Who Thought Things Would End Up This Way?

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Chapter 4: Far More

(Right once they stepped into the hallway Brooke noticed what they were wearing).

Brooke: You actually want to go to the club wearing these rags?

Peyton: You're right let's go change.

(5 minutes later they were back on there way).


Peyton: This is our favourite club to go to in town.

Brooke: Well what are we waiting for?

Is this the sound of our demise
Or just the opposite?
I love you and I miss you
What else is there to say?
It takes a hell of a lot more to complete this

2 shots later

Brooke: So you ready to tell me the real reason why you don't want to go to Tree Hill?

Peyton: Brooke there's no reason, I just want to spend more time with you.

Brooke: Are you sure it has nothing to do with your blonde broody ex-boyfriend?

Peyton: Brooke… me and Lucas haven't been together for two years I'm fine.

Brooke: Sure.

Peyton: What you don't believe me?

Brooke: Peyton.

Peyton: You know what I don't have a problem with Lucas and come to think of it I got to leave earlier than I expected, so have a nice night. Bitch.

Far more, far more to recreate
Far more, far more, far more, far more
Far more, far more than we can take

(Peyton entered her apartment without Brooke).

Julian: What you doing home so early? Where's Brooke? (Julian asked noticing how Peyton came home alone).

Peyton: I wasn't having fun, and we got in a fight so I left her there.

Julian: By herself?

Peyton: She can find her way back.

Julian: Peyton, don't you think that's a little harsh? She just got here today and doesn't know her way around town?

Peyton: Nope. Well I'm going to go to bed you coming.

Julian: Not right now.

Peyton: Well goodnight. (She kissed him on the cheek then headed to her room and closed the door).

When you decide how much time
Do you let, do you let, do you let, do you let
Pass before
These false starts, these small meals
They're for my, for my starving hands
Just treading, just treading shallow waters
Avoiding the drop, the drop in the ocean floor

(Julian had no idea what had gotten into Peyton. He's never seen her act like this before, and he felt bad for Brooke. Did she even know the address to the apartment?)

2 hours later……

(Julian made his way into The Mod Club, after driving around aimlessly to every bar in town. Julian caught sight of Brooke drunk at the bar, with a guy all over her).

Julian: What do you think you're doing? Go away? (He yelled at the man). Brooke C'mon we're going home.

Brooke: Juuuliann??

Julian: Yeah Brooke it's me, c'mon. (He carried her outside into the car and drove her back to the apartment).

Far more, far more, far more, far more
Far more, far more than we possess
How much, how much, how much
How much longer, girl
How much longer do we need to wait?

Brooke: Thank you.

Julian: No problem. (He replied as he brought her to her room, and put her in bed).

(As Julian walked out of Brooke's room, Peyton walked out of theirs).

Peyton: What were you doing in there?

Julian: Well I thought since you left her at the club I would bring her home.

Peyton: You had no right to do that.

Julian: Peyton, you couldn't just leave her there.

Peyton: I could and I DID!

Julian: Peyton what is going on with you?

Peyton: Nothing I'm sorry. Look I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. (Her eyes started to water she wasn't exactly sure why).

Julian: Don't cry, c'mere (He pulled her into a hug).

Peyton: Not that I'm not enjoying this but we should head to be…(As she was about to say bed the wave of nausea hit her, and she raced towards the bathroom, and Julian followed).

Julian: Peyton you okay? (He questioned as he held up her hair as she barfed into the toilet).

Peyton: Yeah I'm fine. I've been getting stomach aches at night lately. I'm used to it.

Julian: Why haven't you told me.

Peyton: I don't want you to worry.

Julian: We'll were going to the doctor tomorrow.

Peyton: No, Julian!

Julian: I know you hate doctors, but this isn't normal.

Peyton: It's been like two days.

Julian: You're lying.

Peyton: No I'm not.

Julian: Let's get you back to bed, we'll talk about this in the morning. (Peyton flushed the toilet, re-brushed her teeth and then they walked into the bedroom and went to sleep).

Peyton: I love you, you know that?

Julian: I love you too.

I love you and I miss you
What else is there to say?

-- --

Chapter 4 =))

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