So, these are some drabbles based on lyrics from songs that keep popping into my head when I'm trying to do homework...They're mainly Janto, some Towen, some with Gwen, some angst, some fluff...a real mixture ;) This one is Right Here Waiting For You. I'll load the nine or so I've got, then update as I get the ideas...gaia-x-goddess

Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you

I'm stupid that way. I dream of another love, of being loved again. A love that won't die…But what I yearn for, I can't have with you…and I can't move on. I know that this loyalty will break my heart in the end…but when I imagine leaving, I can't. That's why I'll always be there waiting for you…hoping that one day, you'll open your eyes and realise. Who am I kidding…?

So when you came back to us, Jack, I'll still be here. Whoever you left me for, as long as you stay away, I'll wait. I'll wait a lifetime.