*When God Writes Your Story*

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"You know, Aya? I can be your boyfriend and I can kiss you right now. It's easy for me but first love? I'm not ready for that…

I'm not a nice guy that you think… I'm not good in relationship and I'm not good in commitment, I don't think I can suddenly see you as my girlfriend. I'm Sorry."

Chapter 1: Love is ongoing war

"It's been 3 days since he told me that." Aya thought as she rolled over her bed and turned off the alarm clock.

"Why? I thought Otohata-kun…."

"Aya!" A voice called from downstairs. It's her mother. "If you don't get up you'll be late in school. Hurry!"

Aya reluctantly stood up and walked to her closet. She pulled out a white blouse and a skirt. She laid them on her bed to take a shower and brush her teeth. After that, she got dressed and ran down the stairs noticing that she only had sixty minutes to go to school. After eating her breakfast, she makes her way to Hounan but her mind was occupied on what Rei told her the last time they were together. "Why change of heart, Otohata-kun?" Aya thought. The said guy is absent for three consecutive days and she doesn't know why.


"Aya!" Someone called as Aya turned wherever that voice came from. There stood her best friends, Ran and Miyu, who are smiling sweetly at her. "Good morning." They said.

"Ran? Miyu? Good Morning too" Aya replied.

"Hey! Aya! Let's go shopping after class. I heard that there's 50% discount sale on selected items in Shibuya Mall. The sale is until today so let's go and check it out." Ran said.

"Hmmm…" Aya thought. "But I have a meeting with the Supreme Student Council (SSC) officers after class. Will you wait for me?" She asked.

"No problem Aya. We'll be waiting for you in the library right Ran?" Miyu replied.

The corn-haired gal with a red streak nodded as her response.

"By the way the meeting is for?" Miyu asked.

"It's for the upcoming school festival." Aya answered. "Our school foundation day is next month. We will be discussing what activities we can do to make our school festival memorable and exciting."

"Eh? I thought you have the proposal already?" Ran asked.

"I do. But some members of the SSC have lots of suggestions and I want to hear them out. Naka-teach is also pressuring me about Hounan's recommendation for college. I don't know what to do first. "

"You can do it, Aya." Miyu said.

Aya smiled at her. "Thanks."

"By the way, Aya. Is Otohata going to come to school today? I heard he is sick." Ran asked.

"He is sick?" Aya asked. "He said that?"

"That's what vice president Yuuya said. Oh? I thought you know."

"I- I don't know." Aya replied. "I haven't talked to him since we went to the Amusement Park."

"Come to think of it, what really happened at that time?" Ran asked.

Aya didn't answer.


"He said I'm sorry." Aya said in low tone.

"He broke up with you?" Ran asked. "Is he in love with someone else?"

No answer.

"Oh my!" Miyu cried.

"Are you serious? After all you've been through? That guy!" Ran said as she clicked her tongue with annoyance.

"He said that he wasn't ready and…" Aya said.

"And what?" Miyu asked.

"And it hurts… I thought about what happened before that incident. Did I offend him? Something like that. I want to know. But he doesn't call me. Until now, he's skipping classes."

"What are you planning to do?" Ran asked.

"Well… I need to talk to him." Aya replied. "He only said that he's not yet ready. I'm glad he doesn't hate me. I'll try to make things work out. I will not give up until he totally dumps me. Love is on-going war." Aya said.

"Aya!" Ran shout and hug her. "Just remember that we will always be here for you."

Miyu agreed.

"Thank you, Ran, Miyu." Aya said as she hugs them back. "Even I didn't fall for Otohata-kun right away, his reply maybe "sorry" right now, but if we take things slowly, bit by bit... his answer might change. There's no need to force myself to give up. I finally entered this unrequited love. There's no point of turning back." Aya thought to herself.

Hounan Highschool, 3:30 pm

"Yahoo! It's dismissal time!" Ran shouted. "Shibuya Mall wait for us!"

"Kotobuki!" Nakanishi called.

The woman called looks at him. "Yes Naka-teach."

"What's the meaning of this?" He asked showing Ran her 50 item test they had earlier. "You only got 13 points even though it's just true or false. Come with me. You will have a remedial class until 7:00 PM." Nakanishi said.

"Whaaatt?" Ran freaked out. "But I have plans… Miyu, Aya! Help."

"I'm sorry Ran." Miyu replied. "Yamato texted me and he said to come to the police station. It's urgent. So later guys!" Miyu said.

"Oi Miyu! Wait! I'm coming with…" Ran said as she runs after Miyu.

"Calling all the attentions of the Supreme Student Council officers from freshmen to seniors please head now to the Guidance Office for a very important meeting."

"Ran." She said while packing her things and readied her bag. She then neatly tied her long black hair in a single ponytail and put her chair back into place. "I'll go first. And listen attentively to what Nakanishi-sensei will teach you, okay?"

"…But what about the sale? You promised me." Ran asked.

"I'm sorry Ran but I'm sure there will be another sale to go on to probably next month so… See you tomorrow!" Aya waved as she ran through the door.

"Hey! Aya don't leave me!"

Guidance Office,

"Since this is the last school festival we seniors are going to be part in." Aya said to all the officers present in the room. "I'm planning to make this event more exciting and memorable not just for us but to all the students and faculty here in Hounan.

"Then, what's your plan now?" Yuuya Asou, the Supreme Student Council vice president, asked. "You just cancelled our first plan. The play, you know?"

"I'm planning to suggest that our school festival must last for five days. On the first 3 days, the elimination and semi-finals for all the ball games and other outdoor-indoor games must take place. On the 4th day, the championship in all the games will take place and on the last day, I'm going to ask our school principal's permission to have a dance party here in our school on the night of February 14, 20xx." Aya said.

"Valentines Day, huh? Wow! I like this idea compared to the first one." Mami Honda, the Supreme Student Council secretary, said.

"Let's also organize different clubs." Yuuya suggested. "Each clubs must compete with each other and whoever wins by having the most profit will have a special prize."

Aya smiled. "Good. I want everything to be perfect. Sayo-chan, can you please write a short report about the topics we have discussed today? I need tomorrow after lunch."

"No problem Senpai!" Sayo replied.

Aya looked at the wall clock hanging above the door. It reads 5:10 in the afternoon and she slapped her head for forgetting a very important task that needs to be done aside from this meeting.- She needs to go to the grocery store! "Well, I think we should go home now, it's getting late…" then Aya looked at the window "…and the weather's not fine today… See you tomorrow, guys!"

She waved goodbye to them and they separated ways. Aya walked absent-mindedly through the streets… unusually, there were no cars and vehicles on the streets and only few people are outside. She is trying to recall what she needed to buy in the grocery store. "Shampoo… Lotion… Good."

She felt the cold wind that blows that afternoon… it was—weird. Her black locks danced with the wind as she tucked some behind her ear. She held her bag and books tight… she felt that someone's chasing after her so she turned to see but saw nothing. The wind blew harder as heavy raindrops fell from the sky. People on the streets are long gone.

Aya ran to find a shed but failed. She is now wet and her uniform is already damp from the rain. At last, she found a building and went there. 'The rain is heavy today, my, my… I didn't bring my umbrella…' she thought.

She then felt cold. She looked at the sign on the front door of the big and elegant-looking establishment… it's a Music Store. She had never been in this store before—maybe because she is way too busy with her studies so she already missed hanging around on places like this… She is about to open the door when someone pulled it on the other side. Her eyes turned huge plate. "O-Otohata-kun!" She called.

"Aya." The raven-haired guy said.


"Seems you got soaked in the rain…"

"Ye—ah." She replied as loud a mouse. "I forgot my umbrella."


"Why are you here? You're not attending class. Yuuya-kun said you were sick."

He didn't answer. It's awkward. The rain is pouring hard and he doesn't like that. He wants to go home. He never heard silence this loud. They were like that for several minutes. He needs to do something or at least say something. "Aya." He called.


"About what I said to you last week at the amusement park… That I'm not ready yet."

"I understand." She replied. "It's your decision. But I'm not giving up Otohata-kun. Please let me love you. I will wait. Till you realize your true feelings for me. I'll wait. Just let me love you."

Rei doesn't know what to say after hearing her spoke. He pities her. What he said to her causes Aya more pain. He slowly walks towards Aya and hugs her. "Aya, I can't tell you what my true feelings are because I'm still confused on it. But I will admit that you are really special to me. That's why; I want our relationship to be friends for now. I hope you understand. So if it's okay to you, I will allow you to wait until I realized what I feel towards you but don't expect too much that I will return your feelings. Things might get change. As of now let's remain to be friends." Rei said in low voice as he stroking Aya's hair.

"Aya buried her face on Rei's chest. "Okay! I understand. I won't expect too much. I need to prepare myself for a long time of waiting until I reach you with my true feelings." Aya said. "And…"

"And what?"

"I'll make you regret saying "Sorry" so be prepared."

Rei smiled. Aya's challenging him. "Yeah. Let's look forward to that."

On the other hand, not far from them was a guy totally drenched from the rain. He's hiding behind an electric post and eavesdropping on Rei and Aya's conversation. As soon as he heard what he needs to hear, he left the place with a smile on his face.

To be continued.


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