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"Jordan's here."

He smiles unintentionally, and then beats it down. And then smiles again.

"Hello," she bounces in, unexpectedly cheerful, but he can see something's off.

"You don't look very good." Well, that's exactly what a woman wants to hear, isn't it? That was pretty damn stupid.

She quips back, and then they launch into a random conversation about Vanity Fair and statistics he doesn't give a crap about.

"You're going to like her, I've known her a long time, she's really very – Marty!" When she looks away to call the name he knows something's up.

And then the girl walks in with the dress and the cleavage and everything clicks into place, so for Jordan's benefit he presents them both with a big goofy smile and turns on a southern gentlemen façade that had only been cultivated from his time with the entertainment industry (because frankly, the deep south frightened him – what with the snakes and the heat and the Republicans with big guns).

He watches Jordan smile because he "bought it" as he leads them down the hallway.

They get to Matt's office, so he breaks it: "Nice rack, by the way. Tell Jordan I'm not 15."

He shoots a look at her after he could've sworn she'd giggled at that, but lets it pass; he'll keep it for later.

"See, Matt on the other hand…" Jordan quips some more. Very charming. Danny couldn't have done this better. He finds it interesting that he buys the lies she tells other people but not the ones aimed directly at him. He wonders what that means exactly, briefly, but lets it go. It doesn't matter.

No, it really doesn't.

"Full access – you okay with that?" He asks, leading Matt in so he can support Jordan.

Matt agrees, mostly because the man doesn't care either way.

Danny watches Jordan breathe a small sigh of relief – God, what a reprieve – because that's all she'll give herself.

He asks them to leave and he watches her go.

Like my little West Wing reference?