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Mary-Lynnette smiled at the stars, she felt that if she closed her eyes, even just to blink they would disappear, taking all there glory with them, but when she finally let her eyes slide closed she saw the most beautiful site. More amazing than the sun, better than the cooling wind blowing through her hair that was strung out in every which way in the lush grass, and even better than the stars themselves. Those ever-changing eyes. Since she found those eyes—and their owner—she didn't feel the happiness she used to feel when she looked up at the sky, nothing was as beautiful to her than those eyes.

She felt that her hand was on her heart, and started to feel it's pattern. Bump, bump-bump, bump-pa, bump-bump-bump, bump, bump-pa, her heart sounded so discorded. Well, it made sense when only half of it was inside her, the other half was with her beloved Ash.

"Ash," she sighed allowed, knowing there was no one to answer her. She didn't know how she was living without him, but It also didn't make sense to live without half your heart, either. The only thing that could comfort her was the thought that somewhere in the world he might be looking up at the same sky, slaying dragons for her. Even if it was the right thing to do, she couldn't help but curse herself for sending him away, this had been the longest year of her life.

. May-Lynnette had understood now why he was all anti-human, Rowan, one of her blood sisters, explained all about their father and how he taught him all that humans were here for was for them to drink, he called them vermin. Of course, Rowan, Jade, and Kestrel didn't believe that, that's one of the reasons they ran away. They were always there for Mary-Lynnette and her brother Mark, they were the only ones keeping her moving forward to the next day while Ash made up for all that he did wrong. Even if she didn't like talking about him, she would always love him, she would always feel unwholesome without him,. it was the effect of the Soulmate Principle, binded together no matter what age, race or even if you like eachother.

She smiled as she closed her eyes again, just to see those beautiful eyes once more, the eyes of her soulmate, "Ash" she sighed again, just to hear his name aloud. Mary-Lynnette's eyes stayed closed and she drifted off to sleep under the stars.


"Kestrel, listen to me. I have to go." Ash exclaimed."I have to find her!" She was blocking the door so he couldn't escape.

"She is probably at her house," Rowan cut in, "you don't need to bother her at this late hour."

"It's been a year since I've seen my Mary-Lynnette," Ash whispered, his patience was wearing thin, having his soulmate in the same town, so close to him, but being stopped by his sister made his blood boil for her, and his heart ache. He felt so close to being happy, but couldn't be, not without holding her curved body close to him, or seeing that beautiful face really looking at him. All, he had to go on was his dreams, he wanted the real thing.

"Ash," Jade's whisper came to his ear, "She hasn't said anything about you since you left, besides a couple of questions about how you were raised. I think she is moving on."

"No." Ash could feel his heart being ripped. "No, she can't, I need her!" he yelled

This is the first time I've seen him actually broken, Rowan thought, sadly. "Go, Ash." She whispered, "She's on the hill, you should know which. She usually doesn't leave till dawn now."

Ash actually hugged his sisters and kissed Rowan on the forehead, "Thank you. I will never hurt her, you should know when I'm lying by now. Read my mind if you want. I'm ready to be with her forever. I'm ready to give her this." He was holding out a promise ring, showing them all, but he didn't have time to explain. Ash ran to the window, and jumped out. I have no time to open doors, He thought, I have to get to her. He ran to all the way to the hill, his heart raising, and not because of exertion. Oh no, he just wanted his Mary-Lynnette, he was ready, he had slain dragons, helped humans and thought about her lovely face the whole time. He didn't think about other women or even really look at them. He just counted the days and looked at the sky any time he could just because he knew she was looking up at it, too.

He slowed his pace as he got close to the top of the hill, his breathe raged and gasping. He worked to make his face a mask of composure, but he felt the tears stinging in his eyes as her fragile body came into view. "Mary," He whispered.