a teenager. When the wealthy no longer fit into certain perimeters…they die"

David: "Now that's a tough club rule"

Miguel Gerald: "Married off to some exotic, handsome, wealthy art dealer. It's what Marley Strom was bred for, so she did and she died."

CLICK… "And now you're going to die"

Maddie: "Mr. Sandelman"

Sandelman: "Nobody moves…you" pointing towards Gerald's henchmen "…drop your weapons and kick them over here or the lovely lady gets it."

David: "Which one?"

The look on Miguel/Marley's face is priceless; he could add one more name to the list of remarkable resemblances…Michael Sandelman.

Their similarities are striking… from the finely feathered hair to the cut of their jaw, all the way down to their delicate hands: The client, however, senses known of it, only his quest for vengeance.

Maddie: "Mr. Sandelman, there has been a terrible mix up, this is not who you think it is."

Sandelman: "I know exactly who he is"

Everyone: "You do?"

Sandelman: "Yes…I do!"

Everyone: "No you don't"

Sandelman: "What is this choir rehearsal? This bastard killed my sister and took her money!"

Maddie: "Oh no… this is not good" she sings to David lowly

Sandelman: "You're right about that…this low life swooned Marley, married her, took her to sea and killed her" bucking the gun violently toward Miguel

Miguel/Marlene: "I know where you can find her"

Sandleman: "Don't piss me around fella, I'll kill you, I will"

David: "You guys share the same color palette, talk to him Maddie"

Maddie: "Listen Mr. Sandelman, you don't want to do anything stupid"

Sandelman: "Then produce!" His frustration at the max, he's antsy and agitated

Miguel/Marley: "First put the gun down, I promise…I will tell you"

Sandelman looks around slowly for trusting eyes to reassure him…Sandelman found them…even in the one he's hated for years. He lowers the gun to his side, though never fully relinquishing the trigger from his fore finger.

Miguel/Marley gestures to Jimmy and Vinnie, right palm up, signaling them to maintain their places.

Miguel/Marley: "Mr. Sandelman, Michael… listen to me…this is going to sound far fetched…just give me the courtesy of hearing my side."

Miguel begins to pace, David braces his attention span…let the soliloquy begin.

Miguel/Marley: "You ever feel stifled… suffocated…trapped by obligation and title…by expectation and disappointed? I have and one day I decided to break free. I was raised in money but not born with it…the responsibility that comes with old money is tremendous. It is more than money in that world…its power, stature, respect. My family could never tolerate someone like me… I had to be free…be me"

Sandelman: "This isn't about you, where is my sister?" His hand raised again and his tension mounting

Miguel/Marley: "But it is Michael, I'm Marley"

Sandelman has no response; it takes a few moments to wrap his mind around those words, the situation. His pause gives Miguel/Marley time to continue.

Miguel/Marley: "Our parents were Patricia and Gerald Hedly. Daddy died after his early deployment to Vietnam during not so friendly fire… after his death Mom was heavily grieved and in her moments of despair made the decision to place us up for adoption at birth. When I was sixteen, I decided to use the resources that I saved to find our real mother. I have been here ever since…she died five years ago"

Sandelman: "So you were Marley… and now you are Miguel Gerald?"

Sandelman saying the words aloud didn't change the lack of understanding for them.

Miguel/Marley: "Yes, my male name adapted from the two most important men of my life"

Sandelman flops heavily to the ground; his feet and legs resemble old bean bags. His left hand catching a perfectly feathered dark mane, it was like the weight of his head had suddenly become too heavy. His right, still involuntarily holds the pistol limply.

David: "It all makes sense", he whispers to Maddie

Maddie: "It does?"

David: "I mean look at the clients' clothes, it's obvious he's next"

Maddie: "Stop it David", she whispers as forceful as one can whisper

David: "Come on… his hand shake is softer than yours…made me sweat just touching em"

Miguel/Marley: "I know this is a hard pill to swallow"

David: "To say the least"

Miguel/Marley continues on addressing Sandelman as if they are the only two in the midst of this massive storage area.

Miguel/Marley: "We were the only children Momma had …Daddy was her one true love, when he died, she became a mere shell. She said my sudden emergence was an answered prayer, yet she was still so empty… her cancerous thoughts produced the same in her body.

She died hanging onto the hope that one day we'd have each other and I wouldn't be alone"

Sandelman looks up and presses himself to his feet; he stares around at the faces of those who just witnessed this talk show moment.

Sandelman: "Do you have any pictures?"

Miguel/Marley pulls out a wallet and from it retrieves a black & white wedding photo, slightly bent from being removed and replaced in its plastic cover over time.

Sandelman reaches slowly, eyes cautious, hands careful not to make full contact. Once in his possession the photo draws a well of water from the client's eyes…it was real…he kneels and lays the revolver on the ground.

Sandelman: "I have seen their pictures individually on a million occasions" he looks to his now identical twin "but never together"

Miguel/Marley: "If you have some time, I can show you more?"

Sandelman looks at his twin…still distracted by his dream coming true in such a sorted chain of events.

Sandelman: "That would be nice", although too exhausted to smile, he tries while listlessly moving toward Miguel/Marley

Miguel/Marley: "Jimmy-make us some coffee will you? Vinnie, escort the happy couple to their car please."

David: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" his outburst draws strange looks even from Maddie "…I simply couldn't resist" he snickers to her.

Maddie: "Let's go David"

Vinnie proceeds to the door with Maddie, David and Jimmy in tow…Vinnie stops at the threshold addressing Maddie as she exits first.

Vinnie: "You are not on vacation and you're not his wife…are you having a baby?"

Maddie: "Nooo, I have a fetish for fat suits in the LA heat…keeps me supple"

Vinnie: "Ohhhhh", while looking at Jimmy expecting him to also make a connection….he doesn't.

Jimmy: "God help you Vinnie"

David felt odd with Maddie driving, it was fine though, and he was truly in no condition to be behind the wheel; especially not with such precious cargo.

Maddie: "Let's go to dinner, some place nice so we can celebrate"

David: "Yes, we should celebrate, it's not everyday we walk away with one hundred thousand clams as a bonus"

Maddie: "And acquiring our child's full college fund in three days"

David: "Only the Messiah could beat that trick"

Maddie: "Let's see, I want…"

Twitch: "I want…" whiny, mockingly "It's always about what she wants…it's my birthday…I should select the restaurant"

Maddie: "David"

David: "Huh"

Maddie: "Surf and Turf?"

David: "What about it?"

Maddie: "How about it? Eating, dinner…seafood and steak?"

David: "Sure…fine"

"What kind of Gila monster is she? I grew up in a fish market lady…there's only one thing I'll ever eat again that remotely smells like that…"

David looks at his watch…annoyed as he notices it's almost 8 pm and still no acknowledgment.

Maddie: "Are we late?"

David: "For what?"

Maddie: "Exactly, you've been checking that thing all day. What…your foe-lex need cranking?"

David: "This is a genuine Rolex…bought it for myself as a present a couple years back"

Maddie: "No you didn't, you've had that thing since I've known you and trust me…I know a Rolex when I see one and that watch is looking quite unfamiliar"

David: "Since you and Rolley are so closely esteemed, buy me one for my birthday"

David's shameless last minute ditch effort to jar Maddie's memory makes him squirm; was he that desperate for her attention?

Maddie: "Sure!"

David: "Sure?"

Maddie: "Yes, I think you deserve it…November 27th we'll go shopping for Rolexes… Me, you and Jimmy Hendrix"

David grits his teeth, he then recollects the random dates for his birthday he'd given Maddie during banter…Twitches' responses had screwed him out of a genuine Rolex.

Maddie: "David, are you okay?" her voice nurturing, speaking while patting his left hand which sits on the cars center arm rest

"Don't worry, we'll be at the restaurant soon… I'll eat my dinner, you'll drink yours and be passed out in no time."

In spite of himself, David thoroughly enjoyed having dinner with Maddie. With the Sandelman case closed, they had the time and energy to deal with the task of relating to one another. They bonded through cross-the-table glances and during the times their hands touched while reaching for the same breadstick.

It did David good to hear Maddie laugh at his foible of spraying the waiter with champagne during his attempt to remove the cork himself. Having the ability to communicate effectively is always a plus: The Sandelman case made for great dinner discourse…it was the wildest scenario they'd faced to date. So what she forgot his birthday…as long as she never forgets about him, them.

The ride home to Maddie's house was pleasant and quite. A perfect time for Maddie to sneak in some much needed rest…it had been a long day. David was happy to drive so she could nap, he only had a few glasses of champagne and his Jim Beam attack had worn off after his attempt at eating that gigantic porterhouse; offered free if completely finished.

David had never paid fifty bucks for dead flesh before…he made note never to be so frivolous with money in that way again.

The Bimmer sat stationed outside of Maddie's for twenty minutes before David had the heart to wake her. It was the best gift he could have received for his thirty-third birthday…the privilege of watching the woman of his dreams, dream.

David: "Maddie" his voice and touch on the same gentle wave length

The hair from the back of his hand tickled Maddie's supple cheek; her eyes low and her mouth parched.

Maddie: "We're here already?"

David aids Maddie through the front door. He didn't trust she was fully awake and had no intentions of picking thorns from the rose bushes out of her hair all night. Once she is inside, he returns to the car, retrieving Maddie's after dinner take-out from Shaw's Crab House; it's not really considered a doggy bag when you place a new order.

Dead bolted and chained, David turns from the door finding Maddie gone from immediate sight; he calls to her.

David: "Mad-die"

Maddie: "I'm in the kitchen"

The sparkle in David's eyes lit up the foyer, he'd known it all the time, she remembered. David jogs to the kitchen and jumps in with both feet like a kid on a trampoline.

Maddie: "What are you doing?" she laughs

David: "Uhhhh, just flexin' the ole leg muscles" looking around at the empty kitchen, no cake, no candles, no Aggie, no Bert…just Maddie drinking from the orange juice container.

"I do that sometimes after a job well done…you're usually not around" he fumbles to finish his con with dignity.

Maddie: "I'm pooped. Can you grab some ice cream and bring it to the bedroom?"

As Maddie leaves the kitchen, Twitch's words ring in David's ear …"Who loves you nut case?"

David: "She does", his response sure…happy

"What flavor?" he yells

Maddie: "Your choice" her voice echoing through the foyer as she ascends to her boudoir

David: "Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, she let me pick the ice cream, she truly loves me"

David grabs the French Vanilla from the deep freezer in the garage…they both love French Vanilla; it was important to David for them to share things they both love. Through the partially cracked bedroom door, a flashing gleam seeps through, reminding David of his days as a fireworks operator for the city: His eyebrows never fully grew back after that summer.

David steps in to find rose petals sprinkled about the rooms' floor, scores and scores of balloons with twisted, shiny ribbons attached and a black leather bomber jacket positioned on the bed with a large blue bow on top.

But the coupe de grace, for Twitch anyway…a neon sign in the shape of a decorated box cake, the words across flashing red then blue, then both; the colors signature of Maddie and David's hot and cold relationship…it reads…

Drunken Knights

a D&M production

The "D" in D&M wearing a crown…almost every queen has a king and David was the king of Maddie's heart. Capturing David's expression was pertinent to Maddie's gesture. The camera's flash twinkled against the signs illumination, celebrating the birth of a great relationship and their sweet reunion.

Maddie's mission was accomplished…she'd now toy with him in a way he'd much more enjoy.

Maddie: "May I have this dance?" She turns up the radio on her nightstand.

*Phyllis Hyman's mellow smooth voice fortified this atmosphere of love, gratefulness, and peace.

David: "You got me", his smirk bashful, his eyes moist

Maddie: "You didn't really think I would forget my birthday boy?"

David: "Never in a million years"

Maddie: "It's remarkable how you lie with such a straight face…big baby..." softly, then staunchly "… that thing goes out of here tomorrow morning, pronto"

And we have contact…their kiss full of apologies and confessions. Although night, Maddie felt the warmth of three days ago, this time it was from David's heart.

David: "What about late afternoon?" his baritone impeccable

Maddie: "Same thing", sultry... her reign

David: "Thank you, this is…"

Maddie: "Oh shut up and dance", her head turns slightly to rest on David's shoulders, her breath caressing his neck.

The present's shone red hue upon David and Maddie's skin likened to the flame within their hearts: Symbolic of the ever burning rapture that boils their blood and pumps it through their veins.

A forehead kiss planted by David pleases Maddie to tears; they sway to the beautiful melody that serenades their united spirit, the words… a page from their story.

Somewhere in my lifetime
I have kissed your lips
Lips so tenderly
They've been kissing me
They were visions
Of so long ago
You know memories come and go
So they say
People say, yes they do
Let visions of what
Of what will be
Somewhere in my lifetime
It was you and me...You and me
Somewhere in my lonely dreams
You've been here with me
Oh so close to me
And I've been loving you
Somewhere in my lifetime
Somewhere in my lifetime
Somewhere in my lifetime
It was


*Def Leppard, "Pour Some Sugar on Me" 1987

*Phyllis Hyman, "Somewhere in My Lifetime" 1979

*Otis Redding, "Chain Gang" 1967