Who Thought Things Would End Up This Way?

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Chapter 5: No Good

(It was the next day which meant Peyton and Julian were off to the doctors. Brooke was still at the house when they left).

Brooke: Hello?? (She yelled into the hallway as she came out of her room). Anyone Here? (Still no answer so she realized that they must have gone out).

I never feared the unexpected
'Till I found myself in this peculiar place
Unaware of where I was headed
Turns out it was your footsteps I had chased

Dr. Copeland: Ms. Sawyer. Mr. Baker. I'm just going to ask some questions before we start.

Peyton: Okay.

Dr. Copeland: How long have you been experiencing this pain, and nausea?

Peyton: A few days.

Dr. Copeland: Any history of diabetes in the family? Altimers?

Peyton: No

Dr. Copeland: Cancer?

Peyton: My birthmother died of cancer. Why? What's that face you're making?

Dr. Copeland: I just want to run a few tests. I'll be right back.

Julian: Peyt, it's going to be okay. Whatever we find out I'm here and always will be.

Peyton: I know, but I'm scared.

Julian: I know honey.

Well I should know so much better than this
But you've occupied the center of my universe

(Peyton and Julian walk into their apartment).

Julian: C'mon the doctor said you should get some rest. (Brooke eyed them as they walked in, a little curious).

Peyton: Okay.

(Peyton lies down in her room, then Julian goes to the couch and joins Brooke).

Julian: Hey

Brooke: Hey, so thanks again for yesterday.

Julian: No problem. You know I've never seen her like that before. I couldn't believe she just left you there.

Brooke: It's my fault anyway.

Julian: No, it's not.

Brooke: Yeah, I started bugging her with talk about Lucas. (This made Julian a little uncomfortable). I don't have anything against you or anything I was just asking her random questions since she's going back to Tree Hill is like less than a week but I like you I do and I think you're really great with Peyton. I wasn't like telling her to get back with Lucas if you're worried about that. And now I'm rambling like an idiot.

Julian: I find it kind of cute.

I'm moving in reverse
Under your mighty curse
I hate myself for loving you
I turn my head away
But my heart will remain
'Till the day I learn you're No Good for me

Brooke: So, what's going on with her anyway? (Changing the subject).

Julian: Well, she apparently hasn't been feeling well lately, so we just went to the doctors and they took some tests.

Brooke: Why didn't she tell me?

Julian: She didn't even tell me.

Brooke: Oh, well what's the problem?

Julian: They said it could be cancer.

Brooke: Cancer? Really?

Julian: We'll know in a week, but I'm worried about letting her go to Tree Hill alone.

Brooke: What if we went with her?

Julian: That's not a bad idea. But only if it comes to that, which hopefully it won't.

Brooke: So what did you think the problem was when you left this morning?

Julian: Well, I thought about pregnancy possibly. Which would make more sense the hot and cold, leaving you at the bar.

Brooke: I never thought of that. But she was drinking so does that mean she had no idea?

Julian: Maybe. Maybe.

It's illogical and it's outrageous
The way I let you keep me hangin' on
Your character is that contagious
I know I should have thought before I had done
I've gone and let my impulse be my guide
And on that note I'll be defenseless for some time

Julian: So I know you probably want to go explore the town, I'd come with but I'm gonna stay here all day with Peyton.

Brooke: You want some company?

Julian: Why, not

I'm moving in reverse
Under your mighty curse
I hate myself for loving you
I turn my head away
But my heart will remain
'Till the day I learn you're No Good for me

Brooke: Were you really a mathlete in highschool?

Julian: I was thee mathlete.

Brooke: I can't believe it.

Julian: Why not.

Brooke: I thought you'd be one of those people who played sports in highschool. Like football, or basketball.

Julian: Nope. What were you like in highschool?

Brooke: Me, oh god. I, I was someone who I'm not very proud of. And I wish I didn't do a lot of the stuff I did back then because you can't take any of it back.

Julian: That's understandable.

Brooke: So how'd you and Peyton meet?

Julian: Haven't you heard the story already?

Brooke: Well no, because I didn't know she was with anyone till I got here.

Julian: Really?

Brooke: Yeah. She wasn't hiding it she just said she didn't want to tell me over the phone and rather have told me everything in person, but we haven't really had that much time to talk yet.

Julian: Well, she would probably want to tell you the story.

Brooke: Please?

Julian: Fine I'll tell you about the first time we met.

Brooke: The first time? How do you meet twice?

Julian: Do you want to hear it or not?

Brooke: Right, sorry.

Julian: Well I was at the record studio that she worked at. I don't remember why, and I heard someone crying, so I peeked my head inside and there was Peyton.

Julian: Probably just a jam in the three-hole punch tray, total pain in the ass, but totally not worth a pretty girl crying over.

Peyton: The last thing I need right now is some shallow-ecocentric-hotshot-music producer hitting on me.

Julian: Wow. Okay. (Walks out the door, but then back in).

Julian: Just for the sake of argument, what if I was more a failed-guitarist-turned-fledgling-indie producer type?

Julian: No? Alright. (Starts to leave once again, but then turns around one last time).

Julian: You know the best thing about a paper jam?

Peyton: What?

Julian: It forces you to open up the machine, to figure out what went wrong in the first place.

Hey you there keep your distance
Don't you come around here
Don't test my patience baby
'Cause I aint gonna let you off easy

Brooke: That's so cute.

Julian: She was crying over Lucas it was like the day after they broke up.

Brooke: Nice timing.

Julian: How did I know?

Brooke: True. Ahh I want to hear more.

Julian: That's all you get.

Brooke: C'mon. Please?

Julian: Not gonna work.

Brooke: Fine.

I'm moving in reverse
Under your mighty curse
I hate myself for loving you
I turn my head away
But my heart will remain
'Till the day I learn you're No Good
'Till the day I learn you're No Good
'Till the day I learn you're No Good for me

(Peyton walked out of her room to join her fiancée and friend on the couch).

Julian: I'll leave you two alone. (He walked into the other room).

Peyton: I'm sorry.

Brooke: It's okay.

Peyton: No it's not. I was a huge bitch. I don't know what came over me. I'm really sorry.

Brooke: Come here! (Brooke pulled her into a big bear hug). Hoes over bros right?

Peyton: Buds over studs! (They hit knuckles).

Brooke: I love you , and I'm always here for you.

Peyton: I know.

Brooke: Do you want to talk about anything?

Peyton: Well I went to the doctor today. I'm guessing Julian told you. And I'm scared Brooke.

Brooke: Buddy, I'm always going to be here for you. And if you don't feel comfortable telling Julian everything, then just tell me.

Peyton: Okay I will. (Just then the house phone began to ring).*brrrrinnnng* Julian will you get that?

Julian: Sure!

Brooke: The phone's right beside you.

Peyton: Oh. (She actually hadn't noticed).

Julian: Peyton! Phone! (He yelled to her).

Peyton: Got it. Hello? (Peyton walks towards the bedroom).

Karen: Hey Peyton it's Karen. Do you think you'd be able to get on a flight to Tree Hill tomorrow?

Peyton: Yeah, probably why?

Karen: Nothing really important, but me and Andy were hoping to get away earlier thanexpected so we need to just move everything up.

Peyton: Okay, so I guess I'll see you tomorrow.

Karen: Thanks Peyton. Bye.

Peyton: Julian! Brooke!

Both: Yes? (They said in unisons).

Peyton: I have to go to Tree Hill tomorrow.

You're No Good, you're No good, you're No Good, you're No Good for me
You're No Good, you're No good, you're No Good for me

Ooh you're No Good
Ooh you're No Good
No Good for me

-- --

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