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"Excuse me, I'm looking for Doctor Cullen"

The receptionist gaze me a measuring glance pausing briefly from the strenuous task of filing her nails.

Keep going you'll reach your skin in fifteen minutes or so.

As if awaking from a dream she shook her head and went back to the task. Trying to keep as much venom out of my voice as possible I tried again,

"Doctor Cullen?"

She ignored me as If I was invisible

fine, have it your way.

I wrapped my arms around my stomach wrapping my cloak around me as tight as possible, grimacing from the pain and strode down the hallway.

I'll find him myself.

It took me a matter of minutes to find his office, but there was one small glitch- he was nowhere to be seen.

Damn it!

Taking a seat on the couch I rested my head in my hands. The song on the radio was familiar and I started to drown out my sorrow with my voice.

"Sometimes I feel like

I'm a bird with broken wings

At times I dread my now

And envy where I've been

But that's when

Quite wisdom takes a control

At least I've got a story

No one's told"

I stopped singing as I heard the doorknob rattle as it was turned, reaching towards my bag I took a deep breath clearing my head and ignoring the pain, I dug my hand into my pocket.


'Come on Carlisle' I muttered impatiently, drumming my fingers continuously on the steering wheel. His thoughts were starting to annoy me- continuously commenting on the poor health of one patient, the unstable health of another. It was enough to drive you mad.

Then I heard it.

The voice was beautiful.


The song abruptly stopped, It was then I realised that it was Carlisle who was hearing it. I heard his confusion- the voice was coming from his office, he had touched the door handle and it had stopped.

A scene, like a video clip played itself before my eyes.

A tall dark-haired man stood with his back to the door, one hand stretched out in front of him.

With a shock I realised I was seeing things through Carlisle's eyes.

Carlisle moved forward, now he had a view of the front of the man- he was wearing a mask. His outstretched hand was clasped around a black bundle pinning to the wall.

No. It wasn't a bundle.

It was a person.

The hood of the cloak had fallen over their face.

The attacker had his hand around their throat.

The person was struggling, but it worked to little avail.

Suddenly their head snapped sideways locking eyes with Carlisle.

Their mouth barely moved as two words where whispered I had to strain to hear them.


Reaching a hand behind them, the person grabbed a shard of glass from the shattered cabinet and sliced their attackers outstretched hand, as the attacker turned his head to look at Carlisle .

The attacker yelled and dropped the person, whom with surprising speed shot past Carlisle to the door.

'Thank you'

They whispered as they ran past.

The clip ended as abruptly as it had begun.

Find them Edward!

Carlisle's voice cut through my skull.

I stepped out of the car, grimacing as the rain hit my skin - look as human as possible right? I spotted the person fleeing the hospital, they where running in my direction. As they passed my arm snapped out catching them around the waist. They yelled pushing me away with surprising strength, I stumbled a step back, caught off guard .

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the attacker and heard a sharp 'crack' sound through the air.

The person turned to face the bullet as if they knew it was coming, their cloak swirling around them in slow motion, I caught a flash of slim tanned legs. I blinked out of confusion- hold up their a GIRL?

The bullet exploded into flames before it reached her skin and she slumped to the ground.

I caught her before she hit the floor, glancing quickly around- the attacker had gone. Gently I picked her up carrying her to the car, sliding into the back seat holding her limp form, I slammed the door shut and Carlisle started the engine.

The overwhelming sent of blood hit me like a flood as soon as I closed the door, I looked down at the figure in my arms- her shirt was stain red with blood, her arms and legs contained numerous deep cuts. My gaze lifted to her face, it was still covered by the hood of the cloak. Involuntary my eyes drifted to her slender neck, venom began to collect in my mouth.

One hand supporting her head I moved the cotton string, which held the cloak on gently. I leant towards her neck, kissed it softly and exposed my fangs.

DON'T DO THIS EDWARD! My brain screamed at me, I ignored it she smelled too good to waste. Carlisle, suddenly realising what I was doing opened his mouth,



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