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About a week after Anna situated herself the whole group went to a marshal arts movie dedicated to a famous fighter. It was a nice way to waste 2 hours to relax while seeing such action. They were in the lobby while going over the highlights of the flick. While leading to this.

"So he's called Lee Pyron?", Yoh asked.

"He sounds like an old friend of mine named Lee, Rock. Must be related.", Naruto mused while their guardian spirits were chatting about seeing their first movie ever.

"What! You don't know about him Yoh? He dominated a generation with that super action and his unique voice." said Manta. "But that's not all! The best part is that his strength isn't fictional!" he continued.

"What! It's just a movie, how can he be that strong!", Anna exclaimed.

"Not true, if someone truly dedicates themselves and goes beyond the normal limits, then such a thing is possible.", spoke Naruto giving the rest of the group his attention.

"He's right! Daodando, The style of Kung-fu that he created himself is the strongest style in history.", Manta replied.

"Daodando?", everyone questioned.

"Yeah! It's a mix of Muay Thai, Boxing and Karate, a style that can kill in one hit.", Manta continued while going through sloppy fighting poses before ending with a sky-high kick. "Its power is like that of a missile. But he died at the age of 30 before he could fully master Daodando. There were rumors about his cause of death, but in the end, no one knows. And his body disappeared mysteriously during the funeral." Manta finished with heavy tears.

"So regardless of the vanishing act he still became a legend.", Naruto finished.

"Jeez Manta, you knew all about gushi, and now this...You're pretty knowledgeable about fighters, aren't you?", spoke Yoh a little off-put by his friend's smarts.

"What are you saying Yoh? It's because he's such a runt, that he longs to be strong. Something he's not or ever will be. So its natural that he is only interested in those, unlike him, have become really strong." , spoke Anna. This left Manta sulking with depression lines 10ft from their table on all fours.

"That was cold Anna, but sadly true.", Naruto agreed while sipping his own soda. Thus sending Manta further in depression making him look like a stone statue with an empty gust of wind in the background.

"That's not it Anna-dono. All men desire to become strong.", spoke Arashi. "I agree with my sword brother on this as well Anna-samma. We would both wish to have a match against him.", Amidamaru chimed.

"Swords and Kung-Fu are completely different you morons." rebuked Anna sending both spirits to join Manta in his sulking with mini hitodammas surrounding their forms.

"Hey common guys, You shouldn't give up so easily." said Yoh trying to perk up the 3, while Naruto was shaking his head at them.

"It's a bit odd, though.", Anna wonders aloud. "Pyron's 'Fists of Fury' is a fairly old film... I wonder why they sent us complimentary tickets now." , she continued outside of the cinema with the others following behind to the other side of the road.

"What? It said on the tickets that they were for a Lee Pyron revival campaign, didn't it?", Manta questioned while still walking.

"It's too suspicious. For one it doesn't say who sent the tickets...I only came because it was free.", Anna countered.

"Maybe it's some sort of reward for Manta being such an avid fan of Pyron's?", Yoh questioned.

"Maybe they didn't write their names so they could surprise us?", added Arashi.

This sent Manta into a rapid denial. While both Naruto and Amidamaru wisely held their tongues considering his past mission with Princess Koyuki, having a surprisingly alike start when Anna screamed "What do you mean reward!".

"Ufufufu.", of a light giggle cut through the nightly air and approaching argument with ease. "It was I who sent those tickets. " continued a voice of a young woman. "So how was it? He's pretty strong right? Asakura Naruto-kun.", she continued while back at the theater doors while staring at Yoh's group.

"If you wanted a blind date with me, the key to it would be to show up before the flick started and pair up with me." spoke Naruto right next to her, causing to turn her head quickly to the right, and blush faintly at being both caught off guard and his good looks.

"Who are you!", Yoh questioned.

"Now that was just rude Yoh. So mind telling us your name beautiful, mine is Asakura Naruto.", Naruto replied with a faint blush and his charming smile.

This caused the young woman's violet eyes to widen a bit seeing her true target, and flush a little more from the compliment before regaining her composure while running her hand through her emerald bangs. After doing so she spoke in her commanding tone, which secretly caused the resident ninja- shaman to flush a bit more. "I am the Taoist, Tao Jun. I have come for a favor, Asakura Naruto-kun."

"Is it to take you to dinner? Then by all means sure.", he replied with an even bigger grin and darker blush.

This made her whole face bright pink, the boys were slack jawed in "Giiiiiiii" mode, both samurai spirits were giving a thumbs up with "Yosh! Nice one Naruto samma!", while Anna was screaming "BAKA!". Jun quickly schooled her face back in its serious setting and spoke again with her arms under her breasts, while walking towards Yoh's group with Naruto following in step. "While that would be lovely, instead I was wondering if you could give me your samurai spirit for my dear brother Ren."

"EEEEHHHH! REN!", both Yoh and Manta screamed to the heavens. Both were smacked across the head by Naruto soon after. "Please no need to shout. I don't like trouble. That's why I asked you to see that film.", Jun replied. "Sorry about that. Intimidation tactics won't work on Yoh. He doesn't even know the word intimidate to be fair.", Naruto piped in earning a "Hey!" from Yoh.

"Oh well, I thought that if you understood his strength, then we wouldn't need to have any unnecessary fights.", Jun replied while lifting open her slit of her dress showing paper seals in her thigh-band. Causing Manta to quickly look away shouting "Ecchi!" with a bloody nose, while Naruto hardened his gaze after putting things together so far.

"Those talismans! Taoist? It can't be!", Anna cried. "Yoh get away from her! She's a shaman! But an unusual one! She raises monsters!", she continued.

"Eh?...monsters?" ,Yoh questioned.

"So you noticed. We Taoist's are a type of shaman, which originated in china long ago. Our techniques are based on these talismans and our magic.", Jun replied with a much more foreboding tone with her talismans in between her fingers of both hands. She then crossed her arms and shouted throughout the night, "Now come out my warrior! LEE PYRON!"

Just as she declared the name the street exploded like something heavy dropped in front of Yoh. "Wh... what in Kami's palace?", Yoh questioned when the dust was clearing.

As soon as it cleared it revealed the muscular 7ft.4in body of "IT'S LEE PYRON!", Manta screamed in awe and fear. "", Yoh managed to get out in his shocked state.

Naruto was gritting his teeth and, clutching his fists showing white knuckles. Reason for this was that it was like the technique Edo Tensai. It was due to its use during the sand and sound invasion along with its key involvement of the Fourth Shinobi war that caused such a reaction.

While Naruto was trying to control himself from lashing out at Jun. Manta was having a huge mental breakdown. "Wa-wa-wait a minute! That's a real body! Not a ghost! I-i thought he died!", Manta questioned.

"Its a corpse. But its controlled by that girl's talismans. A moving corpse doll. A zombie.", informed Anna.

"Your well informed aren't you? Lee Pyron is my spirit. We Taoists have the ability to place a spirit back into its original body and control it. Because it is in its own body 100% acceptance will be maintained. In other words, this zombie is the real Lee Pyron. We the Tao clan have captured, and turned him into the ultimate corpse weapon.", Jun replied.

"Shut it. You think of your spirit the same way as him?", Yoh darkly sounded. "I'm going to enjoy beating you.", he finished.

"Tch, Let's see you try you weak fool. Combat talisman! Lee Pyron! Crush him!", Jun shouted throughout the night.

It was the start of another clash of shaman. This time, different relatives.

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