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-How can I explain Sesshoumaru? Maybe I should explain how we met first.-

Kikyou pushed her hands into her hoody jacket and rolled her eyes as a black BMW slowly rode beside me. "I'm not into to old dudes!" She yelled, walking faster. The BMW suddenly stopped and the window rolled down. "That's good, right?" Said a strong voice. I scoffed and crossed my arms on my chest. "What are you doing on this side of town, rich boy?" Kikyou asked smugly. "I live on this side of town, Middleclass." Sesshoumaru

snapped angrily. She rolled her eyes and scoffed again. "What do you want? Why were you following me?" Kikyou asked, pushing her hands into her pockets again. Sesshoumaru shrugged his shoulders. "Well, it's gonna rain soon and you have a long walk till you get to your-" "How do you know where I live?" Kikyou asked in a skeptical tone and a raised eyebrow. He rolled his eyes. "You live down the street from me, idiot." Kikyou clenched her fists and glared at him. "Don't call me an idiot!" She yelled and gasped as a drop of rain fell onto her nose. She wiped it off and looked up before whining as it suddenly started to pour down. Sesshoumaru let out a roar of laughter then opened the passenger door. Kikyou huffed angrily and turned away. "You'll catch a cold." He said. "And then I can miss school." She said stubbornly. "C'mon. I'll drive you home, Kikyou." "I don't even know you!" She yelled in a stubborn tone. "You're my neighbor! C'mon, last chance." She bit her lip then sighed and got into the car.

She shivered and held her arms. "Ho-how did you kn-know it-it was gonna r-rain?" She asked, shaking. "I'm Inu Youkai. I can smell it." He said with a proud smile. "Hmpf." Kikyou scoffed then sighed as he turned on the heat. "If you were cold you could've asked me to turn on the heat." Sesshoumaru whispered, looking over to her. She blushed and looked down. "Y-yeah. Whatever." He chuckled then sighed, folding a strand of sliver hair behind his ear. "We're here. Get out." He snapped suddenly. "Eh!!? You dick!" She yelled and quickly got out, slamming the car door as hard as she could. "Thank for the ride, Demon." Kikyou said angrily. Sesshoumaru smirked. "No problem, human scum." She glared at him, clenching her fists. "I'll pick you up for school in the morning, okay?" Kikyou jerked back and blushed again then turned away with a huff. "Whatever, stalker." Sesshoumaru laughed and drove off.

-Sesshoumaru was a rich boy who lived with both parents in the middle class suburbs. His dad owns Taisho Corp. They practically make almost everything here in Japan. His dad InuTaisho is almost as hot as Sesshoumaru, his mom Inukim, I hardly ever saw. But when I did, She'd try to keep me from him. InuTaishio wanted Sesshoumaru to enjoy the perks that he had but not to think they were owned to him. I guess that was why he goes to public school and lives in the same neighborhood I do. The Preps is his clique. Sesshoumaru's also part of the track team. They wear little shorts that is kinda hot. On Sesshoumaru anyway.-

Kikyou held her hamburger phone to her ear as she wait for her friend Rie* to answer the phone. "Moshi." She answered with a yawn. "Rie! Dude, uhh, promise you won't get mad." Rie turned over in her bed, pulling her blankets over her head. "Okay. I promise." Kikyou licked her dry lips and plopped down on her bed. "Kik?" Rie asked, rubbing her nose. "I'm pregnant." She said quietly. "You're what?! Are you sure it's not a food baby* or something?" Rie asked, sitting up with her head still under her blankets. "Li-like who's the dad?" Kikyou blushed as she answered, "Sesshoumaru." She pulled the phone from her ear as Rie screamed. "Sesshoumaru!? Sesshoumaru!?! Are you serious!?" Kikyou rolled her eyes. "Yes, Rie. Can you stop saying his name now?" She asked and stood again. "Hey, what are you gonna do? Does Sesshoumaru know? I had called that clinic for Sango last year, I guess I can do it for you too." She suggested. Kikyou sighed and rubbed her forehead. "I'm gonna go to Women Now 'cause they help women now." "Okay. You want me to be there when you tell Keade?" Kikyou cursed under her breathe. "Please. So the police can have a witness to my murder." Rie laughed. "But you gotta tell Sesshoumaru first." She moaned in agony. "Yeah. Yeah, I know."

Sesshoumaru pulled on his track shorts then pulled up his sport socks. Then he pulled on his wristbands and rubbed deodorant on his inner thighs before grabbing the breakfast wrap the maid made from him and went outside. "Kikyou.." He said confused as I sat on the steps to his house. She looked up to him and smiled. "Sup." She greeted. "Sup. Um, what are you doing here?" Kikyou licked her lips and looked down but when she looked up, the track team was running past. And she could see their wieners bouncing up and down. She bit her lip then turned to Sesshoumaru, a dirty thought going through her mind. 'Stop it, Kikyou. That's what got you into this!' Kikyou then laughed softly. "You still haven't told me why you're here. Sitting on my porch." Sesshoumaru said, sitting beside her. She twiddled her thumbs then turned to him. "Hey, Sesshoumaru, guess what." "..What?" Kikyou looked down then back up with a sigh. "I'm pregnant." His eye twitched then he laughed. "You're kidding, right?" She pursed her lips together and shook her head. "I..I am pregnant." Sesshoumaru licked his dry lips and held his shaking hands together. "What..what-" "I dunno. I haven't even told my parents about it yet." "Re-really?" "Yeah."

*Rie is a OC

Name: Rie

Age: 16

Race: Kitsune Hanyou

*What the hell is a food baby anyway? XDD