In the summer, when the weather was warm and the days longer, it was always nice to walk from the Burrow back to Harry's cottage after Sunday supper. The air was heavy with the promise of a summer rainstorm and a soft breeze carried the smell of wild flowers. Charlie walked beside his companions and debated how to tell them his news. There was the off chance that they might not be as thrilled for him as he hoped, and he was worried that maybe, just maybe, they wouldn't want to go along with his plan.
The silence between him, Harry and Severus was a comfortable one on most nights. The time they had spent together as friends, lovers and deviants was more then enough to make the silent walk from the Burrow to Harry's place an easy one.

Except, it wasn't easy for him. He was keyed up and nervous. He wanted to tell them but he also wanted to keep it too himself. He wanted to kiss them both and have them fuck him there on the road, even though less the six hours before he had been riding Draco's arse like it the best place to be in the entire world. Because it is, he thought to himself with a smirk.

"So, are you going to tell us what your little smirk is all about or are you just going to remain silent and ever so broody?" Severus asked from his right side. Long white fingers settled at the base of his spine and moved is slow circles as they walked into Harry's garden.

"Not that your silent broody face isn't sexy. It's actually wicked and makes me want to jump you, but Sev's right. What's the smirk about?" Harry asked as he opened his front door.

The cottage was cool and dark, despite all the windows being open. The same soft scent of flowers that had lingered on the air outside had taken up residence in the sitting room. Harry walked into the room and lit the candles before turning around and leaning in to kiss Charlie lightly on the lips.

"Let me guess... you are smirking because of your dragon. Am I right?"

Charlie nodded and flopped down onto the floor and sighed. "Yes. He's been on my mind all night. For a few reasons."

"And those reasons are?" Severus asked as he settled on the floor behind Charlie and patted his thighs. Charlie knew what it meant and smiled. Even after three months with his own pet, his own lover, he was still as much Severus's boy as he had always been.

Sitting up, he scooted backward until he felt Severus's legs slip around his sides. Settling back against the lean body he opened his arms for Harry and smiled as the other man grinned and settled in front of him.

"There, that's better. Now, what are those reasons pet?" Severus asked again before kissing the crook of Charlie's neck.

"Well," Charlie shivered as the lips tickled over his ear lobe. "Dragon wants... he wants to meet the two of you."

"That's completely doable." Harry said just before slipped the middle finger of Charlie's left hand into his mouth. His tongue moved slowly around the digit and the redhead was hard pressed not to moan.

"That isn't... mmm... all. He's oh! Stop that, please." Charlie begged. His assailants chuckled and stopped their ministrations. "He's, well he's nervous. He knows you both."

Harry turned around in Charlie's arms and straddled the redhead's legs. "He's someone that Sev and I both know?"

Severus leaned forward and kissed Charlie's jaw just below his ear. "Of course we know him."

"From where?" Harry asked, a look of confusion on his face. Charlie kissed the tip of his slightly up turned nose before answering the question.

Just as he opened his mouth Severus's dark chocolate tones filled Harry in on the details. "Hogwarts."

"Hogwarts? Who would I know from Hogwarts that is called Dragon... OH!" Harry sat back on Charlie's legs and took in the faces of the two men in front of him. "Draco Malfoy?"

Charlie settled against Severus, who wrapped his arms around the red headed man in what could only be called a comforting act. "Yes. He knows about the two of you. Has done since our second date. I thought that it was only polite to let him know that while he is mine, I am someone else's."

Harry leaned in and nuzzled Charlie's neck. His lips trailed along the other man's freckled jaw and his hands settled on the lean hips that he had always loved so much. "Only if you still want to be. You know we love the time we all spend together but if you want to stop spending time with us... well... look. I know that we were the reason that you were lonely."

Charlie started to shake his head but stopped when he felt Severus hug him tighter. "Don't deny it pet. We know it was our fault. We should have told you how much we love having you with us. How much you are loved. Because you are."

"Yeah." Harry said. His green eyes bright with emotion. "We should have told you before and if you like Draco and he wants to meet us then we will meet him."

Charlie smiled and felt a knot release in his chest. He had known on some level that they loved him, because he loved them right back. But it wasn't the same way that they loved each other. And that's just fine,he told himself for what felt like the millionth time. The reality of the situation made the thought different though. He wasn't trying to convince himself because it was just fine. He was okay with knowing that Severus and Harry loved one another on a totally different level then they loved him, because he now knew that they also loved him. I have Draco to love as well, the thought made him smile before the realization of what he had admitted to himself hit him. Just as the words of his mental admission started to sink in he was startled out of his thoughts by Harry falling off his legs and letting out a loud peel of laughter.

"What has you in stitches pet?" Severus asked before trailing his lips over Charlie's neck while his fingers pinched the redhead's sensitive nipples through his shirt.

Harry's eyes sparkled when he opened them. The grin he gave his lovers was akin to that of the Cheshire cat. "Didn't Hermione mention at supper that you should bring your new boyfriend round for couples night?"

Charlie locked eyes with Harry and started to chuckle. He could feel Severus laughing silently behind him and he knew exactly what they were all three laughing at.

The look on Ron's face when he opened the door and saw his least favorite person in the world standing at his brother's side.


The music that poured from the speakers was just as loud as Severus remembered it to be in his youth. The artist may have changed but the message was still the same as was the smell of sweat, sex and clove cigarettes. Charlie, he knew, was sitting at a small table waiting for him to arrive. Harry had come early. His desire to dance and spend time getting to know Draco on a level besides the one they were accustomed too had driven him from his cottage an hour earlier.

Severus spotted his favorite red head and made his way over to the table that sat at the very edge of the dance floor.

"Is this seat taken?" He asked before leaning in and kissing Charlie softly on the lips.

"No. Feel free to join me." Charlie pulled out the seat beside him and indicated that Severus should sit down.

With a grace that his lovers had always appreciated Severus settled into the chair that was offered to him. On the crowded dance floor he was able to make out the bobbing white blonde head of his former student and by proxy, the messy ink black tresses of his lover.

"It is safe to assume that they didn't try to kill one another at first site?" Severus leaned in close to ask. His lips a hairs breath away from Charlie's ear.

"Yes. Actually, Harry was a perfect gentleman until Draco kissed him." Severus's arm settled across his shoulders and Charlie was hard pressed not to relax under the contact.

"He kissed him? Was there any tongue involved?" Laughter threaded Severus's voice as he watched the men in question dance to the thump of a heavy bass line.

"If there had been any tongue involved we wouldn't be here right now." Charlie chuckled and turned his head to look at the man sitting beside him. "Thank you."

"For what?" Severus asked before taking a sip of Charlie's beer.

"For this. For Draco and for letting me share Harry with you. Just... everything. Thank you." He lifted Severus hand and turned it over before kissing the palm. "These past few years with you and Harry and now with Draco. I'm really happy and all because you were willing to share."

Severus looked Charlie in the eye and lifted his hand to cup a freckled cheek. "No thanks are needed. Harry and I wanted you there. We still want you there. When we told you that we love you we meant it. You are mine just as much as Harry is. I know that you have been lonely and I know it was partially our fault. We discussed asking you to join us, to be with us, permanently, but we realized that you deserved more. The way Harry and I feel about one another. You deserve that. Not a love that could never be as deep. You can have that with your boy out there in that crowd."

Charlie smiled and turned his head to kiss Severus's hand. "That means a lot to me. I love you two as well. More then most people..." He lifted his eyes to look at the blonde dancing in the crowd.

"Do you love him?" Severus asked, letting his eyes focus on the two imps dancing in the center of a crowd of men. Their chests bare and glistening while their tight jeans rode low on undulating hips.

"I'm starting too."

"Our boys look good together don't they?" Severus asked as he started to stand. A long fingered white hand pulled Charlie up with him.

"Yeah, they do. Look at your boy. He looks amazing tonight doesn't he?"

"Both of my boys look amazing tonight." Severus replied before he leaned in and kissed Charlie on the mouth. His tongue sought entrance and it was granted. The flavor of dark beer and Charlie assaulted Severus senses for a brief moment before he pulled back.

"I want to dance, would you be so kind as to join me?"

Charlie nodded and slipped his fingers under the hem of his shirt. He knew that his master liked him to be topless whenever possible.


"Nice place Potter." Draco said with a smile that touched his grey eyes as he settled into an armchair in Harry's sitting room.

"Thanks. Don't get comfortable. That's Severus's spot." Harry informed the blonde as he moved into the room, a stack of thistle shaped tumblers in one hand and a bottle of whisky in another.

"Oban?" The blonde asked as he moved out of the chair and onto the couch.

"Talisker. Don't make that face, you know you want some."

Draco raised an eyebrow. "Are we still talking about the whisky?"

"You had better be." A disembodied voice declared from the kitchen, followed by a deep chuckle that could only belong to Severus.

"Don't worry Sir. We won't start without you." Harry called toward the kitchen as he sat the tumblers on the coffee table. With a glance at Draco he smiled. "Want to distract them?"

Draco nodded his head and stood.

"Take off your shirt and socks." Harry whispered, his fingers already pulling his t-shirt over his head.


Charlie stood in front of Harry's stove, an apron that said 'spank the cook' tied around his waist. Severus stood as his side, a sharp knife in his hand, slicing grape tomatoes. A container of mozzarella balls stood to the right of the cutting board. A plate stacked with paper towels sat on the counter by Charlie's elbow, hot fried eggplant slices steamed atop the plate.

"Is it just me or are our boys quiet all of a sudden." Severus asked as he used his knife to push the tomato halves into a bowl.

"I am pretty sure that they are up to something." Charlie replied, the spatula in his right hand turning a slice of breaded eggplant in the pan.

A soft sound behind them caused both men to turn around.

Draco stood in the kitchen door way. His hands behind his back and Harry attached to his left nipple.

"I believe that your current behavior qualifies as starting without us. Do you agree Charlie?" Severus asked as his arms crossed over his chest.

"I do Sev. Harry move away from Draco right now. And you had better not make me say it again."


Harry knew that after three years of submission to both Charlie and Severus he should have known better then to try and tempt the men. He knew that topping from the bottom was out of question and tempting them to do something they didn't want too was viewed as topping from the bottom.

Both men had serious rules about misbehavior. Severus was all about being creative and coming up with something that would drive Harry wild while getting his point across. Charlie on the other hand leaned toward denial. In the three years that they had been a sexual unit Harry had learned that Severus's creativity plus Charlie's denial of pleasure equaled a night of irritation, restraint and no physical contact.

Poor Draco, Harry thought from his position near the wall. He would have voiced his thoughts to the blonde man that hung next to him, but there was no way. Not with the large pink rubber ball between his lips. He was incapable of turning his head away from the scene before him to even look at Draco, but he knew that the other man was chained, gagged and collared just as he was.


Charlie poured more wine into Severus's glass while the other man served him another slice of eggplant. The sound of metal shifting made him lift his eyes to their boys.
A foot from the wall directly across from the table, Harry and Draco stood on the tips of their toes. Their leanly muscled arms stretched above their heads, four metal and leather cuffs attached to two different chains held their wrists.

Stripped down and hung from the ceiling, they looked delicious. The room was cool despite the summer heat but their skin was covered in fine sheen of sweat. Charlie knew it was because of the well placed heating charms that Severus had cast of them after they were chained into position. Harry, who was used to this type of reaction to his naughty behavior, looked far more dejected then necessary. Draco on the other hand hung there, his mouth opened wide around the pink rubber ball gag, looking calm. His grey eyes focused on the floor. He knew that he was in trouble. It was his first offence so he would get off lighter then Harry. Harry who was twitching around and trying his hardest to ease his own discomfort.

With a glance to Severus to make sure his thought process was being interpreted correctly Charlie pushed back from the table and walked to the men hanging form the ceiling. He could smell the combination of their sweat and he found it intoxicating. As he stood there he watched their cocks harden. The knowledge that it was just because he was standing there, watching them, made him smile to himself. With a glance over his shoulder he looked at Severus. When the other man nodded he turned back around and moved toward Harry. With the ease of someone who knows they are totally in control of the situation he released the posture collar that gripped Harry's neck.

"You wanted to play and decided not to listen to us when we told you to wait. By following your own wishes you touched something that doesn't belong to you." Charlie said in just above a whisper, his fingers held tight to Harry's face and he knew that there would be bruises in place of his fingers in the morning.

"In some cultures, your hands on my boy would warrant the removal of your hands. I'd put you over my knee and give you a bare arse whipping but we both know that you would enjoy that." As Charlie's voice got louder Harry's cock bobbed. A drop of precum beaded at the tip, milky clear, before running down the dark hair mans cock. "So now, you get to watch while we have fun."

Charlie turned toward Severus and gestured toward Draco with his right hand, "If you would be so kind."

Severus lifted his wand and silently cast a spell to make the chain securing Draco to the ceiling longer.

"On your knee's Dragon." Charlie said in a stern quiet voice, his fingers already working at the button and zip of his trousers.

Severus watched Charlie remove his clothes completely before standing and removing the t-shirt he had donned that morning. As his shirt fell to the floor Severus walked to Charlie and touched the other mans chest.

Two perfectly pink nipples hardened at the touch of the pale fingers.

"Take them off of me." Severus's voice was soft and smooth as he stroked Charlie's chest.

Ten thick fingers went to work on the button fly of Severus's jeans. With each button more of the Potion Masters skin was exposed to the eyes of the men hanging from the ceiling.

Charlie licked his lips and felt his own erection swell and become thicker. He knew what he wanted. He wanted Severus naked, hard and ready to fuck him. Slipping his fingers into the waist of Severus's trousers he pushed them down the man's lean hips.
The sight of Severus's thick purpled cock rising up from the thick thatch of black pubic hair made the other three men in the room whimper.

Severus chuckled and looked Draco in the eye. "You like my cock don't you little dragon? You want to taste it? Shall I let you kiss the tip of me little one?"

Draco dug his teeth into the pink ball in his mouth and attempted to nod his head. When movement in his neck proved impossible he groaned and blinked his eyes.

Severus smirked and stepped out of his jeans before moving to stand in front of Draco. The tip of his cock just brushing against the bound mans face as he leaned in to remove the posture collar and gag.

"You see that Harry? That cock you love so much is about to be slipped into Draco's mouth. He gets to taste Severus's cum." As Charlie spoke the words Severus took his cock in hand and painted the blondes lips with his precum. "Taste him Draco."


Harry whimpered for what felt like the hundredth time that night as Charlie bent at the waist in front of Draco. His thick fingers held freckled arse cheeks apart, revealing the wrinkled little star that few people had ever seen to all and sundry. The sight of Draco's pink tongue sliding between those spread cheeks was almost enough to make Harry explode. He knew how heady it was to feel that little pink star under your tongue. It was one of his favorite things to do. Whenever Severus planned to fuck Charlie and he wanted to torture Harry with it, he would have the dark haired younger man eat Charlie's arse. He could almost taste the bitter yet sweet flavor on his tongue. The feeling of the puckered skin was etched into his mind like a favorite song. He knew that if Draco rolled his tongue as it breached the hole that Charlie would moan like a bitch in heat. He knew that after a few probing stabs of that pink tongue Charlie would start fucking back onto the blonde's face. He knew that Charlie's cock was leaking so much that thick ropes of precum trailed from the tip of his penis to the polished wood floor of the dinning room.

Behind the gag that kept his mouth spread wide he salivated. The taste of the salty liquid that was being wasted, left to drip onto the floor, was something Harry desired almost as much as he desired the pink hole Draco was fucking with his mouth.

"That's enough." Severus's voice was thick as he settled to his knees facing Draco and Harry. "Come here pet."


Charlie spread his legs and lifted his arse for Severus's inspection. His thighs shook with the pent up adrenaline and his cock ached with the need to assault a mouth. The feeling of Severus's cool thin fingers slipping inside of him pulled a moan from his throat.

"You see this boys? I am going to slide my cock into his tight little hole and fuck him until he paints the floor with his cum. Then I am going to fill his sweet ass with mine. If you are good boys and listen to everything Charlie tells you, you can clean up our messes when we are finished."

As the last syllable left his mouth Severus pushed forward with his cock. The tight ring of muscle that would have stayed rigid in the face of another mans cock relaxed and opened for the invading piece of flesh. Charlie groaned and pressed back on the cock before locking his eyes on Draco's and opening his mouth.

"Fuck me Sev. Pound my fucking hole with your gorgeous cock. Mmm, fuck yes. Watch him boys. Look at that fat cock. Watch him fuck... oh! Yes, gods. Watch him fuck me. Don't you wish it were your tight little asses he was fucking. You would love to have him balls deep in your hole dragon. You are such a little slut for cock. You'd love it. You want him inside you don't you? I know you do. Gods Sev, harder."

Severus gripped the freckled hips harder and slammed into the man beneath him. The sound of his balls smacking into Charlie's was the only sound that filled the room until the red headed man began talking again. His voice rougher and ever so slightly higher pitched.

"You want this cock too don't you Harry. I know you do. I bet you thought that you could get all three of us to fuck you tonight. You wanted that didn't you, you little fucking whore? You have been gagging to have all three of our cocks stuffed into that gaping hole of yours. Should I tell Draco how much you like having a fist shoved elbow deep in your arse? Mmm, more. Give me that cock Sir. Pound me. Oh...yes, oh gods."

Severus reached one hand around until he was able to grasp Charlie's cock. Precum was pouring from Charlie's prick and it slicked the way for him. It only took three tugs before Charlie was groaning and shooting all over the floor. Less then a full minute later Severus felt his balls pull tight and he exploded into Charlie's eager body.


Harry sank to his knees, his vibrant green eyes focused on the floor. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Draco doing the same. The sight of Severus's perfect white feet made them both shiver.

"I think you boy's have been good enough for us that you deserve a treat. Harry, get over there and clean up the mess Charlie left on your floor."

"Draco," came Charlie's voice from behind Severus. "Come here, because you weren't the instigator you get to clean me up."

Harry lifted his eyes and looked at the scene before him as he cleaned the red heads spunk off his floor with his tongue. Draco crawled across the room until he was kneeling in front of Charlie, causing Severus to raise and eyebrow in his direction.

"The other side Draco. Haven't you ever heard of felching?"


"Are you sure that it was a good idea not to warn him that I am your date?" Draco asked for what the three men accompanying him were sure was the nine millionth time as they made their way up the walkway to Ron and Hermione's house.

The other two thirds of the golden trio, or the Weasley-Granger contingent as Severus liked to call them, had purchased the house three months before their wedding a year before. The two story Tudor style house stood back in its garden. Small pockets of renegade flowers, blues pinks and purples, punctured a sea of rich velvety green grass and rose up to great the men as they walked the stone pathway between the front steps and the low wall that separated the garden from the lane.

"It will be fine my dragon." Charlie said before leaning down to kiss the top of his boyfriend's head.

Severus smirked and pushed the doorbell. Two minutes later Hermione Weasley (nee Granger) stood in her entrance hall in stunned silence. The sight of Draco Malfoy standing on her front steps having left her speechless.

"Hello Hermione." Draco said, a small smile touching his lips.

From somewhere beyond the entrance hall Ron called out a hello to his guests. The sound of his shoeless feet echoed off the walls as he made his way towards his front door. A moment passed when no one in the hall said a word.

When Ron turned the corner into the entrance hall from the living room it took him a moment to realize what was going on. When his eyes fell on the blonde man standing in front of his brother he drew in a deep breath, sighed and shook his head.

"Well it could be worse." He said, his voice even and calm even as his eyes sparkled.

"How's that?" Charlie asked as he wrapped an arm around Draco's middle.

Ron smiled and winked at Harry, "It could have been Snape."