Naruto: The shinobi shaman


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Summary: After the final battle with Madara, Naruto was slowly dying however the King Of Spirits decides him to live anew without the fox and partake in the most brutal shaman tournament yet to occur. Pairings: Jun /Naruto, Yoh/Anna

Chapter 1

After the most brutal battle to ever happen in the shinobi nations 16-year old Naruto Uzumaki lay on the ground bleeding after using all nine tails of the kyubbi drained the last of his years to spend living.

"Cough... cough... hehehe... looks like you lose.... Madara The Undefeatable my dying ass. Hope all previous hokage tenderize you before my turn.....hehehe.... cough.... cough.... cough."

"Sigh. Ja ne minna." he softly spoke before embracing the grip of the death god.

Just when his own soul was about to follow the kyubbi's into the Shinigami's stomach something stopped them.

"Stop this at once Shinigami-sama." spoke a deep and sentient voice.

"Aaaaahhhhh!!!! To what great pleasure the King of Spirits has appeared before me. Surely not to become thy greatest meal."

"You are correct. I'm meerly here for the soul of the boy your about to devour." The King of Spirits responds.( its gonna be KOS from now on.)

"No. He is willing to accept the price for summoning me."

"True, but he has given you a soul most foul that has escaped death for almost a century. As well as going through over 50 lifetimes of tourture to ones will and mind. Diffinitely not worth the punishment you usually give." KOS responded.

The Shinigami thought about this carefully and decided.

"Very well. What will become of him?" asked the Shinigami.

"He will be reborn, retain his memories, to a degree, and become a shaman possibilly the best there will be." KOS responds.

"What makes this one special besides having an unbend/breakable will?" He asks.

"He will send you the soul of Asakura Hao, one that reserected each tournament held for the one to control my power. This next tournament will have him like he was once a shinobi in his past life." The KOS replied.

"Proceed before I change my mind."

Time skip to the day after breaking the tombstone.

"You shouldn't have done that." said a stranger wearing a black travel cloak and hood.

"Who are you to question Bokuto no Ryu?" Ryu responds.

"What do you know of Uzumaki Naruto?" he asks.

"He..he fights like his name sake, violent like a whirlpool showing no mercy." says one of Ryu's members.

"Glad my reputation is known even here." the cloak figure responds throwing away his cloak.

Everyone took in his appearance. Blond spiky hair, dark blue eyes, chiseled face with whisker-like scars on his cheeks, and lean hard muscles. While wearing a red sleeveless shirt, baggy black pants, a black headband on his forehead with black getta sandels completing the look. All in all he was a 16- year old guy that could make any girl go crazy for.

"Kill them all starting with the blond!!!" Ryu shouts.

"Amidamaru, you want revenge for destirbing your grave, right?" he murmered.

"Hai Naruto dono." Amidamaru replies.

"W-what does he mean by that?" Manta questions.

"You're about to see what a shaman does." Yoh replies.

"He's a shaman too?!!!" Manta almost yells.

"Ikuze!!! Hitodamma!!! Hyoui-Gattai!!!" Naruto shouts.

The thugs that were sent his way were then flying righ back with slash mark scrapes everywhere on their bodies.

"Now its your turn. Are you ready?" the overshadowed Naruto spoke.

Ryu was now starting to lose his cool with these turn of events.

"There may not be an effective weapon here but this wooden grave marker will do nicely. CrecentMoon dance!!!"

Naruto moved so fast he left after-images to perform the technique just like Hayatte before his death from Naruto's former life.

"Normally I would kill you but you would be an embarassment to the others as a spirit." he spoke before half of ryu's hair came off, and he fell backward out cold.

"Ryu samma!!!" the whole gang cried.

Later after they left.

Naruto turned around and saw both Manta and Yoh behind him. He then showed his foxlike grin to them.

"Hey there cousin, and chibi-san." said Naruto with a smile.

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