Simply Smashing!

Smashville was an interesting place. Money hid in rocks, next to nobody had a job, gift wrapped items could be seen floating through the sky, and thoughts could be seen in text boxes, albeit a grayer color than the rest of the text – to say the least. Seriously, what nut-job thought up this game?

However, Saturday evenings were perhaps the most interesting thing about Smashville. As per weekly norm, four random contestants would duke it out atop a platform floating above the town for no real reason – except maybe because floating is AWESOME!

Despite all the flying bombs, killing arrows, clashing swords, and lack of pie, every Saturday almost the entire village would gather to enjoy the event, while rock idol sensation K.K. Slider would perform.

This particular Saturday, a human named Daniel had come with his friends Moe and Jay to watch the match. They were only mildly looking forward to the Brawl because there was no pie, so the three had considered bringing cake. Then the realized that the cake was a lie, and just decided to come without any food. This is a cruel world, isn't it?

Tonight's smashers were Link, Kirby, Mucas and (Arm)Pit. Daniel and co. took their seats just as the match was beginning. While they were still feeling the effects of the lack of dessert, the violence soon made them feel better. About partway through the match, Daniel pointed out "You know guys, this is really violent."

"Ah, Daniel! You're such a worry wart!" Jay said.

"I'm not worrying!" Daniel lied. "I'm just worry- err, wondering, why no one has gotten hurt yet."

"Oh, Daniel!" Moe complained. "You're ruining the match for me! How am I supposed to enjoy violence if I think that someone might get hurt?"

"Yeah!" Jay put. "What Moe said! Besides, people coming to these for months! No one's gonna get h"-

K.K. Slider exploded.

"Sorry 'bout that!" Link yelled out. "I'll be more careful where I throw my bombs."

"I stand corrected."


Author's Note: Yes, I know this was too short, but I don't think I could have made it funny for much longer. Review, please!