Ok just to clairify. Naruto doesn't want to become Hokage. He doesn't want to protect everyone just his friends. The rest of Konoha can go screw themselves.

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Chapter 3

By: 4493marine

Someone stepped out in front of them. Naruto recognized him at once.

"Oh its just the perv from this morning. I was actually scared for a second." He said

"Hey shut up. I'm not a perv. Im Jiraiya the SUPER PERV" the old man replied doing some weird shuffle thing. (Which I shall now call"The Pervy Shuffle")

"Anyway I'm going home." Naruto replied trying to edge away.

"I want to train you." The Perv said

Naruto was shocked. No one even liked him. Why would someone want to train him? He was the town's whipping boy.

"Why? You do know I was the Fox Demon's container until I let him free." He said

"Yes. Sarutobi told me about how you found a loop hole. What was the loop hole by the way."

"I made a deal with the Devil. I summoned the Shinigami with the foxes help and we signed a contract in blood. The Shinigami would take the Fox out of my seal and the fox would be contained in Hell forever."

"AHH I knew Arashi would leave a back door. Anyway I want to train you because your the son of my student, Karin Inuzuka"

To say that Naruto was suprised was an understatement. He was the son of an Inuzuka.

"Who was my father and you cant want to personally train me just cause of that." He said

"Your father was a blacksmith one of the best. He made the Yodaime's special kunai. Also to answer your second question. No if you were just her son I would have you trained by someone I trust but you have a summoning contract. I want to train you to be able to kill Orochimaru and become the 3rd sannin. The Wolf sannin." the Man replied

The meaning of what Jiraiya had said was stifling. He had the Toad Sannin asking to train him to be the 3rd Sannin.

"I don't know. Can I do it" Naruto asked

His old insecurities were bubbling up making him afraid. Years of abuse made him uneasy his confidence had been shot for years. He was always wearing a mask but down inside he was unsure, afraid, a cowering child. His life with the wolves had taught him not to be afraid but he was once again feeling the cold pit in his stomach.

"Yes you can. You can do it if you try hard enough." Came the soft response

"I will. I have to become strong. I have to be able to protect the old man, Ayame, Cib, and mom. I have a pack now and I have to protect them." He said resolutely

The Perv was amazed that someone that had been through so much could survive and find happiness.

'Karin your child is a lot like you. You would be proud.'

"Alright meet me at training ground 72 after your mission and training tomorrow." the perv then disappeared in a puff of smoke and leaves.


The next day Naruto's team was sent on a capture mission.

"This is Lazy Ass troublesome"

"This is doggy style. I'm in position. I hate you Naruto."

"This is smokestack. I have the target is sight."

"This is Wolf Boy. Move in"

They circled the cat while Cib jumped on its back and wrestled it to the ground. Asuma picked it up and started walking off.

"Lets go. I think we just beat the old record" he said through a mouth full of death stick

Kiba looked murderously at Naruto.

"Next time I pick the code names." he growled

"What you don't like mine" He started counting them off on his fingers "Wet Dog, Fido, Doggy Style, Fuzzy, Butt Licker. None of those."

10 minutes later they could be found sporting bruises and cuts from fighting. Shikimaru had accidentley gotten dragged in and his pineapple hair looked like it had been peeled and cut in quarters.

They turned in the cat and went to their training ground. Shikimaru was given weights and made to run, do push ups, and pull ups. Naruto was given a lesson in Kunai and Shuriken from Asuma. Last but not least Kiba was made to climb up and down trees with a full back pack on. After training they went to lunch at a Dango stand.

They met the Female team their. Kurenai was their and so were Ino and Sakura but Hinata was missing.

"Where's Hinata." Kiba asked

"She is with her other sensei learning confidence while I beat the fangirl out of these two." Kurenai answered

Sure enough Hinata came in scrapped up and looked like she had been chewed on by a snake. (Oh the Irony is they don't know how true that is) She was with a provocatively dressed purple haired Jonin. She introduced herself as Anko then began to promptly flirt with Naruto.

An hour and a very weird lunch later Naruto said goodbye to his friends and went to training ground 72.

The perv wasn't there and Naruto sat down on the ground against a tree. A hour later he was still waiting quietly. All of the sudden he jumped away as the tee blew backwards. The sage stood there on the trunk holding what looked like a swirling ball of air.

"Good you've learned patience and awareness. Now I can teach you this move if you want." He said holding the ball aloft.

"Nope I think I will make my own Jutsu but thanks." Naruto replied

"Alright then I think I will have to test you." Jiraiya said

"Bring it on Perv." Naruto said as he slid onto all fours extending his claws.

"I'm a SUPER PERV." the sage shot back jumping at his student with another Rasengan in hand.


An hour later the young wolf boy lay in a destroyed training ground surrounded by downed trees. He looked like he had been put through a wood chipper. The Toad Sage stood not far away leaning over and breathing hard. His shirt was torn and he had four claw marks across his chest.

"Wow that was good for a first try. And without summons to. You got me good once and you made me sweat." He said

Naruto just grunted from the ground. The Perv continued talking.

"I told Tsume the Inuzuka clan head about your parentage. She wants you to come over and talk some. I suggest you go change. You have a family Now"

He disappeared and Naruto stood up and limped to his apartment to get ready.


Naruto sat in the Inuzuka council chamber. Unlike the other more formal clans their council just sat where ever they wanted around the council chamber. I use that term lightly as it looked like a giant living room filled with dogs people couches they had a TV. Apparently the clan head was in charge the council was just a formality. He looked at Tsume.

"So great meeting we just watched animal planet as animals killed things." He said

"Yea. It was great. I love that snake guy. I can't wait till the show where he gets eaten." she said

Naruto just looked at her weird. He had recently found out that he was Tsume's distant cousin. His mom had been her sister's cousins brothers uncles former wife's mother's sister. She had loved the look on his face. she hadn't stopped making fun of him about the fact that he was far enough to date Hana and her. He didn't like it even if he was relieved and a little weirded out at the fact that she had inculded herself in that sentance. He spent the rest of the night eating dinner with the family and hanging around. The Girls couldn't keep their paws (well sort of) off of Cib. By the time the evening was over and it was time for him to go home he had spent an hour trying to get Cib back. After much chasing and pulling a disheveled Cib sat cowering on his head. The only highlight of the night had been Hana's three female companions.

As he was about to leave Tsume stopped him.

"Where are you going young man. Your staying here with your family." she said


"NO butz except yours in this house now. I spent time making a room for you and your going to sleep in it." she said

Hana gave him the puppy dog eyes as did Tsume. He looked from face to face.

'can't resist, creepy, can't resist, creepy, cant resist, creepy but still working' he thought

"Fine" he said dejectedly

They jumped up and down and squealed like girls. They then proceeded to drag him to a room down the hall. He said good night and went to bed. It had been a long day and he had training tomorrow. He thought back on the day with happiness he had a team that he was close to, he had a great sensei that could help him get strong and cared about him, and now he had a family. He fell asleep smiling.

I went back and changed the first chapter. Naruto has no dream about becoming the Wolf Sannin he just wants to be the strongest and protect his pack.