Note: I'm not entirely sure where this story is going but it will be far darker than normal. Set in the time after 7th year, the war is not going well - Hogwarts is closed. Let me know what you think and where you want this to go.

Hermione huddled behind the wall, muddy water seeping into her robes and the rough stones dug into her back. Reaching out with her left hand she touched the hand of her mentor. Minerva McGonagall took the younger woman's hand in her own and tried to smile reassurance at her. The smile did not reach those green eyes, eyes that displayed fear and anger, concern and hopelessness.

Mocha brown eyes met their gaze steadily, darkening slightly at the sound of screams from members of the order who had not been quite so quick to get under cover. Hermione's pain was clear to the older woman who silently pulled her closer, wrapping an arm around the slender waist she drew her into her side.

Listening to the sounds of the raging battle on the hillside above them Hermione winced and buried her head into Minerva's shoulder. Minerva stared out at the rise ahead of them, knowing that if they moved the enemy behind them would see them easily if they moved. She could barely feel her fingers but despite that she ran through Hermione's hair trying to calm the younger witch. The order had been ambushed as they crossed the hillside, during her life Minerva had seen her share of hopeless battles but this had been slaughter.

Minerva sighed quietly, if it hadn't been for Hermione's quick actions she would have been dead. She had been knocked out of the way of a killing curse before she could react. The two women had then fought back to back, Minerva had heard the young woman's strangled cry when she took her first life and her occasional gasp of pain. After a few minutes it was clear that they were outnumbered, so they decided to retreat but had only gotten as far as the other side of the field boundary.

Shivering a little in Minerva's arms Hermione worried about her friends, she hadn't seen Harry and Ron since the fighting started but before Minerva had dragged her over the wall, she had seen a large number of still bodies lying on the floor – there was no way to tell how many had been members of the order or if her friend were among them. She did not know how they were going to extricate themselves from this problem or even if they would live through the next hour.

Feeling the shiver Minerva put a finger under the brunettes chin and lifted her head, silently green eyes interrogated brown. Hermione looked up into the blood and mud splattered face of her former professor, raising her hand she gently touched the wound on her temple. For a timeless moment the two women stared into the close proximity of the others eyes, trying to block out the sound of death and destruction that was rapidly getting closer – both drawing comfort from each other.

Perhaps it was inevitable when their lips met in a soft kiss. Perhaps it was inevitable when the kiss deepened, became passionate. Hands tangled in hair, hands clutching wherever they could reach, desperately trying to hold on to what they were feeling and to the moment. Ignoring the need to breathe they both continued to kiss, not wanting the moment to end.

Neither of them noticed the death eater climbing over the wall aiming his wand at them or the flash of green light that followed.