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Chapter One: Girls just wanna have Fun.

"Alright class, get your things together and sit down until your parents get here." I said. As much as I loved these little kids I was glad to be going home. Kindergarteners could be very tiring.

Most of the kids were gone by now, expect for one. A little blonde headed girl with the most beautiful emerald green eyes. She was sitting by herself at a round table, with her head rested on her hand.

"Kailee, are you alright?" I asked her as I sat by her. She looked up sadly.

"My Daddy is picking me up today. I think he forgot." Kailee said with the saddest little puppy dog face. I just couldn't stand to see her so sad. Then I got an idea.

I got up and walked over the radio. The songs Girls Just want to Have Fun came on. I walked over to Kailee, and saw her little face just light up. She stood up and we started to dace.

When the next two songs were over Kailee and I just fell onto the couch. I knew that teachers were not supposed to get too close wither their students, but I just loved Kailee, and I knew I would do anything to make her happy. Even if it meant acting crazy.

"Miss Bella? [they call her miss Bella]

"Yes?" I said as I looked down at the little blonde headed girl.

"My daddy's here." She said pointing at the door.

"Oh, I see I told you he didn't forget." I said as I stood up and walked over to get her bag.


Just as I pulled into the parking lot of my little angel's school I heard music and much laughter.

"Girls, they wanna have fun, girls, they just wanna have fun." I knew one of the voices was my daughters but not the others.

I walked up the steps of the small kindergarten building. When I got to the door I stopped and was amazed by what I saw. Kailee was jumping and dancing. The woman laughing and telling Kailee what a wonderful singer she was.

They dance through 2 more songs before they noticed me. During this time I got a chance to take in the woman. She had long brown hair and the most amazing brown eyes to match. She was beautiful and didn't seem to notice.

"Miss Bella?" Kailee said as she looked at me, her smile growing bigger.


"My daddy's here." Kailee said as she pointed towards me. Bella had yet to see me.

"Oh, See I told you he didn't forget." She said looking over at me for the first time as she grabbed Kailee's bag.

"Hi. Mr. Cullen." Bella said as she handed me Kailee's bag.

"Mr. Cullen is my father. I'm Edward." I said. She looked down a brief minute, embarrassed.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Kailee's teacher, Bella." She said as Kailee was pulling on my pants leg.

"Daaadddddddyyyyyyy. Let's go. Spongebob is coming on." Kailee said walking towards the door.

"Kailee Lauren Cullen, you're being very rude to Miss Bella." I said as Kailee laughed at me.

"It's alright really; I know how important Spongebob is." Bella said laughing. It was a beautiful sound.

"Well, I will see you tomorrow Kailee." She said.

"Miss Bella, tomorrow is Saturday." Kailee said laughing.

"Oh that's right." She said laughing once more as Kailee and I left.

When we got to the car I could see Bella getting in her own. As we pulled away I could her crying. She had her head resting against the steering wheel, just weeping. I planned to find out why.

Why was Bella crying?

Why Is Kailee's middle name Lauren?

Is Edward single?

Is Bella?

All these questions will be answered soon. =]

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