Alex…not quite stormed but went to his room and slammed the door to get some privacy from K-Unit.

Really, would nobody leave him alone? And whenever he finally did answer one of their questions they didn't even believe him. What was the point of talking to any of them anymore? Absolutely no point so he wasn't going to give them two cents.

He sat down and started reading from one of his textbooks to do his homework for that weekend while he cooled down. Alex came to the full resolved not to spare one word to any of the members of K-Unit from now on


"Now look what you did," said Ben to Cobra, "You scared him off." He was not quite yelling, but his voice was raised a bit.

"Yah, what the heck" Snake added as he really wanted answers so he could properly care for Cub's health.

"Well it's not like you all weren't thinking the same thing," Cobra threw back, "and just didn't have the balls to say for yourself." All the guys were quiet for a while, all being shamefaced and feeling slightly guilty because Cobra was spot on.

"Maybe we should talk to him" Snake said being the most logical and finally breaking the silence. There was a nod of agreement between everyone and they all but marched towards Alex's room. It was quite crowded in the little hallway but they all had to deal.

Cobra was the first to knock on the door, which there was no response to. After knocking again and the rest of the unit getting very impatient, Cobra just opened the door uninvited. They all stood in the doorway looking at Alex bent over a textbook and not showing any sign that the five men had just barged their way in.

"Hey Cub" Cobra said but there was no response, for which everyone was waiting for. They were astounded at Cub's ability to continue working and not react in any way at all. He was a very good actor they learned.

"Alex" Ben tried, hoping to get his attention. He was slightly successful as Alex stopped working and turned his head to look at them but still had not said anything. There was something off about his gaze, like he was looking through them and saw nothing of importance. His head soon swiveled back to his work after his short penetrating gaze.

None the men in the doorway knew what to do as they all felt uncomfortable and exposed under the strong gaze of the teenager.

Snake went over to Alex to turn him around to make him talk to the men. As soon as he put his hand on Alex' shoulder, Cub sprang into action, grabbing Snake's hand and twisting it painfully all while remaining sitting. After a few seconds of staring into Snake's eyes, Alex released Snake and continued working like nothing had happened.

Snake went to make another move, determined to get Alex' attention but Ben quickly stepped forward and grabbed Snake's arm and gave him a nod towards the living room. He then ushered all the other men into the living room and closed Alex's door.

"What the heck?!" Wolf exclaimed. "What is his problem…and what is yours?" Wolf asked towards his former teammate.

"You don't know what he can do" Ben defended, "He is so angry he won't even talk to us. What do you think he will do if you try to make him do something he doesn't want to? Just let him cool down, okay?"

"Well I got to go" Cabra and Eagle said at the same time. They gave each other a weird look then both got up and left. They were accompanied by "good-byes" from the remaining members.

"So what should I do about him?" Wolf asked the two other guys.

"I'd say if he doesn't talk to you in the morning then we might have a bigger problem then we thought" Snake replied.

"Yeah, call us tomorrow morning if there are any problems" Ben agreed and seeing as it was quite late Snake and Fox both left.

Wolf settled down to bed, wondering what was coming next.


The next morning Alex was up bright and early. He went through his normal routine and showered and got dressed. When he made it to the kitchen for breakfast before school and found Wolf was already up and was drinking a cup of coffee while reading the morning news.

Alex got himself a cup of coffee and sat down staring into space, trying to completely ignore Wolf. Wolf was secretly trying to sneak glances at Cub but was failing as Alex knew Wolf was staring at him. Alex just let it go and gave Wolf the cold shoulder.

Wolf was surprised by Alex's resolve not to acknowledge him. He was famous for his death glares but he never could completely ignore another human. He was always one whose feelings were easy to read. He was the complete opposite of Alex, who was a master at never letting his true intentions known.

"So are you doing anything after school? What time are you going to be home?" Wolf asked, trying to test the waters and see what he could get. Wolf's fishing sucked as he came back with nothing.

Alex didn't even move his eyes or give any indication of hearing. He soon finished his coffee and went to his room to gather his stuff to leave. On his way out Wolf tried again.

"Bye, anything you'd like to tell me?" Wolf said, soon followed by the closing of the front door. "I guess not" he muttered to himself, as he went to pick up the phone. He then dialed up Ben and waiting while it rang.

"We have a problem" Wolf said into the receiver.

"Don't worry I got an idea" Ben said, going into his explanation.


After school that day, Alex and Tom were hanging out on the school's front lawn after the final bell. Alex didn't really want to go back to Wolf's flat as that would mean he would have to avoid the unit by holing up in his room. It was a really nice day so he didn't mind staying outside.

And he was definitely not bringing Tom back to the flat. They couldn't go to Tom's house either though because his parents had a huge fight that morning and told Tom not to come home before five. The pair was at a loss of where to chill.

They sat down under the shade of a nearby tree, trying to get some Maths homework done, but they weren't very successful as they started throwing grass at each other. They started having a competition on who could cover the other in the most grass.

Alex and Tom ended running all over the lawn, throwing grass as they went, laughing their heads off. They were pretty sure they saw faculty members staring out their windows to see who was making so much noise, but both boys didn't give anyone a second thought.

Tom ran to the tree which he then dubbed "base" and Alex was standing in front of him looking skeptically, questioning his maturity level. But they were both still laughing. But Tom they got a very confused look on his face as he was staring past Alex.

"What?" Alex asked, his laughs subsiding but still quite happy. He turned around to see what Tom was staring at, and he was almost sick by what he saw.

All of the original K-Unit had just gotten out of a car and were already half way to where the two boys had been trying to do homework. Alex's smile left his face immediately but not quick enough, so that Ben hadn't noticed.

Tom started walking towards the soldiers with a slight look of awe and fascination, which Alex promptly grabbed the back collar of his shirt and pulled him back to stand next to him. Alex quickly turned to whisper his current relationship into Tom's ear before K-Unit reached them.

Once K-Unit was in front of them Alex and Tom both turned to face them and crossed their arms at the same time, giving the men their most disapproving gaze ever. All the men were surprised by the similarity between the two boys.

"We decided to come pick you up, Cub" Eagle said, giddy and bouncing energetically, like he was excited to be back at school (…?!). Or maybe he was just super duper excited to see Alex?

Both boys looked at each other with knowing glances. "Cub?" Tom asked, talking for Alex.

"Alex, he means" Ben interjected, "and you are?"

"And you are?" Tom mimicked right back, to be annoying for Alex to these guys. Tom hated whenever anyone messed with his friends and if Alex was mad at these guys, so was Tom…even if they were SAS soldiers…yes even then.

"I'm Wolf, now who are you?" Wolf growled trying to be menacing and scare the boy into submission. Tom just gave Alex a questioning look to which Alex gave a slight shake of his head.

"I'm Tom, Alex's best friend" Tom said cheerfully "feel free to invite me over anytime" He just couldn't help himself. Not only could he go to their house but he could help Alex prank them big time. Alex promptly smacked him upside the head and then returned to his arms crossed position.

"Will do" Ben said skeptically. Alex then nudged Tom on the shoulder, to get the conversation moving.

"Oh yeah…Why are you guys here?" Tom asked suspiciously.

"Like the dunderhead Eagle said we came to pick him up," Snake said.

"Why would you even bother, you've never done that before?" Tom said, doing all the talking for Alex and knowing exactly what to say. "And why all four of you? It takes four of you to drive a car?" lol

"Well Alex didn't tell me he had any plans when I asked him this morning so…" Wolf said very innocently. They were trying to make Alex pay for not talking to them.

Alex and Tom turned to look at each other again, but a little longer then previously. "He can go" Tom said for Alex. All the members of K-Unit were surprised by the easy acquiescence. Alex and Tom went to the tree and cleaned up their stuff and Alex said a quick good-bye so K-Unit couldn't hear him.

K-Unit realized that their plan to get Alex to some how talked to them had utterly failed. The two boys were so close they didn't need words to know what the other was thinking so Alex had no reason to talk to them. He just used Tom to voice all his questions.

The boys split up and Alex went with K-Unit into their car and eventually they arrived back at Wolf's flat. They decided they were going to try to get Alex to talk their but as soon as they reach the flat Alex went straight to his room and closed the door, the meaning quite clear.

K-Unit gave a collective sigh and settled down to watch the game on the TV.


He saw a neat bullet hole in Jack's head and saw her fall, dead before she even hit the ground.

He imagined Yassen killing his uncle, having seen the damage to the car. Then in turn he, saw Yassen being shot and killed by Damien Cray, slowly dieing.

He watched his godfather blow up the plain, with his parents.

Alex's nightmare just kept running through all his love ones getting killed. Everyone he cared about was killed before his eyes within the realm of his darkest nightmares.

Alex woke up gasping for breathe and strong arms holding him down again. His face was wet from where there had been tears and he was shaking.

He managed to get untangled from the arms but rather then attack like he normally would have done, he decided to retreat, ending upstanding almost in the corner of the room standing on the other side of the bed then a confused Wolf.

"Cub talk to me" Wolf said, "I need to know you're alright"

Alex, still in shock slowly slid down the wall until he was sitting in the corner of the room, with forearms resting on his knees. Wolf slowly started to come around the bed meaning to approach him, but Alex's gaze lifted to Wolf's eyes with a deadly serious gaze.

"Leave" Alex said, speaking for the first time, but in a very low and menacing tone. Without waiting for a reply he rested his head on his forearms, assuming Wolf would follow his instructions.

And Wolf did.


Then next morning Wolf told Alex that he was going to have to have a therapy session with Snake after last night.

Alex stuck out his tongue just to be unpredictable

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