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Chapter 31!

All I really remember was the pain.

It was like a searing hot flat iron running all over the top of my skin, like boiling water gushing in my vanes. My head wanted to explode, it pounded so hard. And the worst part, I couldn't even scream to help the pain a little. I could do nothing. I was surrounded in a black room of pain. Nothing else but that one feeling. Nothing but pain. Not even fear.

Then it all stopped.

All at once it was gone. The pain turned to nothingness, the blackness surrounding me seeming even more pronounced. Claustrophobia swept over me. The blackness squeezed me tighter into a ball, tighter and tighter yet. So tight that I could hardly breathe. I felt my heart beat slow, then it was gone. Gone completely. The blackness squeezed tighter.


And like that, the blackness was gone. Cold air filled my lungs when I breathed in, opening my eyes to see the clear blue sky. I blinked and watched as a cloud molded into a different shape, a different identity. Things that I could never smell before filled my nostrils. Pine, earth, the wind carried a sent that was a little tangy, something familiar. Something moved in the corner of my eye, making my eyes automatically glance that way. There stood Naruto a ways away, with Hinata peeking over his shoulder at me. He looked a little anxious.

"Sakura, stand up." Came that voice that had dispelled the blackness.

I looked to my other side to see Gaara leaning down to help me up. He looks different. A lot different, but the same. His face is more defined now, his chin looks a little sharper, his eyes a brighter sea foam green color. The blackness around them deeper. I studied him as he helped me stand.

"How do you feel?" He asked a little slowly, looking me over a little.

I looked down at my body and frowned. My clothes are shredded, shirt barely covering what it is supposed to. I will have to cut the legs off my pants and make them into shorts, they are to ripped to fix. There is dried blood all over my arms, and I can see more through the rips in my shirt and pants. But I don't feel that stinging feeling I usually do when I am cut. As I thought, no cuts. I ran my hands down my stomach, and down my legs. Not one cut or bruise, just dried blood.

"Okay, I don't seem to have any cuts." I murmured, rubbing my face. I ran my fingers through my hair. "What happened to my clothes?"

"You don't remember?" Tsunade asked, stepping closer. All of the others were lined up against the tree line, all eyes were on me.

"Remember what-" And just like that, the memories started to flood back. The pain of it all sent me to my knees, staring dumbly at the ground. "Oh." I whispered at last. "Yes, I remember." I could feel the pain of the memories shaping my face.

That's when I started to notice things. My sense of smell has increased, along with my visibility. I can see the details in the blades of grass, something I would have had to look through a microscope before to see. Everything feels hot against my skin, even the ground. The inside of my mouth is all sticky, like my saliva has turned into a gel substance. And I feel a hidden strength that I have never felt before.

Slowly, like there was a ticking explosive in front of me, I got to my feet.

I looked out towards the sky and breathed slowly. Something moving towards the east horizon caught my eye. Then something weird happened. My eyes zoomed in on it, showing a bald eagle calmly flapping its great wings as it searched high and low for its prey. My eyes came back into my head and I gasped.

"What is it?" Gaara's voice sounded a little concerned.

I could feel my breathing start going rapid, my eyes darted around until I finally spun around with a speed that had everyone lower a little into a defensive position. I stared at Gaara until he rose to his full hight, something swirling in his eyes. Shame. Shame for himself, shame for what he did to me.

His eyes dropped to the ground and he ran a hand through his hair.

"It was the only way to save you..." He whispered at last. "I couldn't bare the thought of this world without you." Slowly, his sea foam eyes met my own sea foam orbs.

Surprise spread on his face when he saw my small smile.

I slowly, so not to startle the others, walked towards him, grabbing his shirt and pulling him down until our lips touched gently. It was a feeling I have never before experienced. His lips are no longer frozen, but warm and soft. The way they would be if he were human like I was.

So this is what it feels like to be an immortal.

"I'm not mad." I whispered, smiling up into his eyes. "But Sachio isn't going to be happy."

A slow smirk spread on his face.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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