*When God Writes Your Story*


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(Blue Danube Waltz by Tchaikovsky Background Song)

"What's wrong with you two?" Ran asked as the three of them get off on the car they were riding. "Let's hurry! The cotillion is already starting." Ran added.

"Don't worry." Aya replied. "Main characters and super heroes always come late, right?"

"Aya's right. There's no need to rush. Anyway, sweetie." Miyu said as she focused her attention to the driver of the car. It's Yamato. "We'll be going now. I'll see you right after the party, okay?"

"Sure. I'll wait here."

"You know, I would like you to be my first dance but outsiders are not allowed inside the school so Gomen ne." Miyu said in low tone.

Yamato pat her head and said. "Daijobu. Then I'll give you the last dance right after the party."

"Yamato." Miyu said.

They hugged each other and share a warm kiss. "Happy Valentines, Sweetie." Yamato said after they parted.

Miyu smiled.

"Hai! Hai! Flirting is enough." Ran said as they watched the two kissing. "Let's go now, Miyu."

"Right with you, Ran."

"Enjoy the night the three of you." Yamato shouted.

"Yeah." They all replied in unison.

The three gals run as fast as they can and entered the school quadrangle where the party was being held. The students from freshmen and to seniors are looking their best because of the beautiful dress and suits they wore. But to the hundreds of girl students who attended the grand ball, there's only one girl who outshine the most. It's Aya. She's wearing a two inches lavender dress with headed neckline that complement the beading at the side hip which gathers in the bodice pull to. There's also a lace-up back. (Can you imagine what I was saying? Hehe). Her hair was tied in a half up-half down hair style. Its end was curled and a small silver crown was placed on her head. Her make up is light that really matches her dress. To summarize it, she looked like a princess.

Ran rotates her eyes on the place. There's no vacant seat and table for the three of them. Suddenly, Mami, who was wearing a silver sequin short dress with lame belt and shoulder straps, caught their attention. "Aya!!! Miyu!!! Ran!!!" She shouted in the middle of the crowd. "Here!"

Aya and her pals headed to where Mami is and mingle. There's three available seats reserve for them. "You look good on what you wear, Honda." Ran said. "I can't believe that a girl like you hid some beauty outside."

"What the fuck." Mami annoyed. "I'm beautiful in and out. Don't you know that? Anyway, Thanks. Hmmm… I find it hard to say this because I know I'll end up getting sick tomorrow but you look good Kotobuki if you let your hair straight like that."

Ran's eyes brighten. She's wearing a maroon metallic organza short dress with ruched detail at bust and bodice. "Really? Miyu made this hair style for me."

"Really? Miyu is really good on doing things like that don't you think?" Mami said.

Miyu blushed. She's wearing a pink dress with sequins over charmeuse. The dress is strapless with sash and a detachable belt. "Thanks. But no one beats the beauty of Hounan's Cool Beauty."

They looked at Aya. "Yeah. You're right." Ran said.

"You look more beautiful in what you wear, Aya. You look like a princess. A totally lady like." Miyu praised.

"That's why I don't dare to challenge her." Mami said. "I have no matched on her. If there's only one person I want to beat, that's you Kotobuki."

"Beats me. I'm ready whenever you want to start a fight." Ran said.

"Fine. Let's see who can have the most number of dances tonight." Mami challenged Ran.

"Sure. Bring it on, you moron!"

"Geez!" Miyu sighted. "They started again."

"I guess seeing those like that is part of our daily lifestyle." Aya said.

"I guess you're right."

"By the way, gals." Aya said to them. "This maybe late but thank you for always being there for me. If you didn't cheer me up. I might still be on my room running away. I'm lucky to have good friends like you."

Ran and Miyu as well as Mami hugged Aya. "We're your best friends, remember?"

Aya smiled. "Yeah."

Final Chapter: Until the Day It Turns Pumpkin

(The emcee speaks. It's Yuya. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the principal)

"Look! It's the principal!" Ran said.

"Ssshhh… Would you please quit talking for a while Ran and listen?" Miyu warned.


"Ehem!" The principal started his speech. "Good evening my dear students." He said.

"Good Evening. Too." The Hounan student's replied.

"I know you are all excited in this grand ball, right? Are you all enjoying yourself?"

Everybody shouted as their replied.

"This is the last day of the school festival and I hope that you all have fun this whole week. Next week; we'll all go back to our daily routines. Study-work-study. Hell will be on our way again. (Laughs) We're now going to prepare for your final exams next month so make sure that you make the most out of it tonight. Do your best, everyone. Your remaining school days are coming to its end. Oh! Before I forgot, how about a speech coming from our dear and lovely Student Council President, Aya Hoshino?" The president said.

{Sounds of clapping can be heard…}

"Eh?" Aya startled on her seat. "Watashi?"

"It's for your opening remarks." Mami said. "You prepared a speech for it, right?"

"I see. Yeah." Aya replied. "Then, I'll be going up there and finally start the party. Okay?"

"Yeah. Bring it on, girl." Ran cheered her.

Aya demurely stands on her seat and walks up of the stage. Everybody's eyes turned on her. There were "Oohh's and "Aahhss" and "Aya-senpai, Kirei!" everywhere, just like the guy who's secretly watching from the school rooftop.

"Sugoi!" A monkey-boy-look-a-like said. "Is that Aya-ppe???"

Rei looked around. "Who's there?"

"Up here!" Tatsuki said. He's on standing on the huge tank of water located at the roof top.

"Tatsukitchi?" Rei surprised. "I thought you're a zombie. What are you doing there?"

"How rude of you, Ototchi." Tatsuki cried as he jumped down from where he was standing. "By the way, Aya-ppe's truly a secret maiden, right?"

"Hmn." He replied.

"Come on! Why don't you be honest to yourself Otochi!!!" Tatsuki annoyed. "If I don't have my baby Ran as my girlfriend, I'm going to melt Aya-ppe's heart by just one smile. Ahaha."

"I know that..." Rei said. "…More than any guy in the world."


"Nothing. I'm happy that Kotobuki convinced her to come here." Rei said.

"Of course. That's one of my Ran-pyon's good points, don't you know that?"

"I'm happy that someone like her is looking at Aya the way I'm looking after her."

"To think that I'm going out with such a nice girl like Ran-pyon…" Tatsuki said. "…Lucky!!!"


"I'm going to asked Aya dance later." Tatsuki said.

"What about Kotobuki?" Rei asked.

"Of course. I'll dance with Ran-pyon too. I'll make sure that I'll be her first dance."

"What do you mean first dance?" Rei asked.

"Didn't you know that?" Tatsuki asked. "To a girl, the first dance is very important to the girl. I don't know every details but every girl's first is always embedded on their heart, right? For example, first love, first kiss, etc."

"Ah…" Rei said. "Who thought of that idea? It's absurd."

"That's a legend!!! Didn't you know that?" Tatsuki shouted.

"Never heard of it before." Rei said.

"Geez! You're looks are really good on you, Ototchi."

"I never want to hear those words from you."

"Hai! Hai! Oh! Aya-ppe's going to give her speech."

"I know that so keep your mouth shut." Rei said. He opened his cell phone and turned on the camera. He took some pictures of Aya.

At the stage, Aya stood on the flat form and holds the microphone. Beside her is Yuya, whose busy waving to the girls especially at Mami. Aya then leans closer to the mike and said. "Konbanwa minna! Hmm… What can I say? Anno…" Aya started her speech. "Today is St. Valentine's Day and I'm sure that the Gods of love are here giving us their blessings. Please do your best to enjoy the night. It doesn't matter if you get the least and most number of dances tonight. What matters the most is that you enjoy. Today's moment is surely become tomorrow's memory. Let us build wonderful memories together especially to the graduating students like me. The dance will happen 30 minutes after the dinner is served. Prepare yourself everyone. Have a wonderful night. Thank you." Aya said. Applause is then heard after she ended her speech. "Oh before I forgot, the council has just made a plan that everyone here in our school will surely love." Aya added.

"Eh?" Yuya surprised. "Aya-chan. I've never heard of this plan… what is it?" Yuya whispered to her.

Aya gave Yuya a winked. As if she was trying to tell him. "Listen and you'll find out." Aya then puts her attention back to her schoolmates. "Well, where are we?" She said. "Oh! About the plan, I already had our principal's blessing for these. In order for everyone to enjoy, I hereby declare that we are going to have a "Prince and Princess" of the night. Prove to me that each and every one of you is worthy for that title."

"Prince and princess of the night?" Everybody mumbled.

"Yup. You heard it right." Aya said. "Not only that, if you happened to win the said title you'll get a special reward and that reward is…"

Sayo then came up on the stage holding piles of papers. "The rewards that the prince and princess will get are…

(Drum roll)




"The Final examinations questions?" Everybody surprised.

"Prince?" Yuya and Tatsuki thought.

"Princess?" Mami and Miyu thought.

"The answer sheets for every subject that will save my high school life?" Ran thought.

"I'M IN!!!!!" Everybody rejoiced.

Aya smiled. "Do your best to take home the crown. Ganbatte. And now, I officially announced that the dance party is finally open."

Everybody goes wild. Students start inviting their crushes to dance. On the other hand, Katase is already waiting on the stage's downstairs for Aya. "Katase-kun?" Aya called.

He lowered down his head and extends his arms in a chivalrous manner. He asked. "May I ask this lady for one dance?"

Aya gladly offered her hand to Katase and he escorted her at the dance floor. Meanwhile, at the school rooftop, Rei's busy staring at them, he remembered Tatsuki's word about that first dance. "So? Katase is her first dance, huh?" He thoughtbut he's not jealous. No. It hurts him a little but he manages to overcome it by telling to himself the reason why he came to the party and that's to apologize and to confirm about Aya's true feelings. He decided to wait until no one dared to ask Aya to dance but he's sure to himself that it will surely took a long time. His ex-girlfriend is too beautiful and no guy on earth would just ignore her presence.

Back to the dance floor, Katase and Aya were dancing in the tune of Jungle smile's "I want us to hug." Katase then told her. "You looked wonderful tonight."

Aya smiled. "Thanks."

"Every man might fall in love with you again if they see you looking like this. You're like an angel no a princess."

"An angel?? A princess?? Stop embarrassing me, Katase-kun." Aya blushed.

"It's true." Katase said. "I'm sure he's also thinking the same."


"That Otohata will surely be jealous to those guys looking at you. Where is he, by the way?"

Upon hearing Otohata's name, Aya became silent but she pretends to be okay for Katase.

"I… I don't know."

"That guy!" Katase annoyed." "…In this important day."

"The night is still young, right?" Aya said.

Katase kinda realized what Aya is trying to say. It means that it's too early and things may happen unpredictable.

"By the way, who told you that idea of using the final examinations as a price?" Katase asked as the two of them dance. His hands are enveloped on Aya's waist while her arms are placed behind Katase's neck.

"Oh that? It's mine. I'm sure everybody on the student council was surprised about that. I just used that as an excuse so that everyone will do their best and have fun." Aya said.

"I see."

"You should put your best too… Katase-kun."

"There's no need for that." Katase replied. "I'm very lucky to have you as my first and last dance."

"What do you mean first and last dance?" Aya asked. "You're not telling me you're..."

"I'm planning on going home after this dance."


"I already made up my mind." Katase paused. "You know, Aya. There's only one wish I asked you for the last time. Allow me to say these words to you."


"You're still the girl I love tonight but when the sun shines tomorrow I'll stop looking at you as my crush but I will look after you now as a very good friend of mine.The truth is: you are the only reason why I came here. I want this dance to last forever but I already know I'm defeated by Otohata. This is going to be the last time I'm going to look after you, Aya. I wish you happiness. I will find it hard to forget you but I'll do my best. My love with you will always be engraved in my heart. That fact will never change. For you, Aya Hoshino, is really my first love." Katase said.

Aya shocked. Her heart is beating fast. "You're always there for me every time I was down. Meeting you and be loved by you is nothing I can asked for. I can't think of any words to say to you but Thank you. You will also remain here in my heart too not as Katase-kun but as Kazuki-kun." Aya replied.

Katase surprised. It's the first time that Aya addressed him on his first name. He smiled. "Yeah."

"Oi, Katase-san." Yuya cried. "It's my turn now. You're dancing with Aya-chan for more than 10 minutes, didn't you know that. You almost finished two songs in a row, Man!"

"Asou-san?" Katase said. He looked at the numbers of guys who are lined up to ask Aya to dance. "Ah… I see." He said. Before giving Aya's hand to Yuya, he said. "Take home the crown tonight, okay?"

Aya smiled. "Hai! I'll do my best."

Katase smiled back at her. He then gives Aya's hand to Yuya who is patiently waiting for his turn to dance the heartthrob of the school. When Katase left, Yuya said. "It must be hard for him to let you go."

Aya looked at Katase. "If I met him earlier than Otohata-kun, there's a possibility that I might fall for him too."

Yuya looked at Aya. "What about me??" He asked.

"About what?"

"You met me ahead of Rei, right?"

Aya blushed. "Don't asked silly things like that, you already have Mami-chan, right?"

Yuya smiled. "I'm just kidding. So? Can I ask this fair maiden now to dance with me?"

"Matte! Have you already danced with Mami-chan, Yuya-kun?" Aya asked.

"Yup." He replied. He picked up something on his pocket and showed it to Aya.

"What's that?"

"The lists of the girls I planned to invite dancing. You're rank number two on my list, after you I'll ask Ran-chan followed by Miyu-chan….Blah. Blah. Blah."

Aya smiled. "Since I'm listed second to the girl you love, I'll take that as complement. I'll dance with you."

"Honto? Lucky!"

Yuya danced with Aya then followed by Tatsuki and other heartthrobs at their school. On the other hand, Rei's still waiting for miracles at the rooftop. It's almost 10 in the evening. Katase although telling Aya that he'll come home, finds himself wondering also on the school roof top. "Kazuki, huh?" He thought. Then he a shadow of a person sitting at the corner caught his attention. "Is someone there?" He asked.

The wind blew the clouds covering the moon and it's actually good enough to light the presence and gives way to reveal who is the person there. It's Otohata. "Hey! Is that you stupid Otohata?" Katase asked.

"Katase?" Rei asked as he looked to the new coming guy. "What are you doing here? Isn't suppose to be you're with Aya?"

"What the…" Katase annoyed. "Isn't supposed to be my question? Why are you not with Aya? She's waiting for you, didn't you know that?"

"What are you talking about? You are Aya's date, right? You invited her yesterday and she agreed. I saw it with my very tantalizing eyes."

"You wanna start a fight?" Katase said raising his voice.

"What do you mean?"

"You don't know? Don't tell me Aya didn't tell you. It's true that I asked her to be my date in this ball but she decline my offer. I also confessed my feelings to her yesterday but he turned me down. According to her, there is only one guy she promised to love and care for. You know who I'm talking about."

"Then why are you hugging each other?"

"Geez! Can't you understand!? I finally know your face is the only thing good in you." Katase teased. "It's just a friendly hug. A goodbye maybe. You don't have to be jealous about that. If you love Aya, you should trust her. She loves you very much. I think it's the right time for you to admit to her your feelings. Remember, hearts are often broken by words left spoken. Go! Find her. I will not going to interfere anymore. I love her but I know it's you who can make Aya happy. Goodluck!"

Rei paused for a while. "Geez! I've been deceived by my thoughts once again." He thought.

"Oi, Stupid Otohata, daijobu?" Katase asked.

Rei stood on the corner. His eyes are full of courage. "Thanks! Kazuki"

Katase feel Goosebumps. "Why is everyone addressing me like that?" he thought. "It may rain don't you think?" He said to Rei.

"Think whatever you what to think you stupid dog."

"One more thing, don't hurt her again. If you do it, you'll go straight to hell, Rei." Katase warned.

"When you speak, I think I'm not talking to a stupid brat. But I'll tell you now; I will not hurt her again. I assure that."

Rei quickly goes down on the rooftop. He makes his way to the school ground and look for Aya. She's not there. "Where are you?" He kept asking on his mind. He went to Ran's place and asked them but they said they don't know. He looked everywhere not a shadow of Aya can be seen. "Where? Where did you go? I'll never let you go when I catch you this time." Suddenly, he saw Yuya who also busy looking for someone. "Yuya." He called.

The handsome blond look back and called. "Rei."

"Good thing I see you. Where did you go?" They said in unison as they approached each other. "Have you seen…"

"…Aya." Rei said.

"…Mami-rin." Yuya said.

"Eh??" They were both surprised.

"You're dancing with Aya a while ago, right?" Rei asked.

"Yeah. But after that, Tatsuki danced with her too. Now, I was looking for Mami-rin to invite her dance again but she's gone." Yuya said.

"It's strange." Rei said. "Kotobuki and Yamazaki are here but where is she? Don't tell me she already went home."

In a blink of an eye, the school lights turn off causing the school to be enveloped by darkness. "What?" Yuya surprised.

"A black out?" Rei said. "In times like this."

Suddenly, the emcee speaks to tell the students calm down. "Everyone," Sayo said. "Tonight is St. Valentine's Day, the special day when thousands of couples are enjoying each others company. As what they said, the god and goddess of love are here tonight in Hounan High School to celebrate with us. And as a thank you for them for the success of the school festival, here's a song from the two of the most beloved members of the Student Council. Hope you enjoy this, everyone." Sayo said. She turned on the lights and the music starts playing.

(Everything you do by M2M)



From the moment you looked at me
And ever since you called my name
You've been everything that I've seen
And now I'm caught up in this game


My mind is spinning round and around
There's something special I have found
And every time I close my eyes
All I can think of is you and me
Oh baby can't you see

The two guys jaw dropped as well as Ran and Miyu. "Aya-chan??? And Mami-rin??" Yuya surprised.

As Rei looked at the two girls performing on the stage, he asked. "When exactly did they practice for this?"

"Who knows?" Yuya said.

"Wait!" He remembered something. "Is this what Honda trying to tell me last night? About the video camera?"

"Look, Rei. The two of them are so cccuutte!!!!" Yuya cried as he takes a video of them on his phone.

Rei smiled. He looked at Aya. "Yeah. I know."

As the chorus approaches, Aya and Mami both dance. They point to their selves with both hands on their chest. They bend their knees and project their best smile. (Can you imagine what steps are the two of them doing?)


That everything you do
Everything that you do
Makes me wanna go...
Everything you say
Everything that you say
Makes me wanna go...

Ooohh… woahh..


They're trying to build a fence
By saying that this won't last
And they tell me I don't have a chance
That everything moves too fast

Everybody on the school goes wild, especially when Aya's the one to sing.


But every time I close my eyes
All I can think of is you and me
Oh baby can't you see

The song ends while the two of them swing their hips from side to side and finish with a flourish and everyone cried in joy. "Kyyaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!"

On the other hand, Aya and Mami went to the garden to take rest fro at least a minute. "That was fun you know?" Aya said.

"Yeah. I'm happy that before I graduated I was able to perform like that in stage in front of everyone." Mami replied catching her breath.

You know what? I thinking of something, Care to listen? " Aya said as looked at the stars scattered on the sky.

"What is it?" Mami asked.

"When the midnight comes, the carriage will certainly turn into pumpkin. When the clock strikes at 12:00, the fairy godmother's magic will cast off and everything will be back to normal."

"That's the story of Cinderella, right?"

"Yes." Aya said. "When I was a kid, I dream of having my own Cinderella story. Where in I will come on a fabulous ball then my prince will come to dance with me. But when I enter high school, I forgot about that dream. I only focused on my studies. For me, fairy tales and Cinderella are the one I read on books. But the earth's movement is not in constant, right?"

"What do you mean?"

"I met the guy of my dreams causing me to believe again on having a fairytale ending. That's the reason why I proposed to have a ball on the last day of the school festival. I thought I will be able to dance just like Cinderella and prove to the whole world that your wish is a dream your heart makes. If only I can dance with him..."

"You mean, Otohata??? Isn't he here?"

"He is here. I saw him beside Yuya when we were performing. But I guess its impossible now"

"Don't tell me he hasn't invited you to dance? Then let's go look for him." Mami insisted.

"Iie. I think you must spend the remaining hours of the night with Yuuya. He is probably waiting for you."

"Aya." Mami called.

"Yes. There's still less than 30 minutes before 12:00 midnight. There might something good happen. Even in basketball, lots of things happen in just two minutes. How much more in 30 minutes, right?"

"You're optimistic, Aya. That's the good points I like in you. No doubt that many love and care for you."

"Arigatou." Aya said. "Besides, when the princess is lonely, the prince will surely come to cheer her up, right?


Mami went back to the school quadrangle and mingle with Ran and Miyu. "That was awesome, Mami." Ran praised.

"We didn't know that you two have a performance like that." Miyu said.

"Well, life is full of surprises, what do you think?" Mami said.

"Mami?" Yuya called.

"Honey, did you my performance? Did you like it?"

"Yeah." Yuya nodded.

"Honda." Rei called.

"Otohata? Did you film Aya with the video camera I told you to bring?"

"Where is she?" He asked.

Mami smiled. "You already made up your mind, aren't you?"

Rei nodded.

"She's in the garden. She said something good might happen if she stays there. I bet this is what she means. She also told me about that when the princess was lonely a prince will come and cheer her up. Go! She's waiting for you there.""

"I see. Then I'll go now." Rei said.

"Ganbatte, Rei!!!" Yuuya cheer him.

"Tell Aya how much you love her." Ran and Miyu shouted.

"Hai!!" Rei shouted.

Garden, 11:50 pm…

"God, my feet hurt." Aya cried as she looked up and stared the sky.

"Aya!!!" Rei called her.

Aya looked to him. "You came. I'm waiting for you." Aya said. "How was my singing?" She asked.

"It was amazing!" Rei said. "When did you practice for it?"

"If it wasn't kept a secret, it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?"


"We're you surprised about that, Otohata-kun?"

"Yeah. I was totally caught off guard." Rei replied.

"I see. That's good. "

"By the Aya, I have something to tell you. It's about what happen last night after the field trip. You know…" Rei said.

"Its okay, Rei. I understand." Aya replied.

"No!!! You're not. Listen to me carefully, Aya."


"I was deceived... I was deceived when I saw you hugging Katase inside the cave yesterday. I was stupid at that time. I thought you stop loving me and put your eyes on Katase. I thought—I thought I lost all my chance. I ran away. I went up on the rooftop and met Katase there. He told me everything. Dakara, Aya!! I'm really sorry."

"I'm not used too when you are explaining something like that." Aya smiles. "It's okay. You don't have to explain anymore. I love you. I promise you that no matter how much time I got hurt, I will still continue to love you. I guess it's weird about love, right?" Aya laughs. Hey! If you want to be the home crown prince, you should be staying at the school ground at this time."

"No! I don't want that title. What's the essence of that title if you're not my princess??" Rei said. "Aya! I'm afraid that I might get hurt and find it hard to move on but…-- but now; I finally realized what I must protect. I started to like you. Please--!? Please, allow me to return your feelings. Let's start all over again. I may not be the best boyfriend you'll ever have but I will my best. I'm not good in relationship but I promise you... I will never hurt you. One more thing, Tatsuki told me that girl's always remember about their first. But I realized that something in life are better when you were the last.

"What do you mean?" Aya asked.

"I don't care if I'm not first love, first kiss or first dance!!! I just want… I just want!!!

TO BE YOUR LAST!!!" Please! Go out with me." Rei cried.

Tuug! Tuug! Tuug!!

Tuug! Tuug! Tuug!!

Tuug! Tuug! Tuug!!

Aya shocked. Her heartbeat beats fast. Tears start falling from her eyes. Not tears of pain and heartache but tears of happiness. How long did she wait to hear those words coming from Rei's mouth? She smiled. "Baka. You were my first, right? You're my first love and first kiss." She then ran quickly to hug Rei. "And you're also going to be my last. Watashi…

I love you…"


Rei breaks from their embrace to wipe Aya's tears. He smiles at her. Smile which he did not used share to others except to Aya. "Want to dance???" Rei asked her.

Aya happily agreed.

The two of them go back to the school ground and dance. Everybody on the site like teachers, students put their attention to them. As the two of them conquer the dance floor, the clock at the main building strikes at 12:00 and rang all over the place.

(Eyes on Me from Final Fantasy VIII Background song)

Whenever sang my songs
On the stage, on my own
Whenever said my words
Wishing they would be heard
I saw you smiling at me
Was it real or just my fantasy
You'd always be there in the corner
Of this tiny little bar

"I made it. Aya thought as she looked at Rei. "I was able to dance with my prince just like what happen to Cinderella. The clock now strikes at 12:00...

I... I will not run. If I turn back, everything will be gone. It's okay if everything goes back to normal. My love for Rei will last until the day it turns pumpkin. For now, Just for now… I want to treasure and enjoy this moment."

My last night here for you
Same old songs, just once more
My last night here with you?
Maybe yes, maybe no
I kind of liked it your way
How you shyly placed your eyes on me

Oh, did you ever know?
That I had mine on you

"I had been hurting her for a long time. Rei started his thought as he look and dance with Aya.

It's true that people's feeling can change. Yes! Everything started after the incident at the amusement park. I guess, Katase's appearance is fated. Thanks to him. If he hadn't appeared, I must still the coward Rei Otohata. Not able to confess his real feelings to the girl he truly loves.

For now, every second I spent with Aya, as we dance in this ball, seems to be very important that I don't even want to lose. I want this dance to last. I want to enjoy this for as long as I can."

Darling, so there you are
With that look on your face
As if you're never hurt
As if you're never down
Shall I be the one for you
Who pinches you softly but sure
If frown is shown then
I will know that you are no dreamer


Rei pushed Aya towards her. They looked to each other. Love's on their eyes. Fireworks were soon fired on the sky. They looked at it. "Kirei." Aya said as she stared to the fireworks. (Please watch the video of Eyes on me to find out how they dance.)

Rei tipped Aya's chin and was about to kiss her. "Not here." Aya said. Everybody's watching and the teachers were here too."

"Who cares about that?" Rei said. He cupped her faced and sealed lips on her. Everybody shouted.

"Love's in the air, right?" Mami said as she watches the couple Rei and Aya kissing.

"Yeah?" Yuuya answered. "Shall we do the same?" Yuya asked.

Mami blushed. She closed her eyes and Yuya kissed her. All the couples start kissing their partners.

"Omedetou, Aya. See? Everything's fine." Miyu added.

"You finally show us of a dream which your heart makes." Mami said.

"Let's go, join them!!! This is also our night, right everyone???" Ran shouted in excitement.

"YES!!!!!" Everyone answered in unison."

Everyone gather in the school quadrangle and they dance together with Rei and Aya. Ran, Miyu and Mami congratulate Aya. Yuuya and Tatsuki did the same thing to Rei. Meanwhile on the school rooftop, Katase is happily looking at them. "Omedetou, Aya. You don't have to wait any longer. It's just as you said. Wishes do come true." He thought.

"Ehem! Mic check! Mic check!" Nakanishi interrupted. "Everyone, I think it's time for us to announce who will be the home crown prince and princess."

"Forget it Naka-teach!" Ran shouted. "We already know who the winners are."

"Ran's right. Classmates and schoolmates let's give them a warm of applause." Miyu added.

"Hai!" Everyone shouted as they clapped their hands to "them".

"I guess we are thinking of the same thing my beloved students." Nakanishi said. "So what are the two of you waiting? Hayaku! And get up on the stage." The spotlight is about to point to Rei and Aya but Nakanishi hand's slipped causing the direction of the spotlight to divert on Ran and Tatsuki's place.


"EeeeeehHHHhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Everyone shocked.

"Uki???" Tatsuki surprised. "I can't believe that I will be the home crown prince. Ha! How dare you Ototchi called me Zombie a while ago where in the fact that I beat you as the Home crown prince. Wahaha. Brother!!! (Yuuya), Am I great? Am I great?" He added as he clung to Yuya.

"Brother???" Yuuya freaked out. "Geez! That monkey boy."

"Congratulations to the two of you." Rei said.

"For real???" Ran shouted in joy. She kissed Tatsuki on the lips then said. "I can't believe it. Aya, Miyu I am the home crown princess. Are you glad for me??"

"Ye--- Yeah…" Miyu said.

"Omedetou, Ran." Aya congratulate her friend.

"What the--- why is it to be her??" Mami annoyed.

"It's okay Mami. We all know that it has to be Rei and Aya." Miyu said.

"My! My! Looks like the moment for the two of you mess up."

"I guess so…" Aya answered.

"But it doesn't matter anymore, right Aya?" Rei added. "I already take home the crown. That's what matters most." Rei said talking about the price he gets a while ago- Aya's love.

"So do I." Aya smiled back at Rei. "Anno… Rei, Arigatou."

"For what?"

"For this wonderful dress. You bought it for me, right?"

"You know?"

"Hai! From the start, since it handed to me by Ran"

"Sucka. You look more beautiful wearing that. It suits you well."


One month later… Otohata's House

"The night ends that way." Aya thought as she tries to recall the things that happen in the past by looking at the sky.

"Aya! Rei! We have to leave now. It is getting late now. I think monster must be strolling at this time." Ran said.

"Thanks for coming." Rei answered. "Mata Ashita"

"The food is delicious. Nothing can beat Aya's cuisine." Tatsuki added. "Oyasumi!"

"Ran and Tatsuki were declared as the home crown prince and princess. It makes me laugh whenever I remembered how the two of them delivered their speeches. How happy those two when the principal handed them their rewards. They said that the examinations questions and its answers will surely a great help for them to pass the test and graduate in high school without any problems. After that, everything gets back to normal. Waking up in early the morning, go to school, tons of assignments, surprise quizzes. But there's one thing that will never change…

Aya paused for a moment to look back and gaze at the raven hair boy talking with Yuya. She smiled at him when his eyes met her. He smiled back to her.

that Rei and I are officially couple and going out."


Broom! Broom! Broom!

Broom! Broom! Broom!

Broom! Broom! Broom!

"Kazuki???" Aya thought again as she sees his brand new sports car driving out of Rei's garage.

"Aya! Tell that stupid guy my greetings." Katase yelled. "Belated happy birthday."

"Hai! Thanks for the time you spend with us. Be careful on your way home, Kazuki."

"As you wish. Goodnight." Katase replied.

Katase hopped in on his car and Aya watched at him. "I heard he's dating someone from other school. I'm happy for him. He finally able to move on but there's one thing that makes me wonder. There were rumors spreading, which Ran and the others told me. According to them, the girl's name is "Ayu" and looked exactly like me. Funny, right? But it doesn't matter anymore. As long as Kazuki is happy, so do I. I'm his friend. (Note: Ayu is a character in the anime Ultra Maniac. Her real name is Ayu Tateishi. Try to look at her in the net. You'll also conclude that she and Aya are looking a like.)

"By the way, Aya." Katase added before starting the engine of his car and left. "I heard you are going to try getting in at Tokyo University. Ganbatte!!

"Arigatou!" Ayaanswered. "Come to think of it. It's finally March. Time flies that fast, right? After this, we are going to take our diploma and step out on Hounan not as high school students but as college freshman. Rei and I are taking chances of going to college together. I wish the two of us can pass the admission exams at Tokyo University. By the way, the date now is March 14~ White day. Everyone comes to celebrate with us and also to celebrate Rei's birthday who happened to have class that's why we haven't able to celebrate it on the said day. We have fun. But the day must come to its end. Everyone has to left and go home, while I stayed on his apartment to help him cleaning the mess.

"Everyone's must be on their way now." Rei said. "Aya, Thank you, for preparing a small party for me."

"Actually this is already late. I was planning to hold the party on your birthday but as you can see. Our final exams were schedule March 6-9 so it can't help. Gomen ne. That's why; I decided to give you my gift on White day as a counterpart on gift you have given me last Valentine's Day." (Note: The gift of Rei to Aya last Valentines was the lavender dress she wore during the dance party.)

"It's okay. Arigatou."

"Are you happy? Everyone's is present on your birthday."


They both looked at starry sky. "Beautiful, isn't it?" Aya asked.


"Before I forgot. Here. Take this." She handed a medium sized box to Rei.

"Oh? There's more?" Rei surprised. He's expecting that the party is all Aya's gift.

"Yup. The party is for us to celebrate our first month as a couple. That one which I handed you was my gift for your birthday."

Rei took the gift. "Arigatou" Rei tore the gift wrapper and said "This is the…"

"Hai! T.M Revolution newest album. You like listening to his songs, right?

"Arigatou. Hmm… Aya."


"I'm about to do something stupid so don't freak out and don't move a little."

"Eh?? What is it?" Aya asked looking at him.

"I told you not to move, right?" Rei's staring at her. "Today's white day, right? I'm going to take your "everything"."

"What are you saying?" Aya blushed. She knows what Rei is talking about and you also know what I am talking about. "I already had given you my birthday present I also hold a party for you so what are you still wishing for?"

"Aya. Honto ni Daisuki." Rei leans his face towards her and about to kiss her. "Close your eyes." He instructed her. Aya did. They kiss each other passionately under the starry sky without knowing that a meteor falls down from the sky.

"I love you too, Rei."

~The End~



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