Revised! It didn't used to be difficult to train someone with the physique of a back row supporter as a front line berserker. Inspired by the difference in leveling from Phantasy Star Portable to Phantasy Star Portable 2.

Ghost Berserker

For some time she wonders if she is truly a full blooded newman, but reasons that she must be, since the other race she feels identified with doesn't mix in such a way. That doesn't stop her from agreeing with the less sentimental and more logical way of the CAST society. But CASTS also take care of their environment, engineering it to a balance. She's not like that, nature is to her a servant, like it was to humans a long time ago, maybe before her kind existed, maybe it still is.

She wonders if the humans succeeded in creating a more advanced race, their children, the newmans, but zealous as they can be, it can't be all advantages. They had to be made a little more physically fragile than humans if they were to possess greater mental capabilities; they were originally a research project after all. She fights close range, a contradiction, she cannot be defeated, she barges in and comes out without a scratch. She's impatient and reckless, but she can take it.

Time passes, she remains a guardian and later they send her away and she becomes a rogue for some time. He disappeared from the guardians and so did she. The galaxy doesn't need rescuing, she sits around, she takes a few freelance missions here and there. There is no glory and the money from easy missions is as good as any.

Then she goes out to seek a little excitement and slashes away carelessly with her lightsaber, but she's harmed in return and she doesn't understand. She shouldn't feel it, it makes no sense, she's always been careless without consequence. She heals herself, something she didn't care to learn as a guardian, but she learned as a rogue, maybe because deep down she knew she would need it.

Attack, counter, pain, why? It doesn't make any sense and in a flash of electricity, her little fox companion pushes the threats away for a short second and she laughs, she can't help it. She doesn't have time to command the fox to heal her, instead she drinks and is restored. She tries again, it's all the same, she rolls away dodging and takes her last drink before turning in the opposite direction and leaving.

She feels as if she's been cheated out of something. She used to be indestructible. She glares, whatever she had, it's gone. She doesn't know if she lost it, threw it away or if it was stolen, she suspects the last. She goes off to find it, she's stubborn.

xoxox xox xoxox


She dashed into battle with two sabers strapped to her back in the shape of an X and a little black fox on her shoulder. A giant squid-like creature floated ahead. Before her companion could react, she dashed forward with a burning blade. She slashed away at the seed with the bolt shaped saber that was constantly on fire until the beast assimilated fire as its element.

She switched to her other saber, a thick blade with clear edges coated in poison, and slashed away some more. Desperate to reduce the damage, the seed assimilated poison as its element. "Mwahahaha!" She sent her magi-tech forward to shock the creature with abundant electricity and the seed fell. "I did it! I'm not squishy anymore!"

"When have you ever been squishy?" Ethan pouted at having been left to watch without being given a chance to participate on the action. Then a glomp knocked the air out of him. "Definitely not squishy," he spoke with some difficulty.

"Strong and unbeatable are two different things, but I'm on my way. C'mon, let's pick on some more seed."


Disclaimer, I don't own Phantasy Star Portable 2. I'm only on level 95 right now, but that's enough to be very comfortable on the A missions so I can run around with Ethan picking on level 100+ seeds. I'll keep leveling up. :D