Beyond Words

Quote 01: Partner

Hyuga Ryght is a flirt, this is a well known fact; it's common knowledge. Vivienne permanently recorded this piece of information on her hard drive a short time after her basic programming was complete and she was sent off to face the world. Vivienne doesn't return his feelings, merely acting confused when ever Hyuga tries to flirt with her and muttering something about needing to further develop her heart to better understand the people around her. It may sound like she's giving him wings, but she's not. She just hasn't properly learned how to reject a date; but it's easy to see that's what she's trying to do, without sounding too harsh.

On many occasions I have seen Hyuga flirting with Mina even if she has made it clear that she does not return his feelings. In fact, Mina has scolded Hyuga many times and she's not the only one. Laia, with whom Hyuga also flirts when ever he gets the chance, has also scolded him.

In short, Hyuga flirts with almost every woman he comes across, though at least he sometimes has enough sense to stop when it becomes obvious that his target already has someone else. However, of all the single young women who one way or another cross Hyuga's path, few escape his attempts to obtain their interest and a positive response to a date invitation, which he never gets.

It wasn't until later that it came to my attention that I am one of those few women with whom Hyuga doesn't flirt. At first I didn't care, I just ignored that fact as I had done before I noticed it, and life went on as it always has.

Later I was glad. I assumed that in a sense Hyuga saw me more as a Guardian than as a woman, which meant that he recognized my abilities. Then I realized that I'm pretty average as a Guardian. Sure I can hold my own in battle, but I have nothing special enough to be noticed beyond any other female Guardian. Even so, I didn't give the situation too much thought, it didn't concern me.

It wasn't until I the end of a successful mission that I spared Hyuga a second glance for the first time. "You just might be my ideal partner!" It was his way of congratulating me, and I wonder what it means. Is it only about business?

His words were spoken casually, without the flirtatious tone that Hyuga always uses when talking to Mina, Vivienne, Laia and so many others. There were no hints at a secret meaning, no mischief in his eyes and no body language to give his thoughts away, because maybe there were no hidden thoughts to begin with.

Hyuga Ryght is a flirt, this is a well known fact; it's common knowledge. If he ever asked me out, I would say no. Yet somehow, as illogical as it may sound, I wish he would...

End of Quote 01

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