I was shopping with Angela in Walmart. It had been 30 years since Edward, left me and something had happened to me, that made it so that I couldn't age, and I could control the Elements. The same thing went went Angela. We were planning on meeting back out in the parkinglot. I had a phobeia of men. Well certain men. At Mike Newton's party one night, I had been kidnapped and raped along with Angela by Mike's dad. We had then been sold into a prostitution ring. It took me and Angela and a few other girls 29 years to get out of that ring. Ever since some pimp had hit me in the eye, I'd had a nervous condition. I would start shaking and sometimes I would cough up blood. Then I would feel pain all over my body. You might be wondering how in the hell is she able to stay in walmart? It's only when a man touches me, or I've seen them before. I had repeat offenders and I hated them. The girls that lived in our house were dancers. WE were'n't strippers more like street dancers. We also sang. That was my favoriate part. I paid for my things and then headed out the door. I stpotted Angela and then I ran into something . I realized it was man and naturally I started shaking. Angela was by my side in seconds. I looked up and saw the love of my life, Edward..Cullen. I started sobbing into Angela's chest. She helped me up and murmered soothing things in my ear.

"B..Bella?" He asked. He picked up the fallen groceries. Angela glowered at him. I took the groceries from him careful not to touch him. I was crying uncontrollable. Angela was leading me to the car quickly. WE ignored Edward's pleas for us to come back. All together I wanted to forget him. My cell phone was ringing. I opened it...it was a text message, from Edward. I gasped and started sobbing harder.

Bella...can we talk. I need to tell you something


There's nothing to say.


There's tthe world to say, please..


I can't


Why not?


Where are you?


Right behind you.


I turned around and his silver volvo was following me. I had calmed down some but now just seeing him again made me go crazy.

"Bella..it's okay...calm down. Talking to him might make you feel better..." she said as she helped me into the house. Edward pulled up in the drive way.

"OMG Bella!" Tiffany and Katlin yelled. They were the two other girls that lived with us. I was shaking. I heard knock on the door. Katlin opened it.

"Hello." She saw Edward then yelled. "Good bye." She shut the door btu he put his hand in the crack.

"Please just let me talk to Bella."

"There's nothing to say. you bastard. This is your fault she's the way she is." Tiffany growled.

Edward was speechless. Just then I coughed up blood onto my hands. I was getting dizzy. My son, Anthony ran down the stairs he's 16 years old.

"Oh god! Mom!" He said running over to me. He carried me up the stairs and sat me on the bed,

"Do you want me to keep Lilly, and Alice out?!" He asked frantically. "Tell me what to do mom." Eh was sobbing. Angela and Tiffany came in and ushered him out carefuly. He kept saying, 'I gotta help my mom'...over and over. I eventually stopped coughing and then the world went dark.