Sometimes, things don't go the way you want them to. That's how life mostly is. It's full of surprises. For the Sanzo Party, they were pretty much used to things going that way. But in this fanfic, they'll learn it more than ever…

They had been traveling for what felt like years; but in reality was only a few days. They had finally arrived in a village after days in the desert. They immediately went into a hotel, wanting to rest from their tiring journey west.

Sanzo was checking them into the hotel. The others were standing shortly behind him. As the light shown from the window, glistening off of Goku's crown, he began to talk with Hakkai.

"I mean it, curry sounds great right now!" Goku continued.

"In this heat?" Hakkai commented.

"Anything sounds good right now, I'm hungry!"

"Man," Gojyo sighed. "I'm so freaking bored!"


"What now, monkey?"

"Can we go get something to eat?"

"Can't we get settled first?"


"You'll live."

"I swear, you have no feelings!" Goku whined.

Sanzo sighed, already triple annoyed than usual.

"How about I take him out for a snack?" Hakkai chuckled, "Better yet, Gojyo, you take him."

"I need more smokes anyway." Gojyo agreed.

"Sounds alright with me, then I don't have to listen to any more of his whiney-ass comments." Sanzo agreed as well.

Hakkai smiles and nods, "Then it's settled."

"Yay!" Goku shouts as he throws his arms in the air and skips out of the room. Gojyo stuffs his hands in his pockets and walks out after him.

After they leave, Sanzo and Hakkai haul their little luggage up to their rooms and relax while they wait for the other two to return. Sanzo was in Hakkai's room, smoking while Hakkai plotted their supplies as usual. Sanzo was sitting by the window as he watched the rain fall down.

A few moments of silence, and that's when the two returned. Hakkai chuckled. "Not too much silence with you two around."

Gojyo tossed Hakkai the credit card and lit up one of his cigarettes. Goku plopped down on the bed, satisfied.

"Enjoy yourself?" Sanzo asked, partially annoyed.

"Yup!" goku replied, patting his stomach.

Sanzo huffed out a cloud of smoke and continued glancing at the rain outside.

"Something wrong, Sanzo?"

"Everything's fine."

"But you're not normally this…well, no"

"What are you babbling about now?"

"Well, you're just kinda..acting different, that's all."



"I never thought you could be this annoying."

"Never thought that was possible." Gojyo commented.

"Shut up, I'm just wondering." Goku said defensively.

"Apparently, or I wouldn't have said it." Sanzo grumbled.

"That's amazing.." Gojyo commented.

"I thought so." Sanzo agreed.


Goku sighed. "Seriously Sanzo, you're acting different—it's kinda creepy."

Sanzo grunts, gets up, and leaves the room, heading to his own.

Goku sighs. "Oye." And follows Sanzo, entering quietly into his room. Sanzo senses his presence and glares at him as he approaches.

"What are you doing here?" Sanzo asks angrily.

"Checking on you, of course."

"Well get out, I don't want you in here."

"You never do, but it seems like you're in a funk…so I'm not leaving until you talk, so spill it."

"NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!" Sanzo shouts, and then suddenly punches Goku in the face. Goku grunts at the impact and staggers a bit as he backs up a couple steps. He rubs his face and tears come to his eyes. "San…zo?"

Sanzo stares at him, not sure what to do. Goku lowers his head, turns, and runs out of the room.

"Stupid monkey…" Sanzo mutters, sounding a little—LITTLE—upset.

Hakkai and gojyo enter a moment later, looking confused and concerned.