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My Secret Sin

Chapter One: Welcome To The Family

For the love of God let this be the last wedding my mother has. The four before this were all beautiful but this one would be hard to top. The groom would also be hard to beat. I don't think she could find a better husband than Dr Cullen and for once I wanted her to actually love this one. The previous four were all good guys, minus the fact three of them were old enough to be my grandfather, but she never loved any of them. She loved their money.

Harold, the first husband, who was fifty nine when my mother married him, had a love for young women and fast cars. He didn't mind that Renee had a three year old daughter when they married and for the two years they were together he was a good step father. However, it was clear my mother only looked his way because he lucked into inheriting an oil company which brought home millions for his 'family'.

Next was Bernard. He had just turned sixty-five and wanted a hot young bride to piss off his ex-wife who cheated on him with the pool boy, how cliché. Renee was the hot young wife for three years but then the 'marriage' fell apart. Bernard found a twenty year old who could deep throat and didn't have children so upgraded. Renee however didn't leave empty handed. She never did.

Husband number one, Harold, settled by giving her six million dollars to do with what she pleased. Unfortunately she invested three of that six and was unlucky in the stock market, making a significant loss. The other three went into our new house and to feed her lifestyle. Bernard handed over one and half million dollars which supplied me with more than enough money to go to university if I pleased when I was older.

After those two came Parker and Peter. Parker was seventy and had a forty five year old son Peter. Parker was husband number three but they divorced when I was eleven. Then my mother moved onto Peter. They stayed together the longest with a total of five years.

When they split Renee had gotten over eight million dollars from the father and son. She now had more than enough money for everything she wanted to do with her life. Every new project she embarked on was bought by one of her ex-husbands and everything we did was paid by from one of them.

I felt sorry for the four men my mother had conned into marriage but now that she was satisfied with her bank account I thought it was time she settled down properly. That's why Dr Cullen seemed like the right man to be marrying.

Carlisle was known throughout Forks as he was a doctor at the local hospital, but he also played a big role in our small town. He always held charity events and constantly gave away to those in need. No one hated Carlisle in the town so my mother would have to be an idiot if she planned on ripping him off.

Everyone would hate her, more so than now. She did have a reputation and an unpleasant one at that. Renee Swan was the gold digger of Forks. If you were a single rich male then she would flirt and get you to put a ring on her finger. No prenuptials would be signed so when the divorce came through she'd get a stake of their money.

So I was praying to God she didn't have that planned for Carlisle. After all he was such a sweet guy and out of all the step-fathers I've had he seemed like he'd be the best. When they first started dating he took time and effort to get to know me, which was a change, and I wanted this to be successful.

After all I didn't want my mother to be alone or keep up her gold digging ways. That would just be completely pathetic. Plus, the more the town hated her the more they thought I'd do the same. I was no gold-digger though and planned on earning my money. I would be independent and pay my own way thank you very much.

The wedding march began and I walked down the aisle along with the other bridesmaids. The first time I had to do this I was nervous I was going to fall but after so much practice it was a breeze. I played the part of caring daughter brilliantly, if I do say so myself, and paid attention to all the crucial bits so if anyone was watching they wouldn't know I was daydreaming about the food at the reception.

Unfortunately I was ripped from my thoughts of the melt in your mouth chocolate pudding that was to be served for dessert when I saw the best man. My eyes had to be playing tricks on me so I gave myself a pinch. It hurt like a bitch which meant I wasn't dreaming. I wish I was.

Edward Cullen was actually standing opposite me, as the best man and as soon as our parents say 'I do' we'd be step-siblings. Oh God how come I hadn't realised this before? Hell I'd also be living with him! No, I had to stop this. Screw my mother and her thoughts on love, this was not allowed to happen. I would not move in with that devil.

I opened my mouth to speak when suddenly there were cheers and Renee and Carlisle kissed. How did I miss the vows? That didn't matter, they couldn't sign the register. Once they did my fate would be sealed. I still had time.

"Mum?" Renee let go of Carlisle's arm and pulled me into a hug.

"Oh Bella isn't this great?!"

"Yeah, superb. Look you can't marry Carlisle," I blurted out, hoping the forward tactic was best.

"But I just have." She frowned at me. "Do you not like him? Bells you should have said before today."

"No I like Carlisle fine. I don't like Edward however and I think it would be best if you just didn't sign the marriage certificate."

"Honey, Edward's lovely so don't fret." I never thought Edward and lovely would be used in the same sentence. He was a complete menace, just a mighty good looking one.

"Mum please, don't do this." For once I was putting my happiness and sanity before hers.

"Bella stop being silly." She walked away from me and back into Carlisle's arms.

There went my last chance. I squeezed my eyes shut and sighed angrily. When I opened them Edward was smirking at me. Renee and Carlisle signed the marriage register and then began their walk down the aisle as man and wife. Being the maid of bloody honour I had to take Edward's arm. In the wedding practices he never showed up and I had to do it myself. I'd prefer that right now instead.

Thankfully Edward kept his smart mouth shut and just walked in silence. I could smell him standing so close to me and I was practically intoxicated on it. He smelt so damn good. Along with his smell I could feel the heat radiating off of him and in this friggin freezing church I basked in it. With Edward's looks, scent, and heat he was almost the perfect package. Almost.

As soon as I had a chance I let go of his arm and walked away quickly. I didn't want to be anywhere near him. Edward was a known troublemaker and pompous asshole. He had a bad reputation, one I didn't want to be affiliated with but was going to have to get use to. After all I was now officially his step-sister and that came with consequences no doubt. Soon I'd learn what they were.

The reception was in full swing when I walked in. Surveying the room quickly I saw my mother and Carlisle chatting with an elderly couple by the wedding table, the bridesmaids were dancing away with their wedding partners, and my step-brother was sitting at a table surrounded by his friends.

I grabbed a flute of champagne and sat down at an empty table. This whole marriage was going to be one big farce. My guess was that it'll last a year or two and then my mother will split and run with the cash, much to my dismay.

Everything was just so fucking pathetic. At the other weddings I had never been so miserable but I just couldn't help myself. Renee had no clue what kind of fall she was setting me up for. I was known as Bella Swan, the dead cop and gold digger's daughter. It was nearly as bad as Edward's reputation, but not quite.

Edward was the womaniser, the troublemaker, the good graded git, the star athlete, the sexist pig, the pretentious toff, and the devil himself. Forks was his playground and he used it well. It use to be a quiet little town, mainly relying on the timber industry to support itself but then there was a sudden boom of interest to the place and expansions kicked in.

Overnight there were big plans for our little town and more money was being pumped into the place. The small hospital was now at the forefront of medical history with one of the best research departments in the country. Due to this it was recently rebuilt and is state of the art. Along with the hospital, the police, fire station and schools also upgraded themselves.

New houses were being built and the once small quiet town had grown into an expanding town with talks of building a university and more facilities for the town's folks. The elders who were practically falling into their graves didn't like this and kicked up a ruckus until some hot shot property developer built them a new care home. So easily bought.

With all the change and more job opportunities available parents could afford to send their children to private schools so one was built almost instantly. For some reason my mother decided it would be better to keep me at state than move me. I personally wasn't bothered; it was easier to stay where I was.

The new hospital was what brought Dr Cullen to us. He heard of its potential and uplifted his life in LA for here. He moved to Forks five years ago with his wife and son, who at the time was as sweet as an angel. However, his marriage broke down and his wife moved away only four months after arriving.

The gossip was that she couldn't stand the place and wanted out. I heard she was a lovely sweet woman but also very pristine and proper, which caused great intimidation. Not long after she buggered off Edward started getting into trouble. He missed his mama and was rebelling, or at least that's how I looked at it.

I had never actually met Edward before, and had no reason to. He went to the fancy private school and looked down at us poor mortals in state. We didn't like them, simple as. They had money coming out their asses and liked to flash it around with their ostentatious cars that screamed 'I'm rich and my daddy loves me!'.

But just because I hadn't met him didn't mean I hadn't heard about him and his friends. Before Edward pitched up Emmett McCarty, Royce Chatte, Jasper Whitlock and a few random others were the real assholes, even at their grand ages of twelve and thirteen. They were terrors that got worse over time. Edward fell right in with them and his once sweet demeanour changed dramatically.

In the first month of their friendship two cars were keyed with 'fucker' and 'slut' added to the sides, the town welcome sign had been altered to read Fucks rather than Forks, the tires were slashed on three teachers' cars, a shop window was smashed by a brick and after all these crimes four boys were seen cycling away laughing hysterically.

Everyone knew it was them but their high and mighty parents persuaded the pussy chief of police that it was all harmless fun. Yeah, harmless my ass. Mr Gunter had to shut down his store for a week before the window could be fixed, which led to a loss of income and he had to sell his house to pay his bills. The old man now lives on the outskirts of the town in a caravan for Christ sake.

There was nothing harmless about them. The only protection they had was their money and eventually that wouldn't be able to sway a jury. As they got older their 'fun' became riskier and the stakes were raised. They started destroying lives rather than windows.

Girls became an object of amusement and before Jasper got a girlfriend it was said that they shared their conquests. Sick fuckers. Sex, drugs and alcohol was their frequent past times but never once did they get in trouble for stumbling about off their face in front of a cop or even get a warning when they all started smoking weed outside the police station on a Friday night.

They were untouchable. Thankfully last year the fearful four became the terrible three when Royce went off to university to unleash his terror there. He planned on becoming a lawyer one day which is just bloody ridiculous; he'll be as guilty as his client who's caught red handed.

So now the rainy town of Forks had only three to contend with and that wouldn't be so bad. There are really only two troublemakers, Emmett and Edward. Jasper stopped when he started dating Alice Brandon who, according to local gossip, was an unusual girl. Whatever, I didn't care as long as she kept Jasper on a firm leash. I'd probably have my hands full with the other two when I move in with the Cullens.

I'm so looking forward to that.

With my head in the clouds I didn't even notice Edward standing in front of me until he put his hand on my shoulder. I jumped and glared at the git for smirking at my fear.

"What do you want?" I asked, cutting straight to the chase.

"We need to dance," he said, now looking bored.

"No way in hell."

"Look I'm not asking for my own pleasure, the wedding party is dancing and we're to join. So get your fat ass off the chair and let's go." I stood up immediately, stomped on his foot and walked off to the dance floor.

Edward grunted in pain but amusement was dancing in his eyes. He came over and placed his hand in mine and the other very low on my hip. I pulled it up so it was at a modest level for step-sibling touching but he moved it back.

"Stop it," I growled, glaring at him fiercely.

"Stop what sis?" I hated that nickname instantly.

"Don't call me that and if you don't put your hands back to where I placed them I'll knee you in your precious family jewels." He smirked and moved his hand back. Maybe he wasn't as dumb as I thought.

We remained silent and I was waiting for it to be okay for us to stop dancing. Our parents broke apart which was my cue. I started walking away but he put his hand on my waist and redirected me to his table.

"What the hell are you doing? Get your hands off of me," I protested, slapping at his fingers on my waist.

"You're meeting my friends."

"I don't want to." He didn't listen and kept pushing me.

"And I don't care. Don't be so fucking rude." We stopped at his table and the three guys and one girl turned to me.

Two of them undressed me with their eyes while licking their lips. I felt self conscious so crossed my arms, hoping to cut off the cleavage view. The big guy, Emmett, that checked me out flashed a smile, showing dimples and all. That was clearly his way of getting the girls. The other I hadn't met before and was waiting for introductions.

"God Edward don't be so rude. Hi Bella, I'm Alice and this is Jasper," the only girl at the table began. "The big one's Emmett and that's James. It's nice to finally meet you." She smiled at me and it actually seemed sincere.

"Guys this is Bella," Edward said, taking a seat as I just stood there, wanting to leave.

"Why don't you join us?" Alice said, gesturing to the available chair.

"No thanks. I'm meant to go see Renee." It was a complete lie but I wanted out of there and away from them.

"God I hate that bitch," Edward began as I walked away. At first I didn't know who he was talking about, either me or my mother. "She's bewitched my father with her charms and he'll live to regret this…" my mother, definitely "…the marriage is a total sham anyway and if I'm going to get anything out of it, it'll be my step-sisters lips round my cock. I deserve that at least." James and Emmett snickered as I walked away, knowing I had heard everything.

I didn't turn round but did in fact go to see my mother. Quickly congratulating her now meant I wouldn't have to do it later. Also the food was about to be served and I was craving that. My once deserted table filled up and I hadn't got a clue who I was with.

Carlisle and Renee decided they'd let Edward and myself sit with our friends rather than with them so didn't put us on the wedding table. It was just too bad I didn't have any friends so my five free seats were given to other guests.

They all knew who I was and seemed reserved enough not to ask my opinion on the wedding after I shot a death glare at the first guy who asked. That made things better for me. I enjoyed my food and was just content for a while.

Much to my dismay, as the maid of honour, I had to give a speech and my mother wouldn't let me use the one from her last wedding. She said something about it being a bad omen. If you asked me she was the bad omen in a marriage and it had nothing to do with my speech. But I complied and wrote a new one. It was three paragraphs of bullshit about being happy to see my mother so in love and wishing them all the best.

Edward's speech was all about how much he was looking forward to gaining a sister and that he always wanted siblings. He knew we'd all be happy together and that his father's marriage was a blessing on all of us. Total shit if you ask me. All lies aswell.

Fortunately things died down after that and the evening was coming to a close. I had remained by myself for the rest of the time as other guests got up to dance. I spent it watching all the random interactions going on and watching my mother. She truly looked happy so maybe this could be the last wedding I had to attend where she's the bride. That would be a godsend.

Once Renee and Carlisle left the reception I was free to leave. I had to wait out in the hallway for a few minutes before a taxi could come and pick me up. I wasn't going to drive home since I had had some champagne and there was no point taking the risk. Unlike my step-brother, I didn't have money to hide behind.

"Need a lift?" I looked up from my stop on the floor and shook my head.

"No thanks." Edward nodded but stood around awkwardly.

"You going home?"


"Me too."

"You want a medal?" I was distracting myself from him by playing with the zipper on my purse.

"Sure." I rolled my eyes and waited for him to leave. I didn't get what he wanted, especially if he was driving home. His car would be right outside so why not just get in it and do me a favour.

The taxi pulled up and I scrambled off of the ground, trying to be ladylike as I did so but failing miserably. Edward blocked my path when I moved for the door. He was really started to piss me off. And then he did something that blew my mind.

Edward quickly put a hand on my cheek and kissed me, forcing his tongue into my mouth. My traitor body reacted instantly and I pulled him closer. My God he was an amazing kisser. The rumours about how gifted his tongue was seemed to have some truth to them. If he could make me feel this amazing by kissing my lips then with his mouth elsewhere I'd be sky high.

"Welcome to the family sis," he said, pulling back. Edward grabbed my ass firmly and ground his erection into me before walking back into the reception hall. I was left completely dumfounded.

Fuck. I had just made out with my step-brother.

With that thought I fell into the taxi, my mind reeling. Things were so fucked up now.