Thomas Tank Engine – The end

All the train drivers gathered in the Fat Controller's office.

Thomas and the other engines watched from outside as the Fat Controller addressed the drivers.

"What do you think they're talking about?" James asked.

"Probably about adding even more characters to this dying show," Thomas smiled.

"Shut up Thomas," Gordon grumbled "I should've been the star of this show…or at least have my own spin off show,"

Gordon looked into the distance:

"Hello and welcome to cooking with Gordon!"

Gordon smiled to himself "Yeah that's what I want,"

The engines watched as the Fat Controller pointed at them, and gesture at the drivers.

After a while the drivers came out followed by the Fat Controller.

"What's happening?" Thomas asked his driver enthusiastically "Are we getting a new character?"

"Or a spin off show?" Gordon added.

The driver (His name was Freddy) shook his head "I'm afraid not Thomas,"

Thomas frowned "Oh did you not like the look of the new character?"

Freddy looked down at his feet "That's not what we talking about Thomas,"

"The Fat Controller's not dying from an STD is he?" Thomas asked shocked.

"No Thomas," Freddy said.

"Then what's wrong?" Thomas said getting worried.

Freddy sighed "I'm afraid that we have to take off your faces,"

"Take off our faces?!" Thomas cried.

Freddy nodded "Yes, people were getting freaked out,"

"But we're so adorable and fun!" Thomas exclaimed.

"I'm sorry Thomas," Freddy said.

Two men approached Thomas. They both had crowbars.

"It's time Thomas," Freddy smiled sympathetically "Goodbye, I a will always love you,"

Thomas sneered "Get bent you ugly fuck! Fucking take my face off, I'll fucking crush you! You ugly bas-"

The two men ripped his face off swiftly with the crowbars.