In the Beginning......

Hero4Hire (a.k.a. Montridge) took a break from her normal story neighborhood.

Mainly, because she's searching for custom content lost while trying to organize her downloads folder, but that's another story all together!

'It's been awhile since I just played the game.' H4H mused to herself. 'I'll pick the smallest neighborhood and populate it with random people. I'll just have fun and make up the story as I go along.'

So she chose a very tiny neighborhood that she downloaded from TSR and decided to create Sims to populate it.

Once in CAS, she decided that every home in the small hood, would consist of a single person just starting out. It might be amusing to see these new single Simmies interact and hook up.

H4H decided to create a woman first.

A pretty dark eyed Sim with Hispanic features was formed.

A roll of the dice made her a romance Sim. Another chose the size of her lot.

'Your name is Annette Ayres.' H4H's voice rumbled. 'You're turn ons are jewelry and fitness. Your turn off is vampires. Now go forth into the neighborhood of Friendly. Mingle with the locals and multiply.'

So Annette was placed on a lot in Friendly and given life.

H4H sat back with her mocha latte and pronounced it good.

With minimal interference H4H sat back and called this new project.

'The Friendly Neighborhood Chronicles.'

Glossary of terms for non-Simmers:

TSR: The Sims Resource-One of the many web-sites where you will find custom made content for your Sims.

CAS: Create a Sim mode. You design a Sim from head to toe. You can even give them personality, family members, and a short biography.