Kikyou sighed and sat on the steps to her house. She was pregnant. No doubt about it. But..that so-called plus sign did look like an division symbol. She sighed again and turned up her jug of Sunny-D. One more test couldn't hurt, could it? Kikyou moaned and stood, walking to the General Store, drinking more and more Sunny-D as she went.

"You're back, Prego." Miroku remarked as she entered the store. She scoffed and went over to the dreaded pregnancy tests. She grabbed the cheapest and went to the counter, holding out her hand for the key to the bathroom. He quickly snatched it up and held it to his chest. "C'mon, man! I just drunk my weight in Sunny-D. If you don't give me that key I'm gonna pee on the floor." She said, leaning against the counter. He wrinkled his nose before pushing it to her. Kikyou glared at him and took the key, walking towards the bathroom. "Pay for that when you come out. It's not yours just cause you marked it with your urine."

Kikyou opened the pink box then moaned as she relieved herself on the white stick. 'Geez, I really had to pee.' She thought with a laugh. It wasn't just the Sunny-D she drunk that had her bladder full but her anxiousness. What if she really was pregnant? How could she explain this to Keade and Rin? She pulled the test from between her legs, praying for that blessed minus sign. Her brown eyes widened and she bit her lip, holding in her scream of agony.

"So?" Miroku asked. Kikyou only glared at him. "I guess your Eggo is Prego?" She didn't answer, her glare only got harder then grabbed a package of red candy rope. "I wanna buy this too." Miroku rung up her items with an smirk. Kikyou rolled her eyes and grabbed the candy, leaving the store. 'Keade is gonna so kill me.' She thought then angrily took a bite of the candy rope. 'And how can I explain this to Sesshoumaru? That dick…' Kikyou stopped and blushed at her thought then shook her head, wrapping the candy rope around her neck as she stood in front of her house. 'I should kill myself before Keade does it..' She shook her head and bit through the candy, going inside.

"Hey, Kiki." Keade greeted. "You're pretty late comin' home." Kikyou scratched her cheek then sighed. "Yeah. I went to the store." Keade turned to her, adjusting her glasses. "What'd you buy?" She scratched her cheek again. "Just some candy. I'm like really tired so…Goodnight." She rushed, quickly going up the stairs to her room. She sighed as she laid back onto her bed. Kikyou, 16-years old was pregnant. Not only was she pregnant but she was pregnant with an hanyou. She moaned in anger and turned over, burying her face into her pillow. "Sesshoumaru! You dick!" Kikyou screamed.