Detective Angel Lopez glared out the window of the police cruiser as she rode with the rookie around the streets of Boston. She was stuck with the new girl because, well she was a woman herself. Angel had worked her ass off on the force to get promoted and then when she finally did found out it was merely because of Affirmative Action called for at least one female detective per division. She needed a new fucking job, that didn't include training Police Barbie, maybe kicking her ass instead.

She grinned as she watched the 2009 Camaro run the read light and speed down the busy highway. Finally a spoiled asshole to take her frustrations out on.

"Come on princess, turn on those lights and go after him." Angel said, glaring now at the plastic woman that sat behind the steering wheel.

"What if I break a nail?" She asked, as she looked at her newly done nails.

Why the hell did they hire this woman? Oh yes because she was the Chief's daughter. Family work.

"Try to be careful." Angel said, flipping the switch for the lights and sirens.

She watched as the rookie drove up behind the car and followed it as it pulled off the highway. Angel walked behind the rookie as she stood by the driver's side door, Angel making her way to the passengers side. As she approached both windows were down and she could hear the rookie making a fool of herself.

"I just love you." She giggled. "I'm like your biggest fan."

"So everything's fine officer?" The man asked.

"No everything's not fine." Angel spoke up as she looked in the car.

"Wow they come in pairs." The idiot in the backseat commented.

"Yeah and I think this one's hotter." The passenger commented.

"This one is writing your friend two tickets." Angel said, smiling as she pulled out the ticket book and her pen.

"Officer…." He began, searching for a name somewhere.

"Actually that's Detective. Detective Lopez. Badge number 2583." Angel said, as she began filling out her information on the ticket.

"Detective huh?" The passenger said. "Who did you piss off?"

Angel looked at the cocky man and raised an eyebrow questioningly.

"What? Isn't that like a Colonel doing a drill sergeants job?" He asked, grinning.

"Anyway. Sir are you aware that you ran a read light?" Angel asked the driver of the vehicle.

"Yes off….detective." He said, turning his head to now pay attention to her. "You are right she is hotter."

"Sir are you also aware that you were going 18 miles an hour over the speed limit. Which could result in you being arrested?" Angel asked him.

John Cena smiled, showing his dimples. Angel could tell he had talked his way out of more than a few tickets.

'But not this one buddy.' She thought.

"Yes ma'am." He replied.

"Sir I'm going to write you two tickets." Angel informed him, beginning to fill out the rest of the tickets. "Your license and registration please."

Angel put out her hand as she waited for his passenger to search through the glove box. She blushed a little when two boxes of condoms fell out onto the passengers lap.

"Um sorry about that ma'am." John said, scrambling to pick them up.

"Do you know who we are?" The passenger asked.

"John Felix Anthony Cena and Kenneth Anderson." Angel replied, as she turned her attention to the back-seat. "Randall Keith Orton and one very drunk David Bautista. Yep I know who you are."

Angel took the insurance verification and the license and turned to the police cruiser.

"Come on rookie." She said, as the girl regretfully followed her to the car.

"You're not really going to write him a ticket are you?" She asked.

"Yes I am." Angel replied as she called in the license.

Angel opened the door and turned toward the car. She panicked as the passengers door opened and Kennedy began to exit the car.

"Sir get back in the car." Angel yelled, as the past began to flash before her and panic began to creep through her body.

She sighed as the police cruiser pulled up behind them and Bobby Martinez and Brandon Michaels exited the car, running to the car in front of them.

The twosome quickly grabbed Kennedy and slammed him against the car. The drivers door opened then and out came John Cena.

"What the fuck." He exclaimed as they held Kennedy's head against the steel of the car.

Angel groaned as the very drunk Bautista exited the car cursing up a storm.

Martinez finished handcuffing Kennedy and the twosome turned their attention to Bautista, pushing him against the car and handcuffing his hands behind him.

"Guys." Angel began. "You really don't have to arrest them."

"It's the rules. They got out of their vehicle during a stop without an officer giving them permission."

Angel watched as they lead Bautista and Orton to their vehicle and put them in the back. John Cena was standing in front of her car, with his hands on his head, talking on his cell phone.

'Probably to his high paid lawyer.' Angel groaned, biting her bottom lip.

"Are you happy now princess?" Kennedy asked. "I think since you are getting me arrested you could at least give me your number."

"I already gave you my badge number 2583." Angel said, looking around the highway.

"I meant your phone number." He said, grinning.

Angel saw the car swerving in and out of cars. Probably a drunk if she had to guess.

"Martinez." Angel yelled. "Martinez we have a problem."

"What?" Came the reply.

Just at that time the car swerved toward the Camaro and the handcuffed man leaning against it. Angel sprinted to the car and jumped at him, knocking him to the ground and about ten feet away from the car.

"We could always just skip the first date and go right to the after-party." He said, as she looked down at him as she lay on his body.

Then it came. The loud crash of steel hitting steel and the screams filled the air. Angel covered her head against the hard chest beneath her and put her hands over her head instinctively.

"Angel are you okay?" Martinez asked as he approached her.

"Yeah. I'm good." She replied, slowly getting up off the ground.

She felt the sharp pain shoot through her left upper arm and looked down to see the slash there. Blood seeping down her left arm like hot lava.

"Shit." She said, as she turned to the man laying on the ground.

She reached one arm down as did Martinez and yanked him to his feet. She turned her attention to the smashed up Camano in front of her and the owner who was now sitting on the ground in front of her car, his cell phone laying on the ground next to his feet.

She slowly made her way over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Sorry about your car." She whispered. "Do you need a ride?"

He merely shook his head as he stood and got in the back seat. Where Kennedy was soon put also.

Angel sat in the front seat with the rookie as they followed the other car to the station. She looked down at her arm, which was now bleeding onto the seat of the cruiser and groaned. This shit hurt. Almost worse than getting shot. Probably a piece of the metal from the accident. She looked in the side-view mirror to see the third police car, carrying the driver of the car that wrecked. The driver so wasted and high on cocaine that they couldn't feel a thing, though she was sure they would in a few hours when they came down from their high. They'd be booked and taken to a nearby hospital as per police protocol.

"I can't believe you arrested four of the biggest wrestling superstars ever." The girl said. "And you almost got me killed while you were doing it. You wait until my father hears about this. I'll have your badge. I broke a nail out there."

Angel wanted to claw her own ears off. If she had to listen to this girl for five more minutes she wasn't sure what she would do. She almost smiled as the station came into sight.

But as Angel entered the station she groaned when she saw none other than Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Paul Levesque and the mayor standing there.

"Angel what the fuck were you thinking!" The mayor demanded.

"I…" Angel began as the four superstars, the rookie, Martinez and Michaels entered the station.

"You didn't think." He said. "I put you in charge of training a new officer not destroying all credibility this precinct has!!!"

"Where is my father?" Police Barbie exclaimed. "She tried to kill me. I could have really been killed. I just want you to know mister mayor that I was going to let them go because they looked really sorry. This is all her fault. The entire thing."

Angel bit her lip to keep from groaning as the pain in her arm got worse and she began to get light headed. She wasn't sure how much blood she'd lost but she was sure she probably needed at least 5 stitches. And Police Barbie was making her wish she was dead at that exact moment in time.

"Sir…" Martinez began to say.

"And you two. Barging in like you are a bunch of superheroes there to save the day." He said. "I don't care if there were two old ladies there you don't need to protect them if you did they wouldn't be here!!!"

"Sir I think we all know that Angel doesn't need any protection." Michaels laughed. "She could kick all our asses."

A laugh escaped all the 'prisoners' as the mayor frowned again.

Police Barbie was talking on her cell, wining and crying, putting on the best show possible. Angel wasn't sure if she was stupid or deserved a Daytime Emmy.

As Police Barbie hung up and the mayors phone rang Angel realized exactly who she had been 'crying' to.

"Detective Lopez I want your gun and your badge on the chiefs desk NOW!!" The mayor demanded, storming off.

"So sorry princess but your not the top woman here anymore." She heard the rookie say as she walked past and left the building.

Angel's eyes were closed most of the time and though she heard the entire conversation she wasn't sure that any of it registered.

"Are they gone?" Angel whispered.

"Yeah." Martinez said.

"Good" She replied, removing her coat. "Son of a bitch that hurts."

"Let me see." He said, coming closer. "I think we should get you to a hospital."

"Really?" Angel asked, reaching her good hand up to smack him on the back of the head. "What fucking gave you that idea? Maybe it's the big fucking whole in my arm? The blood running down my fucking arm? What are my chances of getting Tetanus?"

"Are you okay young woman?" Mr. McMahon asked, touching her shoulder.

Angel turned quickly to look at him and the room began to spin as she felt herself being caught by a pair of strong arms and everything went black.