*When God Writes Your Story*


Author's Notes: Konnichiwa!! (Do I get the right spelling??? Hehe) Kyaa!!! ReixAya story. I'm planning to have a world record of my no. 1 couple in terms of Fanfiction. (Cough). Anyways, to tell you about the story, it revolves again to the coldest man in the world I ever met besides from Uchiha Sasuke, do you know him? The guy I'm talking about? Okay, want a clue? His birthday is March 6, a blood type of B and a certified member of the Do-Nothing-Club. His favorite accessories are what he wears. Hmmm… Think! Time limit is not allowed. Did you say Rei Otohata? Bingo! You said it right. Haha. Did I give you a trivia about him? It's all said in Episode 3 where in he was interview by a famous magazine publisher.

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"You know, Aya? I can be your boyfriend if you want and I can kiss you right now. It's easy for me but FIRST LOVE? I'm not ready for that…

I'm not a nice guy that you think… I'm not good in relationship and I'm not good in commitment, I don't think I can suddenly see you as my girlfriend. I'm Sorry."

Chapter 1: Love is on going war

"I'm Sorry…"

"I'm Sorry…"

"I'm Sorry…"

"It's been 3 days since Rei told me that. Why? I thought he loves me too but I was wrong." Aya thought as she rolled over her bed and turned off the alarm clock.

"Aya!" If you don't get up you'll be late on school. It's already past 8. Hurry!" Her mother said.

Aya reluctantly stood up and walked to her closet. She pulled out a white blouse and a skirt. She laid them on her bed as she went to take a shower and brush her teeth. After her shower, she got dressed and ran down the stairs noticing that she only had sixty minutes to get to school.

"You look pale, honey. Did you have a good sleep last night?" Her mother asked.

"Yeah. I was just busy studying." Aya replied.

"Really?" she asked.

"Yes. Sorry if I make you worried mom." Aya said as she looks at her watch. "Geez! The time runs fast, isn't it? If I don't hurry I might get late. I'll be leaving now. Ja ne!" Aya said.

"Ittarashai!" Her mother said.

Aya walks toward the school but zoning out. She don't mind whether she became late. Rei is absent for 3 consecutive days and she don't know the reason. "Why I am like this? Rei doesn't says that he don't like me. He just said that his not ready yet. If that's the reason, I will try my best not to give up. I just need to prepare myself for a long time of waiting until I reach him with my true feelings."

"Aya!!!" Ran shouted.

"Ran? Miyu? Good Morning." Aya greeted.

"Good Morning too." Miyu replied.

"Hey! Aya! Let's go shopping after class. I heard that there was 15% discount in the Karaoke House. It's until 7 in the evening. Let's come." Ran said.

"Okay. I need to have groceries too but I have a meeting with the Supreme Student Council (SSC) officers after class. Will it be okay for the two of you to wait for me? I think the meeting will last in less than 30 minutes." Aya said.

"Okay. Then it's settled. We'll be waiting for you at the library. By the way the meeting is for?" Miyu asked.

"Meeting? It's for the upcoming school festival. You know? Our school's foundation day is just a month away. We will be discussing what activities we can do to make our school festival memorable and exciting." Aya said.

"Eh? You're still discussing the activities for that? As far as I know, you're all planning the activities for the school festival since November of last year. Geez! What a boring and tiring work." Ran annoyed.

"Ran! Would you shut up?" Miyu said. "Aya is doing her best as the Supreme Student Council president. We have to support her."

"Okay! I understand." Ran said.

"By the way, Aya. I've notice that Otohata-kun was absent for three days. Did something happen?" Miyu asked.

"Rei?" she said in low voice. "I don't know. We haven't seen each other since we went to the Amusement Park." Aya said but her voice is trembling.

Ran noticed it. "What happened? You told us that you went home ahead because you two feel exhausted. I even got the chance to leave the two of you alone but you wasted it. By the way, did you asked him why is he avoiding you over the past week or he turned you down. Poor Aya! The Hounan High school's "Cool Beauty" has been dumped by the person she truly loves." Ran said.

"He didn't dump me Ran." Aya said in a loud tone. "He said… he said… that he is not yet prepared for the relationship I was wishing for but even though he said that to me, I'm glad that he doesn't hate me. I think I make a good decision of confessing my love to him. It's better to try and failed than to regret for not doing it. Love is on going war." Aya said.

"Aya!!!!" Ran shout and hug her. "You're now mature."

"Thank you, Ran." Aya said. "I know this is right. Even I didn't fall for Rei right away, his reply maybe "sorry" right now, but if we take things slowly, bit by bit... his answer might change. There's no need to force myself to give up. I finally entered this unrequited love. There's no point of turning back." Aya thought to herself.

"Ohayo! Ran-pyon, Aya and Miyu." Tatsuki said. "I think the three of you should hurry. The bell already rings and if you don't walk quickly you'll all be late." Tatsuki said.

"Shit!!! We almost forgot it. Hurry guys." Ran said. "Hey! Monkey-boy! Wait for us."

The three gals and Tatsuki runs fast as they can not to became late. When they arrive at school there were still 10 minutes remaining before the bell rings. "T-A-T-S-U-K-I!!!!" Ran shouted. "You made the 3 of us panic because of your stupid words earlier. You really suck dumb-ass!!!" Ran said angrily as she releases a powerful punch right before Tatsuki's eyes.

"Ra… Ran… I'm sorry. Forgive me, honey" Tatsuki cried.

"Aya? Are you okay?" Miyu asked.

"Hey! Aya? Are you alright?" Ran said after punching her boyfriend.

"Yes!" Aya said as she gasping for air.

Ran laughed at her "You are really weak, Aya."

"Maybe. It's you who told me that I can't excel in activities like running, ne?" Aya said.

The class then started after 10 minutes. Lots of quizzes, recitation and homework were given by Nakanishi-sensei. They also had a 50 item test in English but no matter how tiring and boring the school is. It's finally dismissal time.

"Yahoo!!! It's dismissal time!!! Aya! Let's go and have Karaoke." Ran shouted.

"Kotobuki!" Nakanishi called.

"Sensei? What's wrong? May I help you?" Ran said.

"What's the meaning of this?" Talking about their 50 item test in English they had earlier. "You only got 13 points even though it's just a multiple choice. Come on! You will have a remedial class until 7:00 PM." Nakanishi said.

"Whaaatt???" Ran freaked out. "I don't like. Hey. Aya and Miyu! Help me." Ran said.

"Let's cancel this for a while Ran. Yamato called me and he's asking me to visit him at the police station. Later guys!" Miyu said.

"Miyu! Wait!" Ran said as she tries to escape Nakanishi.

"Calling all the attentions of all the Supreme Student Council officers from First year to Forth year please head now to the Guidance Office for a very important meeting."

"Ran, I think I am leaving now. Miyu's right. Let's cancel this for the mean time. There will be lots of time to hang-out after the school festival. Do your best to analyze what Nakanishi-sensei will teach you. Good bye." Aya said.

"Aya! Don't leave me." Ran cried. Aya just smiles at her and soon headed at the guidance office were all the SSC officers are waiting.

At the Guidance Office,

"Aya-senpai! Do you have now a plan for the upcoming school festival?" Sayo, the 2nd year Representative, asked.

"Since the school festival only happens once a year and this is the last school festival we, seniors, are going to experience, I'm planning to make this event more exciting and memorable not just for all the senior students but for all the students here in Hounan High School. We are just a month away from the festival so we must start preparing it as soon as possible." Aya said.

"Then, what's your plan now?" Yuuya, the SSC vice president, asked.

"I'm planning to suggest that our school festival must last for five days. On the first 3 days, the elimination and semi-finals for all the ball games and other games must takes place. On the 4th day, the championship in all the games will takes place and on the last day, I'm going to ask our school principal's permission to have a grand ball here in our school on the night of February 14." Aya said.

"Valentines Day, huh? Wow! I like that." Mami, the SSC secretary, said.

"Let's also organize different clubs. Each clubs must compete to each other and whoever wins by having the most profit they gain from their booth will have a special prize." Yuuya added.

Aya smiled. "I'm glad that after months of preparing, we have come up with different ideas for the upcoming school festival. Since it's already 5:30 PM let's continue this meeting tomorrow. Mata Ashita!" Aya said.

"Goodbye! See you tomorrow." The other members said.

"Hey! Aya-chan" called Yuuya. "Going home? Can I join you?"

"Yuya-kun? Why not." Aya said.

While walking along the school quadrangle "Anno... Do you know why Rei was absent? He's not texting me or even called me. He doesn't also answer his phone when I call him. Is he sick?" Yuuya asked.

"Why are you asking me? You are his best friend." Aya said.

"It's because the girlfriend is always updated than the best friend." Yuuya said.

"What are you talking?" Aya said. "Girlfriend huh? I also thought that before, since the two of us are in the same section and he treats me differently from our other girl classmates." Aya thought to herself.

"Aya? Are you alright?" Yuuya asked.

"Huh? Yeah! I was just thinking of something." Aya said.

"You're acting weird these past days. I don't know if it's related to the reason why Rei was absent."

"What? Why do you asked?"

"Anno… because I always had an eye on you. You're always cool in everything you do but I notice that there is something wrong. Did the two of you have a fight?"

"Of course, not! The last time I saw him was on last Sunday and I don't dare to text or call him and asked "Hey! Are you alright?", "Did something happen to you?" because I know that he might not reply or answer me. I can't do it at least for now."

"Is that so? Rei is very a good man and I know you know it more than I am, even though he is cold. He wouldn't say you anything he isn't capable of doing. He isn't loud...but when he speaks, its well through out. It comes from here." At this point, he had his hand on his heart, "so you better believe in him." Yuuya said.

Aya was surprise on what she heard. "Did he mean that Otohata-kun meant what he says? That he can't see me as his girlfriend?? Ahhh!!! Stop remembering Aya!!!" Aya thought.

"You know, Aya? I can be your boyfriend if you want and I can kiss you right now. It's easy for me but FIRST LOVE? I'm not ready for it.

I'm not a nice guy that you think. I'm not good in relationship and I'm not good in commitment, I don't think I can suddenly see you as my girlfriend."

"Anno… Yuuya, I will take this short cut" Aya said in low voice. "I need to go to the supermarket and have groceries. Thanks for a walk." Aya said as she turns back and walked away from Yuuya. Her mind is zoning out again.


"Yuuya!" a voice called.

The blond guy looked back only to found out that it was him. "Rei?" Yuya surprised. "How are you? I thought you were sick because you are three days absent." Yuuya said.

"I'm fine. I just don't want to go to school for the mean time. What are you doing here?" Rei asked.

"You don't want to go to school your ass, man! What will happen if you got expelled for disobeying the school policies? Students only allowed to take at least 2 absences."

"Hai! Hai!" rei replied. "Sorry. By the way, what are you doing here? You're house is from north, right?"

"Oh! I walked Aya-chan home but she said she has something to do. Oh! I forgot!" Yuya looked to where Aya made her way to buy groceries. When he still saw her image walking she called her aloud. "Aya!!!" Yuuya shouted.

Aya is shocked because of Yuuya's loud voice. She turned her face to Yuuya and surprise to see Rei was with him. The two of them walk towards Aya. Rei's just following Yuuya but he truly doesn't know what to do. The real reason why he's absent is because he's avoiding Aya to see him. But now she's just standing in front of him "Her eyes are still filled with pain." He thought.

"Hey!" Rei said to her. Aya just smiles as her reply.

"Neh, I thought the two of you had a fight?" Yuuya said.

"I told you that we don't ne? Anno... It's getting late already. I have to go shopping in the supermarket. See you guys tomorrow." Aya said.

"Wait!" Rei stopped her. He cast his eyes on the side and asked shyly. "…If it's okay to you I'll join you." Rei said.

She agreed. Rei walks with Aya but the two of them were not talking to each other. Rei then breaks the silence by saying "Anno… Aya, about what I said to you last week at the amusement park. That I'm not ready yet. Anno…"

Aya then speaks even Rei isn't finish on what he's saying. "I understand. You don't have to worry. The truth is, I find it hard to accept that but I realized I was the one who is in hurry. There's no need to rush. That's why; I made up my mind not to give up. Please, allow me to love you. I don't care how many I times I will get hurt. It doesn't matter, until you realize your true feelings to me. I don't expect that you will return it but just allow me to love you." Aya said as her voice trembles.

Rei doesn't know what to say. He pities her. What he said to her causes Aya more pain. He then walked towards Aya and hugged her. "Aya, I can't tell you what my true feelings are because I'm still confused on it. But I will admit that you are really special to me. That's why; I want our relationship to be friends for now. I'm just preventing you not to get hurt. I hope you understand. So if it's okay to you, I will allow you to wait until I realized what I feel towards you but don't expect too much that I will return your feelings. Things might get change. As of now let's remain to be friends." Rei said in low voice as he stroking Aya's hair.

"Okay! I understand. I won't expect too much. I need to prepare myself for a long time of waiting until I reach you with my true feelings." Aya said. "Friends? I'm not going to give up. Love is ongoing war." One day. You'll regret saying "Sorry" so be prepared." She thought.

On the other hand, not far from where Rei and Aya were standing and talking to each other, a shadow of an unknown guy was hiding on the electric post. After a couple of minutes and eavesdropping on Rei and Aya's conversation, he left the place with a smile on his face.



What do you think? I hope you like it? How about Rei? Is he really cold? I don't think so because for me he is the type of guy who is surely get serious to a relationship and not those stupid guys who are playboys and liars. Hehe. Please leave reviews and comments. Thanks in advance. Until next time guys, Sayonara!


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