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Previously on My Life Would Suck Without You…

Ryan's back in Skeleton Creek and answers are coming fast. The discovery of the Crossbones birdie outside the library and the sighting of a seemingly useless lever on footage from inside the dredge are two new and very promising leads that bring Sarah and Ryan one step closer to the answer to Skeleton Creek's mysteries. With less than three days until Ryan has to return to Colorado, there's only one thing left to do. A trip to the dredge.

Skeleton Creek, Oregon – Monday - 4:30pm – Ryan's Motel Room

Ryan POV

No. No way. There was absolutely no way I was going back there. We'd already pissed off Joe Bush enough; there was no need to make it worse. At the same time, I knew we had to. If we didn't, we might never know what's going on and Sarah and I would be getting nosebleeds for the rest of our lives. Speaking of Sarah she'd been trying to convince me all through Monday night and the better part of the morning that nothing bad was going to happen. I pointed out that that she'd said the exact same thing last time, and we'd almost suffocated, but she promised it would be different. I was starting to wonder if she had a death wish. My phone vibrating on the dresser shocked me out of my pacing and nearly gave me a heart attack. Thinking it was Sarah again, I didn't bother glancing at the caller ID before picking up.


Nothing but static and the sound of heavy breathing greeted me on the other line. My blood ran cold and I willed my brain to tell the rest of my body to hang up and forget this ever happened, but something made me stay on the line.

"Look, just leave us alone." I said to the empty space, trying to sound authoritative instead of scared out of my mind.

The breathing changed into a bad impression of my dad's voice.

"Don't go into the dredge, kid. You'll be sorry."

Panicking, I hung up the phone and frantically dialed Sarah's cell number. It went straight to voice-mail. As though that confirmed some sort of unspoken fear, I grabbed my keys off the night stand and raced to my car. I had to go find Sarah; my gut was telling me that something was wrong…

Skeleton Creek, Oregon – Monday – 4:47pm – Library

Sarah POV

I stood in front of the library for a good five minutes, just staring at the birdie. I wanted to smack myself for being so stupid. It had been right there the whole time and I'd never noticed it before. I walked into the stuffy building, ignoring Gladys, the librarian's suspicious glare and made my way to the back where the computers were. I logged in using a face Skeleton Creek High School ID and quickly put up a simple firewall in case any of the guys back in tech surveillance decided to snoop around my server. I pulled up a number of different search engines and searched for the same thing on each of them; Skeleton Creek Dredge blueprints and floor plan. I wanted to be prepared this time; I wasn't going to be responsible for another accident. Locking down my computer while the searches loaded, I proceeded to the part of the library here they kept all of the old, dusty, and poorly organized documents. Stuff like old newspapers, censuses from previous decades, and most importantly, blueprints from every structure in Skeleton Creek. Unfortunately, these documents couldn't b checked out which is why I was searching for an internet copy. I just wanted something to compare it to. All of the ton's blueprints were stored in those giant poster tubes and were arranged in no particular order on the shelves. In fact, it looked like someone had just dumped them there. Taking a deep breath, I scoured each shelf, my eyes beginning to bug out from reading the fine print on the labels. This is why I was such a computer person. At least on laptop, desktop, or cell phone l could increase the text size. Glancing at my watch, I held back a groan. I'd been sitting here for almost an hour and it was starting to get late. We needed to get out to the dredge tonight so we'd have a couple of days to research the crossbones a little more and go through the footage. I was about to go get a step ladder to search the higher shelves when I tripped and smacked my head into a rather rickety shelf, not only succeeding in giving myself a killer headache, but also knocking over two shelves worth of tubes in the process. Shrieking in frustration, I picked up a tube that had fallen in my lap and went to hurl in across the room. Good thing I looked at the label first. It was the blueprints from the dredge, go figure. Deciding to leave the mess for Gladys, I skipped—yes skipped back to my computer and froze. Leaning over the monitor was the devil herself. Gladys had apparently unlocked the old desktop and was trying without success to break my firewall. Deciding to use the innocent and confused law abiding citizen approach, I but on my best clueless face before addressing the hag;

"Um, excuse me? I was using that computer."

Gladys stiffened at the sound of my voice and turned around slowly.

"What do you have there?" Gladys snapped, ignoring my previous statement.

"Blueprints of Town Hall. School project." I answered, keeping up the ditzy façade

"Let me see." Gladys demanded, holding out a bony hand."

I forked over the tube, which actually was of town hall. I'd taken the dredge blueprints out and switched them with the ones for Town Hall for security purposes. Now I was glad I did, I just had to pray that Gladys didn't actually open the tube. Luckily, she wasn't that smart…or didn't think I was that smart because she didn't check.

"Fine, take it with you. I don't need the likes of you snooping around in my library."

I nodded and shot her a thousand watt smile before logging out of my computer after discreetly wiping my activities from it, picking up my bag, and getting out of there before she changed her mind. Old witch. As I made my way back to my car, I turned on my cell, gasping when I saw that I had over 20 missed calls, all of them from Ryan. I was about to call him, when someone grabbed my wrist from behind and slammed me back against the drivers side of my car. Wincing in pain, I cracked an eye open and saw Ryan looming over me…only it wasn't Ryan. I screwed my eyes shut again, willing the hallucination to go away but it didn't. Instead, it began to talk.

"Give it back."

"Please…just leave me alone." I pleaded, trying to wriggle loose of not Ryan's grip.

"Give it back. Now, or I'll break your arms."

I'd managed to pull my arm up enough to grab the car door handle. In one swift motion, I yanked with all of the strength I had, throwing off the Ryan apparition. With a cry of success I scrambled into the car, locking the door behind me. I screamed when "Ryan" Threw himself against the passenger side, probably leaving a good sized dent.

"Don't go to the dredge, Sarah. If you know what's good for us, you won't go." Ryan threatened, his face morphing into that of Old Joe Bush. I looked away, my sleeve immediately going to my nose to staunch the blood I knew was there. The air around me got significantly warmer and I knew it was gone. With shaking hands, I started my car and took off for my house. We needed to end this. Soon.

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