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October 10, the village of Konoha is under attack by no other than Kyuubi. "We must hold on until the Fourth arrives." Suddenly a huge frog about stories appears with a blond on top of it. "The fourth is here," shouted the ninjas wearing leaf headbands.

"So this is how it ends, with me sacrificing my life to seal the Kyuubi into my own son. I hoped the villagers treat you like a hero after this whole affair. If not then at least I will be able to give own some clue of how to use your Kekkei Genkai and the Haraishin." As the Fourth look at his son who was sleeping in his arms he held one of his fingers to the boy's head and sending charkra to his son head. "Let end this now my son,"

Suddenly a light blinding almost everyone appear and when it died out everyone saw that the Kyuubi was gone and the body of the Fourth laid on the earth motionless and devoid of life with a crying baby in his arm.

The Third appear at the scene immediately and held the baby while ordering all ninja to return to Konoha with the fourth body so that it will be buried.

The third return to the Hokage office with the baby and named him Naruto Uzumaki.

To be continued:

Disclaimer: This is only the beginning of the series I will be mainly focusing on this series more than the other. Please RxR and feel free to give out any suggestions of the plot.