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"Happy Anniversary sweetheart." Eddie Latekka told his wife on the morning of their twenty fifth wedding anniversary. "I know you're awake." He whispered, running a finger across her naked back. She rolled over and greeted her husband with a smile on her face.

"Happy Anniversary cowboy." She reached over, pulled his face to hers and kissed him passionately and within minutes they were making love. At one point in Janet Latekka's life she had worried that her husband would get tired of having sex with the same woman, with her, but he didn't. In fact it seemed that they longer they were married the more sex they had, especially since the kids moved out.

"I love you my sweet Janet." He told her an hour later when he climbed off of her.

"I love you too Eddie." He bent down, kissed her lips and headed off to the shower.

"You coming?" He called.

"Right behind you." She yelled from her spot on the bed. She knew that she would never get tired of looking at his naked body. He has hardly changed a bit since the day they got married twenty-five years ago. His arms and legs were still muscular, his chest still broad and his ass still tight and round. Over the years he had put on some weight in his stomach, which he claimed was all her fault because she was such a great cook but in her eyes he was still damn hot.

Now she on the other hand, never lost all the weight that she had wanted to. Over the years she tried, she tried so hard to lose the weight but it never happened. She didn't want to lose the weight for Eddie because she knew that he loved her and would continue to love her no matter what her size. She wanted to lose the weight for herself and when it didn't happen Eddie reminded her how absolutely beautiful she was too him.

"Janet." He yelled.

"I'm coming." Even though the kids were gone they still showered together most every morning.

After their shower Janet made them breakfast as she did for him every morning. Although Eddie had become a good cook over the years, Janet still enjoyed cooking for him and he enjoyed her cooking for him. They had just taken a bite of the pancakes when the phone rang. Swallowing quickly Janet answered.

"Happy Anniversary mom." Natalie said.

"Thank you sweetheart."

"Can you put me on speaker?"

"Hang on." Janet hit a button on the phone. "Okay."

"Happy Anniversary dad."

"Thanks pumpkin."

"Seriously dad? Pumpkin? I'm twenty eight, married and I'm going to be a mother in three months."

"You'll always be my pumpkin. Just wait until your baby is born." Eddie quipped.

"Anyways, don't forget 7:00 at The Johnson Inn."

"We don't have to go out. You guys could just come over here for dinner." Janet told her daughter.

"We want to treat you guys to a night out. You deserve it." Natalie insisted.

"We'll be there pumpkin."

"I knew I could count on you to get mom there. Now mom make sure you wear a pretty dress and dad you get to wear a suit."

"I agree with your mom. You guys should just come here for dinner."

"Nice try. We'll see you both a seven. Don't be late. Love you guys."

"Love you too." They told her before disconnecting the call.

While they finished their breakfast they received phone calls with anniversary wishes from the rest of their kids, reminding them again of the plans for this evening.

"They seem awfully anxious for dinner tonight." Janet commented as they headed out to their respective vehicles.

"They're just excited babe."

"Is there something else going on? Eddie do you know something?" She accused.

"I swear. As far as I know its just dinner." She looked at him and knew he wasn't lying. He kissed her sweetly. "Have a good morning. I'll see you at lunch."


Sully's Bar and Tavern didn't open until eleven but Janet liked to show up early in morning, when there were no customers so she could take care of the books, make the deposit at the bank, order the food and alcohol and then be home when Eddie got home from work. At eleven Janet opened the doors and as always people were waiting outside to come on in and her top notch staff got right to work taking lunch orders,

"Happy Anniversary." Hannah Garrett said to her best friend an hour after the bar opened.

"Thanks Hannah."

"Do you have time to have lunch with your best friend?"

"Always. You want you regular?" Hannah nodded and Janet called in their order and they grabbed a booth.

"So any special plans?"

"We thought about going away but since the shop is so busy Eddie couldn't get away so the kids are taking us out for dinner."

"That's sweet." Janet smiled proudly.

"What can I say, I've got great kids and speaking of kids, how is Brianna doing with the twins?" Brianna is Sam's wife and they just had their second set of twins. The oldest set were boys and this time they had girls.

" Brianna reminds me of you when you had Zach and Amber. She wants to do everything on her own."

"She can't. I couldn't do it with just one three year old. There's no way she can do it with two rambunctious five year old boys." Janet said wisely.

"She knows that now. She has finally let her mother and I help her out. How's Natalie feeling?"

"Perfect. The little snot has had the perfect pregnancy. I'm so jealous since both of mine were hellish. She is so excited. The nursery has been done for over a month and she hasn't even had her shower yet."

The two friends continued to chat through Hannah's lunch until it was time to go back to work. Since the twins had been born they haven't had much time to visit so they enjoyed this time. As soon as Janet was back behind the bar a large vase of lavender tulips, her favorite flowers, were placed in front of her. She looked over the top of the vase and saw her husband, smiling at her. They leaned across the flowers and kissed softly. When they broke apart she pulled the card out.

A flower for every year you have made me the happiest husband alive.

I love you.

Your, Cowboy.

She walked around the bar with tears in her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. He returned the hug just as tightly. He felt wet tears hit his shirt. Placing his finger under her chin he lifted her face and kissed her tears away.

"Why the tears pretty girl?" After all these years together he still called her pretty girl.

"You've made me so happy." She sniffed

"Just returning the favor babe." He kissed the top of her nose. "I took the afternoon off, Can you get out of here?" He asked raising his eyebrows suggestively.

"I'd love too but Nattie will be here any minute."

"Oh that's right. I forgot. Are you coming home right afterwards?"

"Yes, sweetheart. I'll be home afterwards."

"I'll be waiting." He said with a wink and Janet pushed him into a barstool.

"I have your lunch ready for you." She went behind the bar and grabbed the salad that she ordered for him.

"Salad J, seriously?" He made a face.

"The doctor said that you have to watch your cholesterol." She watched as he dumped the salad dressing all over his plate. "Want a little salad with that dressing there buster?"

"At least I'm eating it." Janet rolled her eyes and poured him a beer.

"Hey mom, you ready?" Natalie asked walking up to the bar, kissing her father on the cheek.

"Give me a minute. Entertain your father while I grab my purse."

"Shouldn't you be working?" Natalie asked with a grin.

"Shouldn't you?"

"The boss took off the afternoon off so I thought that I would play hookey." Best Friend Windows was so successful that they now had two offices. Nick and Sam ran the original one and Eddie and Natalie ran the second one and Natalie didn't just sit in the office and handle the books. She was out there working right next to her dad.

"I'm ready sweetheart." Both women kissed the cheeks of the man sitting on the barstool.

"Bye girls."

"Bye" They called walking out of the bar.


"You are more beautiful then the day I married you." Eddie told his wife as he pulled the zipper of her dress up.

"Maybe you need glasses babe." She joked as she pulled her hair on top of her head. When Eddie saw her naked neck he couldn't resist and he pressed soft kisses up and down her neck. "Eddie…" She giggled.

"You smell so good." He murmured.

"Will you stop? We're going to be late." She said weakly as his hand caressed her breast.

"We've got time for a quickey." He spun her around and gently pushed her against the wall.

"Eddie." She groaned. "We're going to be late." She repeated weakly but her hands were unbuckling his belt and shoving his pants down to his ankles. He quickly kicked them away.

"We have an hour." He grunted as he slid her underwear down.

"I swear to God, if we are…ohhhh." She moaned as he wrapped one of her legs around his waist and slid himself into her with one smooth stroke.

"I swear….if we…are…late…I will….kick…your…ass." She panted between strokes.

"No…you…won't…" Within a couple of minutes he was exploding and her walls were clenching around him.

"I hate you Latekka." She giggled when he withdrew from her.

"You love it Latekka." He smarted back before he kissed her.

They quickly pulled back on the items of clothes that they had discarded. Janet bitched him out when she had to redo her hair because during their adventure it had fallen down.

"Come on, we are going to be late." She told him, slipping on her heels and Eddie just laughed.

"We still have twenty minutes babe and besides you're missing something." She ran to the mirror, examining her image.

"What am I missing?"

"Your anniversary gift." He pulled a jewelry box out of his dresser drawer and pulled out the diamond necklace he had purchased for her. He walked up behind her and clasped it around her neck. "Now you're perfect." Her fingers reached up and she gently caressed the diamonds around her neck.

"It's beautiful." She whispered.

"Just like you. I love you Janet."

"I love you too." Their lips met in a passionate kiss.


"Welcome to the Johnson Inn. May I help you?"

"We have a reservation for Latekka." Eddie said. They had arrived at seven on the dot. "We are meeting our children. Have they arrived?" The hostess checked the book.

"It looks like they have arrived. Please follow me." The couple linked hands and followed the hostess to the back of the restaurant towards a private room. "Your guests are inside. Enjoy your dinner."

"A private room Eddie?" Janet asked.

"They probably requested it because they know how loud we can get. Come on honey." He tugged her hand and opened the door,

"SURPRISE. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY." Janet and Eddie looked around and saw the room was filled with family and friends. Their kids rushed over and embraced their parents. Janet looked accusingly at her husband.

"You knew about this."

"I swear J, I didn't know."

"He didn't know mom." Zach defended his father

"You guys shouldn't have done this." Janet sniffed.

"Of course we did. You guys deserve it." Amber said grabbing her parent's hands and dragging them into the room. "Visit." She demanded.

"In a minute." Eddie said grabbing his wife around the waist, pulling her close to him and kissing her. "Happy Anniversary J."

"Happy Anniversary cowboy." The kids drug them to the middle of the room where their friends had formed a reception line, like they did twenty-five years ago.

"Hey guys." Hannah and Nick said.

"Hannah you knew about this." Janet said hugging her friend. "When you asked me if we had plans this evening, you knew."

"I was assigned to make sure you had no idea what was going on."

"Congratulations Ed." Nick said to his best friend.

"Thanks for being here."

"Of course I would be here. I was your best man."

"You still are Nicky."

"Sam, Brianna, I'm surprised that you guys are here." Janet said.

"Sam insisted that I needed a night away from the kids so my parents are watching them." Brianna told Janet as she kissed her.

"Janet I am so happy for you." Sam said softly with tears in his eyes. He had always had a soft spot in his heart for his mom' s best friend, his surrogate aunt. She was the most amazing, strongest woman he knew and even as a kid he wanted her to be happy and when his childhood hero fell in love with her Sam was thrilled.

"Thank you sweetheart." Sam kissed her cheek and moved on.

"Eddie, Janet."

"Oh my God, Phyz." Eddie grabbed his friend and hugged him tightly. Phil and Pizza Girl had moved away about ten years ago when Phil was offered a job in New York. They kept in touch by e-mail but he hasn't been back since they left The Ridge.

"It's really good to see you man." Phil said.

"You too but I'm still slightly pissed off at you cause when you left you said you would come back to visit."

"I'm here now aren't I?"

"Ten years later. You've become the next Nick Garrett, leaving for ten years."

"At least I kept in touch and didn't write a stupid book."

"Yeah okay, I'll give you that."

"I really did want to come back but this job is insane. I work sixty hours a week and I'm always out of town."

"It doesn't matter. You're here now." Eddie said sincerely. "I'm really glad the kids got in touch with you."

"I didn't have much of choice. Zach threatened to come to New York, bring the boys and kick my, as he put it "skinny ass. He's just like you man and I believed that he would do it."

"That's my boy." Eddie said proudly. "I guess I should of used the threat of violence years ago to get your skinny ass to come and visit."

"I've always been scared of you Latekka."

"Good. You should have been." Friends were becoming impatient behind Phil.

"Speaking of ass kicking if I don't move this whole line of people will kick my ass. We're here for a couple days so we'll hit Sully's and catch up."


After they had greeted all of their friends they were ushered to a table in the front of the room with their kids and their spouses and they enjoyed a nice, fun filled dinner, which included lots of laughter and smiles. As the dessert of chocolate cake was being handed out the Latekka children stood and grabbed a microphone.

"Good evening everyone. We want to thank all of you for being here with us tonight to celebrate twenty-five years of happiness that our parents found. There are some of you who may not know us so I would like to introduce us. I'm Natalie Rowan." Natalie passed the microphone to her sister.

"I'm Amber Garrett, their youngest daughter."

"I'm Zach." He had always been shy and timid like his mom and public speaking was never one of his favorite things.

"I'm Collin, the youngest of the Latekka clan." Collin handed the microphone back to Natalie.

"A big part of our parent's life together was raising the four of us. It was probably the biggest part of the last twenty-five years. We each have something that we want to say to our parents and then we want to ask you guys to come up and share a story of a time that Eddie and Janet Latekka have affected your life. This should be no surprise to our parents but we couldn't agree on an order because we all wanted to go first so we finally agreed that we would go in order of age which means I get to go first. I didn't know my father until I was three years old and my mom was dying of cancer. On her deathbed she decided to let my dad know of my existence. I sadly don't have many memories of my mom but that also means I don't remember never being without my dad. The woman who has been my mother these past twenty five years has been Janet Latekka." Natalie glanced over at her mom and saw that she had tears streaming down her face. "I can't imagine what it must have been like for her, out buying her wedding dress, happy as can be because she found the perfect one, and then finding out that the man that she was supposed to marry in a few months had a three year old daughter all in the same day. Daddy told me that he was so scared that she was going to leave him but obviously she didn't. Two days later she became in instant mother to me. They told me my first night home I screamed for my mom in front of the door for hours until I cried myself to sleep and she cried right along with me. Mom knew what it was like to lose a mother and she made sure that I never forgot my mom. There was a picture of the two of us that she put in my room that I still have today. She purchased a gravestone for my mom and always encouraged me to go visit on her birthday and mother's day. Every Christmas when we placed the angel on top of the tree she reminded me that our mom's were angels in heaven watching over us. Not only did our parents get married on this day, twenty-five years ago, but also today is the day that Janet Latekka became my legal mother and every year on this day she always did something special with me to commemorate the day that she officially become my mom. On the morning of her wedding she signed the adoption papers making us legally bound together forever but I never needed a piece of paper to tell me who my mom was. I have always known that she was my mom and I am so lucky that she chose to be my mother. I couldn't have asked for a better one. She is the strongest woman that I know and I really saw her strength the year that daddy was sick. She fought like hell to keep our family together and she succeeded. She taught me how to believe in myself. She taught me never to settle for less than what I deserved. She taught me to go after and fight for what I believe in. She taught me how to be a great wife and she taught me how to be a great mother, skills I will be putting to the test in a few more months. I wouldn't be the woman that I am today without this amazing woman sitting in front of me. I love you so much mom. Thank you for loving me." Natalie finished softly, tears streaming down her face. Janet stood and the two women wrapped their arms around each other.

"It's been my pleasure loving you Natalie. I am so glad I got to be your mom."

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