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I grabbed a bottle of water out of the refrigerator and popped the cap. I took a swig as I walked back into the living room.

I should have known that was a bad idea.

Chapter 4-BPOV

I've never been good at walking. Or any sort of activity that requires movement, really. Ever since I was little, I ran into things constantly. Renee used to think I had an iron deficiency, but no. I was just the clumsiest child ever to live. It was a miracle I was still alive. Just ask my fiancée-Edward had a full-time job trying to save me from myself.

So, with my track record, you'd think I would to be careful when I was walking. And normally I was. But I guess that all the smoke was making me a little woozy, or maybe fate just hated me, I don't know. Either way-here I was, stupid, clumsy little me, walking around with my eyes closed as I drank.

Other people around me seemed to have noticed this, because both Edward and Alice said my name at the same time, "Bella!" sounding worried. I turned my head towards Alice, right behind me, but I kept walking. I rose my eyebrows at her and brought the bottle back to my lips as I raced forward again.

Right as my shin connected painfully with the edge of the coffee table.

Ouch! I gasped and jumped back, stumbling and dropping the open bottle right onto the remains of Emmett's newest hobby, drenching what was left. I fell backwards, one hand on my tender shin, the other clutching my throat as I coughed uncontrollably at all the water I'd just swallowed.

Alice and Edward were both at my side in a heartbeat, patting me gently on the back as I choked. My throat burned and my eyes watered as I struggled to breath, and I could here Emmett cracking up.

"Shut…..up…….Emmett!" I choked out. I tried taking deep breaths. One. Two. Three. It seemed to be helping a little bit, so I kept going, holding them in longer and longer as I calmed down. Suddenly, only one hand was on my back. A second later, Edward's hand stilled too. I looked up at them, still holding in my last breath. Alice's eyes were glazed over; she wasn't looking at anything-a vision. Edward was staring right into her eyes though, his face becoming more horrified by the second as he read her mind.

Then Alice came too, giggling uncontrollably again. Fantastic, I thought. Now what?

Then, Edward's hands were on my shoulders, spinning me to face him. "Bella, stop."

I was beyond confused. "Stop what?" Speaking brought up another tickle to the back of my throat, and I cleared it. I took another deep breath and held it.

"That." But it was too late. I wasn't confused anymore, but it was too late. That last breath had done something to me, opened the floodgates to a new feeling, one that I had never experienced before.

I was high.

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