"Do you know my naaaame…?"

Strangely melodic. He had a neat voice. "Hey! You there!"

Judgement Boy whirled around to face her, returning her smile. "Greetings! A new guest, I see!"

"Haha, yes. My name's Amber. And you?"

The personified set of scales span wildly for a moment. "They call me Judgment Boy!" he sang, clearly showing off. She grinned. Finally, someone more energetic than she was.

"You know, I'm going to have that song stuck in my head all day. I heard you a minute ago. Do you just sing non-stop?"

He paused for a second. "You seem to have a very confused soul… or perhaps 'confusing' would work better in this situation. It seems you have a lot on your mind…"

"Oh, I get it. You judge souls or something, right?" A sarcastic voice inside her told her that putting two and two together shouldn't have taken this long.

"Well, let's see, shall we?" His voice took on a slightly darker tone. "You're a businesswoman. Today you will sign a major contract that will change your life. But your boyfriend who you love has just been hit by a car! If you go to the hospital, you'll lose that contract! Which will you choose?" He smirked, waiting for her answer. The scales shifted back and forth while she decided. "If you try to weigh your money against your love, there is no doubt your heart will start to sway. If you try to weigh your love against your money, your heart will start to break…"

Amber brushed her long, blonde hair out of her eyes and watched the heart symbol moving slowly up and down, carefully trying to pick out an answer.

"I think… I would probably go to sign the contract." Of course, I'd go to the hospital straight after, right?

"Well, that's an interesting development! There aren't many people who outright say they'd choose money over love. Well, then… I say we ask the Scales of Truth!" He span around again, and Amber watched with mild interest. "Judgment!" he cried out, and stopped suddenly. The scales wavered. Then…

The heart shattered on the ground. She eyed the pieces as they faded and vanished.

"You chose the contract. You gained a sponsorship for your business, but while you were at the signing your boyfriend died alone in a hospital bed. It was your choice. Now you get to live with it!"

Amber felt disheartened somehow. She hadn't thought that a simple choice that wasn't even real could be so shocking. Certainly it shouldn't have affected her so strongly.

"I understand, I suppose." She sighed. "That was disconcerting, to say the least."

"It was in your heart." With that, he merely turned to his original path and zoomed off into the darkness towards the end of the corridor. He began singing again. It rang in Amber's ears and she just knew she'd never be able to forget that tune.

"Do you know who I am…? They call me Judgment Boooy…"

Maybe she would try and get some sleep, after all. If there was anyone stranger than Judgment Boy in this hotel, she would definitely need it.


She awoke with a jolt. She'd been half-asleep for about an hour already, but she'd just had one of those falling sensations – like missing a step on the stairs by accident, or tilting so much you realise you're going to fall over.

Amber sat up and brushed her hair out of her eyes. It was horribly messy. She reached for the brush on her bedside table. The handle was stained red for some reason, but the rest was clean and she wasn't complaining as long as it got her hair back to some semblance of neatness. She had a nasty feeling it was blood. There was a little on the floor just beneath her desk, too.

Replacing the brush finally, she stood up and slipped her shoes back on. Sleeping in her clothes didn't bother her. She didn't do it unless there was no other choice, like last night, but it still didn't seem as horrific to her as it might to some other people she knew.

Gregory had pointed her to the sauna room last night, where there was a sink. She grabbed the key from her desk, slipped out, and headed for the lobby first. Slipping into the shop she'd noticed on the way in, she saw Gregory behind the counter. Amber could've sworn she just saw him in the corner of the room, in his usual place behind his desk.

She didn't question it.

"Excuse me, do you sell toothbrushes?"

He looked at her, raised a brow, and pointed to the shelf beside her. She glanced at it. There was a row of them right there.

"Oh. Right. Haha. Er, wait… I think I left my money back in-"

"We can trade, don't worry about money while you're in this hotel. Anything in your pockets?"

She shrugged and went through them. Finding a small pendant with a flower on it, she eyed it in disdain and put it on the counter. "That's it. I never liked this one. Too gaudy. Flowers are nice in real life, but not on jewellery." She grinned. What a strange way of doing things. Not that she was complaining; otherwise she'd be unable to pay.

She picked a light blue toothbrush and some toothpaste, and he held the door open for her. "Thanks." And then she left, glancing over to the desk by the main doors. Gregory was still there, now talking to a candle guy with a huge cleaver over his shoulder. She looked back, but the shop door had already shut.

Shaking her head, she didn't think about this too hard.