Who Thought Things Would End Up This Way?

Here's my newest story with lots of friendships, and relationships. =))

Chapter 1: It's Been A Long Day

Peytons POV

It's been a long day
And all I've gotta say is make it strong
It's been a long day
And all I've gotta say is I've been wrong
So take a league of absence
Tell me you'll be gone
I don't wanna see your face
It's been a long day
And I just wanna hide away

I've been living in LA for three years now. Right now I'm sitting in an airport waiting for my best friend Brooke Davis to arrive. I'm also listening to It's Been a Long Day by Rosi Golan on my ipod right now. Can you believe she's unsigned? Anyway I'm sitting here waiting for Brooke to come in from Tree Hill where her company's taken off very well. Clothes Over Bros' maybe you've heard of it. I live in a small apartment off of Rodeo Drive, very good shopping Brooke would like it there.

It's been a long week
And all the lines come down heavy on me
It's been a long week
I'm finally feeling like it's ok to break
Into a thousand pieced
No one can replace
Only I can find my way
It's been a long day
And I just wanna hide away

As I sit here I'm kind of scared. Not about something serious it's kind of stupid, but a big deal to me I guess. We'll Brooke's supposed to stay with me for the next 2 months since it's summer and well I haven't told her that I'm living with someone. I'm not talking about a roommate but I'm talking about my boyfriend, well actually my fiancé. I still have to get used to that. Yeah it's new. Well it's not really who anyone expected. Back in Tree Hill everyone, including Brooke thought I would end up with Lucas Scott. My ex, he's also an author and just happened to write his only novel about me and our love. We were those high school sweethearts everyone expected to be together forever. Back then I thought he was the one too, that we were forever but that was before we broke up and I met Julian Baker. Julian's a movie producer, and really cute. The part I'm scared to tell Brooke about is that I have a fiancé when she didn't even know I had a boyfriend or that I was dating. It's going to be hard for her to understand but I know she'll be there for me she's my best friend and always will be.

It's been a long year
And everyone around me is disappearing
It's been a long year
And all this mess around me is finally clear
So can I have a moment
Just to say hello
Can u let your anger go
It's been a long year
And I'm finally ready to be here


Brooke spots Peyton waiting for her at the gates and runs toward her and they pull each other into a tight hug.

Brooke: P. Sawyer I missed you!

Peyton: I missed you too B. Davis!

Brooke: I can't wait to see your apartment and go shopping and hang out! Its been to long.

Peyton: You think we can go for a little drive and lunch first before we head to my place?

Brooke: Yeah for sure. Come here.

Brooke pulls Peyton into another bear hug.

Brooke: I've missed you Buddy.

-- --

Here's the first chapter =)) So lots of drama and funness is coming your way. Hope you enjoyed this chapter, it's just the introduction really so it's short. The other's will be much longer I promise! For my friends on FF this is the story you've all been waiting for here's the beginning. I've got the next couple chapters already done I just need to type them up but I'm going to space out they're postings a little. Also I'm going away to Wilmington Saturday so I will be gone for a couple day's but I'll be home by Wednesday March 18th so be expecting an update :DD Find me on livejournal, blogspot, and youtube by searching PeytonMelissa.