In this story you going see inner Moka acts off a bit. Because in the story she only acts cold and mean because it's a mask just like Naruto has one. She been hurt before and well

family like Moka you really are going be messed up.

Hope you all enjoy this story. Next story that going be update soon is charming kitsune.

Naruto is walking out of his ex village for the last time. He was kicked out after fifteen years of living there because he had hurt the last Uchiha in order to bring him back to the village. Naruto was hated because the day Kyuubi attack the sealing went wrong and he lived with being a demon. He has kitsune eyes and nine tails. He hides it when he goes into human form. Kyuubi is still inside of him and talks to Naruto but he can't take over Naruto's body or hurt him. Over the years Kyuubi has helped Naruto learn his powers and how to use them. He also learned all four of his forms. Naruto rarely goes into his true

kitsune form because he never really needs that kind of power. The other reason he doesn't go into his kitsune form or true form is that it would scary everyone around him. His kitsune form is like Kyuubi when he attacked the village. If he had done that in the village or close to it then people would think Kyuubi was free or something worst.

Naruto knows that he is going to miss this village. Even if he was hated by most of the village there were some that were kind to me and he thanks them from the bottom of his heart. He wishes he could stay with them but the village has kicked him out. He did what he was ordered to do and was kicked out for it. He just hopes he can find a place to go to and live a life again. Naruto knows that they're hardly any place for a monster in the human world. Maybe he can find a place where monsters live and not humans. If he could find a place like that he would go to it.

Some people are heartbroken that Naruto was kicked out. Which are Kurenai, Anko, Yugao, Mikoto, Tsume, Hana, Tsunade, Shizune, Jiraiya and the nine rookies minus a Sasuke and his pink banshee that wanted him to be kicked out. She wanted him to pay for hurting her Sasuke. The seven rookies are pissed at Sasuke and Sakura for Naruto being kicked out. They couldn't believe that Sakura was one of the people that wanted him kicked out. His own teammate and friend, that is why it hurts Naruto so much. She was his teammate and a friend. He also followed her around because he had a crush on her and how does she thank him. She was one of the people that wanted him kicked out and that hurt worst then anyone else.

Naruto took one last breath inside his old village as he walked out of it. As he walking he notices someone ahead of him. He looked like one scary fucking priest in white robes.

As the priest came closer to him Naruto was wondering what he wants with him. Naruto was going to get ready to attack but he stopped when the priest started to talk to him.

"You're the new Kyuubi?" The old man asked as Naruto looked at him and was wondering how he knows that. How come someone not from his village knew that he was the new Kyuubi. Was this old man a spy or something?

"How do you know that?" Naruto asked him as the priest just smirked. Naruto did not like that smirk and was starting to think this was a trap or something like it. Naruto was about to leave but he was stopped when the priest started to talk again.

"You can call me headmaster and I would like to invite you to the school that I run. It's a school for monsters only and no humans," He said as Naruto looked at him. "A school just for monsters and no humans. Can this really be happening? I just get kicked out and get invited to a monster only place. If this is real then I going to take it"

"What is the catch headmaster?" Naruto asked him in his normal tone of voice.

"There is no catch. Just follow the school rules and you'll fit right in, the school is at this area and you need get on the bus to get to it. The bus will be here," Headmaster said to Naruto as he pulls out a map and points to the place for the bus.

"Ok and I'll be there in three days," Naruto said as the headmaster nods and slowly walks away from Naruto. Naruto is starting to think he should go there. Then maybe he will safe from everyone that wants him because of his powers. He may finally fit in for once and have a life he was hoping for. Naruto still can't believe this was happening but he had to say it was a great offer.

'That one scary and creepy priest' Naruto looked at him as he starts walking off to the place he has go to. 'One bad thing about taking this offer and that is I'll have to see that priest again'

As he walking he starts smelling blood and lots of it. Naruto heads to where the smell is coming from. When he gets there he sees a village that is destroyed and everyone killed. As he walks around the destroyed village he notices someone moving on the ground. When he gets over to the person it turns out to be a girl around five or six. She is bleeding badly. He couldn't believe that someone would attack a village with hardly anything to start with. They even kill the kids of this village and that what pissed Naruto off but right now he has to save this little girl.

"Only one way to save her but by putting my demonic yokai into her but that turn her into a kitsune" He said inside his mind.

"If you don't she will die. Is it better being dead or alive as a kitsune?" Kyuubi asked Naruto as he just thinks again.

"I guess your right for once Kyuubi" Naruto said as he puts his hands over her chest and forces his yokai into her. Her wounds heal as her ears because two fur kitsune ears and she has a kitsune tail now. Also her eyes because slit like a kitsune

When she get up Naruto notices that she has long red hair and green eyes. She almost looks like a child vision of his mother. He thinks about to the day he found out about who his mother and father are. It was right before his mission to bring back Sasuke. Jiraiya and Tsunade had told him that his father was Minat0 Namikaze who was the 4th Hokage.

Naruto was pissed that his father was the man that sealed Kyuubi inside of him and cursed him to this life of pain and loneness. After little while he realizes that his father couldn't of asked other people to give their kids up. He had to use his own and that why Naruto stopped hating his father which made both of the older shinobi happy. He then was told that his mother was Kushina Uzumaki. She was a shinobi from the land of whirlpools.

His father met her when the war was going on and then she came back with him. They had gotten married without anyone knowing but both the people in front of him and the 3rd Hokage. He did it so people wouldn't attack her and to keep her safe.

He was glad that he finally knows who his mother and father are but he was pissed that the 3rd lied about not knowing who they were. But after some talking with his sensei he realizes that the old man was just trying to keep him safe. He was now looking at the little girl in front of him.

"Did you save me?" She asked in a low voice because she was still scared of what happened to her.

"Yes, but now you're a kitsune not a human. You have ears and a tail of a kitsune also slit eyes" He said to her then she looks up at her ears and tails and was smiling. She was happy that she had a tail and ears. She then looks at Naruto with a smile on her face.

"I get a pwetty tail, ears and eyes!" She yelled as she hugged Naruto. Naruto was glad that she was not upset about being a kitsune. He was also happy that he did save her and didn't fail at saving her.

"Do you have a name?" He asked her. Naruto asked to see if she remembers her name and he was hoping she does.

"No, that because no one ever named me" She replied back looking down. Naruto could tell she was sad and wanted to cheer her up. 'Maybe she has been all alone?' Naruto wondered as he thinks of a name to give her.

"Do you want a name? If you do then I can give you one if you like" He asked her and she looked up with a smile. When Naruto sees the smile that what makes him happy that she is smiling again. He may be a kitsune demon but he has a heart like everyone else and seeing her happy was something he was glad to see.

Yeah!" She yelled at him as Naruto smiles at her. 'She does have a good set of lungs'

"How about Kushina? Do you like that name?" He asked her as she smiles again and nods to him. Naruto was glad that she was smiling and was happy.

"I like it Tou! Thank you for saving and giving me a name" She yelled to Naruto then Naruto realize she thinks that he is her new dad. Naruto starts wondering about being her father. He never had one and never knows how a father should be but when he looks at her face. He then makes up his mind to take care of her and to raise her good.

"I'm guessing you want to come with me then?" He asked her as she nodded to him. "Put this on so you're not wearing a bloody shirt," He said to Kushina as he pulls at a shirt from his bag. He hands her it as he turns around so she can get changed.

"I'm done now Tou-kun" She said as he looks back and notices his shirt goes down to her kneels and pass her shorts she has on. 'Looks like I have go buy her new clothes. Next

village we go to then I buy her one. First I should ask her if she wants to do that'

"How about we go into the next village to get you new clothes? Would you like that little hime?" He asked her and then she hugs him to death, which Naruto takes as a yes. Naruto looks down at her and smiles. She seems to like the idea he came up with. For once Naruto was making ideas that people liked and they didn't call him a fool because of his ideas. He then looks down at his little hime and smiles. Ever if she not his blood daughter she is his daughter now and he is going to take care of her.

Naruto picks her up gently and starts giving her a piggy back ride as she pulls on his hair. Kushina was having fun getting a piggyback ride for the first time. She was a little scared but happy at the same time.

"Have you lived all alone Kushina-hime?" He asked his new daughter. He has been wondering about that for while now.

"Yea and it was lonely" She replied back and Naruto nodded.

"I have lived alone to since I was born as well," He said and she smiled because someone lived lonely, similar to what she did.

"Looks like the village is coming up and we can get you any clothes you want" He said and she beamed happily as she heard him say that.

"Really Tou-kun! Anything I want!" She asked/yelled at him in a happy voice. Naruto just smiled because she was a little kid to make happy.

"Yes, any clothes you want you can get little hime" He replied back to her in a caring and loving tone of voice. Naruto was just hoping he does a good job at taking care of her. Because this is one job he doesn't want to fail no matter what.

When the both of them get inside the village. Naruto and Kushina made they way to the clothing store. When both of them get inside the place Naruto puts little Kushina down and she ran around the place looking at clothes. She comes back with four different kimonos. The first one was green with red lines and few flowers around the middle of the kimonos. The 2nd one was orange with a red kitsune in the middle. The 3rd one was red with blue flowers on it. The last one was yellow with red and blue lines going around it.

Naruto then picked out a bag that was shaped like a kitsune. She picks out more clothes that I'm not going too say. Other clothes girls need to wear and she picked out an orange hat. When Naruto paid for everything he put it all in her new bag, which she grabbed from him and put on her back.

"Let's go find place to sleep at. We have long two days ahead of us Kushina-hime," He said and she nodded to him as she walked close to him. He then realizes he should get something to eat first because her belly was making sounds.

"You didn't hear that Tou-kun" She said with a red face from embarrassment. Naruto just

did a light laugh then looked at her.

"Does my little hime belly want food?" He asked her and she gave him little nod still has red face.

"Do you like ramen?" He asked and she jumped up and down yelling yes. Naruto starts to smiles as he watches her jump up and down because he said ramen. He starts thinking back when Iruka-sensei would take him out for ramen and how he enjoys it. 'I really miss you Iruka-sensei'

"Let's go find a ramen place then and then we can eat" He said to her as she was still jumping up and down. Naruto smiles at her as he still thinks about going to ramen with Iruka and also it funny seeing how she acts because of ramen.

Naruto took her little hand into his as he leads her over to the ramen place. When both of them sat down in their seats. They started waiting for a waiter to come and take their orders. Naruto wonders if he dong a good job as a father so far and was hoping he is.

"What can I get you two?" The waitress asked as Naruto and Kushina looked at her. She was a teenage girl around Naruto age with pink hair and school clothes. Naruto was thinking and wondering if she goes to a school around here. Maybe she would do know where bus to the school he was going to is.

"I guess you go to school around here?" Naruto asked her as she looked at him. She then gives him a little smile before talking again.

"Yea the school field trip is to work here for the day then we head back to the school. So far the trip has been really fun for most of us." She said as Naruto nodded to her as she gets done talking.

"Do you know where the bus for Yokai Academy is?" He asked her as she was shocked that human knows about it then she looks at Kushina and notices kitsune ears and tail also kitsune eyes. She also notices an orange hat on her lap, which she thinks is cute.

"Your also monsters? Never would of thought I would meet a other monster in the human world?" She asked and he nodded to her again as she start talking again.

"We are staying at that inn" She said as she points out the window, which the inn was just outside the ramen place. "Then we're going to the bus tomorrow. Why don't you come with us" She offered them as she smiled again.

"Sure and thanks for helping us" He said as he gave her a kitsune smile.

"What will your orders be?" She asked as Kushina looked at her.

"Five bowls of beef ramen and your pwetty" Kushina said in a happy tone because one she going to get ramen. The 2nd reason is that she thinks that Moka is pwetty. Naruto just smiles and he learn new thing about his new daughter she says the word pwetty too much.

"I'll have the same" He said and she was shocked that someone can eat that much at her little age. Moka was looking at Kushina and still wondering how can someone so young eat so much. It was making her wonder what kind of place did she come from.

"I'll be right back with your orders" She said as she moved into the kitchen to give the cook the order. The cook took the order and started to make it.

"So my hime eats a lot of ramen does she?" Naruto asked in a teasing way but only replied he get was a pout.

"Not funny Tou-kun" She said and Moka was shocked that he was her dad. Moka looks at him and thinks that he only fifteen and how can he have a daughter that around her age. She was thinking that maybe her is his adopt daughter or otherwise it just wired that someone had sex at that kind of age.

"Here your orders. I hope you enjoy the food," She said with a smile and Naruto gives her a kitsune smile.

"Thank you" Naruto said as he helps her with the bowls.

She gave him the bill and he paid for it.

"Time to dig in" But as he said that she was done with her five bowls shocking both him and Moka. Naruto was shocked because he eats ramen fast but he just met someone that eats faster then him.

"That was fast and I never got your name" Naruto said to Moka. Moka looks at him as he asked her name.

"My name is Moka Akashiya and what is yours?" She asked him with a smile on her face.

"My name is Naruto Namikaze and this is my adopted daughter Kushina Namikaze" He said and Kushina pouted. She didn't like being called a adopted daughter and was sad that he said it.

"I'm sorry this is my daughter Kushina" He said to Moka and Kushina then smiled. Naruto was glad she not sad anymore and is happy.

When they get done talking Naruto said goodbye and headed to the inn to stay the night and to give Kushina a bath.

Naruto paid for room with two beds and bathroom. He and Kushina went to the door and when they get inside Naruto turns to her.

"Time to give you a bath now" He said and she nodded to him.

He helped her into the bath and washed up her. She picks one of the kimonos to wear which was the green with red lines and flowers. He then helps her into her bed and moves blankets around her.

"Goodnight my little hime' He said as he kisses her forehead then goes to his bed that close by

Little while later Naruto hears her getting out of her bed then she moves over to him. He was wondering why she coming over to him but he was guessing that she can't sleep.

"Can't sleep?" He asked her and she nodded then moves into his bed. Naruto moved her on top of his chest so she can go to sleep. He then started rubbing her head as she looks at him with a smile on her face.

"Don't worry, I'm here to keep you safe" He said as she smiles and closes her little eyes as Naruto rubs her head. Naruto knows that he has to take care of her and not let anyone or anything hurt her.

"Sweet dreams my little hime" He said as he closes his eyes as well.

When morning comes he notices she's still sleeping like a log. He moves her to the side so he can get up and let her sleep. He then orders breakfast for them and goes in for a shower. When he comes out he notices the foods here and Kushina eating it.

"You most like food a lot" He said and she just look at him with a smile. He smiles to her and kind of laughs to himself as he notices she's going be eating a lot.

"Time for your shower little hime" He said and she looked down.

"Can you help me again? It still scary for me to be alone in water." She asked him and he nodded to her. He then helps her take a shower and she puts on the orange kimonos with red kitsune on it. They both leave the room and meet up with Moka who talking to a two teenage girls and a little girl with a witch hat on and a teenage boy.

"Hello Moka" He said and Moka turns to see Naruto.

"Hello Naruto" She said as she smiles to him.

"This is the person that going to the school with us?" the teenage boy asked Naruto who stares at the boy.

"My name is Tsukune Aono," He said and Naruto nodded back to Tsukune.

"The name is Naruto Namikaze and this is Kushina Namikaze my daughter" Naruto said and Kushina.

"They pwetty" She said as she pointed to the girls.

"Thank you and my name is Mizore Shirayuki," The purple hair said as she gives Kushina a lollipop.

"Thank you pwetty lady" She said as she puts the lollipop in her mouth.

"Your welcome" She said back to the little girl with a smile as she notices that kid is happy about the lollipop.

"My name is Kurumu Kurono," She said and the last one to talk was the little girl with a witch hat on.

"My name is Yukari Sendo," She said to them.

"Time to get moving" Moka said as they start walking to where the bus should be geting them at.

As they were walking Moka looked at Naruto.

"What kind of monster are you Naruto?" She said and Naruto looked at her.

"A kitsune but most people call me by my title" He said as they looked at him. They all start to wonder what kind of title he has.

"What title is that?" Tsukune said the million-dollar question to Naruto. Naruto just look around to see that everyone was waiting for him to tell them and he just smirks to them.

"Kyuubi no yokai" Naruto said and Moka's inner self was shocked. She had thought that Kyuubi king of demons had been dead for fifteen years like her mother told her. To think that he is still alive and right in front of her was something that would shock anyone if they know who he is.

"Let me out now!" Inner Moka yelled inside outer Moka mind. The outer Moka was wondering what she was yelling at her but she was going find out soon. She then moves over to Tsukune as she opens her mouth.

"Tsukune can you take this off for me?" She asked him and he did as Moka asked him to.

Naruto sees Moka changed into someone he would like to meet. A silver hair goddess and he's staring into her eyes. He couldn't believe that she had turned into a goddess looking woman. He kind of wishes that he was with her right now just by how she looks.

"I thought Kyuubi had been dead for fifteens years ago?" Moka asked him and he just smirks to her.

"In a way he did. Kyuubi attack my village, which is a shinobi village. My father sealed Kyuubi in me but he messed up the sealing. The seal should have sealed Kyuubi inside of him but the only thing that get sealed inside of was his mind, and his powers become mine. So in the end the seal messed up and I gained his power and had kitsune ears, tails, eyes when I was an hour old. I still hear Kyuubi's voice but that all. So in a way I'm the new Kyuubi no yokai" Naruto said which shocked everyone but not Kushina because she was not listening. She gets tired when it was going to long. Kushina was to busy trying to catch a butterfly.

"I see" Moka said and Naruto notices how she looks and thought of something he seen in a myth book.

"If I not wrong but you're a vampire?" He asked her and she just gives him a fang smile.

"Yes and how did you guess that?" She asked Naruto as he looks at her and notices that she looks like a silver hair goddess.

"You look like vampires in the book I readied." He said and she smirks at him and moves closer.

"I bet I'm a lot different then the book ones?" She asked him and he smirk then this.

"Yes, you look a lot better then them" He said causing her to blush a little shade of pink then got little mad at him.

"You think you have right to tell me things like that?" She asked him in a mad tone of voice as he just looks and smirks at her.

"No, but I would like to get that right" He said back to her causing her to blush again.

"Why is this person making me blush? Me of all people! This is really pissing me off!" Moka was saying inside her mind. She couldn't understand why she was blushing because of him and how he was getting to her.

"Tou-kun, she is beautiful. Can she be my new kaa?" She asked Naruto, which causes both Moka and Naruto to blush. Naruto looks at Moka and kind of wishes she was Kushina's kaa and that way he can be with her.

"You really think that you would want me as a kaa?" Moka said with a smile to the little girl. The others are shocked that inner Moka is acting nice to the little girl. They only see Moka act cold and mean. They have never seen her act kind or nice like this and it shocks them big time.

"Yea! Your pwetty and I can tell Tou-kun likes looking at you" She said as Moka gives evil look to Naruto who just smirks to her. 'Why is he looking at me? I just realize that now. He been looking at me since I first got free and I'm starting to think he ups to something'

"Can you stay like that for a while?" Kushina asked Moka with puppy eyes. Even vampires can't say no to a cute puppy eye. No being or thing can say no to a cute puppy eyes.

"Ok ok just no more puppy eyes" Moka said to the little girl as Kushina hugs her to death.

"Let's go Kaa-chan and Tou-kun" Kushina cried out. Naruto looked at Moka who was looking at him.

Naruto moved closer to her as everyone was in front of them.

"Lets play along for her" Moka asked him and he nodded.

"That nice of you to do" He said as she just looks at him with evil glare.

"AHHHHHHHH" They hear Kushina yell out as Naruto runs to where she is.

When everyone gets there, they see Kushina in front of a three-headed lion. As he was about to leap on her Naruto turns into his 2nd form. Which he grows nine tails, kitsune ears; his eyes are crimson and slit. Also he has claws, which he move into the lion chest and throws him away from her.

"Kushina go to Moka and don't look over here," He said to her in a father tone of voice.

"I'll go to Kaa-chan" She said as she runs over to Moka hugging her leg. Moka watches Naruto fight against the three-headed lion. She was wondering who would win and to see what kind of powers Naruto has.

"That not even a scary true form you have" The lion tried mocking Naruto. Naruto didn't even care about what the lion said to him. He was just pissed that he tired hurting is little hime and that means one thing. The lion is going to die slow and painfully.

"This not my true form because this is my 2nd form. My other two are stronger." Naruto said to him causing the lion to look shocked now.

"But if you really want, I can go into my 3rd form" Naruto said as his body changes again into a kitsune with nine tails that size of a house.

"TOU-KUN IS PWETTY!" Kushina yelled and everyone even the lion sweatdropped after hearing that.

Moka was shocked that he truly does have four forms and this was his 3rd. Naruto rushes at the lion which causing the lion to fall down as Naruto start ripping his body apart. When he finally does kill the lion he turns into his human form and walks over to everyone.

"Tou-kun you're really strong!" Kushina yelled to him as he picks her up. He then looks at her before he talks again. He was glad that she's safe and unharmed.

"I guess I am" He said to his little hime as Moka smirked to him.

"Is Kaa-chan strong to?" Kushina asked Moka.

"Yes I am" Moka said and Kushina smiles now. "Now I need find away to get Kaa and Tou together"

"Kaa and Tou you should hug each other" When Kushina said that Naruto and Moka was about yell at her but they did said they would play along.

"Fine" Moka said as Naruto puts her down. Naruto hugs Moka and she hugs back causing everyone to go into shock and Kushina smiles happily.

"I'm starting to like playing along" Naruto said into her ear which made Moka blush and get pissed. 'Why did I blush? What is this person doing to me! But I'm starting to like playing along to" She thought the last part lightly then others.

Moka forget that she still in Naruto arms and it been past a hug time. She then moves out of his arms and starts walking ahead. Naruto couldn't help but look at her walk away and little south at her behind and he notices that she get a nice rounded one.

Naruto and Kushina moved beside her as she walks and Kushina smiles as she holds both of their hands. She was happy to have both a mother and a father now. Before she was lonely and now she has a family. She couldn't be happier as she smiles to them.

"Is it just me or is Moka acting different" Kurumu asked as they nodded but Tsukune was getting pissed but just not showing it. 'How dare he do that to Moka! No one can get that close to her but me. Naruto who do you think you are!

They see a bus pull up in front of them. Then a man who smoking comes outside the bus and Naruto first thoughts on him was creepy. Naruto was starting if all of the people from this school are creepy. The first was headmaster and now this dude. Naruto looks at what they call a bus and to him It look like a tiny train. Naruto not used to see a bus or anything like it so it was new to him.

"You're all here and you most be Naruto the new Kyuubi? The headmaster said you would be here" The bus driver asked him. Naruto then looks at the bus driver as he starts to open his mouth.

"Yes that is me" Naruto replied back to the bus driver as Naruto was looking again at Moka. He didn't know why but he been looking at her more then he thought he would.

"Everyone get inside the bus" He told them as everyone starts walking inside the bus. When everyone gets inside the bus Naruto sat next to Moka with Kushina on her lap. The bus driver was smirking that the sight of them. Tsukune was sitting next to Yukari. The other two are sitting with each other and hating it. They look like both of them are going to kill each other at any second.

"Why am I being force sit next to you?" Mizore said to Kurumu who just look in her eyes with pissed off face.

As both girls are fighting Naruto watches Kushina start going to sleep in Moka lap. He starts smiling at the sight. 'She most really like Moka'

"So do you. You're finally liking someone that is hot and not a flat-chest banshee who hits you all the time. I think the kit is growing up and realize better things. You make me proud" Kyuubi said as Naruto just wanted to kill him.

'Yea and you're a hentai kitsune" Naruto said as Kyuubi start laughing and Naruto was wondering why someone laughs after being insulted.

"All Kitsunes are hentai's" Kyuubi said as Naruto just shut him out of his mind for now. He then turns his force back to his little hime and the goddess.

"She really likes you Moka," He said to her and she nodded to him.

"I guess you are going back to your other side soon?" He asked her as he was wondering.

"Yes and I hope she doesn't mind" She said in a low tone voice. She was going be sad if Kushina was mad that she couldn't be out more.

"If you visit from time to time then I don't think she'll mind." He told her and Moka shakes her head.

"Every time I do this the seal get weaker," She told him.

"I'm a shinobi who knows things about sealing and I can let you out without taking that off" He told her.

"Really? For how long?" She asked him.

"For twenty-four hours, I can do it once every four days" He said to her and she smiles a real smile.

"I would like that if you did it for today" She said as she put the Rosario back on. Naruto uses his yokai powers and touched the rosario, letting Moka's inner side back out without taking the rosario off. At first Moka was shocked that it really worked but also was happy that she can have sometime out for once.

"Thank you and take this for doing that." Moka said then she kisses his cheek. "Don't you dare tell anyone" She warmed him in a cold tone of voice. Naruto smirked to her as he came up with a good idea.

"Sure but take this as well," He said as he lifts her chin and kisses her lips. "What does he think he's doing?" The outer Moka yelled inside their mind as the inner one kissed back. At first she didn't want kiss him back and tried to break away. But as he was kissing her he was caressing her cheek with his hands causing her to let herself go for once.

Kushina who was faking sleeping and smiling at what she was seeing. "If things go well, I'm going have a Kaa!"

When the kiss ended both of them looked at each other. "We need have to talk somewhere alone" Moka said with a mad tone with little bit of happy in it which Naruto could tell "Moka you hide your real self behind a act of being strong and cold. You have been hurt and that why you don't want open up again" Naruto just looked at her and nodded.

"Your right maybe that is the reason and you finally kissed someone. It only took fifteen years, I'm proud of you" Kyuubi said the last part with joking tone of voice.

"Shut up" Naruto said and Kyuubi voice stopped for now.

Now with inner Moka and outer Moka.

"Why did you kiss him? Why did you let him kiss you! We love Tsukune not him!" Outer Moka yelled.

"No you love Tsukune, I don't and I didn't let him!" Moka said back to her outer self.

"I have to wait till tomorrow to come back out. No funny things with Naruto" Outer Moka said as her voice stopped.

With Tsukune who is now pissed that Naruto is getting to close to Moka and is lucky he didn't see the kiss. "How dare he get that close to inner Moka. Moka would never fall for someone like him right?"

"We are here," The bus driver said as everyone walked out of the bus.

"Naruto come with me," Moka said as Naruto looks at Mizore.

"Can you watch her for little bit please Mizore?" He asked her and she nodded.

"Yes pwetty lady is going baby-sit me" Kushina said as she hugged Mizore who was smiling.

Naruto then fallows Moka into the woods and Tsukune is now pissed off again. He hates that Naruto is getting close to Moka. He is starting to really hate him when he leaves with her alone.

"What is it that you wanted to talk about?" Naruto asked her as Moka look at him.

"About the kiss, you can't do that again," Moka said and Naruto smirked to her. He then disappeared and reappeared behind her with his arms around her stomach.

"Give me a chance ok? I know you act mad and cold because you have been hurt before. I am not saying you should open up but give me a chance" He said and Moka was fighting herself to said no because she really wants to say yes.

"I don't kn" She was cut off by Naruto lips again but this time it was a fast kiss.

"How about you think on it then ok?" He asked and she nodded to him. "I have go get Kushina so enjoy your day out" He said with a kitsune smile of his. When he was gone Moka was touching her lips with her finger. She then start looking at where he was standing and was starting to wonder.

"Should I open up again? He seems like he really likes me," Moka said as she walks over to the school. As she walking she thinks about the kiss more as her face starts getting red. She wanted to get kissed by him more but she would never say that out loud to anyone.

When Naruto gets back where Mizore is he picks up Kushina. "Thank you again Mizore" Naruto said to her and she just smiles with her lollipop in her mouth.

"You don't need to say thank you," She said as she walks into the school. "He really is a great person. Why am I thinking of him? What happened to liking Tsukune?"

"Let's go see the headmaster my little Hime," He said as he walks into the school and tries finding the headmaster's office.

Naruto is walking around as he is trying to find the headmaster's office and he bumps into a long brown-haired teenager.

"I'm really sorry" Naruto said to the girl which she looks at him.

"Its ok and where are you headed?" She asked him.

"Headmaster's office, but I have no idea where it is" He said to her as she starts giggling.

"I was heading that way anyway. The name is Ruby," She said as he looks at her.

"My name is Naruto Namikaze and this is my daughter Kushina." He said and she smiled to the little girl and starts to lead them to the office.

Elsewhere Moka is fighting with herself again.

"Where should I go today? I just don't feel like fighting my little sister today. I don't want to be around Tsukune" Inner Moka said as she thinks of places to go.

"Why don't you go visit your love?" Outer Moka said with a tone that was a bit pissed.

"I don't love him!" Inner Moka yelled back with a blushing face.

"That's why your blushing" Outer Moka said. The inner Moka notices that she's really blushing and getting pissed at her outer side.

"That's it! I'm going go tell him no right now!" Inner Moka yelled back.

With Naruto and ruby inside the headmaster's office.

"Hello again creepy priest" Naruto said and the headmaster looked at him.

"It's good that you made your way here and who is this?" He asked as he points to Kushina.

"I found her and saved her by turning her into a kitsune, otherwise she would have been dead. She is now Kushina Namikaze my daughter. I hope you allow daughters to live with their father's" Naruto said/asked him.

"Of course she can stay" The headmaster said as he gives Naruto his dorm key. "That room has two beds so she can have her own" He said and Naruto nodded.

"Thank you headmaster" Naruto said as he gets up and was still holding Kushina. He then leaves the office and heads for the dorms. But he sees Moka coming his way and smiles.

Moka sees him and looks away. "Just said no that all"

"What's up? Do you like your day out so far?" Naruto asked in a caring tone, which caused Moka to change her mind. "Damn him"

"Its good and how about your spend it with me? We can ask if Mizore can baby sit" She asked him.

"Hime is that ok with you?" He asked her and she nodded as she pulls a lollipop out of her bag and puts it in her mouth.

"I guessing she's acting like Mizore now" Naruto said with little laugh and Moka giggled a little. Naruto's just happy that she's acting like someone nice and not someone who would make her go down the wrong path. He knows few people that would do that to her. To Naruto Mizore seems like a nice woman who would never hurt his little hime. That's the reason he lets Kushina around her because he trusts her.

Both of them walk to the newspaper room. Which Naruto finds that this school is big and you can get lost fast inside of it. Then come to a room where they see everyone from before and Moka walks over to Mizore to ask her to baby sit Kushina.

"Mizore can you watch Kushina for little while? I making Naruto spend day with me and he worried about Kushina. So I thinking of asking you because she starting to act like you" Moka said as she points to lollipop in Kushina mouth which cause Mizore to giggle and smiles at the little kid. She's starting to like being around Kushina. One of the reasons is because she thinks Kushina's pretty and now is acting like her.

"Sure, I don't mind at all" Mizore said as she picks Kushina up. Kushina is smiling as she plays with Mizore hair. Mizore smiles at the little girl as she plays with her hair.

'Thank you" Naruto said as both of them leave Kushina with Mizore.

"You like Tou don't you?" Kushina asked Mizore who just smiles at her. Mizore realizes that this kid is smarter then she looks. She has no chance in hiding it as well.

"Maybe but he with Moka mostly so I not going do anything" She said smiling back.

"Maybe Kaa will share" Kushina said to her.

"You just want more Kaa's?' don't you?" She said as she plays with Kushina hair.

"Yay!" Kushina yelled.

With Naruto and Moka.

"How come you want me to spend the day with you?" Naruto asked her. Naruto was wondering why she does want him of all the people that she knows.

"I just do ok!" Moka yelled as she looked at him. She doesn't know it herself and is wondering if it's because she likes him.

"Ok ok" He said as he runs hand down her back. He slowly runs it down to her lower back, then back up it again.

"Stop it" She said as she looks away. She likes the feeling but she doesn't want him to know it because she is too scared to open up again.

"I can't you're too great" He said as he cups her chin with his hands and kisses her lips. She kisses back as Naruto moves his arms around her lower back. Naruto loved the fact that he can be this close to Moka. Normal Naruto would hardly open up to someone this fast. But Moka has some kind of power over him that making him want her more. He then kisses her neck as he kisses her lips again.

"It's just not fair for you, I love you but other me loves someone else." She said as Naruto moves her face to his chest. 'Now I understand. I love Naruto and that why I'm been acting like this. I never thought I could fall for someone this fast normally. Maybe it just because he's the first to care about me in a long time'

"I don't mind as long as you're the one that loves me," He said as he kisses her head. "He really does care about me"

"I wish it would be easier for you" She said as Naruto rubs her hair.

"Someone as great as you is worth not being easy to be with" He said as he kisses her ear and nibs on her earlobe causing her to moan little bit.

"This is not how I normally act but because of you, you see through the act I play on" Moka said as he just smiles and kisses her nose then lips.

"Because I used to have a mask as well. I acted like a loud mouth nut head and tried to make friends but in the end, I end up kicked out of my village" Naruto said and Moka looked up at him.

"You get kicked out? Why?" Moka asked him as he kisses her neck.

"Three years ago a friend of mine and a good shinobi backstabbed the village. Then three years later I had mission to bring him back to the village by force if I have to. I used force and the people of village hated me. Mostly the non-shinobis so they kicked me out. The people hated me from the day I was born because of Kyuubi. I still remember what they did to me. But that all in the past" He said as he does a fake smile which Moka can tell it is. 'What did they do to him?'

"Tell me what did they do? I know your faking that smile," She said as she caresses his cheeks with her hands.

"Ever since I was born I was alone. My dad died when he sealed Kyuubi because he summoned the death god and gave his soul and life away to save everyone. My mother died in giving birth to me so I was alone and there was no one to keep me safe. It all started when I was four; they attacked me on daily basis. At age of four I stopped crying and knew what pain was. I was stabbed in chest, arms and everywhere else with weapons of all kinds. That went on till I was ten and could fight back. Then two years later I become a shinobi and the attacks stop but not the words and the looks that went on for next three years" He said as a tear come down his face and Moka wiped it away.

"I'm here for you Naru-kun," She said as she kisses his lips and he kisses back. "I'm here for you forever. There is no way I am going to leave you. Your mean too much to me'

"You have no idea how much that means to me," Naruto said as he kisses her lips.

"I need blood," Moka said weakly.

"Then take mine" Naruto said back to her and she was shocked.

"Are you sure?" She asked and he just smiles back and moves her mouth to his neck.

"Yeah, because I want to be with you so just take it anytime you want" He said back to her as she kisses his neck then bites it. Moka start drinking his blood, which she finds that it is a lot better then Tsukune. She could drink his blood forever if she could. When she gets done she licks her lips and looks at her new love.

"Thank you" She said as Naruto kisses her lips.

"Where do you want go now?" He asked her as she start thinking.

"How about we go to my room and I'll get something good to wear. You can take me out to dinner" She said as he nodded to her.

"Moka can I ask something?" He asked her as he wraps an arm around her lower back as they walk to her dorm room

"What is it?" She asked as she leans into his side.

"I just was wondering if you get pregnant how does that work? You share a body with outer you so?" He asked and Moka looked at him.

"We share a body then I guess outer me goes thought it. If she gets pregnant it looks like her and if I'm the one it looks like me." She said and Naruto nodded to her. "Why do you ask?" She asked him.

"Just wondering in case I have one with you" He said as he kisses her lips and she just blushes a deep crimson blush

"Yeah, yeah keep dreaming," she said as Naruto smirks to her.

"Yes I will" Naruto replied back to her as she just looks at him and smiles.

"How are we going out? You're aloud to leave the school on the bus anytime?" Naruto asked his beautiful love.

"No but vampires have the power to teleport to places they have been before" Moka said as Naruto kisses her lips.

"Where're we going then?" Naruto asked her so starts to think.

'How about you take me out dancing then a place to eat?" She asked as Naruto wraps his arms around her.

"Sounds like a plan. What are you going to wear?" Naruto asked Moka as she leads into his chest ands look into his eyes.

"You just have to come to my dorm and find out," Moka said in a teasing way as Naruto smiles to her.

'So you letting me watch?' Naruto asked with a smirk on his face.

"You have been a good boy so you can" Moka said as they started walking to her dorm room. Naruto just stares at her and smiles to himself.

"She does have a great ass" Kyuubi said as Naruto just wanted to hurt him.

"Yes and she's mine so no thinking like that" Naruto said to him as Kyuubi laughs then goes back into the mind of Naruto.

When they get inside her dorm room Naruto wraps his arms around her and holds her close.

"What's wrong?" She asked Naruto in a caring tone of voice as Naruto just looks at her.

'I just don't want to lose you that's all" He said in a low voice as he kisses her lips. She let out a smile as she heard him say that. 'You're never going to lose me Naruto. I'll always be right by you'

"You're not going lose this me. Because you're the first person to ever make me happy and I'll miss feeling like this" Moka said as she holds him back and rests her head on his neck.

"Then I'll never stop making you happy" Naruto said as he kisses her lips.

"Thank you Naruto-kun" Moka said to him as he just smiles to her.

'You don't need to thank me but you should get ready remember?" He asked her a she smirks to him.

'You just want see me strip don't you?" Moka asked him as Naruto smirks and start removing her shirt.

"Can I help?" He asked and she smirks and nods to him.

'Stop him! Stop him now!' Outer Moka yelled but inner Moka was going to let him do it. She doesn't know why herself but she just wants him to have her and she likes him being with her.

"I promise to take good care of you," He said in a honest tone of voice that made her believe him. He then removes her bra as his fingers move around her nipple. Moka was blushing now and was wondering if he may want to have sex.

"What's wrong?" Naruto asked Moka as he cups her chin and kisses her lips.

"I'm just not ready to have that yet," Moka told him. He then realizes that she means sex and he just kisses her lips. Naruto is not the kind of person that would rush a woman in order to have sex. He is a kind and caring person that will wait till she is ready.

"I'm not going try that. Your never need to worry about that" He said he removes her skirt and she trusts what he says to her. She still doesn't know why she trusts him so much but she does know that she loves him.

"Cute ones" He said as she looks down to see that her panties have tear bear on it. Moka blushed as she realizes she is wearing outer Moka pick on panties and not hers.

'Not funny and these are my outer side's panties not mine" She said as she moves to the dresser. "Me and her have different likes in things." She said to Naruto as he watches her remove her panties and put on a black thong.

'I can tell" He said as she puts on a black bra and turns around to turn him with a smirk on her face.

'Like what you see now my little kitsune?" She asked him as Naruto just moved to her and kisses her neck and kneeds her breast causing her to moan out.

"Can you promise me something?" Naruto asked her as she looks at him. He was hoping that she would promise this to him.

'What is it?" She replied back to him as he looks at her.

"You and her share a body. Can you promise that the first person you sleep with is me?" He asked as Moka just kisses his lips.

"I'll promise that" She said to him as he just smiles to her. Naruto was happy that she had promised him that. He couldn't handle knowing someone else had her first.

"Thank you Moka-chan" He said as she smiles back to him as she moves back to the dresser and pulls out a long crimson dress. She puts it on and looks at Naruto who jaw was on the ground. The dress was skintight and shows off her legs and chest. Moka just giggled at what she is seeing, how he reacts to the dress.

"You're a beautiful tenshi," Naruto said as he moves his arms around her lower back and pulls her in. Moka on the other end was smiling and glad she can finally wear one of the dresses she made the outer Moka buy. She also glad that she can finally wear something for someone and to go on a date.

"Are you ready?" He asked Moka who just shakes her head no.

"Not yet but almost done," She said back to him as she sits in front of a desk and start putting red lipstick on her lips. She puts on some other make up before she stands up and puts on a pair of black high heels. Naruto looks at his tenshi and she just stares at him.

"Now I'm ready and I hope I didn't take to long to get ready" Moka said to Naruto who just looked at her and kisses her lips.

"You're worth the wait" He replied back to her, which cause her to blush.

"Hold on" She said to Naruto as he did just that but he held onto something she did not want him to. They both left the room in a dark wave of fire.

'I didn't say hold onto my ass" Moka said with a blush as Naruto gave her ass a good playfully slap and grab.

"All mine" Naruto said as Moka kisses his lips.

"Yes it is all yours" She replied back to Naruto who just slapped it again this time little bit harder causing her to jump.

"Lets get inside and have fun" Naruto said to Moka who nodded then wraps her arm around his and starts walking in. When the two of them walk inside the dance place they see tons of people on the dance floor. Naruto moves her over to the dance floor and starts dancing with her. He moves his hands down her sides and looks at her.

"You're a great dancer Moka-chan" Naruto said to his love as she blushes then looks at him. Moka has not had this much fun in years and she is glad that Naruto the one that's making her this happy. She leans into his chest as they start to dance again and Naruto smiles at her.

"You're not too bad yourself" His love replied back to him as he just smiles and spins her around. He then pulls her into his chest as Moka smiles and rests her head on his chest as he kisses her head.

'Looks like lot of men are staring at you Moka-chan" Naruto said to Moka as she just looks into his eyes then smirks. She couldn't help but look into his blue eyes as she hears him said that.

'That because you're dancing with a hot vampire" She said to him as Naruto just smirk. Naruto couldn't say it wasn't true. She was one hot vampire and great one at that.

"Vampire? I thought you're a goddess' Naruto said and she just blushed then playfully slapped him on the head.

"I wish I had met you a long time ago Naruto-kun" Moka said s she moves her head into his chest. Naruto moves his arms around her lower back.

"I wish I had met you too," Naruto said as he kisses her lips. Naruto was really wishing that he had, then maybe his life wouldn't have been hell. If he had someone to love a long time ago then he maybe could have had happiness in his life.

Both of them kept on dancing till someone grabs her ass and Naruto get pissed off. The Man that did it then has the guts to smirk and was going try and grab her chest but Naruto grabbed his arm was starting to crush it.

"What do you think your doing?! Don't you know who I'm?!" He yelled out Naruto who just looked at him pissed off.

" No I don't and I don't care who you fucking are. You have no right to grab my love like that. If you try it again then I'll break every bone in your body" Naruto said to him with a pissed off voice that almost come of as demonic.

"I'm the son of the owner of this dance place. All I have do is call and she will kick you out," He said as an older woman walks over and hits him on the head.

"Kaa! Why are you hitting me?" He asked in a baby tone of voice.

"You're trying to touch a girl when she with someone and you touch a women like that again and you'll be out on the streets!' The older woman yelled as she walks back to her seat.

"Do you want to get food now?" He asked her and she nodded. When both of them exited the place Naruto kisses her neck and runs his hand through her long silver hair.

"What kind of place do you want to eat at?" Naruto asked his vampire love. Moka looks around and then points to what looks like a five star place. 'Good thing I still have tons of money in the bank. Thanks shinobi missions and father'

"Can we go to that one?" She asked him and he just smiled and nodded.

"Anything you want my Moka-chan" He said and she just hugged him then whispered into his ear. "I wonder how I should treat my good kitsune later" She said with bit of teasing in her voice.

Naruto was not going let that go like that. He moved his arms around her back then pulls her close to him. "You shouldn't say things like that. I may get the wrong idea," Naruto said back in a teasing way of his own. Which caused Moka to blush a crimson that was the same depth as her dress.

"Lets go eat ok?" She asked him as he nodded. Both of them start walking over to the place. Then they get inside and ask for a table. They get their table about eighteen minutes later.

"What will you have sir?" The waiter asked Naruto.

"I'll have the bowl of beef ramen," He said and then the waiter turned to Moka.

"What would you like ma am?" The waiter asked Moka.

"A large soup" She said to him and the waiter left the table.

"How do you like your date so far?" Naruto asked Moka as she gives him a fang smile.

"It's the best day of my life and thank you for doing this for me" She told Naruto as he just smiles.

"You never need to thank me. I am not just going stop doing this for you" He said back to his love who just smiles again.

"Naruto do you truly love me?" She asked Naruto in a nervous tone of voice.

"Yes I love you, you never need to worry about that" Naruto said back to Moka as she smiles to him.

"Your food is here," The waiter said as he moves to the plates onto the table.

"Let's dig in," Naruto said and Moka nodded to him.

As they eat Naruto looks at Moka from time to time. He couldn't help but think she is the best woman in the world, he also realizes that he was a fool to chase after that pink hair banshee of a shinobi. He couldn't believe that he really did ask that flat chest banshee out so many times. He also couldn't believe that he let her hit him all the time for no reason. Naruto realized that right now he can't do anything to mess this up. He was finally starting to be happy and why not. He has a little hime of a daughter and a love that looks like a goddess. For once in his life he is really truly happy. He was not faking it by wearing a mask and he was not lying to himself. For the first time in his life he is truly happy.

Moka was thinking about being with Naruto as she eats. She couldn't believe that she was finally opening up again. So far it seems that it is going good and her heart is slowly healing with the help of Naruto and the love he gives her. She knows that he would do anything for her and that is what makes her feel good. For once it was not her giving people things and not having any feelings come back to her. For first time she is giving her heart away and she is getting the person' heart in return. She couldn't help but smile at him now because he's the first person beside her mother that makes her happy. In the last few years now she has been wearing that mask and now she doesn't have to anymore. She was glad that she was free from the act.

When the two of them get done eating and Naruto had paid the bill they both walked out of the place.

'How about I take you for a walk in the park?" Naruto asked his lovely Moka who looked at him.

"I really would love that Naru-kun," She said back to him as she leans on his shoulder with her head. Naruto looks down at her and she seems so happy and peaceful now. He couldn't help but smile at her because of how she's looking. He was glad that she was happy again and this time it's not an act.

When Naruto and Moka get inside the park he walked her over to the lake area and sat down. She then sat down in his lap as Naruto starts rubbing her shoulders and kissing her neck. Moka let out little moan as she feels his hands work on her shoulders and his lips on her neck.

"Moka-chan how are you feeling?" Naruto asked her as she just leans into his chest.

"I feel great and it's all thanks to you" She replied back to Naruto which made him smile.

"How about we go for that walk now?" Naruto asked her as she just looks at him with puppy eyes.

"Can we stay like this for little bit longer?" Moka asked him with puppy eyes.

"Sure Moka-chan" Naruto said back to her who just smiled and leans into is chest again.

Naruto starts running his hands through her long silver hair as she watches him. Moka slowly gets off of Naruto and he watches her move off him.

"You ready for the walk?" Moka asked him as he stands up and nods to her. Moka wraps her arm around his and starts walking. When the walked ended Moka and Naruto went back to her dorm room.

"I guess this is goodnight?" Naruto asked as Moka just looked at him.

"Can you do me a favor?" Moka asked him and he looks at her.

'What is it?" He asked back to his love.

"Can you be with me tonight?" She asked him with a blush on her face.

"Are you sure you're ready?" Naruto asked her a caring tone of voice. Moka knows it is going by fast but she can only come out once every four days and to keep her promise she has to do it before outer Moka does it with someone. She wants to do it with him and that's the other reason why she's asking him. But she's also shocked that he is asking if she is sure about this. Most people say ok and do it but he cares about her.

"Yes I'm sure" Moka said back to Naruto as he moves her dress off her shoulders and start falling off her. Now she is a black bra and black thong. Moka looks at him as she shakes a little bit. She never done this and that why she kind of scary about doing it.

'Don't worry you don't need be scared ok? I'm going to help you through it" Naruto said as Moka calms down a little and Naruto kisses her lips. He moves down to her neck with trails of kisses. When he gets to her neck he kisses and nibs it causing Moka to let out a little moan of pleasure.

Naruto removes her bra as she covers up her chest with her arms. Naruto slowly moves her arms out of the way and sucks on her nipples. When he start sucking on her nipple Moka lets out a little moan and then looks down at her love who is making the pleasure she's feeling.

"I guess you like this?" Naruto asked in a playfully tone of voice. Moka looked down at him with a blushing face.

"Yes and please keep doing it," She asked him as Naruto just nodded and then went back to sucking on her nipple. As he's sucking on her right nipple he uses his right hand to kneed her left breast. He then starts nibbling her nipple as he sucks it causing Moka to let out a loud moan and his name.

As he's sucking on her nipple and kneading her breasts with his hand. His left hand moves down to her thong and slips inside. He then starts fingering her womanhood with one finger. She moans as he does it and looks down at him. She couldn't believe how much pleasure he was giving her. Naruto was thanking Tsume and Mikoto for teaching him how to have sex. That because he's happy that he's making Moka happy with pleasuring her.

"Am I allowed to taste you?" Naruto asked in a teasing way, which caused Moka to blush.

"Yes your allowed my little kitsune" Moka said back to him as he goes onto his knees and starts pulling down her damp thong, on which he can smell how wet she is. Also he can smell her womanhood, which is making him want to just put it in her right now.

He start licking her womanhood slowly as he moves to her clit and start sucking and nibbling on it. Moka moves out his name as she pushes his head harder so he can eat her deeper. She doesn't know why but she is loving every second of this and wants more.

Naruto start moving his fingers back inside of her as he sucks and licks around her folds. He loves the taste of her womanhood and couldn't stop himself from getting more. It was sweet and was the best he has tasted. As he is doing this he looks up at Moka face to see that she really is enjoying this. He starts kissing her thigh and goes down to her feet, which causes her to giggle as he gets to her feet and toes. He kisses her toes then kisses all the way back up her thigh.

Moka was in heaven right now and she looks down at Naruto again. She wants to feel this way forever and with only him.

'Stop him! You can't have sex with him! Tell him to stop!' The outer Moka yelled inside their mind. Inner Moka just didn't listen to her as she moans out Naruto's name again, Naruto loved hearing her moan out his name as he licks and sucks on her womanhood.

He then starts to put two fingers into her as he feels her walls closing and he realizes she's about to cum. He then starts to finger her harder with his two fingers. Moka feels like her body was going to explode as Naruto fingers her causing her body to feel hot. As she feels him adding his 2nd finger her walls closed in and she could feel her body explode as she notices that she has gotten cum all over his fingers. She watches him take her fingers into his mouth and suck her juices off his hand. What shocked her most was that by him doing that she was getting turned on.

She is wondering what he would taste like. She then had a great idea as her body stops shaking from cumming for the first time in her life. Moka never fingered herself before causing this to be the first time she has cum. 'Maybe I should start doing that when I'm by myself'

"Naruto is there anyway for me to taste you?" Moka asked him as he just smirks to her. He starts undoing his pants and boxers. His member was now in front of her mouth.

'Yes just lick and suck" He said back to her which she took his member into her hands. He was around ten inches and she was wondering if it was going to fit in her womanhood.

Moka starts stroking his member with her hands. Naruto lets out a little moan as she keeps stroking him with her soft hands. Moka was smiling because she knows that she's doing a good job because he was moaning like she did before. She then moves her lips to the tip of his member and licks it. When she licks it she likes the taste of it as she then moves him inside her mouth and goes down about halfway then up. She is starting to suck him faster as he moves his hands to her breasts.

"Moka use your breasts as well," He said as he moans out as she sucks him. She moves her breasts with each one on one side of his member.

"Like this?" She asked him as he nods and she sucks with her mouth and rubs her breasts on his member causing Naruto to let out a long moan of pleasure. Naruto moves his hands to the back of her head to move it faster.

Naruto knows he can't keep this up for long. He knows he is going to blow soon but he wants to keep feeling her mouth around his member for as long as he can. She starts licking his member inside her mouth with her tongue. This was the limit of Naruto as she feels his member shaking and then blows cum into her mouth. She trying drinking all of it but some got out of her mouth and move down her breasts and stomach. She moves her fingers down to pick up some of the cum that was on her breasts and sucks it off her fingers. Naruto was loving watching her lick of the cum from her body.

Naruto moved her onto her back. He then moves her legs out wide as he moves his member to her womanhood.

"This is going to hurt at first" Naruto said, as he is about to thrust it in as Moka nods to him. Naruto thrust in causing her to moan out in both pleasure and pain. Naruto moved in and out as both her juices and blood come out as he goes in and out. Naruto starts to rub her breasts as he moves into her harder causing Moka to moan out his name in pleasure. Moka moved her arms around his back as he sucks on her nipples as he thrust into her.

"Please more Naruto, please do it harder" Moka pleaded with him as she moans louder. Naruto pulls her into his chest as he thrusts harder into her as she feels his member inside of her. She is about to cum and all she could think about was how good he is making her feel.

"Naru-kun I'm cumming again!" Moka yells as her arms hold him closer as she cums over his member. Moka then had a great idea to turn her lover on. She pushed him out of her then she moves to her knees and start sucking her cum off his member. She also found out that she tastes good and that Naruto was getting turn on because he moved her onto her knees and hands as she looks at him.

"Do you want go for a round two? Your pussy or maybe your cute butt?" Naruto playfully asked her.

"Which everyone you want to do me in foxy-kun" She said to him as she could feel his member against her asshole.

She starts wondering how he is going to put that big member into her little asshole. She knows he going to try it and she just hopes it can fit inside her. Naruto slowly start moving it inside of her ass. At first it wouldn't go in because it was to big then after few tries he starts getting it inside of her. Moka let out a long moan both pleasure and pain again. As Naruto starts thrusting into her he slaps her ass, which he keeps doing. As every time she feels her ass getting slapped she moans a loud moan. She then looks back at her


"Do you like slapping and fucking my ass?" Moka asked him who just smirks then kisses her neck and uses his hands to play with her breasts.

"Yes and that because you have a great one" He said back to her as he thrusts into her ass harder and faster.

He kneels her breast harder and starts to twist her nipples in the middle of his fingers. Which by doing that causes Moka to moan out his name and Naruto kisses her neck. He starts moving her legs to her head as he thrusts into her ass as hard as he could. She couldn't take much more of this because she was going to cum soon. Naruto started to pump away at her ass as she looks back with a smile on her face as she moans.

Moka looked down to see her ass being fucked by his member, then she looked into his eyes. She starts moving her ass back against his member as he thrusts into her. Naruto smirks as she does that then he start picking up speed and Moka was at her point now then she cums again.

"You still have any left for another round?" Naruto asked playfully into her ear.

"Yeah, but this be the last round for me and I want you to cum inside of me" Moka said to him as Naruto moves her against the wall then lines his member to her womanhood which was now really damp. First he puts his fingers into her pussy then he sucks her cum off of his fingers. He then moves his member inside of her.

"Yes!" Moka moan out as she could feel his member going into her womanhood hard. Naruto started to move in and out as Moka moved her arms around his back again and was pushing him into her. Moka wanted him more then anything right now and she was going to get what she wanted.

She starts to claw his back as he thrusts into her then he starts sucking on her nipples as he feels her nails go into his back. Naruto starts thrusting into her harder as his hands are on her breast and ass. He gives her ass a hard slap and her breasts a grab causing her to moan out louder as she could feel his member going all the way to the end of her womanhood. She couldn't believe that she was giving it up to him over and over again. Naruto kisses her neck as he was about to blow.

"I can't hold it anymore Moka I'm going to cum inside of you" He said as Moka looked at him.

"Please come inside of me Foxy-kun!!' She yelled as Naruto thrusts a few more times then blows his seed inside of her causing her to cum as well.

Moka was breathing heavily after Naruto had sent his seed inside of him. She moves down to her knees and start sucking his member clean. Naruto then picks her up and brings her over to the bed and lays her down then lies down beside her.

'Goodnight my little kitsune" She said as she starts closing her eyes.

"Goodnight my little goddess" He replied back to her as he wrap his arms around her and leans her head against his chest.

With Kushina inside Mizore's room as they're waiting for Naruto to pick her up.

"Kushina you can stay here for the night" Mizore asked the little girl who was smiling.

"Why are you smiling?" Mizore asked her.

"I was just thinking that If Tou and Kaa are having a good time with each other then maybe she will be my Kaa. But I still hope you find a way to be my Kaa too" She said as Mizore smiles at the last part. She would like to be with Naruto but if Moka has told him already then she knows she maybe share him with her.