Note: Ok here's the final piece, at some point I may add another section but I doubt it. I've found what I think is the natural ending for the story.

It was over.

Hermione shook the blood matted hair out of her eyes and raised herself up to her full height. Diagon Alley was covered with bodies, shattered glass and chunks of fallen masonry. She smiled soberly at the order members that she could see. Harry was stood near Voldemort's body, Ginny's arms wrapped tightly around him; he had his face buried in her shoulder. Hermione left them well alone knowing that the younger girl would look after her friend and went in search of Minerva.

She found her lover where the street widened outside Gringotts. Minerva was surrounded by dead Death Eaters and order members. She leant against the wall with her eyes closed, obviously hurt and exhausted. Hermione walked closer to her, watching as her mentors hand shifted towards her wand, "It's over Minerva."

The exhausted older woman opened her eyes and looked at Hermione. "You're hurt." She limped towards Hermione, placed her hand on the younger womans jaw, gently turning her head so that she could see the wound.

"So are you." Hermione muttered a charm with a flick of her wand to stop Minerva's various wounds from bleeding.

Voices and footsteps came from behind them, what was left of the order was assembling in front of them. Ministry officials began to appear, as did reporters from the Prophet. The two women just stood staring at each other, relieved that they were both ok. "I love you."

Minerva heard what Hermione had said, saw the desperate need in her eyes. She was aware of their audience but that did not cause more than a short hesitation before pulling Hermione into her arms. "I love you too."

"Minerva, we have an audience..." There was a little panic in her voice and a lot of emotion – it had been a hard day.

"I don't care!" Minerva bowed her head and kissed Hermione. The two women wrapped their arms around each other, finding comfort from the madness of the world around them in each others arms.

Three weeks later

Hermione dropped her toast onto her plate and went to get the post. Dropping the scrolls and envelopes on the table she unfolded the newspaper. The photograph of her and Minerva kissing after the battle was on the front page again, Rita Skeeter was unable to publish anything nasty due to the current high opinion of The Order, so she was trying a new tactic to get back at Hermione. Trying to embarrass her, the current story was that they were refusing to answer claims that they may eventually marry.

She laughed quietly, knowing that Minerva was still in bed.

"More tea Mistress?"

"Thanks Dobby that would be lovely."

She quickly finished the paper and opened her mail. A few minutes later Hermione felt arms wrap around her and turned her head to meet her lovers' lips. What was supposed to be a sweet morning kiss rapidly got out of control, Hermione pulled back for air and tugged Minerva onto her lap.

"We are NOT making love on the breakfast table again."

"It's your fault for being so damn sexy."

Hermione chuckled reaching round Minerva for her coffee cup.

"So what came in the post?"

"Loads of stuff for you, a few job offers for me... Molly and Arthur have invited us to dinner."

"Do you want to go love?" When Hermione nodded Minerva grinned at her and dropped a light kiss on her nose.

Hermione spoke in a neutral tone "And Gringotts are offering 20-1 odds on us getting married in the next year." She summoned the paper over showing her lover the headline. Swallowing the last of her coffee she put the mug back down.

"I'll take that bet."


"20-1 is pretty good." Minerva didn't quite meet Hermione's eyes, her tone was amused.

"Not bad odds, good way to get some money."

Minerva chuckled at Hermione's words and slid her hand into the young womans bathrobe, gently caressing a firm breast and erect nipple. She slid off of the chair and opened Hermione's robe completely, kneeling between her spread legs. The young womans breathing turned slightly ragged, her nipples were hard and the patch of hair between her thighs was already wet.

"How do you feel about making love on a chair in front of the breakfast table?"

Hermione only moaned and spread her thighs a little further apart. Minerva took the hint and lowered her mouth to taste her. Hermione's cries filled the sunlit kitchen.

Minerva never would have admitted it but she was nervous. The sheer fact that Molly and Arthur had written a formal invitation suggested it was something more than dinner. Though she had seen them since the battle; that had been at funerals and formal meetings, neither of which was conducive to the blistering tirade Minerva was sure that Molly had waiting for her.

"You look nice." Hermione came into the room, head slightly twisted as she fastened her earrings.

"And you look practically edible." It was true. The younger woman was wearing a black dress that showed off her lovely figure without being revealing. She had put her hair up loosely, strands falling down, curling gently to frame her face. She had applied light makeup, something she did rarely. There was no sign of Hermione the girl, the person standing in front of her was a sexy, elegant young woman. "I'm tempted to stay home tonight."

"Now you're just looking for an excuse, you've been fretting about this all day." Hermione pressed a gentle kiss on Minerva's lips, conscious of her lipstick. She raised her hands to straighten the collar of the older woman's robes. The older woman had chosen a sombre black set; Hermione stood back and looked at her lover with a critical eye. She raised her wand and changed them to a very dark blue with silver detailing. "That's better."

Minerva shook her head with a laugh. Only Hermione could get away with something like that. "Hermione?"


"Promise me I'll get to take that dress off later."

Hermione threw a teasing grin over her shoulder as she walked out of the room. "If you play your cards right."

They apparated to The Burrow. The closer they got the more Minerva began to slow down, Hermione grabbed her hand and made her stop. "You're going to have to face them sometime." Minerva nodded. "So take a deep breath and summon up that absolute confidence you do so well." A moment passed and the older womans shoulders straightened and they resumed the short walk.

Practically a member of the family Hermione opened the door and walked in. She found Mrs Weasley in the kitchen, the redhead had an apron over her dress as she finished up dinner. Hearing the sound of someone entering her domain she turned, "Hermione, Minerva. You're early. Everything's still a mess, I'm a mess."

"You look fine Molly."

"Hermione dear, you look wonderful." The young woman grinned.

"Would you mind checking on the boys and Ginny for me please?"

Hermione hesitated for a fraction of a second before agreeing, she subtly squeezed Minerva's hand in support before leaving the room. This was a gesture that did not go unnoticed by Molly or Arthur who had just entered the room.

"Relax Minerva, have a seat." Arthur smiled at her, more serious than usual but still in good humour.

Minerva sat down cautiously. Molly sat opposite her, leaving the dinner to tend to itself for a few minutes. "You know me Minerva, I like to mother everyone and although Hermione didn't need a parent like Harry did, I've always cared about her and feel responsible for her."


"Let me finish please Minerva. You know all that already anyway, which is why you're worried about my reaction to your relationship."

Minerva nodded, wisely keeping her mouth shut.

"Unlike most people I am not so scared of you that I wouldn't give you an honest opinion." She watched as Minerva's trepidation increased visibly, "A few years ago I would have given you the sharp edge of my tongue and probably said a few nasty things to boot."

She folded her hands on the table, "I'm not going to say any of that Minerva. When Hermione went blind we nearly lost her. You were the one to bring her back from the brink. Your relationship saved her life. After witnessing that how could I do anything but give my approval?"

There were tears in Minerva's eyes that gently began to fall as she reached across the table to take Molly's hands. "Thank you Molly."

"Do you love her?" This came from Arthur.

"With all my heart, mind and soul." The Scottish witches' eyes showed her absolute sincerity.

Deliberately loud footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs. Minerva got up and stood at the window trying to compose herself. Hermione made sure that she was first into the room, when she saw her love's back she threw a worried look at Molly who smiled indicating that everything was fine.

Ignoring her friends, Hermione walked across the room and wrapped her arms tightly around her lover's waist. She rested her cheek on Minerva's back listening to the older womans heartbeat. "Are you ok?" She whispered softly knowing that the cat-like hearing would pick up her words.

"Yeah, I'm fine, good actually." Hermione turned her around, noting the subtle traces of tears on her face with an incredulous raised eyebrow. "Happy tears Hermione."

"Good because I would hate to have to hex Molly."

Minerva chuckled, pulling Hermione closer into her embrace. She heard the young womans whispered spell to dry her tears. "I love you Hermione."

"I love you too."

Hand in hand they turned back to face everyone, pleasantly surprised to see smiles all around. "You two are just too cute." Ginny said before she bounced into Harry's arms.

"So come on, now your secrets out..."

"...In more ways than one..."

"...How long have you been dating?" Hermione hated when the twins spoke like this but she couldn't help but smile today.

"Pretty much since the big ambush."

Molly's inner romantic came out, "So what happened? Who kissed who?"

Hermione and Minerva just looked at each other and burst out laughing. People started looking at them a little strangely. "We don't actually know..." Hermione said.

Minerva smiled at her love and began to explain, "Well you see, it happened like this..."