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Is It All Just Pretend?

Chapter 1: Plans.

"Has Shane Grey really changed his ways? Well, we will find that out soon enough because their sold out US tour starts tomorrow"

Mitchie was sat curled up on the sofa, a smirk plastered upon her features as the presenters of Hot tunes TV speculated the new behaviour of the famous Rock star Shane Grey. Had the wild, bad boy of Connect three truely been tamed or had he remained in the mindset of a pompous, arrogant jerk? Mitchie let a small chuckle glide out of her mouth as an image of Shane Grey kicking a chair, his face twisted in anger and fury appeared on the screen. He really had changed. Mitchie couldn't even imagine the Shane Grey she had come to know doing such a thing. When she thought of Shane Grey she thought of the guy who had sung to her with the deepest intensity in his eyes. The guy who had become her best friend and the guy who had given her a second chance, and had pulled her from the wave of lies and deceit she had thought she would drown in. Shane Grey was the farthest thing from a jerk, or at least, he was now.

"Mitchie sweetie, are you packed?" Connie Torres entered the room, her eyes glistening with tears as she stared lovingly at her teenage daughter. Her beautiful teenage daughter.

"Yeah I have" Mitchie replied in a trance like state, her eyes fixated on the television. "Oh, mum don't cry!" Mitchie gasped as she finally met her mum's gaze, she dropped the remote immediately and enveloped her mother in a hug. "I'm not going to be gone that long!" Mitchie whispered into her hair.

"I know, but I'm going to miss you! I mean you're only sixteen, and you're off with Rock Stars gallivanting around the country." Mitchie laughed as she pulled away, wiping away her mums fallen tear. She couldn't help the shot of excitement that burst ecstatically through her body, the wait becoming completely unbearable. She had been sat downstairs, her bags packed and ready for almost two hours now and she still had another hour to indure. Another hour until the boys and Caitlyn Gellar would be at her door, whisking her off on the Connect Three tour.

"I'll miss you to mum" She said honestly, not being able to control the large smile that dominated her face.

"Oh, they're here." Connie sniffed as she stared out of the window. Mitchie spun around, following her mothers gaze, a small excited gasp forcing it's way through her plump, rosy lips.

"Why is he early?" Mitchie queried, as she watched Shane Grey slide out of his limo and traipse up her path. She stood still, her body shaking slightly with anticipation as she waited for the doorbell, not wanting to seem too eager. The doorbell finally echoed around the house, her heart beating feverishly as she leapt through the hall.

"Hi" Mitchie expressed as she opened the door, her eyes falling upon the sad smile upon Shane's face. Mitchie beamed as she felt his arms wrap around her waist and pull her into a hug. It was then she realised just how much she had missed him, his laugh, his smile, everything about him. Of course it was normal to miss your best friend, but after only two days of separation?

"Did you miss me?" Mitchie asked as she pulled away, desperate to lighten the mood that seemed tainted with misery.

"Yeah, look we need to talk" Shane uttered, his eyes filled with depression and sorrow.

"Erm, sure" Mitchie said slowly. "Come in" She stood aside, opening the door a little more to let him in. "That door there" She muttered, as he walked into her living room, sitting nervously and stiffly upon her sofa.

"So what's up?" Mitchie queried, her mind racing as she tried to figure out what they could possibly need to talk about. She feared that she was no longer allowed on the tour, meaning she would have to return to her monotonous life sooner than she had hoped.

"Have you heard of Ruby Jackson?" Shane asked as he looked down at his hands that were bundled into his lap.

"Yeah" Mitchie replied, disgust evident on her face. Ruby Jackson was a singer and the type of person you knew was a conceited, self-centred diva.

"Well, erm, we used to date. But we broke up a couple of weeks before I went to Camp Rock" Shane muttered as he scrapped his hand through his hair anxiously.

"Ok?" Mitchie said slowly, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she took a seat next to Shane, her hand resting on his own, urging him to continue.

"My agent thought it would be a good idea for her to tour with us, and when we ended things I assumed that wouldn't be the case anymore, but apparently not" Shane whispered, loathing dripping uncontrollably from his words.

"Oh, I see. So she's coming on the tour?" Mitchie asked, receiving a slow and sad nod from Shane. "I take it things ended badly?"

"To say the least. She dumped me, and then assumed I would never find love again and that I'd never get over the 'most perfect creation on the earth' "Shane spat, his hands raising viciously to perform the quotations.

"So she thinks you're still in love with her?" Mitchie asked, trying to soak in every piece of information.

"Yep. And I'm not. Not at all. I mean I was planning on ending it with her for god's sake! And know I have to see her everyday for the next month, and to make matters worse she's going to crucify for being single and assume that it's due to my undying love for her!" Shane shouted, jumping up from his seat on the sofa as he began to pace.

"Oh" Was all Mitchie managed to say, what could she say? "If there's anything I can do Shane." Mitchie offered, Shane nodded at her warmly before continuing his pacing.

"Well you could-" Shane began but then shook his head. "Never mind"

"No, what?" Mitchie interrogated, her eyes studying his frenzied form.

"No nothing, I can't ask you that" Shane told her calmly, his feet still dragging him fleetingly around the living room.

"Shane, I'm you're best friend, you can ask me anything" Mitchie said softly and sincerely, causing Shane to stop, his head twisting to see her.

"Ok" Shane whispered as he took a deep breath "Would you- maybe- you don't have to, you can say no if you want to…….but be my girlfriend?" Shane blurted out, his eyes moving furiously around the room as he avoided Mitchies gaze.

"W-what?" Mitchie stuttered, her throat tightening as she began to imagine.

"Would you pretend to be my girlfriend?" Shane asked, regaining his seated position next to Mitchie.

"Oh" Mitchie whispered, turning to look at him, forcing a small smile onto her face as she attempted to hide her disappointment. Wait disappointment? Why was she disappointed? "Sure, why not?" Mitchie replied, shaking the confusion and friendship breaking thoughts from her mind.

"You will?" Shane asked, his eyes sparkling with gratitude.

"Of course" Mitchie smiled, her mind still trying to decipher the empty feeling in her heart.

"Thanks so much Mitch" Shane declared, kissing her swiftly on the cheek. Mitchie looked down immediately as she felt a flush rise to her cheeks. Why was she blushing?

"It's ok." Mitchie said as she lifted her head once more. "We better get out stories straight though" Shane nodded as they began to create their tale of romance, the emotions and the dates.

Mitchie studied Shane as he pitched her a very unrealistic reason behind their 'relationship', his face was flawless and his hair was considerably shorter than when she had last seen it, shining hypnotically as the light hit it.


Since when did she talk about her best friend like that? Since when did she stare lovingly at him while he spoke? Since when did she perch so close to him? Mitchie knew something was wrong, Mitchie knew that not been normal. But she quickly banished the thoughts from her mind, she needed to focus, she need to concentrate, she needed to stay in character and stay away from such friendship demolishing emotions. Because from this moment on, she was Shane Greys girlfriend.

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